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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    That 1st goal was reminiscent of a goal he scored 4 years ago in the same month against Newcastle. He scored a hattrick that day, but his second goal was that excellent one-two with Eto'o and the quality finish which he placed in the corner of the net. Would love someone to post a clip of that. Was a brilliant goal and similar to the one he scored today. I think that game against Newcastle was when people really started to take notice of how special a player we had.
  2. 7. N'Golo Kante

    The players have not been that good around him but also Kante has not been that imposing as he used to be as well. I mean I was watching Dembele against Arsenal and United. The way he controls the game because of his technical skills, strength is just amazing. We have no players like that. Gone are the days where we had that physically imposing team that opposition are scared to come across and no on in our team has that ability to shield the ball and dictate play. Man, I have always rated Dembele so highly but how we would improve if we had someone like him next to Kante.
  3. Tammy Abraham

    He can also play as a SS or CF which is where I am sure Swansea have bought him to play. Bony is out for season so can see him joining his brother in attack.
  4. Tammy Abraham

    Good to see him back on the scoresheet tonight with a couple of goals. Hopefully he can get his hattrick. He needed those goals for confidence and generally with Swansea's buying the other Ayew, he was getting behind the pecking order so well done to him. He has struggled with injuries and playing time for last couple months or so, so hopefully this kickstarts his season and he can play a big part in Swansea's relegation battle.
  5. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    To save our season. I will miss Conte as he is a top manager but literally to save our season we need new ideas. We have proven time and time again that we can still be successful by appointing interims and changing managers. Losing by 3 goals difference to teams people expect to compete for relegation is completely embarrassing. Bakayoko did not help but in the end of the day, the manager usually takes the fall and literally to keep our hopes of staying in top 4, something drastic needs to be done.
  6. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    No one seems to have commented about Alonso. He is not even the squad, which hints another injury
  7. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    We like to play cat and mouse with Spurs. We go like 5 points ahead of Spurs then lose and then Spurs win then it is back to 2 points. We just need to win tomorrow, create a gap over them and hope Arsenal get something next week. However knowing our record against teams with recently new appointed managers (West Ham, Palace and Everton), wouldn't be surprised if we drop points tomorrow.
  8. Olivier Giroud

    Arsenal cave in too easily. You got the likes of Championship clubs like Fulham rejecting around £20m for Cairney from PL clubs whilse Arsenal are selling Giroud and Coquelin for less. Established PL players. You couldn't make it up
  9. Michy Batshuayi

    3 strikers: Morata, Giroud? and the other striker he referred to was Hazard who he said he can play there and can do a very good job there. So he basically was confirming Hazard as our 3rd striker. Also Juve played with 2 strikers up front so they had 4 strikers.
  10. 3. Marcos Alonso

    He has his flaws and I accept he is not a world beater at LB, but he has been a top signing for us, no too ways about it. Still is very underappreciated for what he has contributed to us.
  11. Olivier Giroud

    I will take him. His minute to goal ratio is excellent and the amount of goals he got for Arsenal coming from the bench. That may be a huge bonus for us as the season goes on plus he scores goals with his foot and head. Some top goals too.
  12. Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle

    Good, convincing win. Reacted positively and hopefully that gets the team back on high confidence after the Arsenal loss. Bats, Hazard, Alonso were noteworthy performers but I will give my MOTM to Zappacosta. He was magnificent. He took his man on as much times as he could and was successful almost every time. Put in some brilliant crosses too, had a very good effort which was matched by a good save and a fantastic run and piece of skill got us the free kick which Alonso scored. He was top notch. Was go glad to see Hudson-Odoi come on. At first, Conte looked like he was going to send on Ampadu and Fabregas which would of annoy me being in a comfortable lead, you want to see your attacking, flair players come on. Showed a few nice touches and passes when he came on too. He has deserved it because Hudson-Odoi has been outstanding for development teams this season.
  13. Ryan Sessegnon

    Another 2 goals. 11 goals in the league this season This is a 17 year old who mixes playing time between LB and LW, although more recently seems to have settled as a LW in recent games.
  14. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    He actually done a brilliant long pass in the first half for Victor Moses. Was really impressed with the way he had the confidence to spray the ball across the flank and reach Moses the way he did. That is 3 games in a row now imo where you he is getting a bit better every game. Keep it up and glad Conte has shown faith in him.
  15. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    Really impressed with how dominant and imposing a figure Bakayoko looks out there. He seems a lot more confident tonight too.