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  1. Chelsea - Watford

    Boss Barkley! Deserved that goal. Put in a really good shift.
  2. Chelsea - Watford

    Barkley has bossed the game!
  3. West Ham 3-2 Chelsea

    Rudiger is such an idiot. Why did he kick that out for a corner. We are so bad on set pieces. It is as if Rudiger sympathized with West Ham and said have another shot at a corner.
  4. Tariq Lamptey

    He faded second half because he only played the first half.
  5. The English Football Thread

    Genuinely, yes. His all round attacking play has really improved. He is such an engine as well. I was always critical of his offensive play but it has improved massively. If Sancho goes there his attacking play will improve even more. Greenwood too helps him because his ability to cut inside allows room for AWB to bomb down the right hand side.
  6. The English Football Thread

    At the start of the season, yes however in 2020, he has improved his offensive play massively. He is so physically strong and has improved his crossing and link up play going forward. Bar tonight, as far as I remember all his other assists were genuine brilliant crossing from him.
  7. Chelsea Kits thread

    I love the new home kit. Surprised with the backlash. Really impressed and certainly will be buying the new shirt.
  8. 9. Tammy Abraham

    That finish with his left foot in the second half was a fantastic strike. Just a shame he was offside.
  9. Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

    Every ball over the top they did second half, Vardy was unable to outpace the two because both Rudiger and Zouma are extremely fast. They really improved second half.
  10. Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

    Zouma and Rudiger were fantastic second half. Generally Rudiger was top notch all game. He got my MOTM. Pulisic again was electric and Kovacic and Barkley coming on changed the game. Although our CB look suspect, one thing I give to them that helps against teams with fats forwards is that we probably have the fastest group of centre backs in the league. Zouma and Rudiger was not able to be beat for pace. They were solid as hell second half. Did not give Vardy a sniff.
  11. Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

    Agreed. I wished other people would follow suit and not set unrealistic expectations and likewise not criticize based on one-two subpar performances and look at the bigger picture.
  12. Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

    There is no patience on here with any of our players. Flavour of the month the suddenly, villain of the month.
  13. Leicester 0-1 Chelsea

    Not at you but it will take one game, maybe this one for people to realise Gilmour is not ready start every game. Really good player but people thinking we should part with Jorginho and stick with Gilmour are really naïve.
  14. 10. Willian

    Willian is not going to accept a 1 year deal and understandably so. If he was happy with a 1 year deal, he would have signed by now. This is more than likely to be his last contract wherever he signs so he wants security.
  15. 4. Andreas Christensen

    It just makes me laugh the way some people on here change their opinion so fast. Last few months if not for a year, so much people have been bashing Christensen saying he does not have the mentality to play here and is not tough enough and needs to be shipped on etc. He turns in a top performance and now people realise he is talented. That is why I am never too harsh on our players. The quality is there. Christensen is still relatively young and a good defender. The lack of support for our players is mind-blowing sometimes.