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  1. Jeremie Boga

    Brilliant performance. Completely bossed the game and his confidence to be so direct in taking players on was so refreshing to see. I just hope this is not a case of deja vu. I remember when he played pre-season for us around 3 seasons ago and went on this solo run where h beat like 5 players against Wolfsberger and scored too and we were so impressed but don't think we saw anything of him during the actual season. Now he is 3 years older and more matured, so hope he can be trusted. These kids from our youth teams don't boss those games for no reason. There are some genuine talents and he is one of them.
  2. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Long term users of this forum would know I have been raving about this kids's talents for a good 5 years or so now. He just needs the right platform to turn into a top player. So much ability it is unreal. Never been a player I have been more impressed from in watching academy games more than him. Hope he can thrive and Conte takes notice and gives him a chance.
  3. Arsenal - Chelsea

  4. Arsenal - Chelsea

    That is another great finish with his weaker foot. Club should not even contemplate getting rid of Bats but see him more as serious competition to compete for starting spot with Morata.
  5. Benjamin Mendy

    Well there is Kenedy even though we do need better quality there.
  6. Arsenal - Chelsea

    I thought Luiz pockets looked rather large.
  7. Arsenal - Chelsea

    And that is why we must keep Batshuayi here. Brilliant with his back to goal and good with either foot. Priceless. So happy for Boga who has been brilliant since coming on. He is such a talent but just needs the right platform to prove it.
  8. Arsenal - Chelsea

    The standard of officiating in these games are poor. The officials are just not up to scratch. Iwobi clearly played Fabregas on and we should be 1-0 up and I don't know if anyone watched that Bayern and Arsenal game other day, but Tolisso had a goal ruled offside which was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. Clearly onside. Embarrassing.
  9. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I hope this is true. Was brilliant towards the end of last season and he can play numerous positions. Remember with Hazard being injured, he would be another addition to add depth to the wingers and especially as a impact player, would be brilliant. Would love if we pinched him from Arsenal for so much reasons.
  10. Alvaro Morata

    Don't forget good old Boulahrouz who wore that number and was a bloody CB
  11. Alvaro Morata

    When Hazard returns, the link up play between these two is going to be so exciting to watch
  12. Alvaro Morata

    Hard to judge really due to calibre of teams they have been playing for. Lukaku has not lead the line for top clubs while Morata has. Next season onwards we can make those comparisons which will be a lot more fair.
  13. Site seems to be going very smooth but please address this Jim. The 'unread' feature is very useful and still is not around.
  14. Benjamin Mendy

    Kante was born in France you know
  15. Benjamin Mendy

    He wouldn't. Alonso had a great season last season and is not simply going to be put to on the bench for almost every game. They would share duties. Especially now with us competing in the UCL too. He would start majority but not virtually every game.