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  1. Jeremie Boga

    It is a no-brainer really. In this day in the market, his value is well over £30m. Getting him at the reported price is a bargain. He has live dup to his potential and is only getting better.
  2. Chelsea - Everton

    Unless we are playing one of the 'big teams', it generally is a blessing in disguise. I am more in a hurry to see Kovacic back.
  3. 19. Mason Mount

    Needed and deserved that goal. He has really improved in recent matches, but the goal was missing. He got that today and had another very good game before he went off.
  4. 8. Ross Barkley

    I think this game and the Liverpool game proves this. He was superb. His physical strength is amazing too. So much fans have written him off, but like we have seen before with this forum and general fans, people will start realizing keep writing of our own players as 'shit' and 'useless' is far-fetched and knee-jerk. Thought he was best player on the pitch today.
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    Wow. I am shocked and amazed. Best performance this season with an injury hit squad. The players who stood out today have bene getting a lot of slack from fans this season too. Barkley, Mount, Willian etc... they were all brilliant. Gilmour again was top class. Clean sheet nice too. My fears before the weekend was genuinely dropping out the top 4 as I was fearing the worst this game, especially not knowing if Willian would make it or not and the difference he made was big. I mean so far best possible outcome. Wolves, Spurs dropping points and us winning. Perfect outcome will be for City to beat United. I can understand why the sky sports pundits gave Gilmour MOTM, but personally would have given it to Barkley. He ran the show all game. Made 2 assists.1 of them the passes of the season. Not just that, in a position where we missed our top three CM in pecking order in Jorginho, Kovacic and Kante, he stepped up and looked at home. I actually think the CM role is his best position. He roams from that position but is also physically dominant too and it is difficult for opponents to muscle him off the ball. The three games I have seen him in that position against Burnley, Liverpool and today, he has been brilliant. He gets my MOTM He has received so much flack from supporters too and it is good to see him really improving. Hopefully he keeps it up because he has the ability.
  6. Chelsea - Everton

    Yep. Not getting complacent. Hope we do not see a repeat of what happened against Sheffield United. Fingers crossed. Next goal is crucial.
  7. Chelsea - Everton

    Scary to think that if Willian is inured, Batshuayi will be the only senior attacker who will be on the bench. RLC may be forced into playing a part. Willian is not everyone's favourite but it is a must he is fit tomorrow. Injuries are actually getting worrying.
  8. Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

    I know there was a bit of sarcasm there, but let's face it, he was brilliant. Those social media stats will not be exaggerated. He was outstanding.
  9. Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

    Players are dropping like flies. Injuries are getting really worrying. I hope Kovacic is fine for weekend because, once again he had been dominating the game.
  10. Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool

    We got the ban overturned Greavsie. We just chose not to buy anyone in January, which is hitting us hard right now.
  11. The English Football Thread

    By next week Saturday evening, I expect them to be in 4th position. Cannot deny I am delighted seeing Spurs lose again though.
  12. 19. Mason Mount

    You do make me laugh
  13. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Kovacic was our best player by far once again. Actually thought he had a brilliant game and did not deserve to be on a team who got thumped in the end. Mount also was decent as well. We were just up against a different animal tonight. That Alphonso Davies is lethal. Brilliant in defence and attack. We will learn and hopefully us not being in European competition gives un an edge to just focus on top 4 and come back stronger in the Champions League next season with a better squad.
  14. Chelsea 0-3 Bayern Munich

    Kovacic is brilliant. Our best midfielder. Yes, he is!
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    Thought Mount was brilliant today. Looking more himself now. Made a brilliant assist against United which was ruled out because of the margin error bullshit with VAR. Also today done that fantastic burst of run and made that pass for Abraham which should have gone in. People have been writing him off in recent weeks. Hopefully people give him some credit now. Reece James again looks so dominant. Love watching him. Words can't describe how angry I would have got if Spurs equalized. Would of been criminal with Le Celso staying on the pitch. Farce. That David Coote (the VAR decision maker) should be sacked and never be able to analyze a game again. Shocking. The fact that even the officials at Stockley Park had to make a statement to say the decision was wrong is a first. Awful; awful decision and you have to beg the question... did he not recommend a red because he wanted an exciting game or he has some other ulterior motive. Never seen such a shocking decision with VAR. Glenn Hoddle is absolute biased twat as well. I don't think he should be allowed to commentate on Spurs games. He is extremely biased. Can't believe he defender Le Celso not being sent off and saying it was accidental. Funny that when his co-pundit announced that officials from Stockley Park got it wrong, he stayed quiet on the matter. Idiot. Anyway happy for the 3 points. Big, big win.