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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Whilst his goals have dried up, he is doing well on the assists. Currently tp of the charts with 8. I am sure the goals will come back too. Hopefully come 2019 he is already in double figures for both goals and assists.
  2. Videoton v Chelsea

    He is not in the EL squad so he won't be able to play. But hopefully the likes of CHO and Ampadu are able to impress again. Will be interesting to see if he starts both Giroud and Morata together or one of them.
  3. Chelsea - Man City

    Ok. I think you probably were watching the Fulham game again. Either way you think he was shit, I think he had a solid game.
  4. Chelsea - Man City

    Did you watch the game?...… I get you don't like him but you are really going over the top with your constant abuse calling and criticism like Jesus Christ we just beat the Champions 2-0.
  5. Chelsea - Man City

    He was not like I explained. He got done by Sterling once and they tried targeting him but he recovered well and had a very solid game.
  6. Chelsea - Man City

    We done it!!!!!!!! What a performance. Every player was brilliant. All the slating of our players such as Alonso and Luiz before the game from pundits and our own fans alike for the likes of Luiz and Alonso and both of them were top class. Sterling had that one moment where he went past Alonso with ease but apart from that he was very good. Luiz the MOTM for me. Was top class. Was pivotal in both goals and defensively was different class. Won everything in the air and read everything throughout the game. Luiz and Alonso can't play in a back 4? They were top class against the best team currently in Europe. Azpi, fantastic. Hazard with the 2 assists put in an excellent shift too and happy Kepa recovered from that Wolves game and looked really solid. We had a point to prove and game back with a bang. I fully expected us to be in 5th place come this evening but the boys played brilliant and kept a clean sheet and showed Man City are not unbeatable. KTBFFH !
  7. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Really worrying. We now have City on Saturday and most definitely by Saturday evening will be in 5th place. No way are we beating City let alone getting a point while Arsenal who look really good play Huddersfield at home and they have a good set of fixtures coming up. Spurs are clicking into gear despite that loss against in an in-form Arsenal and also have a nice set of fixtures coming up. City and Liverpool have built up a huge lead over us now. The likely loss against City will have huge consequences. We messed up big time tonight. Hazard, the only world class player in this team has gone off the boil and we need him to get back to his best. He will do, but how long will it take? Alonso needs a rest too. Not sure what is going on with Emerson. While I get this with Kante looking below average due to not playing his DM role, is he not meant to be a B2B player. A world class player can put in a better shift than he is doing in RCM. He looks bang average and he is currently the highest paid player at the club. Earning just under £300k p/w or around there. His performances are just not good enough. When you earn that amount you need to put in better performances than he is doing in CM. He has so much energy etc but looks so lost in this team. You don't earn that much to just simply give the excuse of he is not playing in his favoured position. But he seems to escape so much criticism every game. He has been really average when you put it into context this season. Just looks really ordinary. I don't think he was as bad tonight as some of the others but just concerned in regards to the consistency of his performances. If we were playing him CB or RB then I can understand. We are playing a DM/B2B player in a CM. He should be able to put in better performances than we are seeing. Still frustrating that we did not get that penalty as that would have put the game out of sight. There was no contact with the ball and yet again, like Spurs we have had 2 penalties denied which should have gone in our favour and it has cost us big time. That is not making an excuse for the performance but we get that penalty and we are going home with 3 points tonight. The strikers are a real concern and it is annoying that Arsenal have 2 top strikers who they faced no competition from other teams when buying them whilst we are stuck with 2 under-firing, strikers who look poor game after game. I reckon Sarri might go false no.9 with Hazard up front with Willian and Pedro next to him. Giroud will be tired chasing shadows all game and Morata, I doubt will start either. Anyway, will give a shout out to Morgan Gibbs-White. Looks a real talent. 18 years old and put a top performance against us tonight.
  8. Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

    Giroud started on Sunday and was average tbh and a game 3 days after. Rotation. We have another game 3 days later against you know who. Jorginho being rested always means Fabregas will come in as Sarri has said he likes a playmaker in that central role.
  9. Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

    Tough game like I expected with Ranieri their new manager and the honeymoon period but we got the win. So pleased to see Kante doing what he does best. Still would give MOTM to Hazard. Was not brilliant but the main difference once again and made a fantastic assist to RLC. Now I can sit back, relax and enjoy the North London Derby.
  10. Chelsea 4-0 PAOK

    Get in there son!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Chelsea 4-0 PAOK

    Simply interested in this match 10 times more now that CHO is starting!!
  12. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    And..... he starts tonight. Relief
  13. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    That is my point. He is not a top striker but he would add more to the team imo and score more goals. He has a bad touch but scores goals, is a handful for defenders and I still think he will get to the 20 goal mark again despite a slow start.
  14. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Here is an analysis on Monday Night Football tonight about the Jorginho/Kante situation. The transcript is below: Ginola thinks we are wrong to play him in his new position and has praised his influence on the French team in his natural role. Carragher thinks Kante looks "a very average player in the position he is playing in now." They have discussed ways of getting the best out of him. Do agree to an extent too. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/11564653/chelseas-midfield-problem-ngolo-kante-and-jorginhos-positioning Carragher is spot on though imo. I rarely think going into a game that we have a star player in Kante in the new position. And I don't see that changing because I don't see him ever being that type of attacking player. This is me scrutinizing virtually every game we have played. He looks really ordinary. I love Kante too but he looks far from a player whose earning a near £300k p/w. And while I agree he is no way near the same quality due to a shift in position I think he needs to adapt more and have more influence on the game. Especially when he is earning the amount he is.
  15. Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

    I still would take Lukaku here tbh, despite his flaws. I also believe he will get back in form with United. He gets over 20 goals usually every season but that won't happen anyway.