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  1. 19. Mason Mount

    Good to see him getting a lot of praise, but the Jekyll and Hyde fanbase will soon be down his neck slating him a in a couple weeks or so if he puts in a sub-standard performance. No patience with fans at all.
  2. 29. Kai Havertz

    I thought Mount was our best player yesterday. Then CHO for me. The game changed when he came on and added that much needed width. Havertz I would say was third but I was not impressed. Most of the players were off yesterday so saying he was easily in the best 3 is not really a big thing for me. When I just see people saying that he was really good, I just disagree. He frustrated me a lot yesterday. His pass for the CHO goal was magnificent, but saying that he did scupper some of our attacks. But like I say for me, the two players who made the real difference yesterday was Mount and CHO. If people are saying Havertz had his best performance yesterday, then I am just a little dumbfounded. I hope for a lot better.
  3. 29. Kai Havertz

    I disagree with you too then Havertz for me was way too frustrating yesterday. He showed early promise with that run and shot he done which forced a save from the keeper. Other than that, he got bullied off the ball a few times and lost possession. CHO, on other hand I was reading a couple comments on his thread and seems a few people judging by couple comments and likes the comment(s) on his performance, some people thought he was not that good, when I thought he looked a lot better than Havertz. I am not knocking Havertz, but did not see the good game everyone else think he had but I am sure this is just the settling in phase.
  4. 29. Kai Havertz

    I am confused how a lot of people are saying Havertz had a good game. He made a nice assist and showed a couple good touches, but lost the ball far too often and scuppered the attacks. I am surprised that Havertz is getting praise but not CHO. It is early days so completely understandable, but want to see him have a bigger impact in games. I am sure he will.
  5. West Brom - Chelsea

    Literally saved by the academy today! (Mount, Hudson-Odoi, Abraham) I actually thought first half, Mount was our only good player and that goal was deserved for him. He was the only one making things happen. Hudson-Odoi was brilliant when he came on and that should certainly earn him a slot in our starting 11 for the next couple games hopefully. He will start against Spurs but he wants to be starting league games and today, he showed what quality he possesses. That should shut down any chances of him leaving this transfer window.
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I think I have seen 'Mendy set to join Chelsea' story for about a 1000 damn times and he is still isnt out player.
  7. Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

    He has been the only good player imo.
  8. Tariq Lamptey

    The thing is he has an excellent, low centre of gravity. Saint-Maximim has ran against him a couple of times and Lamptey has done well and Wilson looked like he was in the clear and Lamptey made a brilliant challenge. Decent leap too. But yeah I love his hyper-aggressive mentality. A joy to watch.
  9. Tariq Lamptey

    We can't actually be blamed for losing him. We have Reece James who is literally one year older and is also a fantastic prospect. Lamps was bringing him in gradually too. He brought him on in a huge game against Arsenal when we were 1-0 down. But it is just Reece James. I am sure Lamptey would of loved to work under Lamps also. A lot of players in his position would hhave signed the contract we offered, so fair play to him. It is annoying but we actually couldnt do much more in this case.
  10. Tariq Lamptey

    He is terrific isn't he? Amazing pace and dribbling skills.
  11. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I found it hard to put Traore in there or not He certainly is the most exciting and feared player, however would I put him in top three? Not sure.
  12. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I rate him really highly. I would actually say he is one of their best 3 players with Jimenez and Neves and and Traore. He has brilliant dribbling ability, balance, versatile, scores goals and is only 23. The move has come out of no where really but I have rated him highly. It is just a real surprise that they did not go in for Werner... most likely down to wages but Werner is top class so...
  13. Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

    Werner looks electric. I was surprised/worried to see RLC in the lineup and I would rather we sub him. Is scuppering every move and just doesnt look at it. Would rather Barkley or even CHO come on in his place. We are quite lucky to be in front tbh. Lamptey our former academy player is a real talent. He has a bright future. It is a shame he moved on.
  14. 11. Timo Werner

    He started off from the left and often interchanged positions. Either way he had a very good game and he was a different animal second half. However his goal was a CF finish. He will be a clinical goalscorer for Germany playing as the loneman upfront, no doubt about it.
  15. 11. Timo Werner

    Very similar to Aubameyang. They often start of from the left but will often end up in CF position and they both will always score goals. What a finish