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  1. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    We are in real danger of losing him imo. Look at likes of Sancho who is playing for Dortmund. He is no better than CHO and they are both very talented. CHO would be playing if he goes abroad. He has not made an appearance this season bar that Community Shield game and with some of the games we have had, it is bizarre that we have not played him and we have really shot ourselves in the foot, especially knowing his contract runs out soon. Don't know what Sarri is playing at but CHO needs to get games and he deserves it too. It is almost as if we are giving him all the signals to leave.
  2. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Read it wrong, sorry but my point remains the same. I also think right now a lot of it is mentality issue with Morata.
  3. 29. Álvaro Morata

    You quoted him from a month back so maybe his perceptions have changed but tbh then he did have a point. Not necessarily with Aubameyang but with Lacazette. He struggled very much last season and did not score much more than Morata or maybe Morata scored more, not too sure. He also took a lot of penalties back at Lyon and looked lost at several moments last season. This season now, he has done exactly what Morata should have done. Improved on from last season and take your game to another level. Lacazette looks like he has done that but like I said he was struggling last season but has improved.
  4. Chelsea v BATE Borisov

    RLC was injured against Liverpool. He was not in the squad. He played, however in our last Europa game. Really, we should be taking advantage of fact we are in Europa. We have two wins out of two and should win this even with a very much rotated team. The Burnley game is a lot more important. I hope CHO is fit but judging by Sarri's comments, may miss out but we need to try and rest as much players for Thursday who will be playing Sunday. When we get to latter stages of competition is when we will need our more important players.
  5. 7. N'Golo Kante

    The thing is that, yes he is a hard worker that breaks play but he just looks a little lost in this system. In the recent matches I have seen him, I just don't think he is doing anything special. It is like you could put any other B2B and they can do what he is doing. He has been sloppy in possession too. People also agree that he is not at his best in the advanced role and that is something we need to address because he is having no way near the same impact as he did with us when he first arrived. And while he is a destructor, I am concerned regarding his overall game. There were times last season, where I was saying his technical ability has very much improved but this seems to be an area of concern again. I just feel that his reputation since Leicester and his first season at us, makes him exempt of a lot of criticism because this season bar the Huddersfield game, I am yet to see a game where I have thought, "wow, Kante has been exceptional". Sometimes I am seeing a player run around who makes the occasion tackle but not actually contributing anything special. I may sound controversial but I just don't think he has been impressive this season. Another concern is that he is not always wining his 50/50 duels too and I know he has a small frame but this never used to a problem for him. Now it seems it is. For instance when we played Liverpool, I thought Wijnaldum showed a complete DM/CM performance. Dominated the midfield and was a like a Kante type performance. That is what I have failed to see from Kante this season and the reason why it concerns me with Kante more is because majority of fans would say our 2 best players are Hazard and Kante. When a player is described as your best player or up there, I expect a little more than people just saying his job is to break up play. He is playing for a top team so there should be a better level of technical ability. He made one brilliant interception from Pogba in the game but other than that thought he was a passer by and Pogba constantly was controlling our midfield. Compare that to last season and the season before when we beat United 4-0 and 1-0, Kante was simply brilliant and controlled the game on a technical basis and was everywhere.
  6. Chelsea - Man Utd

    Pogba glided past out midfield with ease a few times. We couldn't handle him sometimes and we looked very feeble and weak. However with circumstances of game, delighted with a point, as I thought we had lost that. Was not impressed with a lot of our players today. Can't really say who impressed me. Maybe Rudiger and Barkley came on and made that difference. The rest of the team were just not good enough. Spurs are on same points as us now, albeit less GD. Arsenal will prob join us and Spurs on level points on Monday night too. That game against Burnley is so important now. We need to rotate in the week now as the top 4 race is already hot and we cannot afford to drop any points before that Spurs game.
  7. Chelsea - Man Utd

    And two games upcoming against BATE and Derby where I am hoping Hudson-Odoi could play is dampened.
  8. 7. N'Golo Kante

    He improved a lot more after my comment tbf but first half, especially, him and Pogba got completely overran by Germany. Did improve a lot though after, like I said so my comments must of enraged him
  9. 7. N'Golo Kante

    He has looked really average again tonight for France. He has made a couple decent tackles but he needs to show more to his game. He has been caught in possession a couple of times. I want to see him dominate games more. Maybe I am coming across harsh but he has set such high standards and I am yet to see him but in a dominant type of performance he used to put in, this season for club or country.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    We would be crazy to do both of that in January. It would not be possible to get those replacements in January either. I love your wishful thinking though but no way would it be possible to get Icardi or Dybala in January. Piatek still needs more time to develop before thinking we can just place him as no.1 striker for a major club. Luiz gets far too much criticism by our fans. He has been excellent past few games but because it is Luiz, you will not hear about it until he makes a mistake agaib.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Mbappe will not be interested in joining us. Pretty sure of that and unless PSG are sanctioned for FFP, they will not sell him either. Also, I only see Mbappe moving to Real if he was to move.
  12. 22. Willian

    Unfortunately, unless Drinkwater agrees to a wage cut, I don't see us offloading him. Maybe we can but we would have to pay part of his wages because no team will play hiss full wages. What a life eh? Getting paid at least £90k p/w (maybe more) to just train.
  13. 29. Álvaro Morata

    So relieved and happy for him
  14. 22. Willian

    I am not criticizing you as I do like reading your posts (sometimes) :D. But you do sometimes state way too many transfer suggestions that are unrealistic. I am a fan of Martial, however he has been way too inconsistent for the last few seasons. And Thauvin is performing in a much inferior league. He would come here and be out his depth.
  15. 22. Willian

    This is not Football Manager or FIFA. You blurt players names out as if it is easy to lure them away. What was Thauvin like when he last was in the PL? Absolute shit. Suso wouldn't suit the way Sarri is playing right now imo. Pulisic was not going to leave, despite the rumours. Bailey, I wanted us to get him but again there is no guarantees to say he will be a instant success in the PL. Dembele was never an option nor Barca was ever going to sell a player they invested over £100m on. LOL. Let's be serious. Marital over Willian? He has not done anything noteworthy for a while. Why would we need to swap him. Think there still is a lot to come from Martial. but did we need him to replace Willian? No... he has been worse than Willian for the last few seasons. And what has he done to make you call him a twat? Because of him stating his training preferences?....