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    all of Gianfranco Zola and Didier Drogba
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  1. The Football Player Game

    Ebbe Sand
  2. The FIFA Thread v2

    i've played it a few times on PC and the improvements (compared to 14) are great. i love the scars and footprints on the pitch. kits getting dirty, finally. i like how the commentators talk about the players from the World Cup. the whole atmosphere is very nice. has somebody played it on PC and PS4? is there a difference? i can't wait to try it out on my PS4. if they would repair it allready...
  3. Football Club Name Game

    Alemannia Aachen
  4. Last Film You Watched

    after the newest episode of "doctor who", it was western/eastwood time, lol the last 30min of "The good the bad and the ugly" "a fistful of dollars" "for a few dollars more" nothing to say, i love them all.
  5. The PES Thread

    ^ this i was a big PES fan and defender, but KONAMI is failing me every year. ok, compared to PES2008 they took already some steps forward. but just because they made 10 steps in the wrong direction with the nextgen thing in 2008 (i think its was PES 2008).
  6. Football Club Name Game

    R(ed)B(ull) Leipzig
  7. Last Film You Watched

    Transformers 4 - what a big pile of shit, sorry... and Edge of tomorrow - a good one, i think.
  8. Football Club Name Game

    Dynamo Dresden
  9. The German Bundesliga Thread

    but a good day for all "normal" germans
  10. Which Clubs do you hate the most ?

    ManCity, Tottenham, Juventus, Barcelona, BAYERN and Schalke.
  11. Top Four Predictions

    us or city for the title, United in on 3 because they "have to" get back to the top 4 and Arsenal and Pool are batteling for the 4 + maybe Everton but i don't think so. Chelsea City United Arsenal/Liverpool but, you never know
  12. André Schürrle

    lets hope he stays, i just started to like him.
  13. The FIFA Thread v2

    i'm really hyped about FIFA. The trailers are great. i like all the little details, like dirty kits and stuff. can't wait. (but first: Destiny)
  14. Football Club Name Game

    Yeovil Town FC