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  1. Alex Sandro

    Is he any good?
  2. Kevin de Bruyne

    I love Oscar but kdb might have passed him already... Also city lost so we might still win the league lol
  3. Kevin de Bruyne

    Let me just say that Kevin is the best player on the pitch today, by miles ... How u get this good this soon ??? SMDH
  4. Kenedy

    Loved his agressiveness and that shot wow
  5. Kevin de Bruyne

    Disappointing that he's not playing with us. This guy is probably better than Oscar,Willian and shurlle
  6. Kevin de Bruyne

    If he goes to city and wins player of the year it's gonna hurt
  7. Kevin de Bruyne

    City are stronger than us and they are favorites to win the league now I think. Wow they have fire power
  8. Kevin de Bruyne

    80?mil??? Holy crap and we sold him for 18mil??!!! Why isn't this kid playing for us again???!!!!
  9. Pedro Rodríguez

    Great signing good player
  10. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Did we sign the kid from Everton yet???
  11. NY Red Bulls 4-2 Chelsea

    Game means absolutely nothing it's a ducking preseason game everyone relax
  12. Filipe Luís

    Talented player but was very mistake prone when he did get a chance. I can see why Jose has no trust in him and why he plays azpi over him even though luis is more talented. Really disappointing that such a talented player like filipe didn't work out for us.
  13. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    With begovic and falcao already onboard, we are John stones and witsel away from having a successful transfer period. I would put witsel above stones as far as needs go.
  14. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I understand that we won the league and that we are the team to beat. Our lack of marquee signings is showing me that we are content with our team and that it should be enough to repeat next season. I don't agree with this and feel we need some marquee signings because everybody else has improved immensely.
  15. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Yes we have signed begivic and falcao but those signing will not improve us enough to win the league next year. City and united as well as arsenal have made more impactful signings than us and they are all in the runing to win the league next year.As things stand I believe the league will be a toss up next season. We need a marquee signing preferably in the midfield to put us head and shoulders above United and city