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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    Wow loan rumors on BBC; maybe Everton. Got I hope this is BS, give the lad his chance.
  2. Samuel Eto'o

    To be honest I'd rather sell used condoms on street corners than play for united. But if Moyes rings me now and offers me I'm contract ill be there quick as a flash. Pffff Loyalty!!!
  3. Stamford Bridge thread

    Really? Take the sun reports with a pinch of salt but if we could develop the bride that would be wonderful. Still think the biggest commitment RA could make to us would be to build us a 60k seated stadium in or around SB. Would set us up for the next 30-40 years, and put an end to the "what happens when Roman gets bored" crap!
  4. David Luiz

    I'm thinking this is BS, is like to see a more credible source than the dailymail reporting it. However I he wanted to leave I'd understand, Barcelona would compliment his style more than out own. Personally hope he doesn't though, love this guy, future legend IMO.
  5. Edinson Cavani

    Yeah because that's what you would do right? Guy doesn't have a choice.... So his next best option is to demand a fucking monstrous wage to make up for it, that's exactly what I'd do in his shoes. I believe I we had matched thier offer he would have moved to us even if it meant less of a wage.
  6. Demba Ba

    Guy never failed, and I can't see him leaving this window, in fact I can't see us signing a striker this window given the calibre of what's left I. The market place. Besides JM made it pretty clear that his second stint in charge would revolve around developing talent... don't expect to see the club spend big money on established world class players over the next 3-4 years. I actually favor this approach, clubs done a fantastic job of buying potential, got the nucleus of a great team which can play together for +10 years. If that means we forgot silverware next year then so be it....
  7. Stamford Bridge thread

    But do you actually attend games? Often find overseas fans have more affection for the place than the ppl who attend. Virtually every PL club in London is looking to move, along with Everton, Liverpool etcetra and most of the others have already moved (Newcastle, Sunderland, Wigan, Reading, Sputhampton blah blah). I love the Bridge, but it's holding us back a a club and it's capacity often restricts attendance for PL and CL games. Development would also make it easier for families to attend, costs a fortune at the moment. It's a no brainier of the club want to grow.
  8. Stamford Bridge thread

    Do you actually attend games? Do you realise not a single structure on that site is original? Most of it is less than 15 years old.
  9. Edinson Cavani

    Goes without saying that you need width or the option of width to beat teams. It's like Barca, no width which means you can play very narrow defensively restricting the space to play in and an snuffing out danger. For all Fergies faults (the red nosed alcoholic prick) he has always stuck by width and wingers. Which is why united are such an enjoyable team to watch play.
  10. Edinson Cavani

    WTF is this?
  11. Stamford Bridge thread

    Disabled access, used to be able to drive into the ground rather than sit in a stand. I preferred the shed then, cracking atmosphere and constantly moving due crowd surges. The ground as it is today bears no resemblance, and it's for that reason that I don't hold with the nostalgia that some have on here.
  12. Politics & Stuff

    Yup, I'm tired of elitist politicians acting in there own self interest. Not sure where your from but in the UK our political system is based on The idea that your MP represents you in parliament, the reality is your MP represents a party not an individual constituency. Ask yourself this, How can a national party represent people effectively? Doesn't it undermine the idea that you elect your MP based on THIER merits rather than those of a party? Hell one of my recent constituency MPs attend parliament roughly a third of the time, whilst also claiming monies for a second home (along with her MP husband). This would be fine of the lived in Scotland, but this was a London constituency.... WTF would you claim for a second home when you main residence is in London. Only possible reasons you were cheating the system. Pffff politicians are as bad as footballers.... Only difference is footballers don't pretend to be whiter than white whilst preaching to us about national moral and ethics. Rant over... lol
  13. Politics & Stuff

    Politics is depressing. I'll never forget the labour manifesto of 1997 "education, education, education" followed immediately by abolition of free university access, which has subsequently turned into (effectively) private higher education. What's more depressing is that the politicians and wider public are lambasting banks for thier short sighted ness. Yet this is the exact same curse which politicians now suffer from; say and do anything to insure that they remain in power during the next election, and screw the long term implications. It's about time the political system (not parties) was scrutinized more closely, because (in the UK anyways) its simply now working.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Usually because they are tidying up the mess left behind by chronic under investment in infrastructure, healthcare etcetra.... The NHS in the UK was a product of a left wing government, along with the welfare state. Though not always a success it's provided support to those in need for nearly 50 years, providing a vital safety net for British society. Take a look at the right wing reaction to Obama care.... then tell me that left wing governments always end in failure.
  15. Politics & Stuff

    Anyone here think Thatcher is responsible for a fundamental shift in British politics? Or is is the near permenant economic growth period experienced by the baby boomers; who are now protecting their interests at the expense of the next generation?