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  1. The Mourinho Thread

    People! What kind of example we are setting here? Lets say we just sacked Jose - our best manager in club history and probably in the world - players would be like ok i dont care for your tactics and demeanors so im dont give a fuck on the pitch and neither would mind getting relegated or care about supporters or damaging the club reputation but im still collecting the checks tho. You saw what Hazard did, he simply didnt gave a shit that we needed points or the fact that we're sitting 16th in the table. Sacking Jose would solve nothing but On the other hand selling some big ass players like Hazard would!
  2. The Mourinho Thread

  3. Eden Hazard

    fucking faggot Hazard disgraced us 1 more time.
  4. The Mourinho Thread

    I'll stick with Jose!
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    I really hope so cause if not he definitely gets the boot from Roman.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose lost it. his days are numbered. Loose the title and he is gone.
  7. The Mourinho Thread

    It's getting sickening with all this campaign and diving bullshit. We fucking raped 5-3 today we were beyond shit. our match was the last one and we knew it's a must win and decided to set a new record vs spurs!
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    Jose fucking making history. When was the last time we conceded 5 vs Spurs?
  9. Frank Lampard

    Well done fucking super frankie lampard grabbing the winning goal for 'em keeping them at our arses
  10. The English Football Thread

    Ginger Mourinho fucking did it! Fuckiing Burnly!!! :getin:
  11. The English Football Thread

    What's fuucking frankie lampard up to? Scoring against us when we could've win the game, scoring against Southhamptom when Manc were 1 man down and again today when they don't have their top scorer in Aguero he fill his shoes and score again! I fuucking hate him now.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Haha....That was joyful to watch. Next ManC
  13. The English Football Thread

    Fucking Andre Marriner!