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  1. 22. Willian

    God yes. If we could take a promising player from them for Willian it wouldn't even matter if we received money. We'd simply contribute to their continual downfall even more, which is worth at least 100m.
  2. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Had no idea they were undefeated. Somewhat impressive. It says a lot still though, that this is apparently Sevilla's worst season in 5+ years, yet they're only 2 points behind Atletico. I wonder if people on here would still take Simeone should Conte get hit by an Italian gelato truck. It feels like slowly, Atletico are reverting to the level they were when they had a young Aguero & old Forlan up front. Potential, but not great.
  3. West Brom - Chelsea

    Yes sir. I hope you find the quality adequate - https://www.footbie.com/video/west-brom-vs-chelsea-0-4-full-match-premier-league-18-11-2017
  4. Qarabag v Chelsea

    Yeah, it's a bit silly to put much stock into Atletico's struggle vs. them considering this is their worst season under Simeone, the players are questioning the manager, Griezmann is misfiring, etc. We rest on our own laurels, not others. Our 2nd team must play. If our 2nd team isn't good enough to beat them, that's a massive problem and needs to come under scrutiny.
  5. Lucas Torreira

    Jose's fetish for height was silly, but I am not smiling at the idea of partnering Torreira and Kante in the Premier League. Though, we are getting more and more technical players here all the time - but it's the 'smaller' games like West Brom, Stoke etc. that it'd be an issue.
  6. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    You can't watch a player be consistently average, and then lap on the praise because they were 'good' against West Brom. That's the logic. Imagine watching Oscar put in the level of performances Bakayoko has, which we did, and then praising him for showing up vs. Hull City. That we did not do. Similar with Cahill. We know what he is, so we're not going to take 1-off games of his as a measure of his ability. I'm still seeing a player who releases the ball too late, holds onto the ball too long, and who walks more than runs. When you add barely any assists/goals to that, I'm left debating with people on here how on earth this is someone worthy of our XI (because he's strong apparently. such a rare type of player!) A lot of players can 'create space' and 'charge forward' like he does - while doing a lot more on top of that too. So i'll continue to criticise this transfer, and the lack of critical thinking (IMO, maybe i'm dead wrong) surrounding this. I don't see this heavy investment paying off years down the line. I see time wasted, where we could have had an influential player with leadership, or a youngster of our own bled in. I see no logic in praising him for doing the minimum of what's expected (for some of you guys anyway) vs. a Tony Pulis side. Where was he vs. Roma? Tied up in Fabregas's dungeon of shackles again? What about City? You measure a player that cost 40m in those games, not these games. He's not Chelsea starter material, and that's the fault of whoever recruited him, no fault of his own.
  7. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Mo, that's flimsy logic, considering I point out Baka's performances pre-his Chelsea signing, and every game since. Everybody knows that the players you just listed are incredible for us - don't take me for a moron.
  8. 2 goals for Juventus in about 2 minutes in the last stages of the game. Makes half my post sound stupid.
  9. Sampdoria. Beating Juventus 3-0, just minutes to go. (Buffon isn't playing, randomly rested, and all goals were saveable it looks like.) Incredible team. Incredible young players every season. Can't believe i chose to pass on this game, thinking it'd be at least a draw. The city of Genoa & the surrounding towns can finally feel proud of their football contribution.
  10. General Transfer Talk

    We'd be so dumb to not sign Robben. Give us our romance back. Go for old goldies; genuinely believe we'd blow every team away with him playing for us, even out of position in our 5-3-2.
  11. AC Milan have the most entertaining forum this season. Meltdown after meltdown, abuse from members to eachother all round. Highly recommend taking a peek. 'Well next season we'll likely have Conte.' (Majority of forum agrees, without a hint of irony.)
  12. 22. Willian

    I can't believe Man United actually wanted him last summer. Willian's admitted it himself. I'm shocked. Exciting times if they're still into him. Maybe Jose genuinely cares after all.
  13. 22. Willian

    More appearances made than Anelka in the same amount of seasons More than BallackWill finish the season with more than Makelele
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Agreed, he doesn't need another manslaughter charge.
  15. I've lost faith in young Brazilians for just now. They're living off the hype of their predecessors. Call this guy Billy Jones, change his nationality to Irish, watch the same exact performances from him, and we wouldn't be interested (if we even are). He'd certainly be a fun player in small cup games, so if he'd come through the youth team for free, I'd want to see him play for us.
  16. Roma whooped Lazio. 2-1, but should've been 2-0, as Manolas/Alisson both suffered a brain fart leading to a silly penalty. For Roma, otherwise keeping goals out vs. the joint-most potent attack in the league, is huge for them. They've not been known for their ability to defend at all well since the days of Aldair. Perotti managed to prove once again to be one of the most underrated wingers of the past decade. I don't think anybody dribbles like him bar Hazard. Jordan Lukaku, on Lazio's side, was Lazio's biggest threat. Incredible power, obviously his genetics, and him being a wing back essentially, creates a situation for the other team which they aren't used to. He was really, really impressive. Not an upgrade over Alonso, for he isn't the best at defending, but beating his man, brilliant. He dribbles & controls the ball like a forward. Genuinely more talented than Romelu. De Rossi ran the most on the pitch. It shows how much these derbies still mean to him. Despite his age, most Roma fans believe he should be a regular starter for another 2 seasons presuming his fitness holds up. Strootman has become far too slow after a very bad injury, and they'd still like to get rid of him or at least phase him out onto the bench, but this game he was better than Ninja despite N's goal. Dzeko was running around like a 20 year old. Really loving this revival. It's all down to the coach knowing just when and who to rotate. As people are realising now, this will be Napoli's downfall - 1 injury in Ghoulam was enough, but any other players losing their legs and they're finished. So it's between Inter, Juventus, and Roma. I think Juventus will win the title, because of experience doing-so & their immense squad depth. Inter grind out their results, and there is a lack of quality despite being unbeaten. Roma just don't have the firepower up front to blow away the other big teams: can't expect them to beat Juventus, Inter or Napoli consistently yet. Such a shame they spunked 60m on Schick & Defrel - neither of whom play. After this great season, they could've attracted a very, very talented player next season for that sort of money. With the probable sale of Manolas, they could throw 90m at Suarez (a long shot, but there'd be a chance) or whoever. That blunder is shared between the manager & board, not Monchi. They wanted Schick before Monchi arrived, and Defrel worked with the coach before he was at Roma, and was specifically requested. This 1 big blunder of theirs I feel will set them back in the upcoming transfer windows, and I believe it'll be pivotal in them not winning the league any time soon - which they really could have aimed for with just slightly more ballsy recruitment. (All that said, in Serie A, every single season it seems, the team with the best defensive record wins. Roma have that claim - though it's slightly overblown, considering Napoli have only conceded 1 more goal than they have, while scoring almost double.) Serie A, Serie A, Serie A. Making me fall in love with football all over again
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    Not to disrespect Zola - before we signed Hazard I thought of him as a CFC god, still do to an extent, but Hazard's 1.5x the player at least
  18. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    How do we end up with not even a reserve striker, either super young or super old, thus willing to wait in the wings for just 2-3 games a season? We used to be so stacked; Sturridge when he was young, Di Santo (lol), others. Our U23 squad right now is absolutely barren up front. Musonda/RLC/Abraham/Christensen all leaving that phase has crumbled them a bit. (Sidenote: Watching those guys gave me as much pleasure as watching our senior team. They had a real identity, it was magical.)
  19. 10. Eden Hazard

    5 at the back can't go on forever for a top club. So we must remember that we will switch back to a formation with wingers sooner rather than later, and if we have a new manager at that time, Hazard will be back on the wing considering 90% of his games were played there. Only if Conte stays for another 2-3 seasons beyond this one, perhaps sticking with 5 at the back, do I see Hazard staying in his best role. However, if that happens, I also see us going without the trophies we're used to due to the less than inspiring formation. Best case scenario is that next season, Conte develops an unexpected love for 4-2-3-1. With the players we have right now, it wouldn't be too shabby; it's clear where we can improve with new additions:- Courtois; Zappa, Azpilicueta, Christensen, Alonso; Kante, Fabregas; Pedro, Hazard, Willian; Morata. It's at least capable. I'd consider that line-up stronger than Tottenham's, Arsenal's, Liverpool's - and equal to Man United's, only because Hazard/Morata/Kante/Courtois/Azpilicueta/Christensen overcompensate. Bakayoko can't be a starter alongside Kante in a 4-2-3-1; his dwelling on the ball would kill counter-attacks when we need to quickly pass up towards Hazard & co. We need a younger Fabregas with defensive prowess. 2 new full-backs who run up and down the field more than anyone. And then 2 brand new wingers. We're going to kill some chemistry in the process, meaning another rebuilding season (lack of foresight from whoever recruited our players), but it'll be worth it if we finally put together a team that has more or less the same top-level players for 5 consistent years. This post goes in the Hazard section because we simply should have the team built around him - when he's in the centre.
  20. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Nothing like facing the mighty West Brom, them with 7 defensive players, to highlight how good our own defensive players are
  21. Atletico might be among the most boring teams on the planet. Simeone's not that great.
  22. Qarabag v Chelsea

    I'd put faith in the team and go strikerless, which i sadly doubt since on paper it looks like suicide even against a Sunday league team. We aren't winning the CL this season, so we shouldn't sweat too much, just give it a decent go (A shame to say considering this was supposed to be the season which Conte stamped his mark on the team.) In my world, we line up like this - Courtois; Rudiger, Christensen, Luiz; Alonso, Kante, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Zappacosta; Willian; Pedro Hardly an inspiring B-team
  23. Jordan Lukaku is so threatening.
  24. The English Football Thread

    Imagine using Martial / Rashford as wingers & instructing them to track back