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  1. Harry Kane

    Levy defines what an Inferiority Complex is. He'd sooner sell Kane to Real Madrid for £40m than to us for £80m, just because it makes it look like we've got the bigger cock. But forget that, look at this. Did you know Kane grew up an Arsenal fan?
  2. Harry Kane

    His record is so depressingly insane. He's 23 but if he keeps up the rate he has for the past 3 seasons, he eclipses Drogba in league goals next year He was supposed to be a failure. He's a 23 year old English boy who looks like he does smack. He came through the Tottenham youth system making barely any waves on any loans. Then they just slide him in the team and he becomes the best poacher we've seen for 5+ years. Just how? (78 goals in 113 games. Before Aguero came to this league, I didn't even think being that prolific was possible. It's slightly, just barely more prolific than Suarez was.)
  3. 7. N'Golo Kante

    If we play 34 games in a season, I expect 30 top, solid performances from Kante. That's the standard he's set. To be consistent. But we get more than that. We get borderline MOTM performances in 30/34 games. We get a player who while playing the most defensive role in the league, has inspired those around him to vote him the best player among his peers. Kante gives us a lot more than what I thought we were getting when we signed him. On his worst days he still does more than many on their best days, and that includes Mikel, Ramires, Meireles, players we've been cursed with. To complain over 3 or so not-hot games of his is mad; it's like Tottenham going from Adebayor (20 goals a season) to Kane (40 a season), to then have the nerve to complain when Harry Kane goes 2 or 3 games without scoring. Kante is definitely the least of our worries.
  4. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    We were high on confidence after winning the league vs. a team Cesc used to be synonymous with. A lot of managers, and I'd consider it too, simply drop players when emotional stakes are that high. I'm sure it reinforced Wenger's decision to leave Cech out too, the fact he'd be in a final, facing the team he loved and left, right as that team just crushed them in the league. Pressure. Unwelcome pressure. It was maybe a move many of us disagree with. Sure. But it was a logical move. Plus, starting Fab would finally and only for the first time admit in clear black & white English to the player, 'Hey, Matic, you aren't that good.' The manager isn't allowed to do that. Not in a competition where we were undefeated, thus had no 'reason' to experiment. Only when we've been spanked or embarrassed do we then drop Matic and slide in Fabregas, because we can pretend its the 'team' and not just a horribly shit player causing us to stall. Finally I imagine Fabregas thinks more than those around him, and that makes him twice as likely to buckle under pressure from his ex club, even if he's stayed strong before. Conte could presume that too. You only become as good as Fab became at passing by being very in the head, but like Xavi/Iniesta and others, those who think the most, eventually, end up thinking too much. It's a fountain you're constantly adding drips of water/thought to, and there's no drain. All season long, layers and layers of water have been added to Fabregas's fountain. Thoughts and thoughts, emotions and emotions. And then these players end up 29/30 years old, suddenly thinking about investments/family business/private life in the middle of games. A point's been reached where football barely demands anything from them, usually because they're benched a lot. So there's a huge chance for that sharpness to be lost, just like in a boxer who goes from 2 fights a year to 1 fight every 5 years. He'll lose that focus in the ring he had. Because focus is habit, and Fabregas didn't have a season long enough to fully instil that focus. It left him after every good performance, because he never got a run of games where he could build it up. For as great as he was for 75% of his games this season, he still had games on par with his worst for Chelsea. I don't agree with Conte's decision, but I accept it, I think I get it. I think we would've won had we started Fabregas, just by chance, not logic. But that scenario takes a gambling man which perhaps Conte is not. Hence our XI's being as never-changing as Jose's. Every manager has their own methods. And it's not like we lost because Matic played while Fabregas didn't. We lost because from Hazard to Costa to Kante to our full backs, we didn't act professionally.
  5. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I feel like when 90% of a player's games are top performances it's disrespectful to write essays about how bad a game they had. Not every player deserves Mikel/Cahill/Matic treatment, not every player has played many 6/10 & below games for us. Those who have deserve the criticism. Those like Kante who have 3-4 bad games per season - that's less bad games than Ronaldo, Aguero, and others.
  6. 19. Diego Costa

    I don't think Atletico could ever afford him. That's us fucked for a season or 2 until he compromises for China then.
  7. Chelsea - Arsenal

    guys, guys dont eat too much mushroom or you wont have mush-room left
  8. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Indeed. This team is a point-gatherer, not a dominant team which should be expected to win on the day vs. big teams. No fun for us in the league or CL next year with Moses/Alonso/Matic/Cahill/Costa starting. But the reality is, most of them will start. Enjoy our title win. This team, compared to the greats back in '04, pahaha.
  9. Chelsea - Arsenal

    We don't have enough players with good 1st-touches. If we did, we'd be able to fling it around with a lot more certainty, and move forward a lot more quickly, nevermind exploiting counter-attacks. Kante/Matic/Costa/Alonso/Moses/Cahill/and maybe even Pedro. How can a side have so many technically inferior players? How can we expect anything more from our players? It's a miracle what we achieved this season.
  10. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Conte's a half-time wizard, never forget it. But if he goes back to his acutely timed subs....
  11. Charly Musonda Jr.

    He's almost on par with Hazard if not exactly on par in terms of ball control. Not dribbling or crossing, but his vision, his creativity & execution of passes are all top tier. Hazard has him beat in movement, dribbling, scoring, & using his body better. He lacks the body & IMO the stamina. He's built for Serie A. I think the structure of La Liga does the opposite of benefit him. There's only 3 or so teams in that league in which a player like Musonda can take strides, and the only 1 he'd be able to start for (Atletico) play a style counter-intuitive to his. But in Italy, he has the ability to start for & could make himself a European household name, at - Roma, Juventus if he first played for another Serie A club and impressed, Lazio, Napoli, even either of the Milan clubs. All clubs would let him flourish and all clubs would benefit from what he brings. The only other teams outside of Italy you can say that for are Man City, Monaco & Dortmund. I've never seen a more talented player at youth level, for any club, so we must ensure he makes it, even if it's abroad and not with us. He can't become a Marco van Ginkel or a Lucas Piazon.
  12. Chelsea - Arsenal

    This isn't a joking matter, so I mean it when I say this - I fear for the mental stability of their fans if they lose. This could be the straw that sends some of them over the edge. London's a big place and a lot of people are already contemplating ending it all - often it's just the football team being the saving grace in their lives. Hopefully we have a few failed attempts and nothing beyond that.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    I hate the idea of Bakayoko coming here. It reeks to me of the club trying to be smart in almost a witty manner. The guy's surrounded by players who're better, but Chelsea want the credit of taking the lesser jewel and having greater reward. We've always had this habit as a club, whereas Man City just go for the literal best instead. That's where we allowed them to become dominant; us chasing the likes of Oscar and Willian before they're the finished article, so we can take credit for getting players before they're big, but City go out and buy the likes of De Bruyne, Sane or Silva at the top of their game, once they've actually proven they're a top dog - something Bakayoko's yet to prove (Fabinho & co. have proven they are). Out of Monaco's wonder-bunch, if you left just Fabinho, or just Lemar, or just Silva in that team while all the others were sold, you'd still expect them to be top 2 in their league. But if the 1 lone survivor is Bakayoko, and all those other players leave, surely nobody can picture that boding well for them. Shame is they wouldn't have shelled out so much on Tielemans unless they were certain a midfielder was moving on. So either Fabinho who a lot of us like joins a club which probably isn't us, boohoo, or we get Bakayoko according to the papers, boohoo again, IMO. It'd be like Real Madrid choosing Willian over Hazard. Just because they've both given top performances in top games for a top team doesn't mean they're both top players. One has been carried more than a few times, whereas the other hasn't. This applies to Monaco.
  14. Bernardo Silva

    Since signing Hazard, none of our rivals have signed an equally if not better player. It doesn't begin with this. Until a player who surpasses Hazard is brought in at a young age to one of the Manchester clubs everything's calm on our side of the lake.
  15. The Serie A Thread

    Only 4 points between winners Juventus & 2nd-placed Roma. Juventus fans considered it a good season; Roma fans considered theirs to not be all that great. Amazing how the 2 mindsets have changed in just a year. 'Juventus can't be topped; Serie A is a one-horse race' - etc. Lol. I'd agree that Juve are the only team with enough power to do well both in the league and in Europe, but they won't win every league title for the next decade. There's 3 or so teams who'll get in there too, maybe Lazio, Napoli & Roma. No team had fewer losses than Napoli; and Juventus have only 1 win more than Roma, 2 more than Napoli. Next season's going to be twice as exciting as this one. This was a building season for every league bar La Liga.