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  1. General Transfer Talk

    Well. Who knew Hummels didn't have a heart.
  2. Chelsea is my wife but Atletico is that far more attractive woman I keep messaging
  3. Radja Nainggolan

    As Chelsea i'd never buy him at such a high price, but as Roma I'd never sell him at such a low price. Perfect player for Tottenham or Atletico but not Chelsea or Real imo. We'll see, i like him regardless.
  4. The English Football Thread

    Leicester winning the league will suddenly make the PL the 'most unpredictableleague' despite the fact only 4(?) other clubs have been winning it for 5 odd decades
  5. The English Football Thread

    Respectfully, I don't understand why JFT96 has to trend on Twitter 5+ times a year. Too many people there living in the past, more interested in 'justice' than grieving, or rebuilding their emotions and becoming happy again. Is today the end of it? Everyone's saying 'today is the day'. Again. (What are they going to do once the 'truth' comes out?)
  6. Get Emanalo Sacked

    We suffer from something similar to Stockholm syndrome
  7. N'Golo Kante

    going after players following 1 season of good form is always risky, because either it's impossible to live up to the hype the media created around that player the past season (which then affects the player when he isn't getting the praise he expected) or you win the jackpot and the guy can actually carry his form over for another seasonfor a bigger team.
  8. The English Football Thread

    I'dsooner blame Vardy than the ref, and I'll sooner say he let Ranieri down than i'll say the ref screwedLeicester
  9. The English Football Thread

    a lesson that you should never consider yourself invincible
  10. The Conte Thread

    why is it whenever the British press translate foreign footballers & coaches they end up sliding in 'Lads'? Nobody but a few Englishman, and then die-hard fans of English teams, say this. It makes me cringe. It's like they're trying to sit on their backwards chair and connect with the youth.
  11. Kevin de Bruyne

    Lampard, Beckham and Silva in one player. He has the outstanding qualities of all of them. He crosses as well as Becks, could easily get 20 goals a season from midfield like Lampard,and already is showing he's got the vision, creativity and technique of Silva. Lavish praise, but Isay that's a realistic assessment. If i wanted to exaggerate i'd compare him to Iniesta instead of Silva but he lacks the wisdom & close control of the former. What other player is capable of the 20+ goals and 20+assists we're going to see every season? Messi?
  12. Kevin de Bruyne

    we've been saying since he was playing for Genk that he's better than Hazard. he really, really, really is, by far better than Hazard. by far.
  13. Chelsea v Man City

    the environmental industry are liars. people have been shot for speaking out against the cattle industry
  14. Chelsea v Man City

    this is a good time to announce i've become vegan, it just makes sense. more than this club. but anyway until today i never thought about all the animals killed just on the side while we're fishing for what is desired on the plate. i never thought about the fact we overfish just to put those fish in the food we feed cows *who aren't even carnivores* what???? & those cowswho're responsible for 51% of global warming or some crazy shit. The demand for beef causes hurricanes.