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  1. The English Football Thread

    What should he go for prison for? Did he fuck her until she died from anal blood loss? Did he rape her? Apparently he groomed her. Well, wouldn't he be a pedophile then? And aren't they considered mentally ill? Get him help in such a case and not a cell. The most normal age gap i've seen between 2 people in this generation is like, 17 years old for the girl, 22/23 for the guy. 15 + 27 is mad. No normal sane guy would choose that route over grown women who know what they're doing.
  2. Blues get PSG in UCL Last 16

    so he has trauma from some immature guys not letting him on the train? how protected was this guy growing up? where did he live?
  3. 8. Oscar

    well so did Mata and Schurrle on the bright side
  4. Antoine Griezmann

    the explanation of him being a 9.5 are so spot on that it made my morning i also think he's made to fit Atletico and few other teams
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    This probably won't be popular since they're both from Belgium and yet one is 5x as popular as the other, but if Hazard does indeed leave, just go after Carrasco. I don't think i've seen a player so similar to Hazard. I'd say though that his dribbling is actually more effective, but he's slower. I'd rather Hazard but Carrasco is near enough to that special level himself, & 3 years younger too.  
  6. Charly Musonda Jr.

    I feel like Mourinho's insistence on a 'defensive winger' has infected this move (the board still seem to implement his ideas), hence why he was played as a winger for Betis and not a central attacker. (Why wouldn't you send him to a team who deploy a formation like ours so that he could actually fit properly? Anyway..) I feel like he'll become a more all-rounded player at Betis, but that'll mean compromising his overcompensation when it comes to creativity & spark. I'd rather a player who can't defend but creates magic in attack, compared to a balanced player who can do a bit of both. (It's like the difference between a Robben and a Kuyt.) At this age when we're developing players, we should focus on their strengths, not weaknesses. We always focus on the weaknesses of our youngsters and how we can improve Sturridge's mentality, Lukaku's first-touch, Musonda's lack of defensive nuance - instead of focusing on and honing their strengths; Sturridge's goal-getter mentality, Lukaku's physique, Musonda's creativity. We put a huge emphasis on "this part of your game isn't good enough" yet we don't see even 1 shred of "this part of your game is good enough" to balance it out.  I hardly doubt Messi was told to improve his defensive game much, & Iniesta and Zidane aren't exactly the biggest ball-winners in history. Let Musonda become who he is supposed to be you stupid board. Who wants another Oscar?  
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    every player should and probably would celebrate to the extent he did, because who wouldn't celebrate when they score in the last minute or 2 vs United to bring home at least a point?  my stupid point being, that Costa wasn't showing some awe-inspiring passion for the team, he was just showing excitement for himself & his ego getting a goal, like a lot of players. Fair play obviously, but i was cringing at the rounds on Twitter with a picture of Costa captioned "This is what passion looks like." No, that's what scoring a goal looks like.
  8. Get Emanalo Sacked

    Hey, Henrique, stop being stupid.  He's been wanted out for 4 years, before any talk of "the individual". You can't be serious. 
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    What if Jose messed this season up on purpose, as a gift to us? He saw how talented our youngsters were and felt that now more than ever they deserve to play. That won't happen in the CL though. Theres little more he could do. Thank you for giving our youngsters a chance Jose 
  10. The English Football Thread

    that would genuinely be ok
  11. The Mourinho Thread

    Imagine him at United bringing back Ronaldo while we lose Hazard to Madrid as his replacement. I'd cry 
  12. I don't remember much about him, but what i do remember of his time at AC Milan was everybody agreeing in unison that he could not manage the top players. Tactically he was fine, but not fine when it came to dealing with large egos. Though it's probably a bigger problem at Milan than just the manager, I think he saw more injuries than any manager has ever seen to their side too. Wait no I remembered another detail. He was known for never playing the players that the fans wanted. He insisted on his own Ivanovic's who kept failing yet remained in the side (like Abate when De Sciglio was waiting, who eventually had to switch to the left side like Azpi.)
  13. .....   if you saw him before joining Juventus you have no words in this moment other than 'what?'..
  14. 21. Nemanja Matic

    we're really learning which players can/can't motivate themselves here, and those that can't gotta go. our whole quality since Roman arrived has been the fact our players always had grit and determination at times when other teams would look to their manager and ask "what now?". there was no need, because the answer was always "You're a Chelsea player, you support Chelsea, so make sure Chelsea win." the mentality that Matic has suggests we were a one-night stand whom he said a lot of pretty things to to get into bed. we never should have gone back to him, it never works out with ex's.
  15. Watford v Chelsea

    who in their right mind says Mikel's name with that sort of emphasis before a shot