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  1. Alvaro Morata

    This is neither compliment nor otherwise; Morata reminds me of Ba. Better than Costa at link-up, but not magnificent. Solid. Made for a poacher role, where-as Costa is more like target-man-Drogba role but only at 80% of his potential. I think he'd assist almost as much as he scores, which would be less than we expect from a #1 striker whose main role is like I said, poaching the ball. All in all I wouldn't take him when you take into consideration how much he'd cost, but I would when you consider I was the first on him; I'm sure I could bring up an old post just to impress myself. When he was in the Madrid youth team and not even doing that great, I saw something in his character that showed a higher level of focus than those around him, so I borderline stalked him via social media until we exchanged a brief exchange of posts which is enough to make anyone vouch for you in later years once you've made it. Can you believe he hadn't seen Dragonball Z nor Hunter x Hunter? Both classics.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    I'd rather inject heroin than watch the club I support give Solanke 50k a week.
  3. Adama Traore

    Until proven otherwise, we really don't.
  4. Petr Cech

    See, when a player like Lampard moves on, it's when he's at the bottom of his career, he's on the bench, and thus he wants to at least enjoy his last couple years of legs playing as much as possible. But Cech? He decided, at the very top of his game, that he wasn't going to compete for his spot. Yes, he's a smart enough guy to know that when we splash cash on a youngster, they're usually gauranteed to start regardless of merit, but he didn't even try. He really could have displaced Courtois, and we would've just loaned the latter out again or sold him, either way we'd make no loss. To me it's quite a bit more unloyal to move to a rival club when you know you're still at your best, nevermind a more longstanding rival. You want to enjoy your twilight years at a rival club, that's just so wrong. I said this at the time and I'll say it again - Why not Crystal Palace? Why not Fulham who're probably a 45 minute walk from his house? Was he afraid Crystal Palace would get relegated, thus confining him to lower league clubs if he wants to remain in London? Regardless, it's not on. He's one of our greatest and most important ever, most loved and most respected deservedly, but, our other 'traitors' and future ones too deserve far less critisism if we can barely lay any onto Cech. Do you think Barcelona fans would be happy if Messi moved to Real Madrid in 3 years because 'he doesn't want to leave Spain, wants to still play weekly at a top club'? Their fanbase would be split 50/50 on him. What if Totti leaves Roma this season for... Lazio? You think Roma fans will say 'he deserves to stay in Rome, let's respect him.'? Nope. And we're no better for being different.
  5. The English Football Thread

    2 minutes in and Liverpool have set a record for headed interceptions in a match.
  6. The English Football Thread

    I don't know what's going on at Liverpool, but they've picked their worst XI I've seen since Klopp took over. United have picked one of their best since Mou went in. The difference between both is crazy on paper. At this point it's bewildering from Klopp; but if it works, it's a bit of flukey genius.
  7. Gerard Piqué

    Twice the player Cahill is even now. Would be a very helpful addition for the next season. I'm surprised he's not 30 yet. Given Conte's record of squeezing all the potential possible out of defenders, I imagine we could even see his best ever seasons if he signed for us.
  8. The English Football Thread

    'I don't teach my players tackling - what is tackling? What is the need to tackle if you have the ball? Well then.'
  9. The English Football Thread

    It takes something absurd and crazy to not get at least 2nd place with Man City. Whether everyone admits it or not, they have the best forwards, the best midfielders, and the 'apparent' best coach. The type of coach City need is a more level-headed and humble leader, like Ancelotti. You still get pretty football, but no mad-tactics just because the press have been writing about you.
  10. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Think he'd make a good CDM. What quality does he lack for that position? Like 1 out of 10 needed.
  11. 3. Marcos Alonso

    The birds that shat on him should style his hair
  12. The Mourinho Thread

    Also If i bumped into Mourinho walking down any street, I wouldn't have a bad word to say to him. History is history and history is real. History happened and real feelings were felt from both parties. I've only understanding for the path he's chosen, and love for what he's given. He hasn't detracted our value or status purposely, and while he's hypocritical, so are all the great people we idolise. I don't love him anymore but I respect him to a high degree.
  13. The Mourinho Thread

    This isn't slating Mourinho, this is real; The greatest thing he's done in football, is make the world take the Portuguese teams seriously. Both Benfica & Porto owe a lot to him for raising their profiles (thus bringing them a lot of money through future transfers) and probably both of those clubs owe around 5% or so of their fanbase to him (foreign people who took either club up as a 2nd-team, either in love of or in spite of Jose.)
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Some people think Roberto Carlos was one of the greatest. But they don't watch enough Chelsea games. Because if they did, they'd know history has been re-written.