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    i'm not Finnish, i've barely started
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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    This guy has 1 lung
  2. Romelu Lukaku

    I want to commit murder
  3. 26. John Terry

    His body is perfectly built, I don't know how he finds time to build his chest like he has. He's a freak next to everyone else -
  4. Juan Cuadrado

    There's being polite, but then there's being so nice that you have to be lying. ^^
  5. Paul Pogba

    Even with money it's a stupid move. What will extra money get him? He has his cars, he has enough money to live in the most beautiful homes for the rest of his life, his family too. There is nothing that will suddenly be attainable by increasing your wages by a few million per year when you're already on a handful of millions. It changes nothing, nothing at all, everything is already paid for. So if it's motivated by money, it's stupid. If it's motivated by something other than money, then what on earth is that, because it feels pretty stupid too.
  6. The Conte Thread

    Conte's respect isn't overdue. He's had only 3 seasons managing a top team in a top league. Pep, Mourinho, & Wenger, all have 10+ years of proof that they can manage the top teams in top leagues. Conte hasn't been around long enough to 'finally' get credit, he hasn't even been balling in the same league as the others. Whenever the abstract respect comes it'll be right on time. This here is his first chance to earn his respect outside of Italy. There is nothing overdue. He still has it all to prove.
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    Costa is essentially the player Grant Holt was for Norwich. That's to say we'd get the same results with Holt from that time in our team now.
  8. Victor Moses

    If Moses practiced the 20/80 principle we'd never lose with him in the side
  9. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    Why not just copy Juve's 4-3-3 regista lineup? Put Fabregas in the Pirlo hole in front of the defenders, then have 2 midfield destroyers in front of him, Kante + Friend, just like Vidal & Marchisio were the legs that protected the slow geezer with impeccable passing (exactly our own scenario). The crucial player would be whoever partners Kante & protects Fabregas, because he needs to defend for the latter and make up for the lack of passing ability in the former.* Our usual Hazard/Willian wings + a striker who's actually motivated every game, boom, not the best on paper but perhaps the best on the field. *On paper Oscar fills this role perfectly. On an actual field however, he does not. So it won't be him. Fabregas has no right to play any farther forward with his lack of legs, and he has no right playing in just a 2-man midfield with his lack of agility coupled with his priority to look out passes instead of intercepting them. He simply needs to be in a 3 man midfield and i think it'd work best how Juve did things.
  10. The Conte Thread

    they don't have the best education system in Brazil, don't blame them
  11. William Carvalho

    The amount of hype he had one summer was crazy. It was like Essien had been put in a time machine according to whoever was linked with him
  12. Gonzalo Higuain

    His fee isn't even a talking point. When you sell to your biggest rival, obviously inflation occurs. If he wasn't sold to Juve his fee would've been more 'normal'. This is normal though.
  13. Kalidou Koulibaly

    With the amount he goes forward we'd better have someone astute covering from behind. He's a battering ram who runs runs runs. Runs into people to disposes them, then keeps running forward before getting back in position. He looks fine, just wondering who'd partner him in theory. He dribbles a lot in his own box too. Very in his head sometimes. Luiz?
  14. Kalidou Koulibaly

    I'd sooner go for Rugani or Romagnoli. I think the latter especially under Conte could become a top 5 defender. Failing that, Sven van Beek is like Bonucci on drugs. Now I'm wondering how much Marquinhos would cost, he'd fit in well here too. We should be chasing players who fit our ideal style, not players who're simply available. Kalidou here is a lump who lumps the ball. Or like others have said, just bring back Christensen.
  15. Riyad Mahrez

    If he doesn't already have that risk, Leicester aren't investing enough in competition for places, which is just another reason to leave on a high instead of watching his team crumble.