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  1. Politics & Stuff

    Shootings in Copenhagen. Horrific. 3 people shot dead, 5 police officers wounded. One of three killed is the supposed killer. Sad they couldn't get the fucker alive, if it is indeed him. Rest in peace to all affected by this cruel and inhumane attack.
  2. Loïc Rémy

    Two strikers actually able to score goals? Is this Chelsea FC? Is this real life?
  3. Loïc Rémy

    You cannot hail the board enough for their achievements in the transfer market as of late. Replaces Torres with Remy. Matic, Fabregas, Costa, Luis. Azpi, Hazard, Oscar. We've got a sexy looking squad at the moment. Long may it continue!
  4. Politics & Stuff

    Hahahahahahaha! Today, police have been running around the central railstation in Copenhagen armed with submachine guns and kevlar vests, searching for what was described as a 'mysterious character'. A woman called the police, saying that she had observed strange behaviour from a passenger on one of the trains. He carried a large bag, looked very nervous and was reading a book of globalisation and the war against terror. When they both left the train a device fell out of his bag, and he looked even more nervous than before. It turned out to be an English student, who was about to attend an exam, where he needed to bring his own printing device, and he was only nervous because of the exam and because he thought his printer had been damaged. LOL.
  5. Romelu Lukaku

    Easy money, easy life. The club has done an immense job this transfer window. Will take a while before someone tries to slack them off, I hope. Not bothered at all about this transfer. Welcome to Scouse hell, Rom.
  6. Politics & Stuff

    Alright, pseudo Messiah. Sorry we do not accept your 'sources' and 'evidence' without questions. Seems like most of the Israeli population do though so... Keep on spreadin' tha propaganda, maaaan.
  7. Politics & Stuff

    ME? Using excuses? Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhaha........................... Um, mate. Let's just stop it here. If you cannot comprehend the importance of an impartial source, then you are really, really deluded.
  8. Politics & Stuff

    IsraelFullTruth, IDF supporter and IDF? "Still need to see that impartial, international and empirical source on the supposedly 'vast majority' of human shields. Try again." impartial: not partial or biased; fair; just: an impartial judge. international:transcending national boundaries or viewpoints. empirical:derived from or guided by experience or experiment. No, it is not enough, mate. Nowhere near enough.
  9. Politics & Stuff

    You are so wrong, mate. The dead Palestinian creates no good PR for Hamas, in fact the opposite. What it does is generate sympathy for the the Palestinians, but I think they would be VERY HAPPY to give up that sympathy to get their children back. I've not seen a SINGLE Danish, nor English source defending Hamas' actions. They have, however, defended the innoncent Palestinians. There is a huge difference, and you should fucking know that. Still need to see that impartial, international and empirical source on the supposedly 'vast majority' of human shields. Try again.
  10. Politics & Stuff

    That wouldn't surprise me at all, LOL. Let's just pray that the conflict will end as soon as possible, and that casualities on both sides are limited. I fear for the Palestinians... May your God be with you..
  11. Politics & Stuff

    It seems like most Israelis are so desperate for an international source that they resort to crap news stations such as Fox. There are no facts, statistics or official reports in the video either, so I can't really see how it is even considered to be worth adding to the discussion.
  12. Politics & Stuff

    By the way... What the fuck? Israel just keeps on amazing me.. They keep finding ways of making Hamas an attractive "option" for Palestinians... Couldn't have a worse strategy - even if they fucking tried to.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    Fox News? American media outlet? The same USA that provides what, $60 bn every year to fund "your" army? LOL mate. Using that video as a source is just.... Pathetic. Sorry, but it really is.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    Regret? Because you bomb the shit out of them? That is a strong statement. As I said, flexing your military muscles and launching a land offensive is by no means a solution to end all conflicts. Actually quite the opposite. Making widdows, slaughtering children - pushing the Palestians into the arms of Hamas. You are creating the Hamas soldiers of tomorrow. Don't think that is your intention, but that is what you are doing.
  15. Politics & Stuff

    Yeah, mate, I was really frustrated, but I tried to keep it to a minimum. It just scares me, to be honest. Scares me to see such intolerance and inbred hate towards one another. Of course I can only provide my take on the conflict, and I attempt to be rational. But the emotional part of me wants this conflict to stop now. Not tomorrow, not in a week. BUT NOW.
  16. Politics & Stuff

    Mate... Of course it's not easy to take them out one by one... But it is a MUCH, MUCH better option than just carpet bombing streets where you believe someone might be hiding. Like Mohammed said, you have one of the strongest intelligence services in the world, backed by US capital and experience, you should really have no excuse. Go about your business carefully, it would avoid so much pain and anger. We totally agree that Hamas are bad people, mate. They are. They are, to use Ashley Cole's words: A bunch of twats. But you cannot, CANNOT keep using the human shield argument. Yes, some people might have been used that way, but the majority isn't. They are unlucky (feels so bad to say that) bystanders that have NOTHING to do with Hamas other than being in a close proximity to a BELIEVED Hamas hideout. How is it fair that they die? If I killed your child without reason, you would hate me and want me to die as well. That is what you are doing. You are breeding hate, mate. A vicious cycle.
  17. Politics & Stuff

    This.... This is the truth. You are not hurting Hamas, you are fueling the extremism by killing innocent people, and breeding the anti-Israel hate.
  18. Politics & Stuff

    Why not launch small-scale operations to take out the cells one by one? You spend so much money on your intelligence services, you should be able to gather decent intel on their location, and act accordingly. Not bomb every street, just to be sure.
  19. Politics & Stuff

    You are as ignorant and stupid, as you are intolerant, misled and inhumane. Discussion over.
  20. Politics & Stuff

    The Jewish Home (Hebrew: הַבַּיִת הַיְהוּדִי, HaBayit HaYehudi) is a religious Zionist political party in Israel. Seems I was right. Right-wing group. Sigh...
  21. Politics & Stuff

    Do you even grasp the idea behind opinions not being factual? You can't prove that you're right without providing an independent and impartial source to back up your claim, and you've failed to do just that. Using IDF as a source is cringeworthy at best, and you call me out for only using western media channels? If that is not hypocrisy at its finest, then I'm done. So because the USA provide money to other countries than Israel, it is entirely acceptable? So because you kill Palestinian children, it is okay for them to kill Israelian children? Of course not. That is just another ignorant statement. The US is not a fucking giftshop. They don't just give you money, they want something in return. They fuel your warmachine, and you don't ask any questions or even remotely think about why they would give you that money? I hope to God that you're simply a right-wing lunatic, and that Israel will soon realise that this conflict spawns nothing but hate towards them, and prolong the already perpetual conflict. Best case scenario - you'll get rid of a handful extremists, but at what cost? You'll kill hundreds, even thousands of civilians laying the foundation for new anti-Israel extremists. If we're being hopeful you push the problem months, perhaps a few years into the future and let the next generations of Israelis and Palestinians battle it out again. It is a cycle of violence, destruction and innocent blood. And you have your share in the blame, just as Hamas does. I don't know if we can. I am scared and utterly stunned about how you view the conflict and the deaths of innocents. I highly doubt we'll be able to talk about normal things, seeing your intolerant and inhuman world view.
  22. Politics & Stuff

    I'm not disputing the nationality of the dead soldiers. I am calling into the question the funding of 'your army'. The weapons the soldiers are carrying, the vechiles they are driving etc. You are deliberately avoiding my questions, and it is a tiresome strategy. Disagreeing with and criticizing your own country does not equal being a traitor. Never. I don't care about you being proud of serving your army? That is a personal matter, and we're discussing a conflict much, much bigger than you and I. What you are proud of and what you're not is irrelevant. We simply do not give a shit. Are you really that ignorant? "I would like to see international, official statistics on this supposedly vast majority. Go ahead. Try and find ONE convincing, impartial piece of research." Your video is neither international, convincing or impartial. It is the fucking IDF. Try again.
  23. Politics & Stuff

    Where did I claim that killing civilians was the true aim of your operation? Fuck's sake man, you read what you want to read. UNDERSTAND. I'm saying, that killing civilians is the RESULT of your farcial operations. Not the fucking aim, you tit. Your army? Might as well be a US army. Bunch of mercenaries. And you continue to use the human shield argument. I'll quote myself then: "Again, you still fail to supply a single VALID source on the human shields, and the supposedly vast majority."
  24. Politics & Stuff

    Sigh.. You just don't get it, you mong. Please quote me where I denied Israel it's right to defend it's borders. Please. Go ahead. You won't find it. What I am saying is; since your army is bigger and well-equipped (not even paid by your own government by the way, but supplied by American tax money lol) it should be NO problem at all to minimize civilian casualitets to a bare minimum, which, let's be honest, you aren't exactly doing now. You should not launch a fucking land offensive, but take out the terror-cells one by one. Not fucking bomb every street where you think someone might hiding. The traitor part again just highlights how borderline vile and pathetic your views are. How the fuck are they traitors, and not just people of a different opinion than yours that do not agree with your governments policies? Should they be killed too? Aren't they Israelians too, and their opinion just as valid as your own? You are intolerant, and the Israelian intolerance, strive for perpetual warefare and the capitalist lobbyism is what fuels this conflict and robs the lives of innoncents, on both sides. Mostly Palestinians though, who are unable to defend themselves, they can't even escape your merciless bombings. No, you are not a true democracy. I've never heard of true democracy where people are labelling their countrymen traitors just for going against the general consensus. That is oppressing a minority, and that my dear friend, goes against the core principles of democracy. Yes, the majority rules, but it has to respect and listen to the minority, and not fucking obliterate it. How is it democracy if you ridicule and oppress all views apart from the one of the majority? You should care about how the world views you though, since US taxpayers are paying for your army. You should care since we are a global community whether you like it or not. Who is going to save your ass the day the Arabian nations have had enough of you killing innocent people and declare war? I highly doubt you can take care of that yourself, but who knows, you are spending the US capital given to you fairly well, if the goal is to kill people in which case a "well done" is in its place I think. You should care about international opinion since everyone in their right mind acknowledges your right to defend your territorial integrity and national sovereignty (read: original Isralian borders), but killing innocent children and women is not part of that defence. Of course it is almost impossible to avoid civilian casualities, I know that, but it seems you take no significant (don't give me your bullshit about the leaflets etc. where do you want them to go you tit) steps to minimize it. Take notice, the international society does not condem you for nothing, there are several reasons. Again, you still fail to supply a single VALID source on the human shields, and the supposedly vast majority. I suppose we've put that behind us then.
  25. Politics & Stuff

    You are so fucking ignorant it is unbelievable! You know the truth? Fucking tell us the truth then, pseudo Messiah. There is no truth in this farce of a national defense. Your enemy, Hamas, is a brutal terrorist organization, I agree. But come on man, they are NOTHING compared to your army both in terms of numbers and weaponry. The collateral damage by bombing Gaza is HUGE, but you excuse it by using the insane human shield argument, yet you fail to provide a SINGLE impartial, international and thorough piece of research to support your argument. You rely on personal feeling and what YOUR government is telling you. Get some fucking perspective, you are killing innocent people, ffs. You don't live in a democracy. Not when a political minority are labelled traitors. That is a fucking fascist regime. If you wanted international support, you'd stop the killings, initiate small-scale operations and take out Hamas members one by one, not bomb the fuck out of Gaza and hope you hit someone from Hamas amongst hundreds of civilians.