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  1. Chelsea - Watford

    Points to note: 1) Our best three at the back are Christensen - Azpi- Rudiger. Cahill and Luiz are liability 2) Happy for Mitchy, He played really well I thought. Hope this will propel him forward. 3) Alonso needs to be benched. He should not be in the starting 11 4) Bakayako will come good, he is just adapting. I still feel he and Kante will form a great partnership
  2. Chelsea - Watford

    Watford are an in form team and the table reflects that. I do not believe Chelsea can beat them, at tops we may draw the game. After the shambolic performances in the last three games, Chelsea is in disarray, low in confidence and above all as per Azpi low in morale. This is going to be a tough season and I am bracing for the worst finishing outside the top four and no trophies. The only positive is that it is not as bad as the 15/16 Season. Five players that have really under performed are Mosses, Cahill, Willian, Alonso and Batshayi. I still believe Bakayako is an upgrade on Matic,
  3. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    I have this feeling that we will start our 14 match winning streak at Palace. The players that have disappointed me this season are Willian and Mosses and of late Alonso has struggled. If these three step it up we are good.
  4. Stoke 0-4 Chelsea

    A win here after a reasonably good win at home to Forest will get our momentum going for the City and Athletico games. My choice Tibo Azpi Cristensen Rudiger Zaps Kante Bakayako Alonso Willian Morata Hazard I have run out of patience with Mosses, just does not have end product. Willian also need to step up a bit,
  5. Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

    I am watching this game and I have to say that I am very impressed with Bakayako. This guy is definitely better than Matic. I am also liking Zaps over Mosses.
  6. Chelsea 5-1 Nottingham Forest

    I hope we win this game comfortably with Hazard getting back to his best again. Looking forward to see the belgian attack of Hazard, Michy and Musonda. games like these can give momentum after somewhat mediocre performance against a weak arsenal. Should have won that game. If we win Forest and Stoke, we will be in right mood for Athletico and City both of whom we can beat.
  7. Chelsea 6-0 Qarabag

    Zaps the man. good to see the final end product from our RB. It looks like Cahill's and Mosses places are in danger.
  8. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea

    Points to Ponder: 1) Bakayko looks great. With more adjustments he will be a beast in midfield. 2) Once again Mosses and that Final touch. Zap should start next game. 3) We should have killed the game, and shaky 2nd half.
  9. 21. Davide Zappacosta

    He is Italian I am sure he would be able to defend. I hope he comes good as I am very concerned about Mosses's final touch. He has been extremely poor in final delivery and most importantly his shots on goal have not been executed well enough. Who knows we may luck out like Alonso
  10. Nemanja Matic

    It's not only the fans who are contradicting themselves. Even the deluded commentators and pundits of this world jump on the bandwagon and praise Matic as if he is one of the best midfielders in the world. Can't remember them praising him that much when he was still with us. Typical United media.. Couldn't agree more. Whilst I don't read too much what the pundits and press say, I am very surprised how many on this forum think that selling him was the biggest mistake. He was absolutely trolled here for many his performances.
  11. Nemanja Matic

    I am sick and tired of everyone going on and on about selling Matic to Utd. Especially the press and pundits. I personally think there was nothing wrong with the transfer. We got what we wanted in value and I believe Bakayako is by far a better prospect for years to come. From what I recall he was trolled on this forum after many many inconsistent performances. Many wanted him dropped in favour of Fabregas. Must admit he did have some cracking performances but he was never consistent with awful passing ability,. I believe we have done excellent in this transfer window contrary to what the majority of press and many on this forum. After the burnley Blip we are back in business andI can see another 13+ games unbeaten run on the Horizon. Just a bit concerned about Roma and Athletico in CL, although I am optimistic we will come through finishing second wit 11 points
  12. Chelsea 2-0 Everton

    I thought Everton were very poor against City. I believe we should approach more offensive: TB Christensen Luiz Rodiger Mosses Kante Fabregas Alonso Willian Morata Pedro
  13. Spurs 1-2 Chelsea

    I thought David Luiz showed great strength and charter in both games so far. I think he should be the Captain. Love Cahil for all his important goals over the years but I am afraid he is a bit of a liability at the back. Christensen and Rodiger are fitting into the squad very well and defensively we are going to improve this year. That said I have never celebrated a goal as much I Alonso's winner, what a win well done
  14. Nemanja Matic

    I am surprised why everyone in the world and many on this forum are making such a drama about about us selling Matic to United. From what I remember he was absolutely slated here for almost half of his performances. Lets hope he has more of those with Utd. I must admit he did have some spectacular games. IMO he is hard working physical player, lacks vision and flair, with awful passing skills. I think $40M is a decent value we got and the fact that we have Kante, Fabregas and Bakayoko for the position. We do need a fourth player in that position. Its a shame that management did not consider Chaloba for the 4th spot and instead sold him. From now on I will assume that our youth players are a business for additional revenue stream and not get my hopes high.for seeing anyone progress to senior team. Completely agree with someone who recently dais that if Chelsea nurtured Loftus Cheek properly into the first team he would have been at Dele Alli level now.
  15. Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal

    Hate to admit it but this is so true, seems like deja vu