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Everything posted by oxfordblues

  1. Politics & Stuff

    in Jeremy corbyn i trust.Torys out now.
  2. Your Chelsea FC Memories

    i went to his first game at west brom a pre season friendly.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    anybody else thinking this is his last season at chelsea,i do.
  4. Didier Drogba

    talking about his chelsea days
  5. Chelsea 2-0 Everton

    not even live on BT or SKY
  6. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    actually forget the feed request .ill only have a heart attack.
  7. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    lost feed any good one out there
  8. Chelsea 2-3 Burnley

    dead here also.
  9. Frank Lampard

    Lamps at oxford utd a big fat yes from me
  10. West Brom 0-1 Chelsea

    Batshuayi MOM yep thats a dead cert ha ha ha
  11. shall i ask if wenger should go,nooooo not one of my questions.ps im Labour and corbyn supporter
  12. im on question time on thursday from oxford

    yes mate 2 questions submitted and its pre recorded earlier in the day. both about Tory cuts etc ,cant really post up yet as im sure i got vetted first via my Facebook lol
  13. Politics & Stuff

    im Labour through and through
  14. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

  15. Chelsea 2-1 Man City

    ok i know everybody went for hazard as MOTM .but dont overlook what Cahill did in this game.without some of his interventions this could have turned into 3 points lost.
  16. Chelsea 1-2 Crystal Palace

    i blame ken bates,but what a cracking game.
  17. West Ham 1-2 Chelsea

    cracking result just love kante,and the team trust him so much.anybody else get abit annoyed at how we really took the foot off the gas for the last 15 mins.go out and kill them dead i say ha ha ha .and nobody talking about Luiz anymore because hes so much better now and ive not seen a mistake from him yet.
  18. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    before KO i said to the mrs .i would take a draw right now
  19. Chelsea 3-1 Arsenal

    still buzzing from this game,what a performance.ps voted Luiz for MOM.did everything perfect today,yeah hazard was the star man ,,,but u still need a rock solid back line.
  20. what a tune released today
  21. Politics & Stuff

  22. Diego Costa

    and back in training with 1st team squad
  23. Diego Costa

    its all media hype.i bet he starts against hull.something ive learnt over the years is sky and the media just like whipping fans up
  24. Dimitri Payet

    i hear he even has a loyalty clause in his contract.alot of good that seems to have done.