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  1. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    Even if they want to activate their option it's up to the player. If he refuses to sign for them or the parties fail to agree personal terms then the deal is off. Fiorentina had an option to buy Salah too but he rejected them bc he wanted to go to Roma, it's always the player's choice.
  2. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

    If Wan-Bissaka was from Chelsea academy he would be on loan at Vitesse.. Our academy is top, we should use it. I don't think that the only way to become a top team is buying players for 50-60 million pounds from Crystal Palace and Leicester. Make our own stars.
  3. Aaron Wan-Bissaka

  4. Nicolo Barella

    So, this guy is not coming, right?
  5. Memphis Depay

    He was a flop at Mourinho’s UTD just like De Bruyne or Salah were flops at his Chelsea. He was young, UTD were kaotic, he can still make it at a top side.
  6. Videoton 2-2 Chelsea

    Will do!
  7. Videoton 2-2 Chelsea

    Looks like I am the only one who is hyped about this. Wonder why is that...
  8. Krzysztof Piatek

    Santa Cruz for Blackburn? Amr Zaki for Wigan?
  9. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    The team were named after Hungarian company Videoton that produced radios, tv-s and other shit like these: Videoton used to be a great team, in the 1980s they reached the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup(now Europa League) final which they lost against Real Madrid. The current team is absolutely garbage, they reached the group stage with many luck. Their best player, Danko Lazovic(who played for PSV and Zenit before) suddenly decided to retire last week Defeating them should not be a problem even with Morata.
  10. Chelsea 1-1 Liverpool

    Haha Who needs Agüero when you got Giroud? Giroud is okay, he is better than Morata but he is nowhere near world class..Never been and never will be.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    They have been saying that for years and he is still here. Who knew he would stay when we missed out on CL 3 years ago? Or this summer. I dont’t think that he is 100% leaving.
  12. Kevin Mbabu

    I completely forgot about this guy. I remember he made his debut for Newcastle against us in the Premier League and he was excellent. For some reason he couldn't made it at Castle, but it's good to hear that he fulfills his potential.
  13. PAOK 0-1 Chelsea

    Drinkwater is not named in the EL-squad so he won't feature in any of the 6 group games.
  14. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    I would love to see these kids too but I'm sure you understand Sarri's choice. We all know how big the pressure is on Chelsea coaches shoulders(ask Di Matteo who was sacked months after a CL-title).. Of course Sarri wanted to win his first few matches, especially these though games(Arsenal, Newcaslte, Bmouth). Ampadu, Callum and Christensen will all play a couple of games this autumn and if they turned out to be great they will be in rotation next spring.
  15. 44. Ethan Ampadu

    Because it's only the beginning of the season and we play one game per week. One just don't send Christensen or Ampadu in for 20 minutes if there is Kovacic, Pedro or RLC on the bench. Relax, between September and December we are going to have like 8-9 EL+Carabao Cup games where they can prove their worth.