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  1. Tammy Abraham

    A goal and an assist today as Villa won an important game in Bolton, this was his 25th. I don't know why FA had to announce the team of the year in March, Abraham was not included and now he is 2nd in the top scorers' run. Next year first team please.
  2. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Capello was not even informed about being sacked by Real Madrid, Marca and AS knew it earlier But if that's the case they shouldn't be cheapskates with us.
  3. Chelsea v Burnley

    United visits Everton, Spurs (without Sissoko) goes to Etihad. I expect both of our rivals do drop points, it's a must win. After winning 3 matches in a row, Burnley are definetly safe now. That might be benefitial for us, maybe they won't be parking the bus and concentrate that much.
  4. Diego Costa

    He refused to train with the squad or alone. Classic Costa.
  5. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Callum is coming.
  6. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Frankfurt 2-0!!!
  7. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    This was a decent shot tbf. Prime Cahill would have blocked the shit out of this shots, more like poor defense.
  8. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    This fucking guy again lol
  9. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    I didn’t say nor mean shit. Yes they have some good players but Arsenal have better ones and look like a better team in general, I don’t expect them to fuck the semifinals up.
  10. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Hopefully next season he'll have better players to rotate. I can't blame him for not trusting in Zappacosta.
  11. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    I wouldn't put a dime on Valencia, they are not great either. Chelsea-Arsenal final looks very likely.
  12. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Napoli - Arse 0-1 They are through Frankfurt - Benfica 1-0 This one is thight
  13. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Well this goal had nothing to do with back 4.
  14. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Everything just works for Pedro tonight.
  15. Chelsea - Slavia Prague

    Come on.. He is our best player, we use him. Salah featured 46 out of 46 Liverpool games this season. It’s ridiculous to blame Sarri for opponents kicking Hazard.