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  1. Chelsea v Arsenal

    Yeah, he is staying. It looks like Spalletti will be your boss.
  2. Chelsea v Arsenal

    They didn't cancel the parade because of security. They called it off because Chelsea felt inappropriate to make a big celebration the same week that horrible attack happened.
  3. Kyle Walker

    + Christensen
  4. Christian Atsu

    Another legend to be leaving..
  5. Victory Parade Cancelled

    Sad, sad news. But yeah, there is no point to risk it.
  6. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Good, we have to make this deal happen. Zouma was injured for 11 months, he has zero chance to be a starter at Chelsea now. Play 40-50 matches for Marseille to rebuild his confidence and form and we'll see.
  7. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Yeah, but it's additional money for our rivals too, so not a big deal. It's like you claimed you have 50 friends. If you have 50 friends then no one is your friend. During the communism, Hungarian clubs were not allowed to have sponsors. After the revolution in 1989 we started to discover capitalism and our clubs' kits looked like this: Even rookie Easter-European businessmen realised soon that this is not the way. Being the only sponsor for big money is better than advertising your shit in players' thigh or ass. I thought we were stupid but learned this, and now England and the Premier League are stepping to that path? Please no..
  8. Loïc Rémy

    Feel sorry for Loic. He is not world class but always gave his best and scored important goals, I liked him a lot. Unfortunately he got injured every time, even when Costa was out so it's understandable we didn't keep him. I hope he can get in a better condition and play a few more years.
  9. Mario Pašalić

    He is promoting Milan's 2017-18 kit, so I assume he is staying there.
  10. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    I don't like this sleeve-sponsor thing at all. Next season it's back-sponson, then kidney-sponsor and in a few years PL-teams will look like Formula One cars in the early 2000s
  11. Issa Diop

    Is he really that good? Anyone? I can only see Chelsea buy him and loan for like two years. Cahill, Luiz and Azpilicueta are very good, there's Aké too and Christensen is coming back.
  12. Christian Atsu

  13. James Rodríguez

    His defensive skills are better be good or José will bench him for Lingard.
  14. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    He was quite nice in my opinion. Fighted really hard to get chances. He could've score more if Hazard and Willian weren't that selfish in some situations.
  15. Leonardo Bonucci

    I'm not sure. He has won several Serie A and Coppa Italia titles already, Champions League was the only thing he hasn't one yet. Maybe after winning it will be the perfect time for him to look for a new chapter.