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  1. Edinson Cavani

    I womder o
  2. Oscar

    i think pre season games have given us enough proof that rami is not a rw and can never be...though can function there effectively...
  3. Oscar

    Just passing
  4. Hulk

    Hulk saga is just pissing me off...mayb chelsea should go 4 moses and jovetic
  5. Hulk

    Same here
  6. Hulk

    Just passing
  7. Luka Modric

    Kant afford seeing mod in man utd...better going 2 real mardrid
  8. Hulk

    Porto is pathetic
  9. Hulk

    I know dis will definitely come...pinta da costa will definitely want to rip us off with outrageous transfer fee...fuck off Pinta
  10. Hulk

    I know this is coming porto will want to rip us off with hilarious transfer fee
  11. General Transfer Talk

    Really like essien to go...no offence he has done great but need to so that we get fellaini/witsel/martinez as replacement
  12. Hulk

    Wikipedia is making weird report...unreliable
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Malouda is a joke...chelsea will be stupid not to ditch him out or show him the exit door
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Really love that as well as maloudshit to go as well
  15. Hulk

    I will love hulk on the right flank and hazard/moura on the left flank and jovetic to replace drogba