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  1. Chelsea Kits thread

    Can you take a shirt that is not bought at the megastore and get it printed ? Ie: Buy a top at sports direct but get the printing done at CFC megastore ?
  2. Got my Basel tickets yassssssssssss !!!!!!!!

  3. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Its more than likely bollocks but the 2 rumours that I have seen on Twitter have been * Jose to bid £22M for Mats Hummels * Torres+Moses+ Cash (Could be 20M) for Suarez Both would be good additions the Hummels one I cant see happening but the 2nd one would be interesting. I just hope we shift Nando at somepoint while he is at Chelsea and to be honest LFC are the only team that would be daft enough to really want him with the wages he is on.
  4. Chelsea Kits thread

    If they have silver lettering for the UCL on the 3rd it would look mint i think. Does anyone know if you go to the megastore at the bridge and get Schurrle does the U has the 2 dots above it
  5. Chelsea Fans...scottish or not ..Give it a like https://www.facebook.com/scottishchelseafans

  6. Facebook & Twitter

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/scottishchelseafans Just made a new page for Scottish Chelsea Fans ...Anybody can like it or if you know of any scots forward it to them ! Twitter - @NFL_Hawk .....I hardly post about NFL anymore don't worry !
  7. Chelsea Kits thread

    Has anyone been to the megastore ...will Schurrle have the 2 dots above the U ? When you go to customise on the megastore site this comes up but he didnt have it throughout preseason and i dont think it is something the premier league do is it ?
  8. Chelsea Kits thread

    It will grow on you mate , at first I kind of had that thought.
  9. Chelsea Kits thread

    For those earlier asking about printing prices at the Stadium megastore or Kingston store. I saw this on the chelsea site so I thought I would post it , just to give those international fans who will be visiting the bridge some peace of mind about exact pricing. UCL Premier League
  10. Chelsea Kits thread

    Definitely in north america they do that alot though I find they tend to have the actual retro jersey rather than the current jersey with a former player. I like that you are going for Mutu mate I mean even though they are ex players you will see lots of Drogba's and Zola's kicking around on the new top but how many Mutu's or Gudjohnsen's are kicking about thats why I like to see an ex player who would not be the exact default choice if you know what I mean.
  11. Chelsea Kits thread

    Yeah im gonna get a former player on one of my new tops too. I just cant decide who ..Zola would be the easy choice but maybe Le Saux/Wise/Desailly
  12. Chelsea Kits thread

    Yeah you can mate it is very common for fans to get former players on the back of their top
  13. Chelsea Kits thread

    Looks much better maybe even a 3rd longer stripe going down the middle
  14. Chelsea Kits thread

    What exactly are you saying here Alex I will most likely get the home and white away tops , probably get a UCL version of one of them.
  15. Didier Drogba

    Fair to say Sneijder was not impressed one bit haha