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  1. Chelsea - Spurs

    I'm actually worried about this. I mean, he's playing so often that he does not have enough time to complain. lol At some point I think it's fair of him to start questioning his role in the team. I don't really see what folks see in Abraham, but understand that he gets minutes esp for the pressing and his own development as a player - esp with Pulisic out, but he's definitely a bit pedantic on the ball IMO. Good to see Pulisic coming back and immediately showing what. he can bring. I'd really like to see Werner and Pulisic playing together - the pace alone will be something very difficult to contain. How good is Mendy? (won't even go into Silva heh)
  2. Super Frank Thread

    Nothing world class in that list tbh. Just watched arsenal and they are not a good team: I know they can improve until we play them, but they don't have the players. Agreed that it will show which tier we belong in this season.
  3. 19. Mason Mount

    Agreed. Had a good competitive game and produced a fantastic shot from afar. Took a WC save from Lloris to stop that from going in. Kepa would've let that one in 10 out of 10.

    Aside from being geniuses Pele and Maradona had one thing that made them legends: mentality. On the pitch both were sheer drive, determination, and passion... their teammates were made better by them, not the other way around. This is pretty obvious if you listen to any of Peles teammates, for example -- I've heard numerous reports on the subject. One could say that Pele was even stronger there, a natural leader, but Diego edged him in close control of the football (and controlling the game although Pele did that too). And that's one thing Messi lacks, even if not by much, in comparison with the above two. It's like in this generation we got Pele or Diego split into two different players: the crazy drive and determination went to CR7 while the creativity and ball control went to Messi. That perhaps explains why Messi has been unable to reproduce his club-level form for Argentina. WC games are often more about passion and determination than organization or even pure technique. Yes, he hasn't been particularly lucky with this Argentine generation of footballers, but Maradona led similar (good) quality players to WC glory. If Messi lacks a bit in the mentality aspect, Ronaldinho was a ZERO there. Perhaps there was more at play in Ronaldinho's case as the guy just does not seem "there" at times. I've watched great footballers as I caught the fantastic Inter Milan derbies, but for me, as in how influential they were/are, would go like this: 1. Pele/Maradona 2. Messi (/ R9 for a brief period before knees went) * garrincha was such an oddball that is difficult to place him. He was pure skill in dribbling, but a bit one-dimensional too. In terms of characteristics, think Robben at his very peak but stronger and more decisive. CR7 would still be in the whereabouts, but of a more dependent player - as in he requires far more service than the ones listed above. With the caveat I've not read/watched much about Cruyff, even if folks in Brazil have always said the guy was a genius on the pitch. One important mention, player nobody here likely ever heard of: Dener He was incredible, but died in stupid car crash https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dener
  5. Politics & Stuff

    I'm selfless enough to want to save the world for other people's kids. Being human means being able to resist nature, the very instincts that define the behavior of all the animals we descend from. We have no kids and it's entirely by choice btw. Again, I'm not talking about individual choices and circumstances, but macro scale. What governments and religions encourage via messaging and money. Tax breaks provide strong incentives to having kids in the USA for example, which is something the democrats do while at the same time spouting rhetoric on global warming. That really really does not work in my head - it simply does not compute. And I vote democrat every time because they always win by elimination... the GOP is just wrong atm. Once someone said that given time and effort humanity is able to circumvent anything. That is a cute, but we don't control time at all. We don't even really know what time is. For example, to explore the cosmos we'd need a breakthrough. Without it, earth will go to the gutter way before we would be able to pull resources from other planets. Animals will go extinct if our cities keep growing... where would they go? There is simple no end game plan here and certainly not a global one. Yes, population is a sore subject esp because communist countries tackled that in the past, but it's one that needs to be on the table if you are serious about preserving the planet (however you may feel about how imminent a problem global warming is). It could be something as simple as tax incentives, for ex. sorry for the DP. Please see the jobs issue above.... also a sore subject for all parties and affiliations.
  6. Politics & Stuff

    yes, but still not enough. Don't think folks realize how many jobs will go away... some manufacturing jobs are gone forever despite what "they" say. Some will go very soon (as soon as the litigation around AI/automation is sorted out). Not many jobs are going to be immune to AI and automation... even IT jobs will be affected at some point - just much later.
  7. Willian

    nice! lol FM has been in maintenance mode for years now... they change very little in the match engine and keep adding cosmetics to justify the almost full price DB update every year. Been several years since I bought one. Better games to play these days - unfortunately no good football manager. After the Ozil fiasco, no wages are too high. I like Arteta... he's got the right ideas IMO. Could not stand Wenger (hence my Werner->Wenger thing lol)... he was both clueless and arrogant in his last several seasons at Arsenal.
  8. 4. Andreas Christensen

    Fun stuff, but really awful stats and comparison. People really have trouble understanding that correlation does not establish causation. It's even worse in the footballing world where we try to do that all the time. We've changed our backline in a very drastic way. The biggest change by far was Mendy, which not only fixed Kepa's weakness at the technical level, but also the confidence of the whole defense (team?). Then, without even going into Chilwell, Zouma is getting a run with Silva (and Mendy) who is really a dominant presence, which is something neither Andreas nor Tomori got (Rudiger also). We don't have the sample to compare what would have happened had they played instead of Zouma - can speculate, but that's what it is, speculation. In engineering, we call control. You need the minimum number of changes to compare (against the unchanged control) and then maybe detect causality; when you have too many variables, that becomes impossible.
  9. Politics & Stuff

    I find it funny to be honest, when I discuss global warming with religious folks which are encouraged to have kids. Some drive a prius and have 4 kids... While I am not one to judge personal choices, I find it a bit hypocritical to preach about global warming when you are increasing the world's carbon footprint by a lot. I usually end the discussion by asking what the end game strategy might be? cover the earth with people and shit? And how about jobs? The jobs are going away... not because of immigrants lol, but automation and AI. The answer of course is, we don't have one (end game strategy).
  10. The General Football Thread

    I was lucky enough to have seen him play on the telly. Yes, it was his final year as a top player and I barely remember it, but from what I do remember, the easiest way to describe Maradona play would be comparing him to Messi: Diego had MORE tight control of the football than Messi. Being originally from the south of Brazil, near Argentina (everything is many miles away over there), we have a somewhat different view of Argentina esp regarding football. For example, I wouldn't go into Pele vs Maradona because it is akin to Ronaldo vs Messi (apples to oranges) as they could have easily played together and even complement each other. But I'd say Messi is a little closer to Pele in style when compared to Maradona: a bit more direct than Maradona and a bit less about protecting the football and controlling the game like Diego was. Maradona controlled the game like no other player I've seen. The mentality of Maradona on the pitch was amazing. He was not as calm as Messi is and his sanguine demeanor would also influence his teammates in a positive manner. Maldini said once that Diego got kicked all the time and never complained.
  11. 11. Timo Werner

    😆 Wenger on the wing, Werner when striker.
  12. 11. Timo Werner

    Haaland isn't available. Werner skill does not concern me at all. He may lack skill and passing for a winger, the same way that if you'd give Silva the number 10 his passing would look like shit. Wenger is twice the striker Abraham is and should always play ahead of him. I am, however, concerned with Wenger becoming a de facto winger at chelsea (if not by trade, by accident) and that may make things harder for him, eventually affecting his confidence.
  13. 11. Timo Werner

    Playing on the wing is also more demanding. I also think it's unfair to expect striker-like effectiveness when he plays winger. He gets a lot more involved in other tasks as a winger (even inside striker), so naturally the focus isn't the same as if he were playing striker. Think that's clear when you watch him play for Germany. The fact he's been playing in the wing may hurt us when things get tighter and we need an extra class up front - Abraham ain't it. Werner should be playing more in the center with Odoi coming on to the left... dunno why that's not being done at all.
  14. Politics & Stuff

    He's always been a little mentally ill and age plus covid recently sure did not help. His Niece's book go into that - lots of interviews by her on the subject. The biggest con in history is how he was able to convince people he's this amazing businessman. His 300 million tax free inheritance (as reported by the NYT) and his multiple failures just show how bad he is in his business. That's what Bloomberg has been saying, that they know trump in NYC so he never gets anything there. My prediction is that we will both see a lot of shit getting uncovered - he did use the DOJ in unprecedented ways, for example - as well as pardons. It does not look like he can pardon himself, so maybe he will quit to get a Pence pardon?
  15. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    yeah maybe. I hope I'm wrong about Rice (given that we are really after him). He looks pretty inapt on the ball to me.
  16. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    fair enough on Jorginho, but I feel that the point still stands as I think Rice looks too much of a defender-only to me.
  17. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    ideally, we'd have a player with the technique and passing of jorginho who would turn into a Rice when the game demands it. That's easier said than found though. Vieira is retired and RM won't sell Casemiro.
  18. Politics & Stuff

    Could agree more in essence, but strongly disagree with "Shouldnt mock really" http://loser.com
  19. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Kepa should be looking for a new club if he ever wants to play again. Can always wait 5 to 7 years, perhaps then Mendy will be too old...
  20. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    heh could see that it would be set pieces never mind Giroud just scored haha
  21. Rennes 1-2 Chelsea

    Massive game by Mount. Silva's passing from the back is a joy to behold. Don't think the ball even bounces coming off of his feet.... crazy shit.
  22. 19. Mason Mount

    Having a massive game against Rennes. Assist aside, that control from Chilwell's pass was something else... high ball surrounded by 2 players and he manages to keep possession by lobbing the ball around with perfect touches. He can play anywhere - very rounded player. @DDA might be right about CM position, but I guess that depends on the system. Often he is actually a CM even if "on paper" his position is slightly higher on the pitch. Underrated!
  23. Politics & Stuff

    Free will equates to the random chaotic universe, which is what we observe. So, the best "evidence" we've got points to the simplest explanation. Which is that they both exist in the same reality and abide by the same rules. For me free will is the "default" explanation: the absence of a "designed" principle behind one's decision making. So, again, for me, the "on rails" is the one that needs hard proof.
  24. Politics & Stuff

    Simplest explanation wins? The chaotic universe we observe? Why wouldn't the sample principles apply to the animals on earth, some of which just happen to have big brains instead of claws? I think that the "life on rails" argument is the one that needs hard proof, being farther from the simplest explanation.
  25. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Yeah good point. Strangely enough, Abraham is also not an aerial threat, which makes him a hard pick against Werner, IMO. Werner has all that plus some (more skill, intensity, and pace)... can't see Abraham starting a lot of games when everybody is healthy, but good option to have.