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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    I honestly don't like what he's been saying about a possible recall. It's good to be driven, but he is on loan, and I bet Chelsea still pay for at least some of his wages. http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/chelsea-loan-striker-keen-to-avoid-stamford-bridge
  2. David Luiz

    OK, lets say, for the sake of argument that Luiz-Cahill is the worst combo for Chelsea. I still think they are both good defenders with a lot to learn. They are certainly better than fucking Rio, whoever pairs up with Kompany, or any Arsenal defender. Lescott?! Makes way more key mistakes than Luiz and is not nearly as comfortable on the ball as Luiz is; he's a real serious guy though... defense is the responsibility of the entire team. They can drop deeper and play counter (like we did last season and Inter did before), they can push up press, and keep possession like Barca and Spain do, but the entire team need to defend. Defenders should never ever be allowed 1x1 against the attackers... The attackers have possession, have momentum, and they can get creative. Defenders have to guess and only need to fail once.
  3. David Luiz

    a curve ball for you: who do you think defends better, Malouda or Hazard? thank god football is not as simple as american football...
  4. David Luiz

    Good point... I suggested that Oscar may be able to do just that if dropped deeper. Lampard had been dropping deeper lately as well, but dunno whether he is going to be in the squad next season. Regardless, we need more in the midfield department, if nothing else for cover. Ironically, between Terry, Luiz, Cahill, and Iva, I think we have plenty in the back, despite the criticism. We are really short in the middle and striker position (obviously).
  5. Fernando Torres

    his acceleration is gone. My left nut to be able to talk to Chelsea fitness coach. (well not really).
  6. David Luiz

    I don't disagree, but I don't think it's about the defense line alone. In other words, some of "their" poor form was due to other circumstances. David and Cahill did very well against Bayern for example and other very tough games last season, but they also have a far more solid midfield in front of them. Even Drogba was much more of a defender than Torres is. It all adds up. Lets count how many players do not contribute to defending and compare that to last season: Torres, Mata, Hazard, and to a lesser degree Oscar. Mata was there, so, we've added 3 players who defend far less than their last season counterparts. Even if I say Oscar defends OK, he is no Lampard; the numbers don't lie. Now, these players cannot become something they are not. Perhaps we just have to work on keeping better possession. BTW, back to Luiz... he has to stop making those brain-dead long and low passes to player who are under pressure. I do understand Chelsea are trying to keep possession, but sometimes you just have to get rid of the football. I have no problems with his long high passes, which happen when necessary anyway.
  7. David Luiz

    It's a fair assessment if you look at the characteristics of the CBs, but a bit simplistic considering how much different (from the juve game) the *entire* team behaved, especially defensively. I agree that Iva is the only CB, other than terry, who can be dominant in the air (great choice btw because of Dzeko starting). However, against pacier sides, who sit back and ocunter, David and Cahill may do just as well, so long as the rest of the team do their part! I will point to Juve's second and decisive goal: 3 Juve midfielders completely unmarked move forward, with one of them scoring. That goal had nothing to do with the defense line.
  8. Oscar

    Oscar plays far deeper than Mata and Hazard. He does that too for Brazil... he is considered one of the sure starters for 2014. He never played as a CAM or inside FW, and not even that great on the wings. He plays best when a bit deeper, even as a CM. Mata and Hazard are like attackers. They can't keep possession very well because they are extremely aggressive when they have the ball; they will go for the goal and play vertically at all times. They also never track back. Oscar is a very different player indeed with very different characteristics and he never scored that many goals either. You are just expecting something from Oscar that he will never deliver.
  9. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I"ve been impressed with Fellaine this season and his height (aerial power) would be an obvious addition to the current Chelsea squad (short side). However, I do worry about his lack of pace in a very pacey side. Fernandinho is the same of what we already have (we have even cover with Marko). To get someone like De Rossi or another starter would perhaps discourage and hinder the development of the younger player he'd be replacing. So, Chelsea must be very careful here, because the best way to have a clear advantage over the opposition is to develop players.
  10. Oscar

    I disagree with you concerning Lucas Moura. Good player, but kinda one trick pony in my book. So, I tend to agree with Brazil management about Lucas' role in the national team. Oscar IMO is a sure starter for Brazil... while Lucas is debatable. They don't play in the same position as Lucas to me is a pure attacker, he can't track back or play in the middle.
  11. Branislav Ivanovic

    Wasn't crazy about his decision to foul Young; it was a professional foul and a clear red. It's all a split second decision, but I hope the coaches are talking to him about it; so many things could have happen in that play: Young could've missed a step (like he often does) and Ivanovic would've been there to stop him (or someone else); Young might have missed or stopped by Cech. A goal in that united game was a dime-a-dozen (almost literally), so I'd rather we stayed with 11 players one goal down.
  12. David Luiz

    lol I too favor a more defensive style. I've lost too many times to the Italians not to respect the way they play. However, that's not what Chelsea wanted to do with the new signings and the system used. The defense will be exposed. It's just math... However, once again, I will disagree concerning style: a player is either good enough or not. I prefer my CBs to be as skillful as possible for those times when they have to face pacey, strong, and skillful forwarders, like the ones ours had to deal with in the last CL. In those times, I want my defenders to be able to take the ball from the attackers without fouling them... without having to rely only on good positioning, or strength, or even height. I want a defender who is just as confortable on the ball as the forwarders: someone like Baresi for example.
  13. David Luiz

    His own goal!?! Petr is still trying to put the post back together after it got shattered by RVP strike. I think it's enough to say I completely disagree with your opinion concerning David. I'm willing to bet that if we bring any other defender, regardless of fame, he will suffer the same way. People wanted a more attacking-minded side, but don't seem to be willing to pay the price: guess what, the price is that the defenders will be exposed. Both Cahill and David are relatively young for defenders. I personally think David will become one of the best defenders in the world very soon (he's already very good). Brazil management seem to believe the same (so do Chelsea's). Positioning and awareness are traits defenders learn as they age; much harder to improve technique though. It just baffles me that all that these same defenders have accomplished (you know getting tested by the best among the best) in the last CL can be forgotten so easily after a drastic change in the system. And yet, people don't connect the dots: same players, different system. Anyway, I'm tired of defending Luiz here. If you really want a boring drone in defense, I am not the one you must convince.
  14. David Luiz

    Do you know why he was out of position?! He ran to the left to cover Ashley who wasn't there. Simply incredible ppl are criticizing him today when Cahill had a far poorer game. Not that I think the poor performance had much to do with the defenders mind you. Football is a bit more complicated than: if you concede, it's the defender's fault and if you don't score, it's the forwarder's fault. Defending is the responsibility of the entire team and so is attacking. If the defenders cannot pass the ball, for example, it hurts attacking.
  15. Eden Hazard

    agreed concerning attacking play, but defensively they were pretty much absent. Now, can you really expect lots of defensive contribution from those 3? Perhaps Oscar is the one who can drop back and add a little in the midfield, something he did not do enough against United, but Mata and Hazard are attackers first.
  16. David Luiz

    Once again, David is criticized for the style of his play, rather than his performance. He was Chelsea's best defender against United. RVP beat Cahill twice, once for each goal. So much for being predictable... However, can you really fault Cahill too much? RVP is one of the best strikers in the world and I feel Chelsea (read RDM) should've handled him differently: some f* cover?!
  17. Fernando Torres

    few clubs can afford his wages, and he's under a long-term contact with Chelsea, so realistically, he is going nowhere. He may rot on the bench, but still happily collect his paycheck every other week. Personally, I think his problems are more physical than of motivation; his pace is gone. I really wanted to know whether Chelsea's fitness coaches think they can get him closer to his former self or not. I'm sad to say it, but it seems Chelsea have been had. Liverpool fitness coaches probably noticed he was getting slower and advised the manager to sell him.
  18. Fernando Torres

    Completely agree. He's always laboring a bit when about to get a shot off... and that's all defenders need to stop it.
  19. David Luiz

    People in Brazil tend to strongly disagree with that. I know most people only see Romario, Ronaldo, and whatever creative players is on display wearing the brazilian shirt, but being able to pick up a pass and overall technique is a must with every single player in the squad including the defenders. The defenders begin the attacks, especially when they are the ones intercepting the plays. Brazilians joke: what's the point of taking the ball from your opponent just to give it right back to him. A more skilled defender will also possess a large repertoire or plays and variations, which will simply make him more efficient at stopping more skilled forwarders. At the same time, I have little respect to sideways passers. THe obvious safe passes have become "the correct way to play the game" when that's not what makes the most successful side of today tick. You take Messi off and Barca become much less. You remove Iniesta and Xavi and Barca become a dime a dozen. Barca are not strong because it can keep possession. Other sides can do that too (some even speak french). What makes Barca special is the final pass, the penetration, the assist and the attacking movement; that is quality to me and what differentiates the great from the good players. Again, it's fine if you prefer one style over another. However, David does get a lot of criticism due to the style (rather than the quality) of his play, which is especially wrong because that's what Chelsea was after when they signed him. I've seen defenders half as tall as hummels, but twice as skilled, humiliate fantastic forwarders. Maldini for example was a fantastic player who could play in pretty much every defensive position. Baresi was pretty much the same, but far more skillful and less physical (smaller too). Brazil had a defender called Mauro Galvao who was just fantastic on the ball (just unlucky to play in a shitty side 1990). @Bir CFC, it was not heroic; it was (defensive) quality. And not just Luiz, but the entire team.
  20. David Luiz

    As the the most skilled of chelsea's back line, he initiates the plays. Wether he kicks the ball 40 years down the pitch or not is a matter of options; most of the time, he's got no safe option and opponents are closing down. As Chelsea attempt to have more possession, the midfielders will have to constantly move and drop back to get the ball. Perhaps Chelsea thought that often times Arsenal push too many players up leaving their defense exposed to counters and long balls. Either way, it's all part of the team's strategy as defined by RDM. It's the same concerning freekicks; it's all predefined depending on freekick position. I do agree that a curling ball like Mata did is, in most cases, the better option though. Perhaps Chelsea thought Arsenal GK is not that great...
  21. David Luiz

    Most announcers & commentators are a joke. If the team have trouble scoring it's the FW's fault, if they concede, it's the defenders. Watching United was very telling: Scholes was a genius in the second half, but had nothing to do with the fact United lost the midfield in the first half. Scholes is a one trick pony nowadays. Announcers should praise his passing (it was fantastic), but they should have also mentioned he did nothing else, esp first half when Spurs won the midfield. Ferdinand will always always lose to Gareth on pace, but he shouldn't have to face him 1x1. Furthermore, if CBs never made mistakes, games would always end goalless.
  22. David Luiz

    prob not unnecessary... Clubs tend not to hand out cash for no reason. Wasn't he under contract (3 years or so)? pressure from another club perhaps?
  23. Fernando Torres

    I'd like to ask chelsea's fitness coaches whether that's it or he is still improving physically. I mean, it's obvious that his acceleration from l'pool time is gone; that's why he struggles to much to beat defenders. He got a bit quicker by the end of CL last season, and I was expecting him to carry that into this season. So, the real question is whether he is going to get some of his pace back, how much of it and when. It's still early though and I hope he improves physically (IMO that's all there is to it) as the season unfolds.
  24. Gary Cahill

    Sorry a bit off-topic: Lescott isn't remotely good enough for England IMO (don't think he's good enough for city either). Jagielka prob deserves a call, but there are better options to start. Cahill is better than both.
  25. David Luiz

    Terry and Luiz are prob my favorite CB pairing in the world right now... Composed + creative, slow + pacey, better in the air + better on the ball, cover + make forward runs. A team cannot be successful in a single-elimination competition without a good solid back line, especially when such team use a low defensive line and don't keep possession. Chelsea won the CL being constantly harassed during long stretches of time by high quality attackers (the very best in the world). Chelsea's defense (Terry, Luiz, Cahill, Ivanovic, and Cole) were simply the best in the world in the last CL; otherwise, Chelsea wouldn't have won it. The difference between last season and today is in the middle. The middle isn't as tight and the mechanics are still off. That's RDM problem to solve though. I think people here are just not used to David's style of play. Teams like Brazil have been employing these type of ball-playing defenders, with great success, for a very long time. Inter have done the same with Lucio also winning CL in the process. I just can't understand how someone can point to a forward run as a problem. It's about mechanics... Either the manager allows the player to make forward runs and has cover prepared for such occasion, or he doesn't allow them. Whether Luiz "likes" to make them is irrelevant as he will do as the manager says. Obviously though, both RDM and before him AVB, see value in them, especially since Chelsea are trying to employ a more possession style with higher defense line. David is great playing in high defense line because of his quickness.