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  1. West Brom - Chelsea

    Heh yeah. Good for TC clicks and nothing else, I'm afraid.
  2. West Brom - Chelsea

    heh Lamptey has been running rings around everyone. Like I said before, if you play Alonso and expect him to not be beaten by speedy wingers/FBs, that's on you (the manager).
  3. West Brom - Chelsea

    one is an apple, the other an orange. The only thing they have in common is that you'd wouldn't want either in your fruit salad. Regardless of where you stand, I feel that explaining today/yesterday's game via Alonso (vs Emerson or even Chilwell) is nothing but an over-simplification.
  4. Name Changes thread

    heh no particular reason... just feel it's time for a change. (not the first time either btw )
  5. Name Changes thread

    Could you please change my name to robsblubot? thank you.
  6. West Brom - Chelsea

    Just my 2 copper pieces, We had one individual mistake in the first half, which was from Silva and not a whole lot you can do about that. Tammy's miss was pretty bad too, but nothing like losing possession as the last man. Alonso's bad header should not have led to a goal: we had 5 players behind the ball when the shot was taken. Lots of ball-watching players around the scorer. We had no intensity in the first half... too slow on the ball and on the press (Mount was the only one playing with any urgency). Adreas was also good the entire game and has been our best CB - really don't get the criticism on him as he is the most complete CB we have. Zouma is really terrible on the ball, which you could clearly see against pool's press, which is why it's going to be hard for zouma to play in Frank's "passing from the back" system. Now, none of that excuses the diabolical poor game Alonso had (at a technical level), helped by a Kovacic who was also poor - they should have kept the ball and failed miserable at that (part of defending!). On the defensive side, while it might be OK for folks here to be "surprised" by how slow and poor at defending alonso can be, that's not OK for any manager. When the manager plays Alonso, he needs to have contingencies around that and today we had the exact opposite of it with an old match unfit CB covering that side (corrected at the end of first half) - esp considering Reece is also not great in the back as well. So, the exposed defenders in an overly attacking-minding starting lineup was a gamble and entirely on frank. He almost killed the comeback too by his strange Giroud sub, could have come in for Tammy (squad player for me) instead of changing the shape of the team which was clicking with Odoi on fire. Odoi then had to move a bit back on the left, which diminished his influence in the final moments. Perhaps not fair to talk about the goalkeeping today, but we had three shots on goal in the first half and the three went in. Even if a gk is not expected to save those, a good one might have saved one of them. Willy was a bit slow coming out in my book, but it's hard to say... whatifs. It could be that the overly high defense line employed today was an attempt to keep the ball away from our goal.... hard to say.
  7. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Absolutely! I meant at the technical level, which he already appears close to lukaku. I still hope he surpasses him there too tho. in the mentality aspect, he’s about several light years ahead. Loses the football and chases the taker... great to see. His finishing today was really good! He probably wanted a cleaner first touch, but the way he adjusted his body was great.
  8. Willian

    CL gods actually. He tends to do well in that competition. tbf he wasn’t having a great game until that great finish.
  9. Eden Hazard

    You are very wrong. Should we invite some mods to clarify? It’s not up to you to decide who or which opinion is deserving of respect.
  10. Lille 1-2 Chelsea

    Not sure we have the players for a 3-cb system. Only player who benefits from it is Alonso. tammy has been good tho.
  11. Lille 1-2 Chelsea

    Alonso can and should make mistakes today - he’s not playing in defense. the problem with this system is James who’s a fb (and looks good at that) and does not join the middle. All 3 cb systems depend on the wb to join the middle. zouma in the back 3 is weird too. At least tomori and azpi are the ones carrying it forward.
  12. Eden Hazard

    You are a self-righteous piece of work aren’t you? learn how to respect other opinions without name calling or perhaps discussion forums aren’t for you. Don’t like them, ignore list is for that. Suspect I’ve seen quite a few more great players than you. I don’t hate Eden. Just think he’s not that special - seen a lot better! You don’t fucking know me. You don’t know what I like or dislike because I haven’t told you.
  13. Eden Hazard

    I think that’s mostly down to skill and close control, which he has in abundance. Sure, I guess that’s what you saw, and granted, it was certainly the case some times. I also saw a player who often held to the ball way too long only to get fouled, often a professional foul to stop the play. Luck usually works in small samples, not consistently over many years, or at least that’s what I’ve learned. He does a good job protecting himself from hard tackles. Pushed and shoved is part of the game. As are the many little fouls that stopped him many many times. The funny thing here is that I’m the only one who seem interested as the why his CL record is so so bad... not only his performances but his stats compared to PL. Of course if you go back some pages folks are on and on that he lacks the “killer instinct” which of course has nothing to do with determination...or does it? think we are going on in circles here. I’m just making the same reiterated points. Even tho I don’t mind these exchanges. what can I say... I’m really not a Fan of his game, his worth ethic, and especially not a fan of his mentality. I’ve watched many great players over many years and hazard is just not that impressive to me.
  14. Eden Hazard

    Thank you. That’s exactly what I was saying. Went to the ground way too easily protecting himself from hard fouls (well-known strategy). Which evidently worked, since he never got seriously injured and got his fat ass in Madrid, like he always wanted. Unfortunately, it often works for the opposition too, since it’s an easy way to stop his runs, and does not have to be hard fouls either. Never had the mentality nor the fitness to do otherwise, which is exactly why I think he’s not a match winner at CL level. Great player on a long championship, but that’s it for me.
  15. Eden Hazard

    Hmm no? and it hasn’t been “debunked.” It’s just your fucking opinion against mine. There is nothing else to it even if your delusion makes you feel all righteous. lololol lololol lolol sure sure you are right... you are the best buddy.