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  1. General Transfer Talk

    now THAT's a proper transfer window!!! Only this much DRAMA can follow up the World Cup we just had.
  2. 10. Eden Hazard

    190m euros?! Could someone please translate to a currency I can understand? So, exactly how many bakayokos can we buy with that? I’m half joking here...
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    Right, but it’s a bit of a requirement when he’s field so high up the pitch... to create or score. Because someone has to dot it... the whole point is to score goals. move him back a bit, perhaps at the tip of a 3-men midfield with freedom to roam when the opportunity arises. Similar to what fabregas has done in certain games. We would need, prob do anyway, more goal scorers in the squad. It can’t be all down to the striker.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    sorry thought the smiley there would be enough. Was trying to be ironic (hopefully not sarcastic) and failed. I totally agree with you and would love, like I said, that he did do more of the things that I think he does not do enough of. On the other hand I was proposing that perhaps we shouldn't be trying to make him do the things we know he's not so great at and focus on the things he does really well: movement, dribbling and possession - incidentally things that he could also do a bit deeper and perhaps with a bit more space and vision.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    First Sarri says he will improve Hazard, which is clearly not possible. And now ^^ RM says Hazard is not a galatico... just crazy talk! Have a feeling he will not go, given the time left in the transfer window. He would only be sold if forced the exit, and I don't think he'd want to tarnish his image having spent so many years at the club. That will not make it any simpler in the next transfer windows though. Personally, I wish he would either sign a new deal or get sold, so that the club can move on. On a diff subject, watching him in this WC started thinking about his characteristics as a player as well as the things I wish he could do more of when playing so close to the opponent's goal: namely, more chances created and, less importantly, more goals. Under conte he would play very high up the pitch, even as a false 9 on occasion, with little success (IMO). Which I always thought exacerbates his weaknesses more than benefits him as a player. So I'm wondering whether we shouldn't be doing the opposite: bring him a bit deeper and let him control more of the game. I think that will take place anyway as he grows older and loses pace. It's not like he will change as a player at this stage in his career. It's a big part of Sarri's job to find the best way to use hazard, and perhaps that has not been the case lately with managers forcing him to be what he isn't.
  6. Gonzalo Higuain

    And I hope you are right. good poacher and definitely more aggressive than both morata and giroud. Not that skillful and has had some issues with fitness... the guy got heavy playing football...
  7. Gonzalo Higuain

    regardless of fee, Higuain is just not that good and is unlikely to improve the squad vs Giroud and Morata. Weird target for us.
  8. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    This is going to be a tough one for the club and player. He shows glimpses of quality, making good runs and causing lots of problems to the opposition at times. He is powerful and has quick acceleration, which allows him to beat players in short distances. He's not very mobile and drifts in and out of games. He's definitely NOT a CM at this time, but could be an interesting player coming off the bench esp when we need a goal at SB. Would that be enough for him? hard to say - perhaps Sarri and Loftus need a long chat.
  9. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    Fully deserved. France faced much tougher opponents in the far stronger side of the bracket. The game was ruined by the referee and VAR though. When you are not sure, don't give a penalty! Goals change games. Yes, it was a dive by Griezmann, but the controversy ends there. Then Croatia does not defend the set piece and that is on them.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    The issue is, as usual, about money... This might be the last chance the club has to sell Hazard at full price. If what you say happens, but say he does not sign a deal, then come Jan the club will be desperate to sell, which already means cut price. And the desperation would only increase come winter... at which point the player may choose to see out his deal. Honestly hoped this whole thing would have been settled prior to, or at least early during, the transfer window. Yay or nay... This club lacks long-term vision.
  11. General Transfer Talk

    What's the catch with Belgium's Tielemans? He looked pretty good to me - pretty good technique and the type of player we need. I know he's at Monaco, but can't be all that expensive given his age and low exposure (so far).
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    If memory serves, my whole argument in this very same thread was that Eden's influence in the game is more subtle than of say KDB's, especially for Belgium. And I remember a very similar story in last WC. By subtle I mean that yes, movement, and dribbling *MAY* cause problems and open up spaces, but they also may not. It did NOT cause too many problems to France as they kept their shape despite all that dribbling from Eden (however many take ons). Dribbling is also less effective in tougher matches - can attest to that being Brazilian and having watched several world cups with many types of players. There are assists and creating chances... Assist tally is important because it infers the quality of the chance created, although they also depend (as you point out) on the quality of the finisher and players around. However, Hazard is low on chances created too, once again, for the player he is/his tier. Regardless whether the chances turn into goals or not, he does not create enough chances nor is he consistent enough creating them, esp in tough games. He just does not put players in front of the goal often enough for me. IMO his goal tally is less of a "problem" (just something he lacks) than his passing in the final third. First it was chelsea that lacked quality around hazard. Now apparently belgium lacks quality too, but one thing is certain: it's never on hazard as he is immune to criticism.
  13. 10. Eden Hazard

    But you are (hazard fan) aren’t you? Hazard or Chelsea first dare I ask? either way, the dribbling argument is the craziest thing I’ve read around here tbh. Like your changing reality to make hazard look better... :). The definition of a fan. And yet it does not happen does it? The players remain in position track back and mark zone. did not see France lose their shape despise edens dribbling. Or the game for the matter. And yet one looks at the number of assists by hazard and they are very low. Especially in key games.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Thanks for the chances you are giving me as well as the condescending tone - much appreciated. Hazard is more than a dribbler, otherwise Douglas Costa would have the same valuation. And yet Hazard is the more important player, because he does, on many occasions, directly influence the game by scoring and assisting (D.Costa does not as much). My criticism of Hazard is not that he does not do those things (goals and assists), but that he does not do those things as often as other players who happen to have higher valuation in football (causation implied). So, what you call stupid arguments, I merely call reality based on the valuation of the players being discussed. Hazard is low on assists... don't know where you get all these chances he creates from. Doesn't he have fewer assists than Willian in the league? Yes. Ronaldo does not seem to have any problem scoring plenty of goals for Portugal, but it's really not about the number of goals. Portugal which I consider a mediocre team (far less quality than Hazard has around for both Belgium and Chelsea). You've just implied (strongly) that Ronaldo is not better than Hazard, which is exactly where we disagree (and I am far from a CR fan).
  15. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    not equal, superior (opponent). One can argue that Croatia being tired leveled things, but there isn't really comparison between the squads, esp midfield. England has a very young team though, so if some of these players develop as they should, they could become really strong for Qatar. Ashley Young needs to retire for England and still remain playing for United though. He's so poor.
  16. 10. Eden Hazard

    Who says I don't appreciate him? It's just that you talk about him as the best player in the world, which he clearly isn't. His valuation in football does not match your, and some here, rating (of him). What's the difference between him and Messi? Make it simpler, Eden and Ronaldo? Eden is *better* on the ball, and yet Ronaldo is the better player... because this is a game about scoring goals. Heh it doesn't work like that... You don't get to get the last word by decree. When you are done with someone, simply don't reply to her posts, and preferably add her to the ignore list. You seem to get annoyed by any criticism on Hazard, so please do use your ignore list - that's what it's for.
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    If you call anyone who doesn't rate Hazard as highly as you do a fucktard, then I am definitely one, and very proud of it. BTW, I understand assists and passes too...
  18. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    should have put money where my mouth was.
  19. 10. Eden Hazard

    Yeah ditto. hah fanboys... As much as it would hurt if Hazard left the club, the silver lining would be Hazard FC fans gone too. He won't leave though, because RM will go for Mbappe, better, younger, and with an end product. So how many chances did he create? How did he help his team with his many take ons? just one of many... Not posting this as proof of anything, just that I'm not alone in my thinking.
  20. 10. Eden Hazard

    entire tournament? You can't possibly be referring to games against Panama and Tunisia, right? For Belgium, a contender, WC started against Japan (single elimination phase), specially in Belgium/England group which was as easy as it gets. But it was really Brazil, the first big challenge. KDB, the MotM against Brazil, creates and scores goals. He directly influences the scoreline by doing that. Eden's contribution, with dribbling and movement is far more subtle. KDB was contained against France, so he could not set up or score (although he did produce quite a few good passes but lukaku was a bit off). Eden did have a very good game, but his contribution did not turn into goals, so Belgium lost the game. That is, of course, my opinion and I'm sure Eden fans will disagree.
  21. 10. Eden Hazard

    That’s why France won: you need to stop KDB to get anything out of a game against Belgium. hazard is a fantastic player a dribbling machine, but below KDB in how much he can directly influence a game. Lukaku would be further below as a counter attacking especialist and little else to his game. mbappe seems to be jumping ahead of all the contenders for best player in my view.
  22. 22. Willian

    Fernandinho? Best DM is Kante by far IMO, but Fernandinho was indeed good in a long championship and in a system in which he does not have to defend that much. In CL his performances are subpar. He was one of the worst performers against Germany in the 7x1 ('14). He was a liability then, and once again a liability against Belgium. Some people think it's just a bad game, but I don't see it that way. I see a player who does not do well in big games, which is all that matters in a WC, if you want to be a contender that is. In Brazil folks question his mentality, but I'd go a bit further and question his technique too... he does well in City system and plays lots of easy passes. Once the game is tighter and the opposition gets in his face, his passing goes down the hill. Reminds me of Mikel. Is he better than Bakayoko? Sure, who isn't. BUt I would NOT like Fernandinho at CHelsea. It's the same as with WIllian, good/decent player but we need more that what he has been giving us to improve the team.
  23. 22. Willian

    No Brazil did not play very well and Belgium was the first good team they faced and lost. Despite the hype, this Brazil team was never really good enough to be consider the favorites to win it. Did they take some stopping? Sure, but big teams usually do. Willian is just yet another cog that makes this Brazil team a bit more average... lightweight and short esp up front. His performance against Belgium was embarrassing: heavy touches, bad passing, and nothing produced in attack. Only Fernandinho managed to be worse, but that’s not he first time for Fernandinho (poor player). the only thing I still liked about Willian was that he was a big game player, and now I have to question it.
  24. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    Well, because they were good as a team. You need more than that at this level though. Sweden just has no overall quality and their players don’t really play in very competitive leagues for th most part. i know folks here are not fans, for obvious reasons, but stones, Ali, and sterling are excellent players and important ones at elite clubs. Sweden has nothing remotely similar to Kane since zlatan left. Can also cite dier and couple others as good players too. Sweden did amazingly well considering the quality in the squad.
  25. Final - Knockout Stage Thread

    England were the clear favorites against Sweden, so just well done, no surprise there. croatia is the clear fav against Russia and if through, will be a slight favorite against England. brazil and Belgium was a toss up. Some would say brazil was a slight fav, but I just don’t think much of brazil midfield esp without casemiro: brazil has nothing like KDB too France will be a slight fav against Belgium (would be against brazil too imo). the most likely outcome is France and Croatia in the final, with france world champions. Of course anything can happen at this point.