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  1. 30. David Luiz

    agree with everything else except on Luiz passing. Some of his passing against Huddersfield were just incredible, like fast forward passes in between players, which are difficult to intercept. Some of them were a bit too heavy for Pedro (not the greatest first touch either :)). But once again, this was against very weak opposition... D.Luiz seems to be at his best against both the very weak and the toughest opposition... anything in between and he's in trouble
  2. 30. David Luiz

    Regarding Alonso, I'll go out in a limb and say that perhaps the second manager, several coaches, and staff see something in practice that we don't get too see. I tend to think the starter faces the tougher opponents (than the subs), so it's usually unfair to compare them. I feel his lack of pace is exaggerated and it's a simplistic view akin to when folks say that when Hazard beats a player, it's one less defender the attack has to deal with. In any working system, neither would be true. I actually think Alonso, being the polar opposite of Azpi, is a great fit in terms of characteristics, but that's just me. Still, I feel Emerson will get minutes this season and will be able to show is value to the team. Also suspect his injury history makes the coaches a bit cautious with him, perhaps doing some strengthening on the side too. D.Luiz is far more quirky case than Alonso. You can play Luiz as a CB, but the system has to be tweaked so much that few teams and managers are willing to do so. He gives you a lot though: his passing is of jorginho quality (would say D.Luiz has better range actually), which is of course not a key ability for a CB. But when you are pressing the opposition, David Luiz can really help a side... could def see him working well under Pep for ex. Not overly worried. I honestly don't think the defense will be more exposed in Sarri's formation. The 4 in the back will be well protected by 2 player who defend well, plus others who can help as well (Ross).
  3. 8. Ross Barkley

    agreed on Ross and RLC. Though I think RLC was more of positioning than workrate as he moved higher than where Ross had been playing. I just don't know if that was instruction he misread the game, which is def something he needs to improve on. Promising start, but Ross needs to do more in possession though - RLC excuses no longer apply to him at 24.
  4. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    he does look on the short side for goalkeepers. My personal preference is for taller GKs... no, it doesn't have to be courtois tall, but tall enough to dominate crosses and to reach those upper-top shots. Just hope the club fully evaluated him and this is not what it looked like: a panic buy.
  5. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Keep hearing the Pedro and hazard as false 9 crazy talk... yeah move the one (attacking) world class player we got to play in more contested areas to exploit his most glaring weakness: finishing... and we complain about morata physicality... have you look at Pedro? He gets away with it because of his pace and because he enjoys more space on the wings, but he’s lightweight. In most of our games we will have the football and will need a cfs who are a threat in the air too. my hope is that morata did score plenty of goals before his injury last season. So hopefully it is just a slump now that he is fit again. Of course he needs to start scoring or we have to try something else. IMO if we go false 9 it only means we have no striker and therefore are fucked. Morata did play well today, but his finishing was lackluster as lacking conviction. His first touch was particularly impressive at times. And he’s always an aerial threat.
  6. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    he has the most important: technique The rest is really up to him. Manager and the club (coaches) are def there to help him get that last polish until he can routinely play. Really like him as a player and think he's improved a lot since last year, esp work rate. He's already a far better player than Bakayoko will ever be, so don't see why we should loan him to just sign someone not as good. Glad he's staying!
  7. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    sure, I didn't say CHO shouldn't be involved at all, but starting games, esp away from home, can be pretty tough on yougsters. Would make a lot more sense for him to come in later on. Mbappe is not a very good comparison imo. He's also a physical wonder at his age. He's just very powerful considering how skillful and nimble he is. As good as CHO is, don't think he's at that level. We literally pay the likes of Willian to suffer through these tough away games. If the game becomes easier, or spaces open up that CHO can do something with, then perhaps Sarri will use him.
  8. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    It's not just his (young) age, which is certainly a consideration as it should be. We just don't know how CHO will fare in the PL or are we comparing his performances in friendlies with Willian performances in the PL? (hardly a willian fan myself, but does not sound fair to me) He's certainly a wonderful promise, but I'd be very surprised if this were his year to shine. You can literally count in one hand the players who could play an important role in professional football at the age of 17.
  9. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    very optimistic view of our dealings, but even at face value there would still be plenty to blame in the lack of planning around #1 Gk and paying what they paid for an unknown. It also does not explain why there is no buy option. The problem of all this is that even if Kovacic does not want to return to RM, RM can set whatever price they want effectively auctioning the player to the highest bidder. It's interesting how people want to give credit to folks who show time and time again a complete lack of long-term planning. We have these weaknesses in the squad *because* we wasted too much money in bad players and overplay for good ones. Unless we are claiming resources are unlimited, which does not seem to be the case.
  10. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    I know people here liked costa style, but this idea that good or even great strikers need to be aggressive is simply false. the best strikers I’ve seen play the game were so cold that some did not even celebrate goals very much (Romario, r9). Aguero is pretty cold too. and Lukaku who people compare with morata pretty much walks around without the football.
  11. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Hah very true! prob different scouts - like good ones.
  12. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Not sure we can say this is good business regardless of courtois valuation. If you take money into the equation the question is whether this is the best quality gk we could get for the money. if the answer is yes, due to his potential, then it is indeed good business. i don’t trust our scouting that much, so will remain cautiously optimistic on this one. Without a doubt a bit of a gamble and a very expensive one at that. Still looks like a panic buy - just hope it is at least an educated one.
  13. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Now the elephant in the room: was his name a predicament or did he change it once it became obvious he wasn’t going to cut it as a striker?
  14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    I don’t disagree with your long term reasoning. Just that players of that caliber, modric and ronaldo, could potentially give the club and the team such a boost that their acquisition would outweigh the negatives. Could also be the difference between cl or not. dont think Kovacic is in the same bracket and am also concerned that he may hinder RLCs development.
  15. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    @eemanyooel hopefully, we shall see. So, what's the best scenario here? He plays well, but not too well? Like he does well, but RM think they can do without him. Then he loves london and Chelsea and wants to stay. So, never boo him, like ever, even if he plays like Bakayoko. Let's hope he keeps his best performances for practice sessions only. (no I'm not serious here)