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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    Pogba had many interested clubs after him at the time. Perhaps not for the same amount, but reckon he could've gone somewhere else with a similar fee. The big question for me is whether Lukaku does really have a market at that price point, or are we being had... Also, if we disregard the fee entirely, is Lukaku good enough against the top sides right now? Or, at least, will be good enough against the top sides in the future? I am not sure.
  2. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Sure, but there is more to it than running a lot. I'm just concerned that if we rely on a single player for creativity, say Fabregas, he can be easily stopped by tight marking. I just wish we had more al rounders to be honest. Precisely my point: I'm not sure Baka adds enough in attack to be a vast improvement over matic. Europe is a very different ballgame though...
  3. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    Good signing if it happens, but isn't he too similar to kante in terms of characteristics? Having specialized players will make it easier for the opponents to focus their defending. Ex close in on Fabregas and let Baka and Kante have the football.
  4. Mohamed Salah

    Crap I was right about Salah... Noticed his tight control in pace, and commented on it multiple times on this thread. Oh well... nothing much to do other than to move on.
  5. 21. Nemanja Matic

    why are you saying we climbed to 10th because of Mikel's brilliance? lol seriously?! No, my point has been emphasizing Matic's importance and high participation in all success we've had recently. That when he had a bad season we lost our edge. The comparisons with a bit part player who had few minutes and even fewer starts in the last 4 seasons started by someone else. Easier said than done on not selling Matic to United, btw.
  6. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    All worked out nicely! I too was disappointed with both the result and the performance, but after today's announcement, that Wenger signed a 2-year contract, I completely understand the strategy and am fully behind it.
  7. 21. Nemanja Matic

    I have to disagree with your point there, as Mikel played a much smaller part in our recent success. (Cl aside as it deserves an exception post - "an ode to Didier") He got very few minutes in the PL since Matic joined. The one time he got more minutes, while Matic struggled, we ended up 10th. The impact Matic made was quite obvious to be honest and I am shocked others don't see it. Brana was widely regarded as a good player outside of these forums... No it's never a single thing... I try to look and consider a number of aspects: stats, winning (yes!), eyeballs, market value, starts and minutes by diff managers, tough away matches, etc. Market value is also pretty interesting...for example, it proved that I was wrong about Oscar. I would have absolutely no problem if we got someone better than Matic. The same way that I thought Matic was a lot better than Mikel. I do think, however, that an upgrade on Matic will be slightly more expensive.
  8. 21. Nemanja Matic

    heh Mikel was one of the worst midfielders I've ever seen play for a top club. I could count in one hand players whom I thought should never be playing at that level and Mikel would certainly be in that list, so don't think we will agree much here. Anyway, he's gone and I don't have to watch him "play football" anymore - not that keen on watching the chinese league. So I can be happy about that, I guess. There was a BBC article a couple of weeks back that called Gary Cahill a "cultured passer' based solely on his pass accuracy, which is a lot higher than David Luiz for example (and Terry as well). If you think, or write, that Gary is a better passer than David Luiz, IMO there is something wrong in your head. IMO a high pass accuracy can be a really good thing or a very bad thing. --- Matic switches play well, produces good long balls (occasionally), and makes good forward runs (more often). He's not a fantastic tackler like Kante, but he makes interceptions and does well in tight contested areas, with his power and height. He also has both goals and assists to him. This is a good midfielder in my book. While I obviously don't agree with the wiz above that Matic is the best thing since sliced bread, nor that Zidane was the most overrated player ever - obviously that was Ronaldinho - he does make valid points as to how come ALL of our recent success, not only takes place after his arrival at the club, but also includes his involvement in the starting XI? Of course we can improve on him and if the opportunity presents itself we should go for it, but so many other players could be improved on that I think it is unfair to single Matic out.
  9. 21. Nemanja Matic

    Interesting when the key players vanish, yet again against a tough opponent, it is Matic's thread that gets all attention. Football is a team sport. When some players have a poor showing, including matic himself, that affects other areas of the pitch. Players will get overwhelmed and areas dominated, for a number of reasons other than the individual weaknesses. It's all right to improve on a player: every single player in our starting XI can be improved on (perhaps Courtois is the exception). And no, he's a lot better than Mikel at pretty much every single attribute, especially passing range (which Mikel had none).
  10. 3. Marcos Alonso

    On one hand he lacks pace, which Barca values a lot. On the other hand, he has tons of technique, which barca values even more, so not completely crazy idea TBH. He's 26, and playing as well as he did this season, he certainly deserves a shot in the CL next season and I think he will do well.
  11. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Second or first striker ?! Be specific damn it!!!
  12. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Have to disagree with magic lamps above. he said 'good' and 'very good' maybe there was a verb in there 'feel' but that was it. I will stick with my original statement as I did watch the live interview. besides, understanding a new language comes way way before being able to speak it. The fact tibo had to translate the interviewer should be very telling.
  13. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    hmm not sure what's to say. Tibo was his translator for the TV interview after the game against WBA.
  14. Riyad Mahrez

    he is a good player, but a bit like Willian. We already have that... we need players to give us an edge against other top sides. Mahrez isn't it.
  15. James Rodríguez

    he's the Aguero's version in the CAM position... stay clear if you want to win silverware. Ozil is in the same group of zero work rate. Would be very suprised if a guy like Conte was going for him. Now if you want to watch slick touches now and then, he's your guy!