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  1. General World Cup Thread

    Messi should do better, but it's prob difficult not to be frustrated with the team... they could not string two passes together from the back. Yes Croatia was pressing very well esp with their amazing midfield. Modric is top5 for me and has been for a few years. But Otamendi (terrible on the ball!) and surprisingly even mascherano could not string two passes from the back. That transition from the back is so important.
  2. 22. Willian

    For me, Willian is already a "winger version of Bakayoko" His contribution in attack is nowhere near acceptable in the vast majority of games he plays. I want Martial as a potential top striker in the future, nothing less nothing more. Once he fulfills his potential, if he does that, he will immediately become unsellable. You have to make bets like that, which is the only way for us to ever acquire top quality. We did that before and had both! Salah and KDB, but the club was unable to hold on to them. So, while I also don't trust the club to properly replace Wllian (with a quality winger), I don't think we have much of choice here. He's losing pace too, so we need to be thinking about replacement anyway.
  3. heh Omeruo is no longer a youngster - he's 24 and has only played (on loan) for small clubs. Reckon the only reason he's still at Chelsea is that the club is having a hard time moving him. Very little quality in this Nigeria side... missing an Okocha type of player.
  4. Messi looks off indeed, but there is also only so much one player can do when the team fails as spectacularly as Argentina did today. They could not string 2 passes together the whole game - much of it was croatia's quality, but there is no excuse for that performance (not much better against iceland either). Not one to point a finger to the coach, but difficult to put the blame elsewhere. Poor selections and worse subs. Worse than Willy's shortcomings is the fact that he was selected as #1 GK to begin with.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    well now we have to wait until after the world cup anyway. It's a terrible way to scout players - so many WC wonders vanished afterwards - but clubs do that all the same.
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    Is Real Madrid actually trying to sign him? All I hear is Eden hinting at his desire to join them, but no bid, inquiry, or rumor from Madrid afaict
  7. hah yeah he's a pretty good RB in all FMs. Thought he was a bit injury-prone in some of my DBs, esp considering he's never had any problems with injuries. Can play CB too if needed, but not physical enough for CB (he's tall but lanky). yeah the irony of it wasn't lost on me. Perhaps he graduated from (terrible Brazilian) beer to vodka.
  8. neymar trying to pull a Ronaldo 9 with that ridiculous haircut... minus the skill, power, but a hell more diving. In all honesty though, he's prob not 100% and might not be 100% in this world cup. Nothing special about this Brazil team though. Slow transition from the back and lightweight attack. I like Jesus, but he's a bit too much of the same thing in that attack - firmino might be a better option.
  9. Salah is playing well, but still a bit below his norm. Cannot ask more from a top player than to try and create changes like he has done. Egypt is just too weak to benefit from Salah. BTW, Russia is only a decent team and will be out as soon as they play somebody (IMO). heh (Mario) Fernandes, Russia right back is Brazilian and used to play for Gremio in brazil. He did so well back then that got called up for Brazil (don't remember the coach then), but was a no show. Claimed personal problems, and only recently has spoken out about that time: he said he was drinking and partying a lot. * when players and actors say "drinking" it's usually other drugs (esp players bc the routine tests).
  10. 30. David Luiz

    While I agree he’s too erratic as a defender he’s also too much of a big game player (physique and technique) to let him go to a rival. Remember his performances against us for psg? He even scored the winner. Let him go to Italy where he will thrive but not hurt us. Our future is with andreas.
  11. Allison Becker

    Signing a sure starter would make any idea of Thibo seeing his contract out unappealing. Acquiring Allison is needed to force Thibo out, since he's unwilling to sign a new deal. Club clearly wants to move on. Hope the same pressure is put on Eden - club must move on if he won't sign a new deal. Just too much money involved to let it run out.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Yeah thought the same (wrote so), and agree that in all likelihood they would have lost anyway: they needed Salah on the pitch at his normal and their GK at his best. Pretty much the opposite happened.
  13. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    salah was playing really well and smart with one touches always finding a teammate. That’s how you play these games with so little time on the ball. RM also had a couple of players watching salah who are now free to roam and play. Very difficult for Liverpool now.
  14. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Shelvey's temperament definitely plays a part into his non-selection as well as club level. Reminder that the WC consists of very few games - even fewer if you don't go far. Group stage is really the only place where mistakes are allowed and does not last long (and frankly does not matter much unless you are in a tough group). Temperamental players in single-elimination games is a risk some managers are not willing to take. Shelvey is def a good player though. Technique wise leagues ahead of Bakayoko. RLC seems to be a player of few important moments, which might be just what the manager is looking for from him.
  15. Marco Asensio

    Asensio would be a great immediate replacement for Eden if he wishes to leave. Eden's latest comments might also make things a bit difficult in the locker room (making those comments is yet another indication he does want to leave IMO). No he's not at Eden's level yet, but is not that far off and has the potential to get there (with a bit more finishing on top). From Asensio's POV, it might only make sense if he's indeed given the key-player role Eden now enjoys (similar wages). That might just make it appealing enough to him, since it is questionable he'd be able to get there anytime soon at Real. So, career wise it might make sense for him. Swap deals are notoriously difficult to pull off.