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  1. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Gattuso relied on power while kante relies on restlessnes, an incredibly high work rate. Kante is on the short side while gattuso was pretty decent in the air. great players to have and awful to play against.
  2. 19. Diego Costa

    not sure today (WH) was about costa. The team overall performance was average only saved by a moment of brilliance by hazard. This was a good win, and good enough to win the PL esp with the great point lead, but I can't think of going far in Europe next year unless we improve our overall play.
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    I don't disagree with your assessment of Diego's limitations although I think his first touch and control have been pretty good lately, but I do disagree with the comparison, and especially the idea that Diego has an advantage for being surrounded by better players. Similar logic comes often on hazard thread when he has a quiet game and it does not work for me there either. Being a big player in a smaller club *can* make you look a lot better than you actually are: there are so many examples that it would take a whole thread (Carrol, Bony, most liverpool players ) While being in a small club can indeed hamper his progress, that's for him to figure out. For us, it is very difficult to know whether Lukaku would've been as effective in the current system, but the evidence is that probably not. What we do know is that Diego works really well in this system, and what we don't know is how lukaku would have. I know imagination is fun and all, but playing at the level Diego has been and as consistently is not easy. I for one cannot make that assumption. It's also very *different* to have the entire team playing to your strengths versus just being a team member. Would Lukaku do as well with far less counter attacking for example? Would he contribute when we have to play against 11 players behind the ball? Not saying he can't, just that we don't yet know.
  4. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    That's in his favor yes, but fabregas and pogba play deeper than the others in the list. The others have to deal with more contested areas and tighter marking from the opposition. Don't think he was good enough to be a regular for Barca. We need better all rounders in the middle if we want to compete outside the pl.
  5. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    good result in a tough away match. It would've taken a special game from hazard, costa, or another for us to take all the 3 points, and they were only decent. Luiz and Kante were the best players with Kante edging despide Luiz' fantastic strike - don't think the gk would've caught it either way. I disagree with the majority here and reckon tactics were spot on. Both Matic and Alonso had decent games, as did Costa and Hazard. William and Moses were well below average for me. Moses was a bit better with intent, but too many mistakes. Fabregas had a really good few minutes - should have payed a bigger part for me. Sometimes I think the attack is a bit too lightweight relying on pace alone (except costa). Fabregas helped by adding control and a bit physicality, which was a pleasant surprise to me. That is, by the way, one of the reasons Matic plays... not really a mystery. One might prefer a more technical player, but the manager believes he provides necessary balance and considering the height of the squad, I have to understand his position.
  6. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    agreed. alonso is a good technical player - nice find by the board
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    heh ^^ disagree on Pedro... still have to show his face in away matches and/or tough matches. dropping our best player, Costa, at this time can only be because he's being sold or is sold already. When you drop a player because of bad attitude, or other disciplinary reasons, only the club suffers. Get the player in different ways: schedule training at an earlier time (just for strikers) and if he's late, get him where it hurts... money. That's the best way to handle players.
  8. Spurs 2-0 Chelsea

    Interesting comments on this thread: Fabregas in for better passing when Matic provided a wonderful assist to hazard all alone to botch it. Not a word about Hazard who has been a huge disappointment in the first half. I hope he wakes the fuck up and start taking on players. Both Matic and Kante played well enough - it's a tough game against competent midfielders in their domain. We just need to do better when in possession and put it back in the net - we won't get many opportunities to do so.
  9. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Reckon Bats has Not been impressing conte in training. That's the only explanation for this kind of treatment. He has also not been impressing anyone in the few minutes he's got, so he should be working hard in practice to get more minutes - perhaps he's been lazy? gotta assume the guys who watch him daily see something, that I, who barely seen him play, don't.
  10. Oscar

    not for this amount of money. 60m and 3rd highest wages in the world for the terrible player people here claim he is - sounds like a done deal. Although I do think he is a good player, he has indeed stagnated and has not been developing the way I (and I assume the club) expected. So, if the numbers are correct, he needs to go... good for the club and excellent for him. Concerning replacements, we do not need a world class replacement, after all Oscar was a "terrible player," so anyone would do. Just don't go for big names, and grab a promising player at a fair price. Regardless of Oscar's failure to deliver, the idea - of investing in promising young players - is sound as there is really no other alternative. Once a player is considered world class, he immediately becomes extremely hard to sign, not to mention expensive.
  11. 30. David Luiz

    could be taxes - higher taxes in frace.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    playing at his normal... not doing anything special, given his ability and technique. That amazing goal (against city) showcased his overall superior technique and ball control; how long did it take for him to control the football at full sprint? how far was the football from him while he sprinted towards city goal? Did he show too much of the football at any time during that run?
  13. 30. David Luiz

    I'm trying to think of a defender, now or before, as technical (or more) than Luiz is. I mean, not discussing other attributes, just his incredible technique which I find extremely odd for a CB.
  14. 3. Marcos Alonso

    heh think he's a pretty good player actually at about the same level of Moses. Alonso is very technical while moses relies more on his physicality (pace and power). Very good setup for a team if you have both...
  15. Chelsea 2-1 Spurs

    Costa for me. They just couldn't handle costa runs at all pedro had ups and downs while hazard was mostly subdued. Liked both matic and kante who kept us together when our wingers went missing in first half.