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  1. Ethan Ampadu

    nice of Rudiger to make the mistake for the Huddersfield goal - good way to support the youth. Agreed ^^ He does look composed and good on the ball, esp at his age.
  2. 3. Marcos Alonso

    yeah get a faster LB and move Alonso to the middle - transition should not be difficult considering his passing and overall technique is good. Can be cover for both positions... done thousand times before. Now do we want defensive LB in our current 3 cb formation? That usually doesn't work. Sandro of course is a top player, so that's going to a diff signing.
  3. Mohamed Salah

    shamelessly and sadly quoting myself here... yes, from 2014... Sadly because I don't understand how this club loses so many good players.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    well there is more to being a striker than goals. Morata can contribute more in tightly marked games than lukaku who thrives with space for runs and overpowering players. Lukaku's struggles are not really surprising to some of us who have said his characteristics are more adequate for smaller outfits, who see themselves countering a lot. He won't see much of that at United. He's not a terrible player, but he's not great either considering his overall poor technique. To your point Morata is not great either, but his good overall technique might suggest a higher ceiling.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    The key player thing is very nuanced. Argentina, despite good overall quality in the squad had been playing like shit in WCQ, like Italy level of shit. Then Messi shows up and qualifies them with 3 goals when needed. Still, I cannot say that argentina would not have qualified without messi. Because without him, they might have had more cohesion, and become a better team without depending so much on a single player. It is a team sport. Now, of course they would be more likely to win a WC with messi on the team. well we agree on the last point for sure. Our staff like big strong players - technical ability does not seem as important to them. On Mourinho, I don't blame him for losing the players; I blame the club. He's known for rarely rotating and rarely giving minutes to youngsters. If a manager refuses to give play time to promising youngsters, he should be sacked even while bringing the results. Long-term vision should always take precedence... do we have one?
  6. 10. Eden Hazard

    Fair enough on city. yes but the how much the key player may depend on his teammates varies a lot, not only by quality but also characteristics. Sorry I just cannot bring Messi into this... different world imo. Neither would I bring WHU as many of the players we criticize at chelsea would be key players there. even Hazard would not come to chelsea at this time. The point I always make is that you have to sign them young and keep them. imagine if we had kept KDB and Salah? Say instead of keeping hazard... would it be worse? I don’t know. Better keeping all 3 but perhaps resources play a part too. The club has no talent to build a quality squad though.
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    While you make a good point around the importance of the key player, I don't think the answer is all that black and white. Tottenham, the club, is not a good example because they haven't really achieve top tier status just yet. They've been working towards that goal, but it literally comes with trophies and knowhow as of how to repeat that. Liverpool is interesting in that, their issues stem from poor defending as they've always managed to find talent up front. City is a more interesting comparison IMO: they also don't have a particular key player. Wouldn't say any of their players is better than Hazard, but they have many players in their squad who are not far behind hazard in terms of ability to influence games. And yet they are the vastly superior team incidentally because it's more difficult to stop them. I honestly don't think this club is capable of filling the squad with quality players in every position and every time we add quality we lose some. So my questioning of Eden's usefulness to a side like ours comes from your own point of him being dependent of having quality players around him, which we do not have and will likely not have in the future. A different type of, or a better, key player might be able to do more on his own, with long shooting for example, creative passing, direct dribbling, but the point (whether accurate or not) was that blaming the overall poor quality of the team points to the fact Eden depends on teammates to play to his potential. Unless of course, it was just an excuse after a subpar performance.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    It's funny because my read of the many posts here is that Chelsea should sell Hazard, which is probably not the intention of the authors. There are obvious drawbacks of playing with a centralized key player in a free role: it's a single big target to be stopped. It's even more of drawback when the team lacks overall quality esp in attack. The problem: some think (I do not) that Eden's genius is being limited by the poor overall quality around him. So, considering that the overall quality around him hasn't really changed that much over time, which perhaps suggests the club has reached its limit in terms of spending, then we have to fix the problem in a different way: controversial, I know, but wouldn't the club benefit more by having 2-3 quality players, as opposed to one key player? Now (wildly) assuming our board has the talent to sign 2-3 quality players by selling Hazard (plus some cash lying around). If all were true, and we ended up with more quality players in numbers, then it could be indeed beneficial to the team.
  9. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Is it half a second longer to make decisions, or half a second longer to fully control the football? Isn't the latter more likely, that his first touch is not great and that his overall technique is making it harder to adjust to a faster paced league? Players with better technique can more easily adapt to new leagues and their peculiarities.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    he's not there to really shoot, even though he would be a more complete player if he could shoot esp from outside the box. He created very little for the team. Wide, centrally, I don't really care. That's for him to figure out during the game. it's part of being creative: finding out solutions when things are difficult. In the PL we mostly have all possession agaist the shitty sides like WHU. PL games are fast and competitive, but these smaller sides have a lot of really technically poor players. fair, we disagree on real and barca because when people make these comparisons, like you are doing, they don't mention that there are far fewer players doing the dirty work in those teams, esp barca. All have to pull their weight and I happen to be believe that is the most glaring weaknesses in Eden's game... I guess we may find out if he ever makes it there. Of course not! The fact that our best player (key player with the most freedom) created very little for himself and for his teammates while we had 70% of possession for over 45 minutes, had nothing to do with our failure to score against a very poor side... It's a team sport. They all lost, including Eden. And it's not like he produced assists and hit the post twice, right? He was poor considering his level and what he normally does.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Heh thought I just did that in my previous post. outpacing players wasn’t possible since you said yourself they were defending deep. I for one, would like very much if he could shoot on target and with more power. That’s a skill he lacks esp long shots. His finishing really lets him down sometimes, he could also have tried to be more direct and beat players, running towards the. goal and not so much sideways... sure way to beat a deep defense. Perhaps I am wrong and expecting too much from him. i just don’t buy that he is genius among poor players, which prevents him from showing his true potential. Almost makes me want him to move to Barca or real just to find out how much of that is true. I honestly don’t think his game would drastically change.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    This, WHU, was a very poor performance by hazard, and most other players, with perhaps only Kante playing at a normal level. he does not get a pass from me though. should’ve tried to be more creative mixing things up when his usual dribbling game is not effective like today.
  13. Arthur Melo

    we will likely open talks with him and his agent in january - by then even his dog will be wearing Barcelona's jersey.
  14. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    decent performance in the video where he looks more like Kante, but we already had one and better (kante). And now have another player in the same mold in Drinkwater. What we don't have is the pogbas, iniestas, Verratis. Fabregas nowadays is backup, rotation at best. Those type of players (skillful mids) are indeed difficult to find, so you either buy the expensive proven, or you make bets: we do neither.
  15. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    https://twitter.com/EiFsoccer/status/934497704478208002 Seriously though, even though atm the above isn't that far off, we've been discussing different things here: a) can he become/conte make him a good player? perhaps. Not great, but good. b ) even if he becomes a good player one day, what type of player would he be? A lesser Kante, or a Matic type with less technique and more physique? I am personally more interested in b ) above. We bought the wrong player IMO.