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  1. 10. Eden Hazard

    Spot on. just to add that the occasional bad touch or miskick from Salah may also be the price he pays for his quickness. perhaps his game would be a lot cleaner if he slowed down a bit. Good for Liverpool that he does not.
  2. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Nailed it on the head right there. Contract blunder. In a truly professional environment, someone would be in trouble there.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    fair enough, but the point stands. Make it the "biggest" club then, if you count structure, youth system, franchise, and silverware.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Could not care less about a player who is not committed and wants out. Good luck... not! Quick example: second half against Arsenal, Eden drops back and attempts go past two Arsenal players; beats the first and is fouled by the second and goes to the ground. No question, clear foul. Meanwhile, Giroud was completely unmarked a few yards to the left waiting for a pass that never came. The result is that our attack was slowed down by his decision to favor dribbling, which he does quite often. Whether Giroud would've been able to continue the play is also irrelevant, because you got to play with your teammates. In tough games, like against Arsenal, (not all games against big clubs are tough) he will get fouled often. Same in single-elimination CL matches. He will never be able to consistently influence tough games unless he learns how to deal with that: mostly with quick passes and movement (on and off the ball). Regarding whether he is world class or not, yes of course he is. On the other hand, you've got to pick one: either he's that good and therefore will very often play alongside players who are much less than him, or he is not that much better and requires more support to play well. I personally think he belongs in the latter category. So, while I think he may achieve more success at Madrid if they fix their shit (it's the richest club after all), his influence will be largely the same.
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Agreed. It's only a slight tweak that is needed there. Perhaps his focus needs to shift back to being a destructor and the 3rd cm move up a a bit, which might be more easily done with Ross rather than Kavacic, who looks too much like Jorginho type in my telly. I totally agree with Sarri. The attitude was the biggest problem, and only a few players showed desired in that match (one who shall not be named did). Take Hazard for ex, I know he gets a free pass for the sheer love fans have for him, but his body language was all wrong against Arsenal. * can't talk about the lack of a striker though
  6. Chelsea v Spurs

    LOLOLOLOL (I have more lols than you) Right, because it did not happen to our very last two managers... and it will happen again to this one. Much quicker if he drops senior players.
  7. Chelsea v Spurs

    People can’t be this naive around here. while he can rotate, dropping senior players who are underporming needs to be done very carefully. That’s the easiest way to lose the dressing room and ones job for a manager.
  8. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Fair point. Probably something CHO and his agent (and family) are considering. Cho can choose to be more patient, or show more patience, like you seem to prefer tho. It’s his choice.
  9. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    The only fact here is that your claim, that he is shit, is a mere opinion, but never a fact. And I thought only my president had a problem with that...
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Yeah I don't agree that Willian is shit. I think he is not great, but not shit. Thought he was a lot better than Eden against Arsenal for example. And a hell lot better than Pedro who had a shocker. My fear is that folks here are expecting way too much from a 18yo regardless how talented he might be. A misjudgment here can actually hinder his development. When things are not great, you play the senior players who are used to occasional slumps. Players you can rely on (key words). Yes, you should definitely try the youngsters to see if they can contribute here and there, but do not rely on them. The next manager will start the same players... the same way the manager before did. Because they are the best players the manager can rely on. At some point, if CHO impresses he will get more and more minutes. It's the natural progression and it has happened the same like a 1000x before. Perhaps folks here are too young to have followed many youngster's careers, but as a gremio supporter, I've seen quite a few of "the next" ronaldinhos. The last one happened to like Cheeseburgers a bit too much... (somewhere in Manchester). They all fail (the ones who do... majority actually) in a myriad of different ways. Now because Bayern is in the mix we will have to put him on higher wages. Yes, money is a big part of being a "professional" footballer.
  11. Arsenal - Chelsea

    I bit calmer and thinking about the game. Honestly did not think this was a horrible performance esp away from home against a tough opponent. It was just sloppy in very specific important areas. The first goal was a brilliant play and that first touch was half of the goal. Now the second was just sloppy. And we did have opportunities in the final third, but we lacked any sharpness to put it in the back of the net. Pedro was making all the bad choices today (shooting too soon), or miskicking it, well he was completely off. Hazard was pretty poor as well. Thought WIllian had a decent game actually, for his standards. Giroud was scary in how he actually managed to not even connect to the football on WIllian's assist. TBH Kovacic is looking like a player we do not really need and it will be hard to justify his price tag. Jorginho and Kante line needs work esp away from home. Won't mention certain players because I'm just not really interested in that discussion. Either one of Arsenal strikers would walk into our starting XI and that was the difference today/yesterday.
  12. 10. Eden Hazard

    Went missing against Arsenal. No excuses: false nine, Sarri BS. He saw a lot of the ball while playing false nine and then when back in a free role. Held to the ball too long, did not pass quickly enough and always looked for the dribble. He is our most important player and we need him to step up in these games. This was not it.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Why is he the owner now, or even the manager? Does he get to choose which should start? Better yet, has he done more than Willian in football? If the answer is NO to all the above, perhaps yeah he should be patient especially when the club is promising him minutes and higher wages? He may even learn a thing or two from Willian... <gasp> like not give up the football when the team is building an attack? He looks really good on the ball and has that youth restlessness which all fans love, but he needs time to start influencing games the way we want him to. It's not going to happen overnight.
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    He’s not patient enough and I am disappointed he’s is allegedly forcing his exit. you asked.
  15. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Agreed, but then we play with 10 men... it’s a tough one.
  16. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Indeed. Perhaps Arsenal are better and don’t, for example, lack attacking players the way we do.
  17. Arsenal - Chelsea

    What a difference having a top striker makes.
  18. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Is giroud useful anymore? Even as a sub? if he cannot even connect that cross what can he actually do?
  19. Arsenal - Chelsea

    Pedro is having the worst game of his career. Not sure why he’s still on.
  20. 3. Marcos Alonso

    100% of the points you are disagreeing with I did not make. my point remains that you, who made the claim, not I, that a player Y from a smaller team would Easily made it here. I don’t think it’s that simple given the many players who failed here and succeeded elsewhere. While I don’t disagree with the rest, it is mostly irrelevant imo. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if there is money laundering in the mix too. It is what it is though. ok back to the nightmare that the arsenal game looks to be.
  21. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Telles plays in fucking Portugal... how the fuck do you "just know" he would do well at Chelsea and the PL? By watching him against different opponents with different styles of play and weaker leagues? Switching clubs was merely a suggestion since you don't seem to like anything about Chelsea. BTW you are giving me power I don't have, and I do know I don't have it. So, you are saying that the people who work for the owner and are paid by him are doing something he does not want them to do? Or perhaps that they are incompetent, but the owner is completely oblivious to it? I mean if you think you can do so much better, why not do it professionally like the people you constantly criticize? You know these people working for the "shit" board make a lot of money doing that "shit" work. Again, just a suggestion.
  22. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Lucas Hernandez looks like an interesting player, but still a gamble. Would not go for Telles, as a former gremio player I know his style well and is already past his prime. Terrible in defense and never played in a competitive league. Pass. The others are huge gambles as tiny league and team players. If you think they are not (gambles), you haven't followed enough youngster's careers... That's why scouts make so much money - perhaps you should give it a go since you like to do it for fun anyway? The board is not shit. What does that mean anyway? Maybe you should support a different club? The board is whatever the fuck the owner wants it to be. No, I do not agree with many things the board does and have done so in the past, nor do I think the youth system is run for the benefit of the senior team, but I do presume that they are doing what they are instructed to do. Why? because they are still well employed.
  23. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    the market in football is very competitive and players usually do "deserve" their wages. Maybe the word is valuation instead, but I digress. The moment bayern became interested, CHO's valuation clearly increased, which forces our hand into at the very least matching what he would've gotten there. Aren't Willian and Pedro are on higher wages than 70K? CHO better turn out to be at least a Douglas Costa. Anything else than that and we will have to call him a flop - one of those many prospects that never were.
  24. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Here we go again with you telling me what I think, or how I think. Please don't... assume you don't know and that's why I type it down. I can come up with hundreds of one-liners from you to make it sound like anything I want. And that was based on what Sarri has claimed after a strong start of the season by alonso, yes he had one. He's a good player IMO... but I just wrote that. Right but that's besides the point isn't it? Are Gaya and Alba, the superior players in your opinion, available and willing to come and join us. To me they are are more different than better. Finally and again, I have no problem when folks want to improve on him, esp if a better player can be acquired (easier said than done IMO). My issue is with calling him "shit," which is both disrespectful, due to his achievements for us, and also delusional. Again, because he's a good player, who starts for a top club and (occasionally) plays for a top NT. Maybe we just have a very different definition of what a "shit" player is.
  25. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Maybe, or maybe the next manager will come and Alonso will start all the same. I personally think he's a good player and certainly does not deserve being called "shit" over and over again, esp considering his many contribution to our side. While Sarri hasn't won anything, Alonso did and with numbers to back it. He also plays for spain too, so are Spain manager and coaches also delusional? Sometimes the simplest explanation is the correct one.