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  1. On 9/29/2019 at 4:43 PM, Tomo said:

    Tbf if a Lukaku level player is his ceiling that won't be too bad. The reason Lukaku himself is deemed problematic is because he thinks to highly of himself and becomes toxic for the locker room when he doesn't get his own way (ala an unconditional starting spot).

    Absolutely! I meant at the technical level, which he already appears close to lukaku. I still hope he surpasses him there too tho.

    in the mentality aspect, he’s about several light years ahead. Loses the football and chases the taker... great to see. 

    His finishing today was really good! He probably wanted a cleaner first touch, but the way he adjusted his body was great.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Jason said:

    The football gods are fans of Willian. 

    CL gods actually. He tends to do well in that competition.

    tbf he wasn’t having a great game until that great finish.

  3. 7 minutes ago, 1905didierblue said:

    Take your own advice regarding the ignore list. Did I fucking quote you? No. So piss off. 

    Ya sure, you have seen a lot of great players. I can guess the likes. Respect is given to a respectful opinion. It's one thing to not rate hazard for whatever personal reason, and totally another to try and debauch his legacy with weird opinions and baseless points.

    You are very wrong. Should we invite some mods to clarify? It’s not up to you to decide who or which opinion is deserving of respect. :)

  4. 21 minutes ago, BlueLyon said:

    You are right but only half way. 

    You will never convince me that a team without a single leader at the back will successfully take coach instructions during games like this.

    You always need an experienced or extremely calm and composed young player to lead the back line during actual play.

    I agree Lamps is not doing enough, but even the best coaches would struggle with these players. Alonso and Zouma are mistake to happen, Tomori is young, Azpi is past it and Kepa pulls stupid shit here and there. Then add that we dont even have a proper DM. What do people expect? We will ALWAYS get hit on counter and at set pieces with such team.

    Alonso can and should make mistakes today - he’s not playing in defense. :) 

    the problem with this system is James who’s a fb (and looks good at that) and does not join the middle. All 3 cb systems depend on the wb to join the middle.

    zouma in the back 3 is weird too. At least tomori and azpi are the ones carrying it forward.

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  5. 1 hour ago, 1905didierblue said:

    It's not just love that can blind people, I feel hate does that job even better. Can't describe it in any other way than the ramblings of a hater. Point is, when you speak out hate and spite, more often than not, you end up looking like a clueless idiot. Makes 0 sense to say he did not play well in CL, when as a team we have been poor in the competition due to lack of quality for years. It's specially weird since he has literally won us finals and semi finals across competitions over the years.

    Even weirder is doubting him for putting his body on the line when he is literally the most fouled player in the most physical league. 

    Like I said, ramblings of an idiot.


    You are a self-righteous piece of work aren’t you? :) learn how to respect other opinions without name calling or perhaps discussion forums aren’t for you. Don’t like them, ignore list is for that.

    Suspect I’ve seen quite a few more great players than you. I don’t hate Eden. Just think he’s not that special - seen a lot better!

    You don’t fucking know me. You don’t know what I like or dislike because I haven’t told you.

  6. 15 hours ago, manpe said:

    Actually for his size he went down incredibly rarely when he had the chance. Was often able to stay on his feet when pushed and shoved while many other wingers would have gone down, so I wholeheartedly disagree with the opinion that he went down too easily. He took many hard tackles almost every game and shrugged them off, he was lucky not to get serious injuries just like Lampard was, for example.

    I think that’s mostly down to skill and close control, which he has in abundance. Sure, I guess that’s what you saw, and granted, it was certainly the case some times. I also saw a player who often held to the ball way too long only to get fouled, often a professional foul to stop the play.

    Luck usually works in small samples, not consistently over many years, or at least that’s what I’ve learned. He does a good job protecting himself from hard tackles.

    Pushed and shoved is part of the game. As are the many little fouls that stopped him many many times.

    The funny thing here is that I’m the only one who seem interested as the why his CL record is so so bad... not only his performances but his stats compared to PL.

    Of course if you go back some pages folks are on and on that he lacks the “killer instinct” which of course has nothing to do with determination...or does it? :) 

    think we are going on in circles here. I’m just making the same reiterated points. Even tho I don’t mind these exchanges. 

    what can I say... I’m really not a Fan of his game, his worth ethic, and especially not a fan of his mentality. I’ve watched many great players over many years and hazard is just not that impressive to me.

  7. 3 hours ago, 1905didierblue said:

    Thank you. That’s exactly what I was saying. Went to the ground way too easily protecting himself from hard fouls (well-known strategy). Which evidently worked, since he never got seriously injured and got his fat ass in Madrid, like he always wanted.

    Unfortunately, it often works for the opposition too, since it’s an easy way to stop his runs, and does not have to be hard fouls either. Never had the mentality nor the fitness to do otherwise, which is exactly why I think he’s not a match winner at CL level. Great player on a long championship, but that’s it for me.

  8. 12 minutes ago, 1905didierblue said:

    Stop making a fool of yourself. Stop shifting goal posts. 

    Your premise that hazard did not expose himself can be debunked by a simple stat of who was the most fouled player in PL across years. 

    And again, why are not you answering the question I post? Are fa cup, carabao cup and Europa league not elimination matches? Why is it that he performed brilliantly in that? Is that because of the level of the teams we faced?

    As for the last part. Lolollol 😂😂😂. Sure . Sure. You are right.

    Hmm no? :)

    and it hasn’t been “debunked.” It’s just your fucking opinion against mine. There is nothing else to it even if your delusion makes you feel all righteous.

    lololol lololol lolol sure sure you are right... ;) you are the best buddy.

  9. Just now, 1905didierblue said:

    Sure. Whatever floats your delusional boat. He was also sub par, 😂 in his time here. 

    No man... he was fantastic in CL winning many Tough CL matches on his own only to be let down by the team... speaking of delusion...

    Think history will see eden more like I do. We shall see.

  10. 4 minutes ago, 1905didierblue said:

    You can have all your delusions. It does not change a thing.

    It's downright stupid if not asenine to say hazard did not expose himself. Again, tell me who was the most fouled player in PL over the years. Hell even all over Europe. Stop making stuff up and then say "it's an opinion, deal with it". I have said exactly what I think about your post is pointless, redundant and stupid. Want me to re-iterate it?

    The point that a player who has been the most fouled player across year, does not expose himself. That point, get it?

    So the loser in Europa league or fa cup or carabao cup does not go home? Huh? Lol. 

    It is downright stupid to think hazard showed tremendous dedication and exposed himself often while here at Chelsea. 

    the guy shows up fat... dedication has no on/off switch.

  11. 13 minutes ago, 1905didierblue said:

    Address what point? 

    That hazard never exposed himself? And yet is the most fouled player for 5/6 straight years? I will discuss points worth discussing, not stupid statements made because you dislike/don't rate a player.

    Just because a player does not get injured means he is not exposing himself. Lol. "Could not be more wrong" indeed.

    So what is the difference between an elimination round of a caraboa/fa/Europa league game vs the CL and wc? Hazard seems to do brilliantly in those competition, does not he? Does he purposely play poor in CL? Or is it actually the quality of opposition that is the difference here. It's not just hazard who loses the game, but we lose it as a team. The Barca games, the multiple exits to psg. We were outplayed as a team. 

    You think my opinion is stupid and I think yours is stupid. You see it works both ways. Again I post whatever the fuck I want. If you disagree state with what or ignore, your choice.

    they are not mutually exclusive! Quality of the teams and player obviously matter as does what’s on the line! In single elimination, there is more dedication all around. Games are more physical because loser goes home.

    yes watching Eden play for years I think he never exposed himself. He never risks his wellbeing in a risky play. Never got angry or restless in a match. So yeah I very much disagree if you think otherwise. His injury record showcases that to me. It is ok if it does not for you.

    either eden is a player capable of winning tough matches, esp single-elimination, on his own or he is not. I think not.

    you have your opinion and I have mine.

  12. 16 minutes ago, 1905didierblue said:

    Just because it's a discussion forum does not mean people can write any kind of shit they want. There is discussion and then there are comments like these which make no sense.

    Epl is the most physical competition in the footballing world. And hazard was the best player in it. Give me the stat of the players drawing the highest number of fouls in epl, please. That should be indicative. 

    As for CL, it's a competition of equals and classy teams. It's one thing to go up against the likes of Beardsley who are going to kick the shit out of you, and another going against the likes of juanfran and aurier. In such a competition, the quality of the team shines through and hence why we struggled in CL for so long.




    I really don’t give a shit whether you rate my opinion or not. :) Just address the points I make or we really have nothing to discuss.

    I couldn’t disagree more. I posted edens injury record which is typical of a player who never exposed himself. I needed not to, since I’ve watched him play for years in a very laid-back way.

    you could not be more wrong on the differences between single-elimination tough cups like the later stages of CL and WC. It’s literally a different ballgame where strong mentally and physicality are far more important than in long championship games.

  13. 9 hours ago, 1905didierblue said:

    If it only took a couple of kicks at the start of the match to keep Eden quite, he would not be one of the best players in the world.what an obnoxious to even say.

    The guy is world class. One of the best players to have EVER played for Chelsea. And one of the best to have ever played in PL. Without a shred of doubt. 

    The minimum we can do is show him some respect rather than making OTT remarks.

    He gave us the best years of his life. Carrying the team this whole time. The guy had contributed in 50% of the goals in PL for us (goals and assists).

    What a preachy post. Kinda silly one too in a discussion forum. Might as well lock all player threads then. Imagine if we were to disrespect any of our players esp the ones who won us silverware... still waiting for you in the alonso thread. :) 

    nobody said he’s not world class. That he’s not one of the best, esp at Chelsea. I’m comparing him with other great players! Which is something people do in discussion forums... :) 

    eden was great in the PL. Never did shit in CL and that’s typical of players who lack determination to withstand the physicality that these single-elimination games bring.

    At least that’s what I saw on and off the pitch all these years. He’s a guy who shows up fat after getting his dream job. I thought his injury record that I posted was interesting as a data point, I guess not. ;) 

  14. 22 hours ago, Vesper said:

    I never said that that was his only issue. He has always been streets behind Messi and CR7, he was never even in the same postal code. 

    He will never posses their drive to win and excel. It is just part of his make-up. I still think he will go down as a top 10 to 15 overall player for the 2010's though.

    fair enough, you rate him a lot higher than I do. Just can't imagine a player like eden as a running back. :) Only if food. 

    21 hours ago, Blue Armour said:

    You must be thinking of a handful of games, like those he had against United when thugs like Young and Herrera tried to do a number on him.

    Other than those few examples, how can you say that he shied away from tackles? There's a reason he was the most fouled player in the league when he was here.

    And that earlier comment on here by @Costa19 sounds just wrong. How can you wish ill will on a player who contributed so much when he was here? For 7 years at that! Not sure how his Madrid exploits can bother you. 

    Nah, sorry, I don't think eden exposed himself often. Can only think of Ronaldinho as a player less likely to go into tackles. Eden never showed that extra effort, a sliding tackle to win the ball or to finish. For me he is extremely laid back on the pitch. He only plays at this level because of his talent esp close control. Most of his injuries were muscle, not from tackles: https://www.transfermarkt.us/eden-hazard/verletzungen/spieler/50202

    For all his antics, compare that with Neymar: https://www.transfermarkt.us/neymar/verletzungen/spieler/68290 

    All these skillful players protect themselves, it's part of it, but once in a while, in important games, they need to show that extra determination. E.g. CL matches... Eden never did. He never gets angry in adversity. I have a hard time liking players who lack determination. Even though I think neymar is more of a match winning type, I think he lacks that as well.

  15. 26 minutes ago, Vesper said:

    All those brutal tackles are adding up,

    In a prefect situ, he would have been under contract for 3 more years and would have left NEXT summer, when he was 5 or so months away from turning 30, as I have serous doubts he does much beyond 30 years of age, 31 max. He has taking an absolute beating the last 10 or 11 seasons. That shit adds up. Look at yank football running backs (granted, much more vicious contact) whose average career in the NFL s  is under 3 years (2.57 years in the NFL!), and 95% who never have great seasons once they hit 29yo max (and those are rare) In the last 20 years, out of over 1000 rostered running backs, NINE have had 230 PPR plus seasons when they were over 29, none over 31yo (6 30 yo's, and 3 31 yo's)

    Eden's style of play is the association football version of a running back.

    As a fan of both footballs, I could not disagree more. And honestly, sounds like yet another excuse for eden to not be producing the goods as some here have predicted.

    running-backs run into contention and do not really avoid contact, often thru the middle. Can’t think of a player who protects himself more than eden. And he mostly stays on the left avoiding contention. Just kick him good in the beginning of the game and he will vanish.

    once again, I find it interesting that we don’t link his often mentioned lack of determination, on and off the pitch, to avoiding hard tackles and protecting himself. It is the same determination. The very thing that allows Ronaldo to compete against Messi and prevents, because he lacks that, eden from getting anywhere that level.

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  16. 10 hours ago, BlueLion. said:

    He didn't score yesterday but I don't think that means he had a bad game. He links the play almost as well as Giroud does, in my honest opinion! Ryan made one superb save 1v1 (you might argue Tammy should have scored, but it was a decent finish and excellent goalkeeping, in truth), but what I liked most was his high pressing, which almost resulted in him stealing a goal from a poor back pass. The thing that surprises me the most about him is that he is quite an intelligent footballer with a good understanding of the game, and he is able to appraise the situation quite well for a young player. He's won me over, as I had expressed doubts about both his goalscoring abilities in the Premier League, and his intelligence to play as a lone striker. 

    He did have a good game against Brighton. Just his finishing wasn’t there.

    giroud is very different: stronger in the air, much slower, but more reliable against stronger opposition.

    Tammy needs to do this, the linkup, movement, and winning high balls, when playing against stronger opposition. I still see a strong link between his performances and the level of the opposition.

    thats the next step he needs to take, and each of the next steps will be the hardest, as he approaches the elite.

    Im not yet sure he will make it at this level. There is a good change that he will be at least a lukaku, but I’m still hoping for a bit more. Time will tell.

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  17. On 9/28/2019 at 1:42 PM, Magic Lamps said:

    When you have alonso next to you (or rather 70m in front of you) and still keep a clean sheet you are always in contention for motm

    That’s his job... what else does he do aside from defending? He did and should enable players who can actually contribute in attack, which alonso does.

    BTW, Alonso's positioning is all strategy esp at home. Heh I hope we don’t return to the ridiculous notion that the manager tell me the player to sit back, but he goes to attack anyway....

  18. 2 hours ago, Tomo said:

    I know people like to bash Willian for the slightest thing, but for the way he scored a goal (that settled tension with the fans) really does take the cake.

    Had a good game and scored a goal from his own play. The step over gave him a bit more angle for the shot.

    hate is blinding folks around here.

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  19. Stay calm... take a deep breath. :)

    he’s been very good and is absolutely a massive prospect, but he defended against championship attackers today and that makes all the difference.

    don’t think a cb should ever be in contention for motm when playing against weaker sides at SB.

  20. 3 hours ago, Atomiswave said:

    There are shills on both sides.....make no mistake about that mate. One look at the money involved and its righ there looking at us. Its getting milked to the max.

    Can’t agree with. That’s a false equivalence.

    the science shows one thing, what we do with the information is really up to us. The oil industry money is clearly behind the denial side, which tells me everything I needed to know.

    I just don’t the solutions are feasible or even enough, given that population growth is rarely discussed.

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  21. On 9/25/2019 at 0:59 PM, Atomiswave said:

    Dont get it twisted now.....not all are BS. I was in Nato for 6 years, I have done and seen things that will shock most of us. Some just might be real and not some story. JUst investigate for yourself dont take my word for it. I just put it out here in response to that pic. Believe it dont believe it, up to you.

    I do my own research, which usually means following the money. There is only so much time we can spare on hobbies, considering work and life in general, so we trust certain media sources more than others.

    I find it very hard to believe there are groups out there with more money to spare and that exert more influence than the oil industry.

    most of the green movement I see today, which some call radical, or about climate change, is merely about ensuring capitalism works. It’s about enforcing that the oil industry finally pays all the costs of its own business... it never has.

    The science behind climate change is actually pretty obvious, I mean artificially releasing high quantities of co2, that earth took a very long time to collect, creates imbalances. 

    regarding the solutions, then I’m very very skeptical.

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