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  1. Bruno Guimarães

    So athletico beat internacional in Porto Alegre yay! watched the game and Bruno Guimarães was a bit subdued. Kept on trying to slow down and control tempo, but the game did not agree with him. It was a topical final with all players giving a lot physically. its normal tho - he’s only 21 and it’s his first big final. Won the cup all the same tho so congrats to him. Aside from Bruno, athletico has got 3 other very interesting players: the two cbs bambu 21 and leo Pereira 23, and the winger rony, 24.
  2. 19. Mason Mount

    Not true. Match management involves the whole season, hence why there is rotation. Games are not equal nor are player form and fitness over a long season. They may think pulisic needs time to settle to the tempo of the pl or perhaps even improve physically, who knows? franks message is the odd part, given pulisic has plenty of CL experience and would have been comfortable with Valencia slow tempo. i guess is just another case of frank also learning on the job.
  3. 19. Mason Mount

    Odd... And hasn’t pulisic played cL already? pedro was really bad, it he was coming back from injury, so hope he improves from that.
  4. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    About time
  5. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Fantastic news! Finally! Wages are CHO and Chelsea’s problem - couldn’t care less. Hope the club learned something from this tho.
  6. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    I mostly agree with that, except that, teams with too many youngsters never win anything, including the Ajax you just mentioned. The Ajax that did win things had lots of experienced player (deBoers, overnars, etc). Exceptions are exceptions, nothing more. the interesting thing is that you are the one saying that certain players are past it. My answer to that is that even if you are right, that some players are past it, their alternatives are not there yet and may never be. So you are really exchange a “past it” with “not good enough yet”. and by “not good enough yet” I mean players who aren’t consistent, who don’t know how to defend set pieces and struggle against different styles in different competitions, and get bullied once in a while by stronger more experienced players. well, because they are learning. haha I guess all I’m really saying is that we need balance.
  7. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Agree and disagree with that. They are players of completely different characteristics - reckon Rashford is the more sought after for being skillful, therefore, the more valuable of the two - even if Tammy becomes a consistent goal scorer. In an off-day, Rashford will always be more likely to contribute even if not scoring. (will be good for England to have both tho) And I'm writing this after Tammy struggled against valencia. It's OK and it will happen again (many times).
  8. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    It’s actually a good time to play them. Yes, they are the better side, with better players in most positions, but it’s still early season and they are not yet very competitive.
  9. Eden Hazard

    I’m sure that’s going to be the “excuse” when hazard ends up producing about the same (good performances) as he did here. I suspect Madrid bought eden expecting him to be the type of player to make it the right time, and not the other way around.
  10. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    wow! What a simplistic view of the game. Sounds like faith-based as you have to pretty much ignore the realities all around you - including the opposition. Starting to think we should field the u21 instead! They will definitely dominate in CL... Pulisic? Sure he's going to be a good player some day, he hasn't done shit yet. Today I was watching men influence tough CL matches. No place for fucking teenagers. Our best player, by far, is 28yo Kante. Not Tammy, who struggled today, nor Mount. Much less Pulisic or CHO. Regarding your comment about defending, I've got a simple one for you: how many of our players were "defending" when Valencia scored from the set piece? I hope you don't think it's only the defenders, who according to you are shit.
  11. 1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

    Lol Yeah perhaps you may prefer, like I do, a taller more dominant in the box goalie. on the other hand, I do agree that kepa is not playing particularly well and some of the shots that went in were stoppable.
  12. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Valencia has a very different style of play (and tempo) than what our young folks are used to in the PL. That’s why frank may have opted for the more experienced players. Tho pulisic has played quite a few CL matches afaik. this will happen and they will struggle and learn from these experiences. Pretty crazy that some folks don’t get that Pedro and willian are more used to these different styles and conditions than a young player who only played championship until this season. Alonso free-kicks and willian runs were pretty much the best we had. Alonso was also good defensively and passing. Wingback really seems to help his game. Folks don’t value set pieces around here for some strange reason, but our opponents don’t care. Tammy lost his player and that player scored. It happens and they are learning, but that’s how it’s going to be with young players.
  13. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Thought of pedro there. Would have given us a bit more attacking ambition from the start.
  14. 10. Willian

    Don’t expect willian to become, now at 31, the player he never was. he’s always been a headless chicken. Can expect good runs, good work rate, and the occasional shot when he’s on his day (in a blue moon), but that’s pretty much it. he was hardly the worst attacker today against Valencia however frustrating his decisions may be.
  15. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Set pieces is the entire teams responsibility. When the opposition puts 8-9 players in our box to attack set prices all our players are defending. that has been my point all along. In that set piece Tammy was defending and did not do that very well. He had a poor game and that’s ok and will happen again. it is hard to defend set pieces with any players esp younger inexperienced ones. The players also need to learn when it is important to hold the ball and pass it around versus trying to beat their marker, esp in CL.
  16. 8. Ross Barkley

    He’s a good player who is a poor pk taker. It happens... should refrain from taking them. Problem solved.
  17. 28. César Azpilicueta

    Had a good game against Valencia. Put in many good crosses, esp first half, but our attackers were not very sharp today, including Tammy who had a poor game. Caveat, not crazy about azpi as a wingback either. When playing 3 at the back, he should be one of the 3.
  18. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Yeah except a moment a ago a bit distracted and leaving attacker onside for Alonso clearance.
  19. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Basics? He’s consistently dribbling past 2-3 players... his finishing is not there, but that never stopped folks from loving hazard all the same. Seriously, I don’t expect willian to become the player he never was at 31, but he is doing more than his peers in this game.
  20. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Ross instead of Pedro for mount and Pedro wingback instead of azpi, who should be playing cb instead of zouma. the team is a bit too defensive atm considering the quality of the opposition. willian had a good game so far - don’t understand the hate today. tomori looks 10x than zouma yet again.
  21. David Luiz

    Thanks. Yeah was discussing that with a colleague, who’s an arsenal fan. He said about 2 shots every 2 minutes. sometimes I think managers have the easiest job on earth. Was emeri asleep during the second half? Haha
  22. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Perhaps, but dont think we are solid enough to start switching formations. It demands a lot of time and prep.
  23. The English Football Thread

    Yeah I saw that as well, the bullying part mentioned by Xhaka, who’s a pretty average player in a very average midfield. Xhaka is a bit heavier than the others, and more physical, but too many lightweights in that side. the one thing that struck me is that the players did not seem to be running much. Are they playing for the manager? Manager looks clueless to be sure... does not read the game and does not adjust. Despite all that and Sokratis mistake, which was prob the worst I’ve seen a defender make, folks are talking about Luiz’ silly pk. Poor Luiz will have a very long season with the British media on him. We all know how well he does when exposed. And very exposed he will be.
  24. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Did not know he had injured his signing hand as well.
  25. Kevin de Bruyne

    A guy who can shoot from afar does not need to penetrate the opposition defense in a low block, because he can shoot before the opposition defense can apply pressure. Same with key passes and assists from afar. Courinho made a career just doing exactly that (and not much else). sorry I completely disagree. For me hazard thrives in counter attacking situations with lots of spaces for his runs and dribbling. Seen way too many times low block making him pretty ineffective. KDB is the far more complete and versatile player in my book.