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  1. Ramires

    Box-to-box is how he's played during his entire career and for Brazil. He plays as winger on occasion, and does a good job esp when defending is important (barca), but he is certainly more of all rounder than a creative winger. People forget how young he is. I think Ramires is great player right now as well as a fantastic prospect for the future (of Chelsea and Brazil NT). Now, he is far better in the centre midfield. BTW, he can do what Meireles does with better quality.
  2. Frank Lampard

    I don't think this is a matter of "wanting," but of "necessity." The fact is Lampard now is 34 and he may struggle when playing twice a week. Different players react differently to aging, but Lampard is fairly tall, which could also make him less mobile later on. BTW, aside from the hype, I don't think Giggs and Scholes should be playing at all for united. Had they acquired proper replacements (who didn't pick up injuries ever other game) and they both would have been retired by now, or fringe players. Perhaps City deserved the title last season because they did not have to employ so "over-the-hill" players like United did. (No I don't think Lampard is there yet but he will) We tend to be more emotional over this situation, but the manager and coaches need not be and make decisions based on performance (of course his leadership and experience count as well).
  3. Edinson Cavani

    I don't disagree about Meireles, just pointing out we'd need to get someone else. The players you mentioned aren't very aggressive or quick, especially when marking (with the exception of Ramires); Meireles is. Lampard isn't quick, but he is aggressive and sometimes Romeo and Mikel lack that "fighting spirit." I'd also love to get someone else who has both, aggressiveness and technique, but until then, Meireles will have to do. Cool, didn't know it got to that point with Lukaku. He was 18 last season, so I cannot blame the managers for not playing him. At the same time I understand why Chelsea got him: loads of natural talent.
  4. David Luiz

    Yes, but barca interest has been rumored since last transfer window (perhaps before). And honestly, David Luiz style would work very well at Barca and they know it. He's a ball player, and that's what they like in their players. I certainly don't want him to leave, but I can buy Barca think he'd fit in well.
  5. Frank Lampard

    Lampard should start in fewer matches, but not dropped. Also, at 34, his form won't be very good at the start of the season, but should get better in time. I'd still start him considering how young the new signings are. Meireles, Ramires (or another CM) can provide him some cover.
  6. Edinson Cavani

    Tricky, if offload Meireles, then Chelse'd need to get another CM for sure. Concerning CF, I actually thought Lukaku would be a perfect cover for Torres, considering Sturridge and Moses can also play some role in attack. I suspect RDM consideres Mata cpable of covering in attack as well, which isn't crazy when I look at the way he plays (almost a FW).