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  1. Mikel John Obi

    Agreed. Someone like Mascherano for example. High work rate and pace though not so strong in the air.
  2. General Transfer Talk

    Is Mascherano a realistic target right now? He's part of rotation at Barca, so perhaps offering a staring position would entice him to return to the BPL. Plus his buddy Benitez is the manager now, at least for a while.
  3. Mikel John Obi

    Let's agr Let's agree to completely disagree then. BTW, spain bore me to death... had Robben not been a complete and utter flop in big matches and the Dutch team would've been world champions now.
  4. Mikel John Obi

    I think people here don't give enough international credit... do you know how difficult it is to start for Brazil? Certainly more difficult than to pick an England spot. I'm not dissing England, but it's just the sheer number of players that Brazil have at their disposal. Many of which play at top sides, like Chelsea. It's actually quite sad because it's a continental country with a single sport: football. Granted, we have many young players now; even Luiz and Ramires are a bit green, esp concerning top level football. But that's how you improve your squad without breaking the bank. You cannot buy the final product every time; it's just too expensive even for Roman, not to mention the other guys may not want to sell their best players. BTW, moments of brilliance like the one Ramires had against Barca is what makes a player special in my book. Ramires was also MOTM for Brazil in the last world cup and was Suspended for the Holland game. Chelsea are short in the middle, no argument there. They need cover too.
  5. Mikel John Obi

    I happen to think that, right now, DM is a position Chelsea could improve on. Now, this improvement may come from Mikel and Romeo, or perhaps different players. Without having the fitness levels data, that Chelsea coaches certainly do have access to, it's difficult to know how they are progressing physically and tactically. The fact they've let Essien go and bet on Mikel speaks volumes. I think Mikel has gained some pace lately, but sometimes he seems a bit off as of lacking dynamism. His work rate could be improved on. You could make a case for most of Chelsea squad that they'd be top 10 in the world in their respective positions (personal preferences aside), but Mikel would be a difficult sell for a top 10 spot. Essien at his best was easily top 10. Ironically we've won the CL without him... It's always the team. It's all relative to the team and the system; the manager would be very welcome to find a system in which Mikel excels.
  6. Victor Moses

    Well by the time I wrote my post that was the case. The team has been improving, but we like to talk about individual players instead; it's way more fun.
  7. Thibaut Courtois

    Why stop there?! United are in dire need of a top keeper like Cech... I'm SAF would welcome him with open arms. Seriously, I could certainly imagine accepting a bib for Petr, considering Courtois is already playing at a very high level, but NOT 10 mil! It's gotta be a an absurd amount of money for a GK. Pter has another 5 years at top level easy.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    I sudo do! Barca have huge problems playing against counter-attacking teams. They are also very weak in the air and need to always get behind the opponent's defense line. Messi is key here, because of his dribbling. They've struggled against Inter and Chelsea a few times. This is not about quality whatsoever since they can usually beat United without problems. Other possession sides haven't had Barca's luck btw. People talk about Barca, which have prob the best players in the world. Do you really think Barca would be that much weaker if playing in a vastly different way? Or would Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, still provide an edge that any style and side can benefit from? Things are cyclical; soon enough a more pragmatic team will become very successful and others will attempt to do the same.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    ^^ I agree that if Chelsea want to keep possession the entire team need to be able to pass the ball. It's also a philosophy change since you can see how uncomfortable people are with Luiz style which is essentially what it takes to keep possession. However, I don't like teams that are one-dimensional because there will be situations when your virtues are not going to be effective. Even if Oscar is hard worker and he is, he's still physically weak and all our attacking players, aside from Torres, are poor in the air. Fallaini would add both height and physical strength to a very lightweight side. We can still keep possession, but sometimes you need a dif alternative in a match.
  10. Victor Moses

    So, you've all made up your minds based on a handfull games, some in which he's come off the bench in the second half, but I'm the misguided one?! Our attack has been pathetic since Benitez joined and Moses has been part of that (according to the previous poster), so no, I expect far more from him as well as the rest of the team. I hope you are right and I'm the one missing the greatness you see in him, but I just don't see him providing enough quality to become a starter for Chelsea, at least not yet.
  11. Frank Lampard

    are they talking about extending his contract? Perhaps another year?
  12. Victor Moses

    Moses had good games where his movement did cause problems for the opponents, but he also had games where he was completely ineffective. As the season unfolds, we will find out what his role is, because right now he *is* a fringe player; good option for second half when fullbacks are tired.
  13. Victor Moses

    Wow! not really watching the same matches as it seems... I expect him to do a lot better in the future to claim a starting spot for chelsea. With his current one-trick pony performances, he will remain a fringe player for a very long time. Don't get me wrong, he is young enough and can develop, but develop he must.
  14. Thibaut Courtois

    great officiating! The amount of play acting was completely incompatible with the football being played, but the ref did not handed cards on every bump and subsequent dive.
  15. David Luiz

    I don't disagree with either of you, but isn't it also fair to say that David's style merely demands a bit more protection, or cover, which should not be a problem. He also did not seem to have a problem when *told* not to leave his position in the Champions league. I mean everyone here who knows something about the game sees that our problems go way beyond the CB pair, but David still gets some IMO unfair criticism regardless. Concerning heart, I hear that a lot and my answer is always that you can find a lot of heart in the championship players... Heart is extremely overrated IMO. A player is either good enough or he isn't. Either he is confortable on the ball or he isn't. When things are most challenging, when facing the very best forwarders, that's when any shortcoming will get punished. BTW, ironically, one of the things I like most about Terry is that he is a cool (almost cold) player; he tackles players or shots as if nothing special and does not celebrate like Cahill does... In my mind, David and Terry are more natural footballers. Chelsea are a team who must always focus on the tough match, how to face the very best teams and players. We shouldn't need Torres, or Luiz, or whoever to have perfect games against the likes of West Ham for example.
  16. David Luiz

    lol liked the "messy defending stuff" bit...the secret skill set of a good defender. Disagree concerning Luiz and Terry; Terry's wasn't born with the awareness he displays on the pitch now. He's at his peak as a player, especially because defenders peak at around their 30s. I expect Luiz to get there eventually, though he will obviously become a different type of defender, even when more composed. One who should (as he does now) pair well with a composed defender like Terry is. Contrary to most here, I'm more concerned about Cahill of late. His defending has been very soft (even not physical enough).
  17. David Luiz

    "Best" is relative... Iva is better in the air, but far less confortable on the ball (underrated trait in England for whatever reason ). David has more pace too, which helps with high defense line. Even Terry is on the slow side. Though Terry *is* our best CB, also because of his leadership. People complain about distribution, but don't see that David is actually a very good passer, which helps the attack... BTW, Chelsea had been defending like shit before Benitez, regardless of the CB pair employed. It has taken a herculean effort to have clean sheets lately, which has hurt our attacking; the team is very unbalanced at the moment.
  18. Romelu Lukaku

    Stand by what I said; it's not his place to make statements such as above. To me it sounds like he does not want to be recalled. Instead, he could've said something like this: "I'm very happy here, but I'd be happy to return to Chelsea as well; regardless I'd always do my best." Or how about saying nothing? Not very hard.
  19. Romelu Lukaku

    I honestly don't like what he's been saying about a possible recall. It's good to be driven, but he is on loan, and I bet Chelsea still pay for at least some of his wages. http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/chelsea-loan-striker-keen-to-avoid-stamford-bridge
  20. David Luiz

    OK, lets say, for the sake of argument that Luiz-Cahill is the worst combo for Chelsea. I still think they are both good defenders with a lot to learn. They are certainly better than fucking Rio, whoever pairs up with Kompany, or any Arsenal defender. Lescott?! Makes way more key mistakes than Luiz and is not nearly as comfortable on the ball as Luiz is; he's a real serious guy though... defense is the responsibility of the entire team. They can drop deeper and play counter (like we did last season and Inter did before), they can push up press, and keep possession like Barca and Spain do, but the entire team need to defend. Defenders should never ever be allowed 1x1 against the attackers... The attackers have possession, have momentum, and they can get creative. Defenders have to guess and only need to fail once.
  21. David Luiz

    a curve ball for you: who do you think defends better, Malouda or Hazard? thank god football is not as simple as american football...
  22. David Luiz

    Good point... I suggested that Oscar may be able to do just that if dropped deeper. Lampard had been dropping deeper lately as well, but dunno whether he is going to be in the squad next season. Regardless, we need more in the midfield department, if nothing else for cover. Ironically, between Terry, Luiz, Cahill, and Iva, I think we have plenty in the back, despite the criticism. We are really short in the middle and striker position (obviously).
  23. Fernando Torres

    his acceleration is gone. My left nut to be able to talk to Chelsea fitness coach. (well not really).
  24. David Luiz

    I don't disagree, but I don't think it's about the defense line alone. In other words, some of "their" poor form was due to other circumstances. David and Cahill did very well against Bayern for example and other very tough games last season, but they also have a far more solid midfield in front of them. Even Drogba was much more of a defender than Torres is. It all adds up. Lets count how many players do not contribute to defending and compare that to last season: Torres, Mata, Hazard, and to a lesser degree Oscar. Mata was there, so, we've added 3 players who defend far less than their last season counterparts. Even if I say Oscar defends OK, he is no Lampard; the numbers don't lie. Now, these players cannot become something they are not. Perhaps we just have to work on keeping better possession. BTW, back to Luiz... he has to stop making those brain-dead long and low passes to player who are under pressure. I do understand Chelsea are trying to keep possession, but sometimes you just have to get rid of the football. I have no problems with his long high passes, which happen when necessary anyway.
  25. David Luiz

    It's a fair assessment if you look at the characteristics of the CBs, but a bit simplistic considering how much different (from the juve game) the *entire* team behaved, especially defensively. I agree that Iva is the only CB, other than terry, who can be dominant in the air (great choice btw because of Dzeko starting). However, against pacier sides, who sit back and ocunter, David and Cahill may do just as well, so long as the rest of the team do their part! I will point to Juve's second and decisive goal: 3 Juve midfielders completely unmarked move forward, with one of them scoring. That goal had nothing to do with the defense line.