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  1. Daniel Sturridge

    So you are saying Carroll is more skillful and more English than Sturridge? How much was Carroll, 25m? It's all about the number of top clubs and the available national pool, which is quite limited for English clubs.
  2. Daniel Sturridge

    Still, the evidence is that Chelsea (coaches and whoever the manager is) don't think Sturridge is good enough. We can either trust they have more information than we do (I tend to be in this group), or we can think they are wrong based on the little information we have. Another piece of evidence we have is the very low price of the transfer; considering his age, status, nationality, he should be in the 20m+. Also, did any club, other than Liverpool consider a move for him? Isn't that strange?
  3. Daniel Sturridge

    they are opinions like most others here, or elsewhere, founded by watching the freaking games. However, personal preferences aside, how many managers and coaches have not considered Sturridge good enough to start? How many managers have played him on the wing as opposed to striker position? How much more evidence does one require? I for one, have had enough of Sturridge and trust the chelsea professionals--well paid coaches and Managers who coached him for years--to have made the right decision.
  4. Eden Hazard

    Completely agree! The defensive side of his game needs a lot of work... however, being consistent now, the aspects he needs to work on are certainly workable. It is far easier to learn how to tackle than it is (learn how) to control the ball if you don't yet know how. Hazard has perfect first touch and I've played with folks with perfect first touch before, so I know. Though in games like this one, the manager wouldn't have started Hazard if Ramires weren't on the other side of the pitch offering what Hazard does not. It's all about balance. When Hazard gets some rest, and spend some time in the gym, I won't be one saying he's a flop or something like that; it's just the natural development process of a young player.
  5. David Luiz

    One question: how do you know? I for one find it hard to believe all these 4 managers asked Luiz not to "bomb" forward and still had Luiz as a first choice CB even though Luiz apparently did not do as requested... Another piece of evidence: were we any less unbalanced when Luiz did not play? Like when our defense was shit with Cahill and Iva against West Ham. Also, one player cannot make a team unbalanced. His run should either have been covered, OR the manager should've instructed him not to make the run(s). You cannot have it both ways (that David is the cause of the unbalance). If he were instructed not to make the run, and still did (according to you has been doing that through 4 different managers), then why does he still play?!? If he was instructed to make the runs (to me the only logical explanation), then why did the other players NOT cover him? Because the team is unbalanced and I have my own theories of why: something to do with math and number of players defending. Final point: David should always be making forward runs when we play a shitty side like Leeds.
  6. David Luiz

    The problem is really with the definition of "defending." To you, it seems, it's about getting the ball away from your own box as quickly as possible. Mine is very very different because football isn't that simple. If you simplify in the back, you simplify the play; it's all connected. That's why I saw Cahill struggle defensively against better opposition, last weekend, while David Luiz had absolutely no problem stopping Corinthians' forwarders runs. That's defensive quality! How well you can turn your body and chase down a forwarder when he changes pace and/or direction (which is what the great FW do). The aspects of David Luiz game that are criticized here are the easiest to correct; perhaps even just a talk by the manager asking not to do this or that and stay deep, though I suspect the exact opposite takes place: managers (plural) specifically ask him to do exactly what people here dislike. Now other players who do not have David's first touch (notice how he needs a single touch to stop and control the ball?) won't improve that much; it's very difficult to improve the technical aspects of the game. It's utterly ridiculous to say that you cannot misplace a pass upfield against freaking Leeds otherwise you concede a goal. The team is obviously unbalanced. Concerning BPL defensive prowess, the numbers (spec number of goals conceded) seem to indicate a very different story.
  7. David Luiz

    It says a lot we are talking about David after a "thrilling" game against Leeds...
  8. Eden Hazard

    Burning him up and criticize him?! lol That's what fans do... that's what we do around here... we want Chelsea to win, not Hazard or Oscar, or Moses. We all have our preferences, but it's about the team! If Hazard isn't creating or scoring what the hell is he doing? Why is he starting? Mata plays a lot better than him and regularly so (only 23 btw). So, yes, if the player is not performing he should be benched. Then he gets another chance when he shows something during practice. That's how things usually work when the club has options, which I think is one of the problems with Chelsea this season (lack of strength in depth).
  9. Eden Hazard

    How being young guarantees a spot for him? How being young allows him to not produce enough and still start for a club like Chelsea? Ever other sentence you wrote you mention his age, something I did mention myself, so don't really get the reason for your rant. So I will just comment about what I care about: that Hazard IMO has been very poor. So, in my view Hazard is already a player with deficiencies; He does not track back or defend well. He's very static when without the football, though he explodes into movement when he does get the ball. So, with the football at his feet he is very good, sometimes excellent. So, aside from his known and quite obvious deficiencies, he should've been scoring goals and creating chances all the time, but he is not. Him being young gives a reason for his lack of consistency, but does not give one for Chelsea to start him when he can't deliver. What applies to other players also applies to Hazard, regardless of age. Lukaku can't be too young and inconsistent for Chelsea, but it's OK if Hazard vanishes because he is too young. Nobody is saying sell him, but if his current form does not improve he should not be starting.
  10. David Luiz

    Ridiculous IMHO that JT isn't playing for England because "he is not a nice guy." You can't pick and choose the nice guys and then expect to win titles. You pick the best and handling the players is the manager's job; that's why they make the big bucks.
  11. Eden Hazard

    There are chances and chances; the sitter Torres missed against Corinthians is not acceptable. There is no excuse, because that was the wrong decision. It was clearly a tap-in and he tried to power it in. He was under no pressure from defenders either. That type of stats would indeed identify Joe Allen as a good player; the only problem is that he is shit. Or has been shit for liverpool. What's the use of all those completed side passes when the ones that count don't make it? Like I said before, pass completion would lead anyone to believe Gareth Barry is better Messi. Now, to the original point, Hazard has been poor. Teamwork is off, so most players struggle. One of the reasons I theorize that hurt Chelsea's teamwork is that we've got too much of a good thing; Mata and Hazard are the same player. They are both false nines. Considering we already have a false nine in Torres (sorry could not resist), and sometimes our manager even start with Moses, yet another not-a-midfielder wide player, we end up losing the midfield in every fucking match. Hazard at 21 will have ups and downs and it's up to the manager to manage the player. I hope we are not comparing a 28 yo who's been playing the BPL for a long time, with an attacking midfielder who's 21 and is playing in the league for the first time.
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Walcott is a bit redundant with Sturridge and Moses for the right and Hazard and Mata (plus Bertrand) for the left. We need a goal scorer, and from Torres current form, perhaps 2. We need more in the center of the pitch. We've lost many center/holding mids and got no replacements. Lampard signing for another year or not.
  13. Fernando Torres

    Droga vs Torres Take away the goals completely and analyse what they did on the pitch. Better yet, imagine if you were a defender playing for the opposition and could choose which one to play against, which one would you pick? The one that you can stop with minimal contact or the other who will prob run you over every time?! Torres clearly has a physical problem; he just isn't strong nor quick enough to play at this level, unfortunately.
  14. Fernando Torres

    I wonder whether we are approaching the tipping point with Torres. I mean, yes, it is to be expected the club will be trying to save/protect a 50 mil investment. However, Chelsea do lose money by playing him, because at the very least Chelsea did not get the 5 million which was the prise for winning the WCC. Same in Chapions League... We'd prob have qualified had we had a more competitive striker up front. I wonder what is going to take for the club to decide that enough is enough and give up on him.
  15. Fernando Torres

  16. Fernando Torres

    People usually exaggerate when they say "I wouldn't have missed that one!", but not today. That miss was legendary... It is simply inexcusable for a professional striker to miss that sitter.
  17. David Luiz

    Agreed, there isn't. If he did well in the midfield he could be employed in the midfield by scolari no doubt. as a DM he'd have competition from Sandro and Lucas at the moment. So, certainly doable. Now, for the other midfield positions he could end up easily being 3rd or 4th as there are a lot of (good) options. David is "comfortable on the ball" as the English say, but to Brazilians it just means he's good. As in, if a player is not "comfortable on the ball" he just isn't good enough. So, while he is skillful for a tall and aggressive defender, he'd be average, or perhaps subpar for other positions in the team. I think he fully realizes this, or at least his agent does. taped the game and will "tape" the Sunday one too... ok, maybe wake up at 6am so I can skip through half time. Darn feel guilty talking about Brazil and David too much (since this is about Chelsea anyway) , but I really believe this guy could become a top top defender for both. One thing that worries me is this hot seat manager situation. How can these young players develop without some stability and actual coaching?
  18. David Luiz

    Walk into the brazil side? Are you kidding me? If he does not play as a CB regularly he'd not even be considered for the position. Perhaps not even getting a call up.. Besides, the WC is over a year away and some other players will come into the spotlight. Watch Dede CB from Vasco btw. Has been called up a bunch of times already.
  19. David Luiz

    You know he conditioned his signing with Chelsea not to play as a right back? He did play as a right-back many times when in Portugal, and sure enough not for Chelsea--it is always Iva who is moved to the right... just saying... Yeah, because losing a spot in the national team for not only the world cup, but one played on home soil ins't a big thing? Honestly, seen players hand in transfer requests for a lot less.
  20. David Luiz

    I can relate as I don't like the way the football federations use and abuse players and their clubs, in the name of their respective countries (it's really about money though). However, like I said, if Luiz isn't OK with the change, and the change is of the permanent kind, he may just hand in his transfer request. Many thought he would be fine as a right-back and he pretty much said 'no' and that was the end of it. The reason he said no was because Brazil had Dani Alves and Maicon for right-back. The writeup also points out one of the key limitations of our current DMs, something we've missed on the Mickel thread: long balls. madmax, yes, David has been a starter for Brazil and doing a great job as a defender playing alongside Thiago Silva. Thiago is more composed and David aggressive, which makes them an interesting pair (akin to David Terry IMO). Scolari has not yet called up the players, but it is to be expected David and Silva pairing will be maintained.
  21. David Luiz

    Good writeup, but people are mostly missing one important variable here: Brazil. If David ends up playing regularly in the middle for Chelsea he'd very likely lose his starting stop for Brazil. In other words, he might hand in his transfer request if this is done one-sided: by chelsea alone. The way to go about this, if the intent is to *move* david into a DM role, is to include both David and Scolari in the decision making. If the idea is to have him as a DM cover, then it's all good as the flexibility would be very welcome by Scolari as well. I know Chelsea wouldn't care about what Brazil want or need, but they could lose the player in teh process, especially with the WC coming in 2 years time and in Brazilian soil. BTW, long ball passing is underrated around here. These passes naturally stretch the opponent, because it keeps their defense line in check at all times.
  22. General Transfer Talk

    agreed, but the discussion is (or I thought it was) of all rounders vs specialists. United seem to employ all rounders, so they can pressure more easily, even when away from home (like they did against us and City more recently). They also do not need a holding mid, because they defend well with 2 lines with RVP being the only one not very committed to defending. I do agree that right now we cannot do that even if we wanted to, but in the long run who knows?!
  23. General Transfer Talk

    Good point, but if we play with the likes of Hazard, Mata, Moses/Oscar, and a striker up front then we sure do need a DM. If Hazard, Mata, and Oscar develop the defensive side of their game, then we could potentially change and not even employ a DM, but I'd not do that right now.
  24. Daniel Sturridge

    That's why we are not league contenders and out of the CL. And also the reason that our once pretty solid defense has suddenly become weak and questionable, but we always choose to question the defenders when we concede and the forwarders when we don't score, as if football was that simple. Thanks for the useless stats. So, you provide stats that do not disprove any of ours points concerning sturridge's game and at the same time come up with anecdotal evidence that you "have not heard a single person..." My point earlier is that I do trust Chelsea's coaches to know a bit better than us, myself included.
  25. Daniel Sturridge

    Agreed. Besides being a team player isn't so much as just passing the football, which he does not do very often, but tracking back, moving into channels, defend and tackle to win the ball back (not just for show). These coaches see more than we do; they also keep actual data not only from matches, but also practice. Agreed on the stats too. Stats mean very little when taken out of context. The worst and most overused stat IMO is pass accuracy, which would lead anyone to conclude that Gareth Barry is better than Messi. We are in the age of the glorified side-passer though. The problem is that he thinks he a lot better than he actually is.