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  1. David Luiz

    Of course he will start; without Thiago, he's the best defender Brazil got!
  2. Thibaut Courtois

    That was pretty cool! Thanks for the video. I'm convinced then (by all replies); perhaps he's just playing nice since he's gonna stay there for a while. Back to Courtois though, it's a difficult situation; Cech isn't going to play forever, but he's relatively young for a GK, so he prob still has a few years ahead of him at Chelsea, which means Courtois needs to find game elsewhere.
  3. Thibaut Courtois

    I hope you are right. I just don't get that from his interviews...
  4. Thibaut Courtois

    That's exactly what I'm afraid of concerning Lukaku.
  5. Gary Cahill

    http://thinkfootball.co.uk/archives/8028 I agree with most if not all points of the article above. He has moved from a smaller side, so he may still improve especially on positioning (Giroud did the same in the first 5 min of the match against Arsenal). And that's precisely why I dislike the current Iva and Cahill partnership: they both cover, no one chases. Regardless, I certainly don't see him remotely close to becoming a long-term Terry replacement. The difference in class between the two players is absolutely obvious.
  6. David Luiz

    If you are right then we need to buy world class defenders, because aside from Terry, David was the best prospect in the squad.
  7. David Luiz

    Our defense has been rock solid without David Luiz! Our defenders look completely dependable and very very calm...
  8. Marko Marin

    still.... I am yet to see anything from him, and by that I don't mean consistent performances, but something, anything! A dribble, a good run, a goal, an assist, anything! Opponents are taking the football from him way too easily and that is concerning.
  9. David Luiz

    Very interesting point... but why would you want a very calm squad that may border complacency? David is one of the most aggressive players in the squad and I believe Chelsea value him for that. It seems Chelsea FC have been going through a change of stature that some supporters haven't yet fully embraced or even accepted. The proper and composed are't in fashion at Chelsea based on how they've building the squad. Roman does not seem to want proper dependable players who do well in a wet pitch at Stoke. He's, I reckon, attempting to build a squad that can dominate in Europe. Let me try to make my point clearer: Chelsea need their players to provide an edge against the other top sides. Of course Chelsea would like David to develop and become more composed, dependable, and less prone to mistakes, which happens naturally as players age (especially defenders). However, they believe, and they possess a lot more info than we do, that David can become a dominant player; that's what the amount we paid for him as well as his new wages tell me.
  10. Oscar

    hahah Ronaldinho is a joke at 34 yo... heck I reckon he was never as good as ppl believed he was, but for Brazil he has always flopped big time. The fact that ppl expect him to deliver now at 34 playing in brazil, a weaker league, is just crazy. Just remember Oscar was just as dominant at 20 in brazil as Ronaldinho is now. Actually Oscar did very well in Libertadores too. If Ronaldinho raises a red flag it is for Brazil, not Oscar. Ppl here have to put things into perspective: Chelsea did not sign Oscar expecting him to dominate the league at 21 in his first season in another country. He's doing fine--let him play!
  11. Oscar

    Congrats to Oscar (Luiz and Ramires), called up for the England friendly. It's an important call up because it's the first one by Scolari. I'd expect the Chelsea trio to start.
  12. Luka Modric

    Thought I should not have to mention that Lampard's contract is running out with no signs of renewal. Also, I'm not saying or wrote that Lampard is or has been playing deep. And frankly I don't care who plays deep, this is something that can change from match to match, depending on strategy and opponent. What I am saying though is that all our midfielders are short aside from Mikel, Lampard, and Luiz (not even proper DM/CM), but now I'm just repeating myself.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    Torres is a big problem not only for the resale price but his contract. He's on City-esque pay with a long term deal. So, say we let him go for 10M and then have to pay 80% of his wages for 3 years.... that's not a good deal even when he is not delivering the goods.
  14. Luka Modric

    Disagree. Ramires can handle physical contact, while Modric cannot. Modric is very lightweight and avoids contact at all times by moving a lot, even when playing deep. That's why I think he's not that different from Oscar (if moved deep). Chelsea need a player like Lampard, who has both technique and strength, preferably tall as well. Perhaps some Belgium who's used to wearing blue?!
  15. Eden Hazard

    You missed the "for his age" in conjunction with the league where he now plays. Some players have a much easier time against weaker opponents (more time on the ball and space behind defenders), others don't. So, what Gervinho (or Hazard) did in a different league does not really matter. Gervinho finishing has been crap and his final touch has not been any better. Hazard on the other hand shows finishing that belong to very special class of player. I think he can improve other aspects of his game, some of them drastically, but his finishing is already there IMO of course.
  16. Eden Hazard

    His finishing is absolutely crazy for his age! I can't imagine how good this kid is going to be at say 25/26! Interesting signings... Chelsea could become a dominant team in just a couple of years if all (or most of) our youngsters pan out.
  17. Daniel Sturridge

    are you kidding me?! 6 months left on his contract?! Are you sure? If true, I don't understand how Liverpool actually paid 12M for him. Why not just sign a pre-contract and wait till summer--spend that money on a (more read) striker on the cheap. Not like Sturridge is going to start ahead o Suarez any time soon anyway.
  18. Oscar

    Agreed. Oscar is 21!!! Of course Brazil cannot rely on a 21 to win a world cup, neither should Chelsea. He's a wonderful young talent though! Ironically Brazil will be relying on another 21 year old who does wonders in the Brazilian league, but vanishes when facing stronger opposition, even U23. As a Brazil supporter I'd be more optimistic about Oscar developing until the WC than Neymar.
  19. John Terry

    agreed. Just play deep with JT and Iva in the RB position. Playing with a deep defense line against Arsenal is always the sensible thing because of their pace.
  20. John Terry

    We need him back because he's the best defender we've got. The only one who is absolutely dominant in the air.
  21. Luka Modric

    Isn't Modric too lightweight when you consider that most of the other midfielders are lightweight as well? We've got only 3 players with power and height in the midfield: Lampard (leaving when?), Mikel (international duty), and David (when moved there). Not sure Modric is what Chelsea is short of right now; just get Oscar to drop deep and you have a similar player.
  22. Branislav Ivanovic

    How is having an odd brain fart worse than being supar, or not as good, or not as confortable on the ball? My answer to the above question would be that the difference is the "when" mistakes happen: with the odd brain fart, it will be random but likely during easy games, more about cockiness, and bad judgement. On the other hand, lack of quality will hurt you when it matters most, in really tough matches when your opponent puts your defenders in difficult situations. IMO, it's all about giving you an edge. As dependable Ivanovic is, I don't think he gives Chelsea an edge, especially when playing CB. It's really interesting that the English call a player "proper", or "dependable." These are good atributes in a player, but not essential. The player MUST be good enough on the ball, because otherwise another player who's better than him will have the edge. It's still a competition; individual disputes take place all the time during a match. I'm not worried about Luiz. He's an excellent player who can play for any top team in the world. He's also young for a defender and will become more composed in time--it is far more difficult to improve ball skills than any mental aspect of the game for example. I personally think he'd be perfect for Barcelona, but as a Chelsea supporter and one who likes to play the CL, I certainly don't want to lose Luiz esp to Barcelona. I cannot imagine winning much at that level with Iva and Cahill in the defense, even with both being dependable proper players. Let me emphasize my point by saying that employing dependable players used to be good enough before Roman bought the club. I was already a chelsea supporter back then. However, right now, when Chelsea aim to fly higher, and have, dependable just isn't enough.
  23. John Terry

    Indeed, and IMO Iva is better as a defensive RB, so move Luiz back to re-establish a fantastic pairing that Terry+Luiz is. The prob of course is that we are short in the middle, esp holding/center mid position. (Romeu injured and Mikel away)
  24. Daniel Sturridge

    I thought he was very poor esp in the second half; manager prob thought the same because Suarez subbed him immediately creating lots of probs to their defense. Suarez was so much better when he came on; well, he is the better player in every aspect of the game and by a wide margin. Let's agree to disagree then, because I think Sturridge is a mediocre player (as in average).
  25. Daniel Sturridge

    we all agree he was never given a proper chance, but the question is why? Because Chelsea coaches did not like his haircut? Or perhaps they did not like what they saw in training? Perhaps they think he just isn't good enough? Sturridge applied a nice finish against nobody and then vanished as usual. The difference in quality between Suarez and Sturridge is just astonishing...