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  1. Romelu Lukaku

    I've watched him a few times and just don't see this world beater ppl make him out to be here. I'm obviously wrong though... next season when Lukaku scores 20+ goals for us, then I will come back here and say I was wrong... He won't though.
  2. Romelu Lukaku

    Good game against Arsenal, though his finishing is nowhere near good enough for Chelsea. Typical of a youngster though as he still has to develop.
  3. Fernando Torres

    Many here are missing a very important point: unless Torres improves drastically, he is unsellable! Unless you consider receiving no money and having to pay over 50% of his ridiculous wages a "sale."
  4. Fernando Torres

    seriously, in all fairness he was absolutely class today. Not talking about those bit of class here and there that he does show, again here and there, without any consistency; today he was class, a threat, interested, active, from start to finish. Like I said before, I'd like to have all the answers like some here pretend to. Is his loss of form permanent? Can he recover some of the lost pace, and athleticism? Lpool rode him hard, but our fitness coaches might know something we don't... or they may know they can get him to some sort of form, just enough so he can be sold. I just don't have that information. So, cautiously optimistic, not necessarily about Torres, but rather that someone at Chelsea know what the fuck they are doing.
  5. David Luiz

    no mention to that fantastic assist to torres for the first goal?! That's called class. You know, the game was scoreless by then, so technically, we don't know what'd have happened had he not had that wonderful bit of class... In football all players are involved in the play at all times; so, when we have a defender as skillful as Luiz, that can really become an asset, especially when all other things are equal.
  6. The Mourinho Thread

    I just cannot imagine Mourinho playing with 3 CAM plus a striker.... regardless of how good markers the CMs/DMs are. In fact I can't imagine winning anything playing the way we've been playing ^^. Certainly entertaining, for bystanders, but not supporters. I even think some players like (for me) Gary need to reassessed once we get a proper manager with tactics that don't expose our defenders to 1x1 disputes every other minute. I honestly think that all good things of Champions League winner Chelsea are gone.
  7. Demba Ba

    granted on Giroud. Disagree with everything else you wrote though. Dzeko is twice the player in my book and there are at least 20 strikers better than Ba. IMO strikers need more than just tap in goals, which Ba can certainly do. Especially when we are talking world class and I just don't see enough skill there to even consider him close to being world class. Good tap in striker, nothing more for me. BTW, not talking about last match alone... and a lot of championship players have a lot of passion too, and yet I don't see them playing for Chelsea. Can we all agree that Ba is, at this time, a lot better than Torres? But Is being better than Torres the only requirement to play for Chelsea these days?
  8. Demba Ba

    We are making life for Ba way too easy by comparing him to Torres. So let's forget Torres for a second here. Honestly, I think Ba is very far from the world class striker Chelsea need to compete at the highest level. Can you really compare Ba to RVP, Dzeko, Aguero, Suzrez, even Giroud (consider potential there as he is very young). I like having a towering striker like Ba as an option, but I'd rather not have him start against Real Madrid next year when we play for the CL... straight from my crystal ball.
  9. David Luiz

    I don't deny the occasional mistakes--all players make them. It's just so strange to hear our defense this, or our defense that... when Luiz is carrying the ball and makes a good pass, was that defense or build up? When we keep possession we are not attacked... Did he make a good pass because he has the quality or because other players moved enough to receive the pass--perhaps both? When he loses possession, is it entirely his fault then? Was it an easy pass he missed, or no such option was available? It's difficult to know without knowing what they are told by their managers and coaches. Have you guys seen him playing for Brazil? Never seen him lose possession... even against England when Brazil were mostly dominated. We don't have defense and offense; we have a defensive system which involves all players. And when we win a game, all players on the pitch were successful, because their collective contribution was enough to win the match. It may sound cheesy, but unlike Tennis or any other individual sport, that's really the only way to see football.
  10. Fernando Torres

    Torres said, "Look, I have ONE job on this lousy ship. It's STUPID, but I'm gonna do it, OKAY?" Torres to take every PK until his contract runs out...
  11. Petr Cech

    David could not make contact, but the keeper is facing the play while the defenders had to start from the same (offside) line as United players. It's a terribly difficult cross to defend against, but less so for the keeper because he is facing the play. Keepers should not guess, or be proactive. They must be reactive and be very quick at that. Stop the shot, if an attacker (or Luiz ) heads it home, so be it. Mistake by Cech for me. Of course, I'm only saying this because it is Cech, and I expect world class performances from him.
  12. Oscar

    If you are not excited about Hazard, Mata, and Oscar playing together... well, there are always other sports like tennis, basketball, etc. And Mata is "the old one" at 24!?!
  13. Nathaniel Chalobah

    Finally got to watch a few videos of him... Seems to be a natural footballer, not that similar in characteristics to Lampard IMO. More of a Pivot type--reminds me of Spurs' Dembele in the way he touches and moves. Should be ready as a squad player-could be using him right now I reckon.
  14. Frank Lampard

    Just out of curiosity, who would that be? (I'm not up-to-date with the youngster atm)
  15. Ramires

    He's been very poor, especially his passing. needs to improve otherwise he will lose his place to... no one! Thin squad indeed!
  16. Frank Lampard

    Right, but Chelsea may want Lampard as a squad player, while Lampard may have a different idea. So, say he's offered a 90K a week as a rotation player, and he counters with his current (key player wages of) +-250K, what are Chelsea to do? Perhaps his agent has already hinted he won't accept a rotation/backup role for example. We just don't know. His performance against City was a liability; Mickel and Lampard IMO were our worst players on the pitch. Although it's really difficult to pinpoint specific players when they certainly did not (and do not) get enough support from the AMs and the wingers. In the 4-2-3-1 you don't really play with only 2 men in the center of the pitch--I guess we do.
  17. David Luiz

    We were completely dominated throughout the match, an pretty embarrassingly so at times, and here we are talking about a central defender. The midfield crumbled and the AM and wingers did not contribute enough to help win the midfield battle. Some players had shocking performances, but not the defenders. After all, we *only* lost by 2 goals....
  18. Gary Cahill

    That makes no sense; either he is world class or he isn't. If he isn't and depends heavily on a Makelele in front of him, then he isn't good enough. Personally I think he just ins't good enough, but I'd be happy if he proves me wrong. Why?! He just isn't aggressive, physical, or even technical enough to play for Chelsea--just IMHO.
  19. Thibaut Courtois

    It's worse than that... We'd have to pay part of his ridiculously high wages until his contract runs out.... Yes, we'd have to essentially PAY someone to play Torres... Considering his recent form, sounds about right to me.
  20. David Luiz

    You are right, Benfica confirmed that the total value was indeed 25m (value including Matic worth 4m). Interesting: http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/david-luiz/mwverlaufgraph/spieler_46741.html The fact that he can also play in midfield will further increase his market value.
  21. David Luiz

    This is down to opinion, but there is one piece of evidence we can always rely on: market value. And concerning Market Value, Chelsea paid Benfica 21m pounds for him. The fact that Luiz' style does not seem to suit Chelsea, and some fans' idea of what a defender should do, worries me. Not for Luiz mind you, but Chelsea and fans. It's as if having a simple robotic (no pun intended) defender is something to aim for, esp a side who's goal is Europe and not a wet pitch at Stoke...
  22. David Luiz

    yup, he should ask Lamps for a few pointers and perhaps spend some time with him practicing if he wants to improve on that. He's shooting like a defender... wonder why.
  23. David Luiz

    Of course he will start; without Thiago, he's the best defender Brazil got!
  24. Thibaut Courtois

    That was pretty cool! Thanks for the video. I'm convinced then (by all replies); perhaps he's just playing nice since he's gonna stay there for a while. Back to Courtois though, it's a difficult situation; Cech isn't going to play forever, but he's relatively young for a GK, so he prob still has a few years ahead of him at Chelsea, which means Courtois needs to find game elsewhere.
  25. Thibaut Courtois

    I hope you are right. I just don't get that from his interviews...