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  1. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Hah the one game he would have been useful... burnley, as he’s actually good at set pieces, both defense and attack. in most other cases, there does not seem to make a difference which one plays.
  2. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    His youth will help him have a speedy recovery. This injury can really be a dangerous one at senior level, but Odoi will recover. Time for the club to show commitment and get him a long term deal. Perhaps the player and his father/agent will have a difference appreciation for what can happen in a footballers career. Just a minor silver lining.
  3. 10. Eden Hazard

    He was actually playing very well against burnley and got tired in the second half. There was very little space and game to be played in the final 20 mins or so. Disagree that his positioning was wrong. Eden needs spaces to play, big burly burnley players would’ve had the advantage had Eden verged in he center. Having loftus there made more sense. a reminder that we did score two goals... with edens assist too. just couldn’t defend set pieces, which I like to remind people are very very important in football.
  4. Chelsea - Burnley

    That’s basically what I said: Odoi was having a decent game and Pedro had a poor game. Again, different times. Odoi would be having a good game if he was beating players with all that directness, he wasn’t. So while, I like the quick passing and movement, he wasn’t really influencing the game the way you may be suggesting, imo. So, you are establishing causation where there is likely none, or very little. That was my point. The odds that odoi would’ve been better than Pedro are very high because we agree that he was. The odds that we’d have won the game had he stayed becomes a little more difficult to establish, and imo aren’t very good. Even Eden was having trouble crossing the ball today, again, because of the opposition and the way they play.
  5. Chelsea - Burnley

    Correlation does not establish causation. odoi was having decent game, and Pedro came on and had a poor game. They also played in different situations during the match. Reckon Pedro had it a bit more difficult. Likely wouldn’t have mattered. Now that I see more of him, reckon Emerson’s call to fame is not being alonso, but it is still difficult to cross the ball against packed defenses of tall and strong players. That’s why sarri kept loftus since he was one the few of our players outmuscling he opposition.
  6. Chelsea - Burnley

    Rudiger is indeed our best cb by far.and used to the system, unlike Andreas. yes, the first half injuries played a big part, with our inability to defend set pieces aside. esp second half when some players looked very tired.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley

    wasn’t the starting lineup a good one, some said it was great? Thing is that opposition matters a lot more than a name or two in the lineup. These guys are all strong and powerful and made our life very difficult today. We could’ve used better fullbacks perhaps, and players tired out in the second half. Injuries forced sarris hand, but all sensible tactical choices imo. RLC was doing well and joining the attack often, but we just could not put good balls in the box. dont like higuain myself, but usually against replacing a player who’s scored. That’s the only disagreement I have, which matters very little. The defense line was obviously vulnerable to set pieces. Ball playing cbs + 2 short fbs. The change in the cb also affects them esp a player who hasn’t played much this season. btw, don’t bee too harsh on Andreas, he’s Cho’s age in CB years.
  8. Álvaro Morata

    We have Michy and Tammy out on loan. I'd rather have them any day. He’s really a tier or two above those two imo. Not because morara is great but because those two are not really good footballers. Tammy still has time to improve, but does not look promising I must say. while I agree with @Superblue_1986 that Morata is likely going to flop again, I don’t think we have much of a choice. he’s imo a lot better than the two strikers we got. Still he does not want to be here and does not have any to do the work, so only so much we can do.
  9. Mauro Icardi

    Was Maxi Lopez at the meeting as well? Please tell me Wanda Nara is not his agent...
  10. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    KDB had a massive game. Sterling too! how the hell did they manage to lose it... I guess Laporte had a terrible game with kompany slightly behind. Ederson may be great with his feet but as a goalie, not right there at the top for me.
  11. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Spurs and Ajax (as well as they may be playing) will be the underdogs in final against either Barca or LIverpool. This is looking really like WC brackets... Either Liverpool or Barca would be heavy favs against either one of the other two. Between Pool and Barca, hard to put money on either one... Barca ultimately is a possession side, so it will all depends on whether Pool will be able to pressure them or not. Unbelievable games... can't wait.
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Can't play possession football with that first touch (in second Spurs goal)...
  13. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    yup it is a crazy goal tally regardless of opposition: it was different times (a lot more goals then) and some were indeed against pub teams in the Sao Paulo regional comp. However, many were against other strong Brazilian sides (like you said brazil league was strong back then), in WCs or against euro champions when Santos traveled abroad, which they did a lot once they become famous worldwide. Like I said, Pele was also a lot more than the goals, at least from all I've heard. I still don't understand how he scored so many headers (even at WC) at 5 ft 8 in though... Recently Mbappe said it best even if being polite, “Even with the goals in playgrounds, goals on the PlayStation, I could never equal 1,250 (sic) goals,” said Mbappe as he met Pele at a sponsors’ event in Paris." France is indeed really talented and Mbappe himself is a top top player. I see a lot of Ronaldo 9 (while still had knees) in him. A bit less short dribbling/skill but same pace and even more power.
  14. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    It's really not. I'm brazilian. You may have that idea from Rio bias, but for the rest of Brazil, no contest. (And I'm not from Sao Paulo, so definitely don't have a Santos/Pele bias) To elaborate a bit more, even though I obviously never seen either play, Pele or Garrincha, it's a lifetime hearing about their feats. Some of which, from close ones like when my Dad watched Pele play against his/our Gremio FBPA. Which was echoed by pretty much everybody I've met and what I've heard from talk shows and what not. I've heard Garrincha being pitted "just as good" by some, but never better. My personal feeling/take is that Garrincha wasn't that far behind though. but had huge physical (and mental) issues that cut his career short. Also, Pele was a far more complete player than you'd hear these days, and what his goal tally would suggest. He was absolutely dominant in midfield, in attack, defending, and he was even the reserve goalie for santos (played goalie when the GK got red-carded and the fucker did not concede against Gremio) . My dad told me that Pele could be mean too: if hunted during a match, he would sometimes retaliate and injure the players hunting him. He was pretty powerful too, a fantastic athlete, despite his height. The consensus was that Pele was the complete footballer.
  15. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    True. Both could also be slotted in in the same starting XI without much tweaking, which emphasizes your point: very different players who play in different positions and roles. Difficult to compare anything with Pele as football was basically a different sport back then. Shame Messi hasn't been able to do the same for Argentina though... either hasn't really found himself in a good Argentina side with a good manager, and/or perhaps did not apply himself as much. @MoroccanBlue Nope, not many agree with that. Garrincha was more entertaining, but Pele was the better, and more influential, player.