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  1. The Conte Thread

    If he was a man of dignity he would have resigned as soon as he felt betrayed/let down by the board and thereby became apathetic, but he's made us regress so much than Mourinho 2.0 and we've suffered so many humiliating results because of his toxicity and many more loom as likely as snow falling when winter arrives in Siberia. The Board/Abramovich are not to blame and they've shown themselves to run the club as a business first. We logically are in dire need of a superhero of a billionaire passionate fan to buy and take over the club cause this clusterf*ck that we're going through seems to be a writing on the wall every goddamn other two/three years. But Conte is to blame for this oblivion we've fallen into since the start of the year. Before '18, I sensed something missing, but I was always confident that we'd at least end up in the top four. The squad we currently have is good enough for it, it's just that Conte has been fooling so many fans with propaganda that will make even Goebbels feel inspired by making it seem as if he's overachieved with the squad, yet it's so clear to see nowadays what a POS, what a coward, what a hypocrite he is. He's so one-dimensional and yet overbearing and the players have clearly and rightly so staged a mutiny against him. His training methods, his power-tripping against Luiz and Costa, his bla bla blas in PCs talking down his own goddamn squad and bigging himself up. I thoroughly hate him, and f*ck his achievement of winning the league last season. So what if he won it if he has an emotionally volatile character? He gets paid millions to do his job, big deal! F*********ck him!!!!!!!
  2. The Conte Thread

    Come to think of it, I do believe now that Costa was in the right regarding their conflict. I don't recall him having any attitude problem during Mourinho's and Hiddink's time, which leads me to believe that Costa never wanted to take sh*t from Conte's power tripping. Man do I miss him!!
  3. The Conte Thread

    Watford or City should've been his last. He's seeing out this season no matter what unfortunately.
  4. Chelsea 1-3 Spurs

    Conte should've been gone after Watford. Us having a one-way downfall with him at the helm was as objectively predictable as the change of seasons.
  5. Chelsea 2-1 Crystal Palace

    IMO, the players, the ones who care anyway, are the ones most demoralized. As an employee, it's simultaneously a kick in the balls and the stomach to have your disgruntled, careless manager tell you BS this and BS that on how to approach your work when you know that it's straight illogical and disrepectful to your work ethics. The win against WBA was a curse in disguise. The f**ktard should've been sent packing after Watford. Now we're stuck with his deliberate mediocrity, ruining our season. Most fans are not even motivated to watch the game tomorrow, a win will simply be hindering the inevitable, ie. us still losing most, if not all of the remaining games (until he's fired). A dream scenario will be us winning tmrw and him getting told to f*ck off to wherever he wants to go and b*tch however he wants about the blabla lack of support, so the players can feel a new sense of refreshment and detox before Barca, whoever the caretaker is.
  6. The Conte Thread

    The thought of lots of Stockholm syndrome sheep chanting his name at the stadium if we're winning against Crystal Palace sickens me more than the thought of drinking tea/coffee with salt in it. He has killed team morale, he oozes of apathy. What more before enough is f*cking enough? Any caretaker will save our season at this stage.
  7. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    I don't have the stomach to throw insults at other forum members, but I'll tell you this, I've been an ardent supporter since I was 15. I've been through the lowest of lows as fan for this club. The highest moments as a fan have felt so good because I experienced those lows. You know jacksh*t about me and I know jacksh*t about you, so please keep it to yourself if you feel anger at my posts. I've felt so much anger towards Mourinho's supporters in late '15 and Conte's supporters ATM but I don't personally lash out at them because I agree(d) to disagree with them and I respect their free will to have those views. He's, IMO, not a primadonna for telling about where his strengths are useful for the team. Hazard is one of the most emotionally intelligent players in top football, he's given his all whenever he's been deployed as a false 9 but he's simply too inadequate for it and should not be used there in non-exhibition matches...
  8. Man City 1-0 Chelsea

    How demotivating it must be for Hazard when he said loud and clear that he's in his element on the wings or behind the striker. F**k Conte!!! GTFO of this club ASAP, you POS.
  9. The Conte Thread

    If he had any dignity, he would resign if he was so dissatisfied, but first he wants to drag the club's season into oblivion to make his point about not being supported by apathetically being creatively and proactively inadequate in his tactics, man-management, training sessions. I expect nothing more than a thrashing tmrw where he starts all that impotent dross of Alonso, Morata, etc. with his useless, obsolete, clusterfucked formation. The day he and his toxic ego finally f*ck off will be a huge and infinitely deep breath of fresh air and regeneration of the club's health.
  10. The Conte Thread

    He keeps on doing pathetic stuff hoping for different results. Alonso, oh how I hate that degenerate, keeps getting selected, 3 at the back, which is more obsolete than the use of Latin and Autotune, using a weak-minded Morata when we have a physical Giroud etc.etc. PS there was nothing special about his tactics against Barça. Bournemouth used the same basic tactics against us. The overall squad quality isn't worse than Liverpool's or Spuds'. I f**king hate him and the way he's dragging the club down while so many naively make him some kind of martyr because of the board. Yes we definitely need to buy more quality to compete against the likea of Real, PSG, Barça, City, Bayern, but come on!! Liverpool and Spuds' overall squads are not f**king better than ours. Most fans are blinded by his empty and superficial charisma. Hell, someone like Mark Hughes or Chris Hughton would do much better with this squad. F**k him!!!!!
  11. Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona

    I honestly do want Morata to start this one but it'd logically make sense to start Giroud. He'd physically bully Umtiti and Piqué. He wouldn't take any shit from them. Morata is simply not in top form for this one. I'd also start Emerson. Alonso is mid-table team potential at best.
  12. The Conte Thread

    Depressing, borderline heartbreaking news. Losing to WBA against the likes of f**king Rondon, Hegazi and Chris Brunt by 2 or more goals now seems very likely. It's so depressing to envision.
  13. The Conte Thread

    To wake up and find out he's not gone yet is a huge blow for me. I supported him ardently in the beginning when the conflict between him and the board arose, but come on!! He's finished mentally and emotionally and doesn't want to be here. I think he's a coward who blatantly wants to be fired, who wants to go as the martyr/victim, not taking any true blame along the way. I hate him so much for how he's infected this demoralising apathy in the players. His tactics and man-management are filled with stagnation and all in all, for me, he will be remember as a piece of sh*t for taking the club's honor into oblivion. I really, really hope he GTFO before WBA. Sad, impotent wasteman.
  14. The Conte Thread

    I fully agree with your frustrations, but let's please dissect the latest games. We've lost to B'mouth and Watford because of individual players who reek of mediocrity that opposition players and coaches go into games to consciously take advantage of. Cahill, Bakayoko (& Zappacosta tonight) didn't deserve to be in the line-up. Conte reeks of martyr/victim mentality and stuff like that begets more of the same which leads to apathy and starting those 2 who were the sole reason why we imploded in the last two matches. I want Roman, the board and CONTE gone, but for the moment I'd settle for Conte only to f**k off. Harboring pure hate for him is the only logical solution because of his stubborn choices.
  15. The Conte Thread

    Neither would his sorry, apathetic, stubborn ass doing the same thing over and over again picking those degenerates over youth players and sticking with obsolete formations.