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  1. The International Football Thread

    So Eriksen just ensured our qualification to the WC with an astounding, unbelievably masterclass performance and hattrick. The guy is truly, deeply great. Him playing for Tottenham is a double-edged sword for me. I wish him so much success, yet I wish the worst for Tottenham almost always. But right now we're celebrating like it's 1699 in this neck of the woods thanks to him!!!!
  2. Bournemouth 0-1 Chelsea

    The media are evidently full of BS but Conte needs to start waking the fuck up with regards to team selection. I hate being a negative nancy constantly with regards to Alonso but the guy has become Ivanović 2.0 when it comes to opposition applying tactics against us. I remember Pardew once said in a pundit job that his CP side deliberately targeted Ivanović as the weak link when they beat us at the Bridge in '15. Alonso is obviously getting targeted, with good reason, nowadays. In the two games against Stoke & Watford where Alonso was substituted and Azpi went to the left suddenly we got so much better. It's time he fucking gets the courage to drop him. Hell, McClean would be a huge upgrade him. The guy is f*cking garbage and he's f*cking polluting the team's efficiency. Not least, Cahill should be f*cking nowhere to be seen in the team's startinh line-up. I would start with these: TBO Rüdiger Luuz Christensen Zappa Drinkwater (I pray he's fit somehow) Baka Azpi Pedro Hazard Morata
  3. Chelsea 4-2 Watford

    Notice how we simply got so much better when that fraud Alonso got taken off!!!!!! Eeven the Danish commentators noted how Watford's right side kept abusing our left side before he got taken off. Please for your own sake, Conte, keep starting Azpi at L(W)B from now till the January window at least.
  4. Chelsea 4-2 Watford

    As much as it pains me, I'm starting to see a clear deja-vu pattern of the 10-11 and the 15-16 seasons. I've resigned myself to expect the worst. I honestly wouldn't be shocked if Watford wins this game with a score 1-3 or 1-4. Of course I hope to be wrong but unfortunately everything is too predictable. Conte is a coward for starting Cahill and Alonso. Kenedy and Christensen deserve a chance.ø so badly.
  5. Chelsea 3-3 Roma

    True that. Cahill and Alonso don't deserve the first class treatment he's giving them. I hate him for that. Especially Alonso, he's so goddamn useless that I pray for forgiveness for wishing him an injury because he's that bad. It's disgusting that he has that luxury of always being in the starting line-up.
  6. Chelsea 3-3 Roma

    This game was a painful reminder of the 10-11 & 15-16 seasons. It's beyond words to fully express the disappointment at how we finally had a coach who could take us to new heights but he's been failed by a greedy, under-ambitious and non-passionated board. If Conte decided to throw his hands up and told the board and Roman to go fuck themselves I would understand him and wish him to never experience again this sort of shower of sh*te he's currently drowning in. We're in this huge mess because of them. I looked at the overall squad and it had the feels of having the, quality-wise, size of Everton, Celtic or Tottenham before Pochettino rather than a truly big club. I feel sorry for Conte. Some of you may want him sacked sonner or later if results keep going more or less south, but how about starting to harass those careless board members who are the fundamental culprits of us ending up in this sort of clusterfuck again?
  7. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    You summed up my feelings totally. Ambition is the key word. As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, I hate to love this club. The owner and the board are ultimately to blame for this mess. It pains me infinitely that Guardiola & Mourinho could hand-pick whoever they wanted to be bought and their wishes were fulfilled like Santa himself delivered the goods. I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe Conte is disgusted by the lack of support from the board and the owner. That maybe he hates himself for having to make due with Alonso as his first LB, that he knows Guardiola and Mourinho are not above him at all, but they just have 21st century top-grade ammo while he has pre-Industrial Revolution ammo. That maybe he's apathetic with regards to being sacked. I really hope we get out of this mess and start spending big with him at thr helm.
  8. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    It frustrates me so much. We aren't f*king Leiceater ffs. Why couldn't the teambe strengthened like City did. Why is Abramovich tight with the money all of a sudden? City's squad is any neutral's wet dream. You look at their squad and how they're playing and you simply know that their wins and the scores in them are a given. As I mentioned earlier, I hooe the January window will save us one way or another. PS f*ck the board.
  9. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    reddit.com/r/soccerstreams and/or myfeed4u.com
  10. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Unfortunately Conte has f*ckign let the success of last season get over his head. It pisses me off that he keeps starting Alonso anf Cahill. I hate the sight of those two's names in starting line-ups. Rüdiger and Christensen have proved that they're miles better than Cahill. I hate being all doom and gloom but I'm afraid it will take another thrashing like the one at Arsenal last season for him to f*cking open his eyes and never statt those two again like he did with Ivanovic. I really really hope that he's looking for an alt LB for January somehow someway because I'm sick and tired of Alonso (and him being secure with starting week after week). He's so disgustingly weak, look what happened at Stoke or how useless he is against high quality players. Hell even Diouf made a fool of him.
  11. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    I agree, they didn't look so special. This game reminded me of Everton away last season. We hadn't won at their ground for eons and yet we made them look so average that day. I really really hope that Conte isn't putting much faith in Alonso, Moses and Cahill. I don't mind them staying here but they should be starting in domesting cup games only.
  12. Atletico Madrid 1-2 Chelsea

    reddit.com/r/soccerstreams &/or myfeed4u.com are more or less always reliable.
  13. Deadline Day!

    Yes all of them, Conte knows/will know how to extract their qualities with regards to the whole team, if only he would stop patronizing our youth players, like f*cking Mourinho did, only wishing for established players from outside. Look at Chalobah, Solanke and co. Does anyone really buy into that they were not first-team material?? We have tons of young players at our disposal yet they are taken for granted by the coach, and worse most fans have become apathetic to this incovenient truth. Don't get me wrong, I'm fully behind Conte but it gets on my nerves that the youth keeps getting overlooked and everyone, from fans to the goddam board keep being stressed out by only focusing on buying exterior players.
  14. The Conte Thread

    You can tell by the last sentence and the arm gestures that he means that we overachieved, which is totally true. I know the defeat hurts and all, given the context (gooner fans celebrating and rubbing it in our face (though there are a lot of arrogant loud-mouthed Chelsea fans who were taunting them), that f**got-ass Moses ruining our composure, etc.), but looking on the bright side, I'm fairly optimistic that it was a much-needed wake-up call. Imagine if the gooner fans tell themselves again next season that they did us a favor by making us stronger through beating us again while they are having a classical sh*tty run mid-season. I haven't been vocal here in criticizing players since United away cause I felt it would seem like I was a buzzkill village idiot , but I always felt deep in my bones that Matic was mid-table team material and Costa's work-rate was meh on purpose from his part. Matic's goal against Tottenham, for me, was both a gift and a curse. A gift because it made us lead with 2 goals with 15 minutes remaining, and a curse because everyone, including Conte, instinctively ignored how ragged he had been run by Dembele & co throughout the game. Moses and Costa are morally bankrupt and lack emotional intelligence, does any sane coach or fan really want players who would sell their own mother if meant that they won for their team? Alonso deserves to stay, but only as a number two. Benjamin Mendy would be perfect in that role I reckon.
  15. Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea

    I said it before and I'll say it again. I hope Costa fucks off asap. This fucker sabotages us over and over again covertly.