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  1. Chelsea v Barcelona

    I honestly do want Morata to start this one but it'd logically make sense to start Giroud. He'd physically bully Umtiti and Piqué. He wouldn't take any shit from them. Morata is simply not in top form for this one. I'd also start Emerson. Alonso is mid-table team potential at best.
  2. The Conte Thread

    Depressing, borderline heartbreaking news. Losing to WBA against the likes of f**king Rondon, Hegazi and Chris Brunt by 2 or more goals now seems very likely. It's so depressing to envision.
  3. The Conte Thread

    To wake up and find out he's not gone yet is a huge blow for me. I supported him ardently in the beginning when the conflict between him and the board arose, but come on!! He's finished mentally and emotionally and doesn't want to be here. I think he's a coward who blatantly wants to be fired, who wants to go as the martyr/victim, not taking any true blame along the way. I hate him so much for how he's infected this demoralising apathy in the players. His tactics and man-management are filled with stagnation and all in all, for me, he will be remember as a piece of sh*t for taking the club's honor into oblivion. I really, really hope he GTFO before WBA. Sad, impotent wasteman.
  4. The Conte Thread

    I fully agree with your frustrations, but let's please dissect the latest games. We've lost to B'mouth and Watford because of individual players who reek of mediocrity that opposition players and coaches go into games to consciously take advantage of. Cahill, Bakayoko (& Zappacosta tonight) didn't deserve to be in the line-up. Conte reeks of martyr/victim mentality and stuff like that begets more of the same which leads to apathy and starting those 2 who were the sole reason why we imploded in the last two matches. I want Roman, the board and CONTE gone, but for the moment I'd settle for Conte only to f**k off. Harboring pure hate for him is the only logical solution because of his stubborn choices.
  5. The Conte Thread

    Neither would his sorry, apathetic, stubborn ass doing the same thing over and over again picking those degenerates over youth players and sticking with obsolete formations.
  6. The Conte Thread

  7. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    It would do lots of good. Look at his facial expressions and overall body language. I've hung out with negative nancya before and looking back, it's amazing how they can infect qith their negative vibes. I'm more than certain that he's infected the players with his negativitiy. I hope he f**ks off right away.
  8. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    I hope he does!! F**k him. We're in this mess because of his stubborness. This is a painful and vivid deja-vu of Leicester away in December '15. The only redemption is to sack his apathetic ass and just start anew. I don't care about going down the table and out of the cups. His management has become poisonous. You can see it in the lack of coherence between the players. We have a striker and left-footed left-back yet he's too insecure to give it a shot when the alternatives are pathetic mid-table team quality. I hate him. All that he did last season has emotionally gone into oblivion for me.
  9. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    You know what? F*ck Conte!! There I said it! This retard dropped Ivanović & Terry for good after Arsenal last season and yet he keeps persisting with that useless dross Cahill and Bakayoko who has a pathetic emasculated body posture and composure. I could honestly, truly, deeply care less if he gets fired if/when we get humiliated sooner or later when he keeps doing this insanity of starting those two degenerates and not coming with other formations. Either he's become apathetic because of the blabla of not getting supported or he's just clueless and limited creatively. Either way, I've had enough of his macho stubborness and his covert victim mentality...
  10. Emerson Palmieri

    Thank heavens! It's time for that wankstain Alonso to be benched. Emerson can surely do no worse than him in any department. Alonso and Moses should never be in the start XI again.
  11. Brighton 0-4 Chelsea

    Just like Stoke away and many more other games, our defensive composure waa so much better with Alonso out. I'm sick and tired of him being a start XI player. Fucking average and devoid of any creativity.
  12. Chelsea 0-0 Leicester

    As much as I sympathize with Conte over the lack of support, him playing the useless, simple-minded donkey Bakayoko again and again is on him and I despise him for it. The guy is so pathetically awful, how the fuck can he keep having faith in him???? All in all, a frustrating performance against a very tactically astute Leicester squad
  13. The Conte Thread

    Thank f**k I'm not a fanatic and obsessed when it comes to supporting a sports club because this situation is just a recipe for a mental meltdown. Conte is the first coach in a long eon who made me believe that this club could have a renaissance again. I'm beyond frustrated at how he's been let down that typing this post comes from the feeling of wanting to shout 'FUCK' till my lungs collapse. Sadly, many fans have become apathetic and don't care about making their feelings known, because it's a tragedy if he's held his hands up and given up because of the lack of support. You know it's become hopeless when most are not outraged that f**king Alonso and Moses are still in the start XI. Conte's not dumb, he does know that they're squad player quality, not f**king start XI quality, and yet they are still comfortable and don't have competition for the positions that they play in, and to add insult to injuru, there's no ounce of rumor that we'll bring in reinforcements for those positions this window. Depressing... The club's board/the Russian czar are clearly not ambitious enough and they take him for granted. I wish someone passionate could buy the club from Abramovich and beat City, PSG, Real and the likes at their own game of buying success, because whether you like it or not, the principle nowadays in top club football is 'if you can't beat them, 'join' them' as in you also gotta fucking spend what's required to reach rhe top.
  14. Arsenal 2-2 Chelsea

    You said in a very formal and polite way. The guy is deeply insecure aka a PUSSY. He seems to overthink in many situations
  15. Champions League thread

    The draw should serve as a silver lining to wake up the apathetic board and Roman and buy as many quality players as possible in January. FFS this is a big club, I'm, as a fan, sick and tired that we have to make due with average players like the patjetic Alonso (did anyone else notice the audacity he had to moan subtly about being substituted against WH?). Fucking pathetic player, I hate him so much. Bakayoko is a lost cause. The guy has the swagger of a coward. We have the possibility of buying so many great players who can replace these journeymen, Guerreiro being a good example. We could also recall RLC. In the end, I just wish that Conte gets unlimited and unconditional support next month. We've finally gotten a coach that feels and is the ONE for this club. I beg for the apathetic board and Roman not to take him for granted.