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  1. Chelsea - Barcelona

    this is already more possession than we had in the entire two legs against barca in 2012
  2. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    conte's so sacked in the morning
  3. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    hazard saving conte's job! wow...i must be lagging behind
  4. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    and there it is
  5. Watford 4-1 Chelsea

    and bakayoko finishes off a gash performance with a sending off...
  6. Brighton 0-4 Chelsea

    moses! morata, take notes!
  7. Brighton 0-4 Chelsea

    hilarious by bats...almost made me burst out laughing at 6am here
  8. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    the rare situation when a win feels like a loss...how do we stop the rot that's obviously going on?
  9. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    boy, i can't wait for andy carroll to turn our season around
  10. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    just think if we had held on, we'd still have pedro and morata...plus willian goes down and the ref doesn't stop play, but when norwich clearly time wastes he does
  11. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    wouldn't it be funny if VAR called it a penalty?
  12. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    what the fuck, morata?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?! surely this is our low point
  13. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    even di matteo managed us to a 4-0 throttling of norwich
  14. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    we're doing everything we can to bottle this thanks pedro
  15. Chelsea 1-1 Norwich

    will morata ever score with his feet again?! stay tuned