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  1. Politics & Stuff

    Weed is for degenerates tbh You should totes come back to Oatey sea fam
  2. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    oh ya btw EBH isn't some Colombian drug cartel guy he's just some Indian guy from Australia You've all been played
  3. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Rugby is fucking cancer
  4. Politics & Stuff

    The Proletariat must not be disarmed, especially by a liberal bourgeois state.
  5. I know this is probably one of the most minor issues ever, but, my nationality isn't on the list of nationality's (Armenian)
  6. Marko Marin

    Aye mate, but Marin has made a lot of mistakes, I never really liked the way he plays, hope he can improve in the Prem
  7. Politics & Stuff

    Paul supporter here, i would be in the border of green and purple
  8. Marko Marin

    Very mediocre player But I still enjoy watching him play for some reason
  9. Edinson Cavani

    Just one of those transfer rumors that I cannot see happening, I imagine he'll stay at Napoli, anyway, that is just me
  10. Edinson Cavani

    Cavani to Chelsea seems to unrealistic for me imo