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  1. Yep, just sort it out Jim.
  2. Neymar

    How many of you lot have actually seen him play?
  3. Gaël Kakuta

    Well, he started after the Blackburn match against APOEL and was arguably our best player... otherwise patience is key.
  4. Gaël Kakuta

    I've been disappointed by how many chances he's had this season, hinting a lack of development perhaps.
  5. One of my favourite bug species:
  6. Frank Lampard

    Doubt he'd actually want a move to Juventus.If anything, it should be that Juventus want him.I really hope he doesn't go, but top players like him will always been involved in transfer storys just like Kaka and Ronaldinho are at the moment.
  7. Luka Modric

    Yeh, i'd quite like him. Technically, he seems a very gifted player. He's very skillful, fast and has a good pass too. 30m I think is too high, however if it has to be paid, then that's what I'd like to see us pay for him. I think he's worth £15 Million though. But we could do with a player like him, and i'd defiantly take him.Tidy is a good word to describe him ^^ http://forum.talkchelsea.net/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/huh.png
  8. Nicolas Anelka

    No thanks.Good player, however I do think he'll crack it at Chelsea. He's too old. Even though he's proven in the premiership under Bolton, I wouldn't like him at Chelsea. If he was 26 or so now at Bolton, i'd probably say yes. I don't think he fits our system, and may be another Shevchenko. Costs too much as well.