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Chelsea Legend 11

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  1. Next Manager?

    Have a feeling Zola is being brought in to be the Yin to Sarri's Yang. I mean do they even know each other well enough to fully say they can work together? I mean I am elated but it still wreaks of the Board trying to find a way to meddle in the affairs on the pitch... At least this time its a guy that knows what it means to the supporters to see the squad fight! Its a positive move for sure but still a signal that not much will change behind the scenes
  2. Next Manager?

    This may have been true in the past but there is no way the current chelsea can afford to pay Conte, Sarri and the new manager in one season... especially with no champions league. It’s a new era.
  3. Jean Seri

    Seri's agent: "We're talking to Napoli. He's tempted to wear the blue jersey, he would love to come to Napoli. Ancelotti is one of those coaches who could really enhance his qualities."
  4. Next Manager?

    When has Roman ever spoken to anyone in the media? Where do these assertions that "Roman wants this" come from? I think all of that is fabrication bro
  5. Jean Seri

    Kante is powerful. He's short but doesn't get bullied.
  6. Jean Seri

    yup and as a B unit Barkley, Cesc and Bakayoko...
  7. Next Manager?

    Are people forgetting Blanc is a racist?
  8. Next Manager?

    Umm what? He doesn’t have to buy himself out if he quits.
  9. Next Manager?

    Can anyone tell me what is keeping Sarri from resigning? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Next Manager?

    Why doesn’t Sarri resign?
  11. Mauro Icardi

    so much bullshit. The guy keeps talking about shit he doesn't know anything about. Its so bad its entertaining.
  12. Mauro Icardi

    Please stop watching this garbage. It’s really bad for your health.
  13. Robert Lewandowski

    double post
  14. Robert Lewandowski

    lol so aguero, who you claim is off the bench, goes then City will replace him with a no.1 striker and displace Jesus? lol
  15. Robert Lewandowski

  16. Robert Lewandowski

    so this has come full circle now? The likelihood of city looking to upgrade the striker position is remote at best.
  17. Robert Lewandowski

    again anything is possible but I just can't see city spending big on a striker when they have 2 top strikers at the club and if Aguero does go doesn't that make Jesus the bonafide no.1? Pep likes midfielders not 9's
  18. Robert Lewandowski

    Some players value playing time more than a pay check. However, I doubt his wages would be drastically different. And you think Aguero is that type? seems far fetched if you ask me... He's a City legend and he's getting paid a mint.
  19. Robert Lewandowski

    He could but why? for pride's sake? This is his last big pay check I doubt he walks from that because he's not first choice....
  20. Robert Lewandowski

    lol PSG who have, Cavani, Neymar and Mbappe are gonna sign Aguero? really?
  21. Robert Lewandowski

    I would be very surprised if Aguero remained at City. Clearly isn't first choice and he's far too good to be a bench player Where does he go to get those kind of wages?
  22. Robert Lewandowski

    City, unless Pep has intentions for playing a false nine for large parts of the season. I don't see that, Aguero still there and Jesus...
  23. Next Manager?

    You think Laurent blanc is gonna take Willian's role?
  24. Robert Lewandowski

    Who are these other big clubs? Outside of Real Madrid I can't think of a club who need a big money striker and can afford the wage demands.
  25. Next Manager?

    who is willis?