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  1. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    both need to be gone for Sarri's system to be realized. H2o is just as incompetent as Bakayoko.
  2. Who will be the next Chelsea manager?

    Have a feeling this is being dragged out to suit the fiscal calendar's agenda. June 1st is when I expect to know what is actually happening
  3. Anthony Martial

    nah... The attributes one should possess to play in a Sarri team should be passing, quickness of thought and clinical finishing. Gelson takes way too many touches when in possession to be useful in a Sarri team.
  4. Kalidou Koulibaly

    No its not. we have a new manager coming in who requires different things from the CB's. It is a crucial position in the Sarri set up. A lot of the time it is Koulibaly who is dictating the play from the back... Remember the system is set up to suck defenders forward, and create overloads on the pitch, you need a LEFT SIDED CB who is more than comfortable on the ball and has great passing range to go with composure. This is Koulibaly and no defender we currently have can do the role he does for Napoli now
  5. Kalidou Koulibaly

    what people don't see is how important a left sided ball playing beast is to Sarri's team. Rudiger can surely play some time there but having someone who knows his system and was arguably the reason why it was so successful is irresistible in my eyes. Plus we've been chasing this guy for like 3 seasons
  6. Kalidou Koulibaly

    What are you going on about? Christensen is still in the team the last I checked.
  7. Amadou Diawara

    Have to admit, Napoli have built themselves into a quality club with the astute moves they have made in the market. You're probably right, they won't sell this 21 yr old with such a bright future on his hands.
  8. Amadou Diawara

    Forget Jorginho, THIS KID is the guy we need to sign in order to play Sarri's system. He'd likely be cheaper than Jorginho and possesses the composure, deft touch and passing range to be a deadly weapon! He's only 21!!
  9. Piotr Zielinski

    If you ask me this seems a lot more realistic than koulibaly and Jorginho. ADL will never sell to us, especially after we took his manager. The only way to get the players Sarri has worked with before is to activate a release clause. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Kalidou Koulibaly

    Koulibaly is an IMMENSE CB talent. If there is any chance at all we can sign him I would definitely be elated. His passing ability, composure, strength and speed are incredible assets to a Sarri side. I do think rudiger and Christensen are good but for me neither possess the skill set KK has. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Robert Lewandowski

    Speed is an aspect he uses in his game but its not what he relies on. You just said his pace deteriorated this season yet he scored 41 goals in 48 games... That tells me he knows how to score in a variety of ways and is a complete striker. Consistent underperformer? lol I bet you think that about Hazard too. Big games aren't about individual performers its how the team adjusts when the opposition take away what you do well. I'll take my chances with Lewandowski banging in a few against Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham... City. He is LETHAL and this myth that he vanishes is ludicrous. As for Drogba we can debate which year was better forever, the facts still remain at the age of 31 he scored 37 goals in 44 games... Everything else means little to me, the problems he had at one club aren't instantly reproduced at another. And while I think he would love to join Real, the truth of the matter is they haven't shown any interest and we are the club his reps are speaking with so you never know. NEVER.
  12. Robert Lewandowski

    For those who think PSG are in any position to add another player valued at 100m I would strongly advise you to wake up! There is no way in hell ffp regulations will permit them to fit Neymar, mbappe and Lewandowski in one monitoring period. They may be interested but they will have to sell massively to make it happen.
  13. Robert Lewandowski

    He’d likely sign before he turns 30 so the policy would still apply. And what exactly is wrong with you guys? It’s like you all haven’t watched Lewandowski play! He doesn’t rely on things like speed, agility, the types of things that deteriorate when you reach 30. Lewandowski is a striker who relies on his deft touch, clinical finishing and power. He’s like zlatan I can see him playing well into his 30’s and likely being highly effective for the next 3-4 yrs. It’s like people forget Drogba’s Best year was when he turned 31... Lewandowski’s hold up and link up play is right up there with the best 9’s in the world. In fact you can make the argument that he is the best. My only reservation is football seems to be moving away from the traditional 9 in favour of the smaller more agile attackers. I want him but I can’t get my hopes up because this club have let me down so many times the past 3 yrs. I would hope that in this instance they realize we are desperate and that penny pinching won’t get you anywhere when dealing with a guy like Robert and a club like Bayern.
  14. Adama Traore

    You missed the part where I said "so called" anyways maybe now is the time to point out that elite pace, power and dribbling doesn't make you a complete footballer. It makes you a guy with limited ability capable of impacting a game in limited way. You have no idea who is in for him but to suggest he has no value because he plays in the championship is so narrow minded its laughable. Zaha, another guy with elite attributes (similar to Traore actually) was in the championship before he was hand picked by Alex Ferguson... His game hasn't evolved much but many saw the potential. Traore is a very young player who has shown great promise in the Prem and the championship, are you getting someone who is without warts? no but as I've been saying he is a guy who does things that few can. He is an absolute BLUR and can dribble through teams. He can put the fear of God into defenders with his pace alone.
  15. Nabil Fekir

    lol so much LOL