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  1. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    What an exciting game to watch! That's the sort of Derby game I want to witness when Chelsea and Arsenal meet up! Such a spectacle for the supporters and that was matched on the pitch today for the first time in a LONG time. I thought we showed we are still a work in progress but the areas we need to improve in were also the areas we exploited Arsenal in. I thought we struggled to press effectively from the front and that the space between the defenders and midfielders was WAAAAAAY too big. Kepa - 6 Probably should've done better on Henrik's goal and didn't really look for the soft spots in the press to exploit. Often lumped it up field and as a result it came right back to us. He really didn't have much to do in the 2d half. Azpi - 6 Was lost for Iwobi's goal and didn't really look like a guy capable of locking down a flank. This is two games in a row now where I'm left less than impressed with his overall game. Played a great early ball to Morata for his goal but outside of that I think he's struggling to adjust to this system. Rudiger - 6 He's just slow to react to dangerous situations. In the first half we were under siege and in certain situations you would expect him to snuff it out and deal with it... he doesn't.... Luiz - 6 Again great distribution but his ability to detect danger and put a stop to it is not great. I see his value when we're in possession but I not quite so sure he thinks the game well enough. Alonso - 8 MOTM I know he had plenty of lapses defensively, I just think we're gonna have to live with this mainly because he offers big goals in big games. He also had a lot of clearances... Jorginho - 6 We know what he provides for the team, he's also coming to grips with the pace of the prem. He needs to be more aware of what is around him, he was non-existent inside our 18 when Arsenal kept exploiting the cutbacks. That is an area on the pitch Kante dominated and I know in order for us to be more attacking we need Jorginho at the base but man, you can't help but think how we may be left exposed against better teams... (Liverpool, City, Spurs etc) Barkley - 5 I think Barkley's personality on the pitch is eventually going to lead to his undoing. He just doesn't really assert himself and put himself about on the pitch! I think he had one decent turn in transition and that was about it... Overall he isn't doing much offensively to have lapses defensively and for this reason I he's got maybe one more game before he is effectively out of the preferred XI. Kante - 7 He was decent going forward and is growing into the role nicely I just think his best attributes aren't on display in this set up. I don't like him so far forward, had he been in his natural starting position a lot of those cutbacks would've been snuffed out no problem. Still as a footballer he can make himself useful in any role. Pedro - 8 was our best forward. ball retention was very good and always looked threatening. Sometimes needs to look pass and takes too many touches before he releases it but all in all this looks like a system he should flourish in. He needs to be better either tracking back or in the pressing game. Willian - 5 Far too ponderous when in possession lacked the sense of urgency in the pressing game. I would be surprised if he starts next week did next to nothing at both ends of the pitch. Morata - 7 Started well and then faded in the 2nd half I think the substitution came about 5 mins too late. To be fair for me job done once he scored, he took it well too. Hazard - 7 It really shouldn't be fair for Hazard to be allowed to come on and run at a tired defense... Should start next week Kovacic - 7 What a debut! Looked like he's been playing in the side for years. So composed on the ball and excellent backtracking when out of possession. He is going to be an absolute GEM... Starting to think its gonna be hard for RLC and Barkley to play in this midfield barring injuries. Kovacic is just another level, if he can add goals??? My lord.
  2. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Its all dependent on the style of football being employed.
  3. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

  4. The Board

    Monchi. We need experience not a feel good story
  5. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Sadly, captain obvious, you aren't telling me anything I don't know, but I appreciate your determination still!
  6. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Many people might prefer him, but they need to realise, he will be the undisputed LB for sometime. No shit! thanks for the newsflash pal... LOL
  7. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    pretty sure I said I expect Alonso to start but Emerson was my preferred choice... but anyways...
  8. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Man. Just scrolled through the comments during the game and boy was I shocked by some of the comments. I’m not gonna call anyone out personally but I was left wondering what game people watched? First of all, in the first half we faced a 3-5-1-1 for the first time, very little space in between the lines. Pritchard’s defensive instruction was clearly just to sit on Jorginho and to not allow him to get on the ball, as a result Luiz became our deep lying playmaker. We struggled to find the half spaces because Huddersfield, surprise, surprise, were VERY compact and made it very hard to break the lines in the first half. Defensively I thought we struggled mightily in wide areas. Azpi was having all sorts of problems dealing with Mounie when he went out to the right. I think the narrow back four will make it easier for big CF’s to pick on Azpi as Mounie did today. I generally don’t like the Rudiger/Luiz tandem, they both don’t read the game well and are slow to react. I also don’t think we have a solution in the team so it will be a problem going forward. In the second half the noticeable change was Pritchard being subbed for Depoitre. Where Pritchard sat on Jorginho in the 3-5-1-1, Depoitre was an out and out CF and had all sorts of trouble dealing with Jorginho’s constant movement to try to get on the ball which he did and as a result we were able to FINALLY play. The other noticeable difference in the play was how easy it was for Luiz to break the lines with incisive passing. I thought he was fucking magnificent today, his long ball distribution was 10/12 which is obviously incredible considering how compact Huddersfield were. Defensively we weren’t really threatened in the second we basically defended by keeping the ball. Kepa - 7 not really tested, was patient with his short passing. His distribution overall was average, he actually got us in trouble when he gave the ball away in the first half. He’ll get better when he knows who the best outlets are. Clearly the midrange pass has to go to Alonso on the flank... Azpi - 6 he looked very average as our RB, was beaten easily down the flank and also played men onside in the first half. He’s probably just adjusting to playing out there again but if I’m assessing his game based on what I saw he was average at best. Rudiger - 7 doesn’t really read the game well but has the athleticism to make up for his slow reactions. Struggled with balls in the box because he can’t rely on make up speed in that zone. I did notice his distribution was good. Broke lines a few times and never forced a bad pass. Safe. Luiz - 8 I really don’t know how anyone who watched the game could say Luiz was poor. He was close to the motm for me. Again his distribution, both long and short was fantastic and he closed on would be attackers quickly to allow us to retain possession. Once he gets an understanding of what Sarri wants from him as our secondary deep lying playmaker.... look out. The only thing I don’t like is he is slow to react. Alonso - 7 ideally I would love to see Emerson on the left flank but I do understand why Alonso is playing. He is an aerial threat, outlet ball, free kick specialist and in a team that lacks height and physicality, it will be hard for him not to play. He was decent going forward linked up well with Willian and Barkley. Jorginho - 8 the guy just knows what we are trying to do and knows how to marshal the team. The entire game, even when he was marked out, you could see him dictating the game vocally. Telling guys where to go and forcing the defense to make decisions about who they want to take out of the game. I canNOT wait till Kovacic and Hazard are in the xi, it will be much easier for Jorginho to find operating room when they are on the pitch. Kante - 8 I must admit, I wasn’t sure Kante would be able to effectively play as a box to box midfielder, today he showed he has great potential. Loved his movement off the ball and he also showed the ability to move the ball quickly even if the decision making wasn’t always direct. Was great to see him score and most important have box presence. Barkley - 6 Ross has a lot of pressure on him. Ruben is breathing down his neck and soon Kovacic will take the starting role. Having said that he showed some positivity. He can play at a higher tempo but his defensive awareness is non-existent. Looked explosive with the ball at his feet but never really made himself available to receive the ball in the first half. Needs to come deeper to suck in defenders when they are man marking Jorginho. Pedro - 7 he was so frustrating to watch in possession! So many times when there was a clear opportunity to make a pass and move, he ended up taking way too many touches and as a result the move broke down. I would rather him on the end of moves rather than being involved in the build up. Decent finish for the goal which is why I gave him 7. Willian - 7 He’s not quite comfortable in this system but I thought he did well taking on his man and providing instant fast break counters. I’m starting to think he can be useful in this system if he decides to take a touch and move, he’s fast! Jorginho thinks fast! Combine the two and you have fast! Morata - 6.5 he was DEFINITELY much more effective at holding up the ball and linking play. I thought his composure in the build up was markedly improved. Now he just has to be more aggressive in the box and fight harder to win 50/50’s. Worked hard for the team today but I need end product from the striker. Hazard - 8 what a cameo! It’s safe to say he’s gonna flourish as an impact sub... lol. 6 successful take ons in 15 minutes. Also noticed him coming deep to collect which freed up Jorginho a lot. So glad we were able to keep him even if just for a year, I want to see him in Sarri’s system. He’s gonna be a real killer. Loftus-Cheek - 6 I actually think Ruben’s role this season will be impact sub. He just doesn’t have the stamina to play a full 90 at a high level. He offered a decent spark and I can see that continuing going forward. Moses n/a didn’t do much...
  9. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    71m makes him nailed on starter.
  10. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Kepa Azpi Rudi Luiz Emerson Kante Jorginho Barkley Pedro Morata Hudson-Odoi Pretty sure it will be Alonso but it would be much better with Emerson
  11. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    They probably kept it out of the contract for accounting purposes.
  12. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    what I'm hearing is his buyout clause is £44.2m. Utd triggered it but he didn't want to join them so we came in but with Kepa costing as much as he did, the club made an agreement to do a loan for accounting purposes. FFP kept us from making it official but it will be perhaps in January?
  13. Danny Drinkwater

    surprised his agent wasn't working overtime to get him a move... He will not play, this much I am sure of.
  14. Danny Drinkwater

    How on earth did this guy survive deadline day??? real head scratcher.
  15. Nabil Fekir

    they'd only sell Hazard unless a team meets his valuation... I think you guys need to relax. Fekir has been a target for a while because he's good and relatively cheap, not because Hazard is off.