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Everything posted by nachikethas

  1. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Boring. But at least it doesnt have the pattern like ManU's table cloth jersey.
  2. Premier League thread

    I miss Sunderland for the last fixture! Anyway looks really tough fixture even without the Charity shield match against Arsenal.
  3. Politics & Stuff

    Comrade Corbyn all the way I remember when Sadiq Khan won the Mayor election, my cousin who used to stay in London said that Corbyn didnt attend the cermony because he is too left. And the chances of him becoming the PM are very less..
  4. Politics & Stuff

    So the other parties will team up with up labour party to form government?
  5. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Thank you man. Hows your Goa trip planning up? I am staying at Bangalore. Actually my home is in Cochin. You should visit there if you haven't. Let me know if you need any help. Edit. Sorry I thought you were @Unionjack !!
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    A photo blog of my vacation in Sikkim, Himalayas https://notesfromdreams.wordpress.com/2017/06/02/sikkim-the-land-of-mystique/
  7. Politics & Stuff

    I hope none of your relatives or friends are affected in the blast.Those pictures looked devastating.
  8. Victory Parade Cancelled

    Sad but necessary.
  9. Bertrand Traoré

    Big game for this fellow on tonight. Hope he destroys united's dream.
  10. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Oh John Terry. We love you
  11. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Looks like Pinball. So easy.
  12. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

  13. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Wow. That banner!!
  14. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Anybody have this Chelsea 1976 kit? I am planning to buy it from Amazon.Uk
  15. Problem changing pages

    Same here. Also when ever I click the the top page number of a thread or the previous page button it always loads to the home screen (the bottom button works though sometime this also has problem). This issue has been there for me for a very long time.
  16. 5. Kurt Zouma

    Was pretty bad yesterday. Badly needs a loan move to regain his confidence.
  17. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    What with all that fireworks. Is it Sunday already! Or is it because it will be only afternoon for our last match
  18. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    Oh Zouma!!
  19. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    Where was Zouma?? WHy so up in the pitch.
  20. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    No body gives the ball to Mitchy.
  21. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    JT! 1-1
  22. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    Our Captain 1-0
  23. Chelsea 4-3 Watford

    Try to put 4/5 past them. Just for entertainment!
  24. The English Football Thread

    Spurs with the flags
  25. West Brom 0-1 Chelsea

    Life would have been so different without football. Feeling so happy now. Champions of England. Yes we deserve that. Love you Conte an men in blue.