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  1. Chelsea 2-1 Lille

    Everytime they get the ball I looked down. Was nervous at the end. But what a night. Won't forget in my life.
  2. Chelsea 2-1 Lille

    Oh that was tensful.. glad we won
  3. Chelsea 2-1 Lille

    Let's get 5!!!
  4. Chelsea 2-1 Lille

    Got the tickets!! Just a word of advice, every time when I go see a Chelsea match in a stadium, we lose. So prepare for the worst.
  5. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Hasn't been great but still scored 3. Willian is having a really good run of games lately.
  6. Chelsea 7-1 Grimsby

    Barkley the midfield general.
  7. Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

    Yes my captain
  8. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Supposed to be a great day in my life, thanks Barkley
  9. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Wow.You mean upper deck?
  10. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Wow.You mean upper deck?
  11. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    All set!
  12. Chelsea 0-1 Valencia

    Tuesday is the day, people. I'm going to Stamford Bridge to see my first Chelsea match. Have few questions though. I got the seats in Shed end which Valencia has returned last week. Am I going to sit with the away supporters? I booked the tickets through my membership by the way. Will they allow a small backpack inside the stadium? Anyway, can't wait for the match. If anybody is coming there I would like to meet you in person.
  13. Wolves 2-5 Chelsea

    Watching the PL matches in the UK is the most painful thing, irony right?! God, I miss India!
  14. Man Utd 4-0 Chelsea

    Anyone at the Frankie's sports bar now?
  15. Stamford Bridge thread

    To be honest I was really shocked when I saw the stadium. It was smaller than I imagined. But then I got it , it's a proper football stadium, not like the hugh multipurpose stadiums that we have in India. 😭 Missing my number 10