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  1. The English Football Thread

    Yesterday just reinforced my suspicions that football is indeed corrupt, in all countries. I find there to be far too much coincidence that Chelsea lose earlier in the day and Man City have the opportunity to close the gap in the title race and they do it undeservedly. We didn't play well but we should have had the opportunity to play a 10 man (arguably 9 man) Manchester City for the majority of the game starting at 0-0 but instead a very controversial penalty was given and what do you know? It gives Man City the opportunity to score and of course, they oblige and that's why it's 'the most exciting league in the world'. I'm just really fed up. Barkley got booked today for diving in what was exactly the same kind of tackle that led to the penalty and he was booked because the media harboured on about his dive versus West Ham which has earned him a reputation, the referee couldn't wait to book him when it was obviously, not a dive. However, this will continue because Everton aren't currently at the top of the table, they don't have a chance of winning 'the most exciting league in the world' and it keeps the clubs that Sky want exactly where they're supposed to be whilst continuously stopping other clubs. In stark contrast a player not too far from Goodison named Raheem has spent more time on the floor this season than he has on his feet but he won't be castigated for it because Liverpool were title contenders last season. Not only that but it's the third year in a row we've conceded a penalty at the Ethiad. Incident #1 Fellaini tugging a shirt from a corner (Tevez I think) Incident #2 Coleman grabbing a hold of Zabaleta's hand in the box Incident #3 Jagielka shoulder barging Milner. They've all been very soft penalties and it's no coincidence they've been given over the time that Man City have propelled themselves to title contenders. It's absolutely tragic.
  2. Christian Atsu

    Before I say anything about Atsu, I will say that with our fans he never had much of a hope in the first place. A lot of Everton fans have clouded memories of Deulofeu being the next messiah (he really wasn't even that good) and Atsu is the like for like replacement for him in the team this season and he is constantly compared to him (with all Deulofeu's poor aspects forgotten, and there were a lot of them). Regardless of how he's viewed by fans, he has really struggled for us this season. I think he started against Crystal Palace at home earlier this season (lost 3-2 ffs) and had a decent game but ran into opposition players a bit too much and had periods where he couldn't find a way into the game. He got taken off on the hour mark but I think that was pre-meditated. He started against Krasnodar in the Europa League in Russia and he was abysmal to be fair. He had a spell of not being able to even make the bench after that and was correctly pulled off at half time in Russia. He came back into the fold against Lille at home the other week after we were 3-0 up and looked short of confidence. He ran into defenders again and then just stopped trying to take on players and took the easy option. So all in all, it's not been great so far. I personally still have hope for him as I think it's just a case of him getting up to speed with playing in a league with actual defenders (quite different from the Eredivisie) as well as adjusting to a new area and integrating into a new team. With Mirallas out for the last couple of months he had a big opportunity but for whatever reason it didn't work out. Most Everton fans will have written him off but let's be honest, what do football fans know? It's still only November and there's plenty of time yet.
  3. Romelu Lukaku

    I'd imagine a few will care judging by his 403 page thread.
  4. Romelu Lukaku

    Just popping in to inform you that we are pretty confident he will be signing for us. Whether we are right, I don't know.
  5. Chelsea v Everton

    You also have to take into account styles of play though. Chelsea don't push their fullbacks forward anywhere near as much as Everton do thus they're going to be less attacking. Impressed with those defensive stats from Seamus though.
  6. Chelsea v Everton

    Both great players.
  7. Chelsea v Everton

    Chelsea have lost none of their last 18 Barclays Premier League home games against Everton (W9 D9). Chelsea have had win/win results in their last five home wins Steven Naismith has scored in two of his three Barclays Premier League appearances against Chelsea. The Londoners have won just three of the last 11 Premier League games against the Toffees (W3 D4 L4). Chelsea have had Over 2.5 goals in their last five home matches against top-six teams There have been four goals in the opening 15 minutes of the last four meetings between Chelsea and Everton. All six of Samuel Eto’o’s Premier League goals for Chelsea have been scored at Stamford Bridge. Everton have had both teams scoring in their last four away matches against Chelsea Everton have scored 10 goals through defenders this season in the Premier League, more than any other side. Their opponents Chelsea have seen six goals from defenders (third most). Six of Everton’s last 11 Premier League goals have been scored from outside the box; three of which have been netted by Kevin Mirallas. Chelsea have had 2-1 scorelines in their last four home wins against top-six teams Jose Mourinho’s side are on the longest unbeaten run in the Premier League currently (11 games – W8 D3). Mourinho’s unbeaten home record as a Premier League manager now stands at 73 games (W57 D16). Roberto Martinez has lost all four of his previous Premier League trips to Stamford Bridge as a manager.
  8. Romelu Lukaku

    you're doing Everton a real disservice though. Everton are the 6th best side in England at the moment and and had more players on international duty in the last round of internationals than any other club in Europe.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    I think you're overrating your own players. How many 'world class' players do Chelsea have?
  10. Romelu Lukaku

    Since I last posted in this thread, Romelu Lukaku has scored 2 goals in 10 appearances in the Premier League (without counting his injury forced substitution away to Liverpool) having previously scored 7 goals in 8 Premier League appearances. So what we need to determine is whether his drop in goals is down to a drop in performance from Everton as a team or whether Romelu Lukaku has to take a large amount of, not quite blame, but acceptance for his own transformation into Fernando Torres. I have to concede that I am of the persuasion that a decent part of the reasoning for Romelu Lukaku's loss of form is down to Everton's loss in form over the last 2 or 3 months. In my opinion, Everton haven't played well throughout a match since we drew 1-1 against Arsenal at the Emirates and that came 8 Premier League matches ago on 8th December. In that time, Lukaku has scored one goal. Everton have been ravaged with injuries throughout the last couple of months (like some other clubs). Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka, Sylvain Distin, Seamus Coleman, Gerard Deulofeu, Ross Barkley and much more recently Bryan Oviedo all missed numerous games in this period which will have affected the team as most of them are core players in the squad. Any team that is swapping and changing their team unwillingly are going to suffer. However, there are a lot of players who would step up in that sort of time (Kevin Mirallas in particular did this for us) but Lukaku just went inside a shell and the goals dried up. It wasn't the hardest run of Premier League matches in the world, he has failed to score against Manchester United, Arsenal (they're the excusable fixtures), Fulham, Swansea, Sunderland, Stoke, Norwich and West Brom. Perhaps you also have to take fitness and his stage of development into account. He is still young and has been used sparingly at Chelsea and was used fairly irregularly at West Brom despite his goal return, Due to lack of competition (which could also be a factor, though I don't think it is, he's a pretty self motivated guy), he has started 17 Premier League matches in a row before his injury against Liverpool. You only have to look at your own players recently such as Hazard and Willian who are suffering from fatigue and they have more experience in hand. Also, when you're scoring goals, your inadequacies are often ignored and vice-versa when you're not scoring. Despite the goals, he's always showed that he's a fair distance from being the footballer he wants to be, patience is probably the one thing he needs more of in terms of his career. Unsurprisingly, it's a mixture of a drop of form from the player and the team that have contributed to his lack of goals but if I'm being completely honest, it was the team that was making Lukaku look good this season rather than the other way around as the media would have had you believe with their "what was Jose thinking" headlines. Lukaku is young, that should be remembered and he needs less of the Drogba comparisons and the media fuelling his ego. This break should help him as well as competition from Traore and Naismith who is doing well. There's absolutely no way Lukaku is ready to lead Chelsea next season, nor is there much proof to say he'd be any better at it than Torres or Eto'o... yet.
  11. Chelsea v Everton

    Here's my preview if anybody is interested. http://www.nsno.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic,43795.0.html
  12. Chelsea v Everton

    I can't see anything but a Chelsea win here to be honest. We haven't performed well in about 3 months since Lukaku transformed into Emile Heskey. We are getting some results not playing well but unless some players returning from injury (namely Barkley, Coleman and from the bench Deulofeu) start to get back to match sharpness then I can see it being a fairly simple 2-0 here.
  13. Chelsea v Everton

    I weren't sure you see. An away tie to Gala is difficult and a long tri[ away so I thought Mourinho might have prioritised it.
  14. Chelsea v Everton

    Will Terry not be rested for the Galatasaray match?
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    He was ok today. Much better in the second half than the first but his life was made easier by some outstanding performances behind him.