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  1. Aston Villa v Chelsea

    If people are still that scared, then they should stop driving cars and planes etc etc because there is a chance they might end up in accident, probably bigger one than being done to death by corona. This corona stuff is getting fucking ridiculous. Sweden didnt have any serious restrictions, germans are playing footie for a while now and nothing catastrophic happened.
  2. Jeremie Boga

    Another stupid decision if we dont trigger the clause and sign Boga for this cheap.
  3. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Marina took the reigns as sporting director. Scott only scouts the pool of players and presents them. It all falls then on Marina to get a qualified staff to design how our team will look, the plans and everything. If we have underqualified scouts, that is responsibility of Marina aswell. Scout also only identifies and makes the first contact. Negotiations are done by other people, mostly by the sporting director. If Marina actualy does that, I dont know but its possible she doesnt because she probably has no knowledge of that whatsoever. I mean to this day i dont know how Marina or Woodward in United managed to keep their jobs when both teams spend shitload and we are in transitional period since 2010s.
  4. Odsonne Edouard

    No. Drogba was perhaps the best big game striker ever, but his scoring record in general wasnt that great at all. People just have wrong picture of him because he was that great in important games. In 8 seasons here, he only reached more than 20 goals in two seasons (20, 29). The rest were 10, 12, 8, 5, 11, 5. Being subbed or injured is all part of that prolificency. Aguero was injured and rotated too, but he managed to score above 20 goals in all but 1 season. That said Id pick Drogba any day, but him being a prolific is just not true. Id even argue that with those stats and if he wasnt that good in key games, he would be sold nowdays when people think strikers arent good enough if they dont score at least 20 goals per season.
  5. Odsonne Edouard

    We are on the hunt for new striker and there is no topic for him, so it might be the time to add one. Apparently we already sent scouts to watch him and the answer was very positive, althrough Dembele remains the priority. https://www.90min.com/posts/6557755-chelsea-consider-move-for-celtic-s-odsonne-edouard-but-moussa-dembele-remains-top-target So with all the extra time we have thanks to corona, I went to watch celtic games to see whats the deal with Edouard and I have to say Im largely impressed. I have seen games from Dembele, Lautaro and Werner, all who have been linked with Chelsea, but its likely the last two wont come. As for Dembele, I do think Edouard is better. In fact, he looks more proper forward than Werner. Its different league difficulty though. That said I got to say Im seriously impressed with this guy. He can finish realy well, he can dribble and hold the ball, he is quick and strong, his movement and awarness is top notch. But what I like more than that is his technique. He can bang from distance or free kicks. The way he hits the ball is so natural. Thats always an extra with strikers. If they have that quality, we talk about Suarez or Drogba levels of potential. And Edouard posseses that potential. He isnt a poacher or pace merchant like Werner, but he can contribute to the whole gameplay. Its celtic and scottish league, but if he can transform that to PL, we could be looking at next Drogba. Whoever will sign this dude is in for a realy realy top striker. Dont know how is he so underrated and have only watched him now. Given Werner and Lautaro are pipe dreams, I will be dissapointed if he isnt our third option. Looks more complete than Dembele when in Celtic. If this doesnt remind you of a certain blue...
  6. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Well someone has to do that and since she was responsible for most of that after Emenalo left, she is the one to praise/blame.
  7. Kai Havertz

    Havertz is quality, but we should prioritize striker or Hazard replacement (Sancho) in case we want to splash the cash. We now already have Ziyech, Mount, RLC who can all play in CAM spot. Thats like when we spent club record on GK. I understand its important to have a quality GK, but forking world record and club record on not even very proven GK of all players was weird. Signing Havertz when we have other players that can play there and need strenghtening in other areas would be signing because we can rather than because we need. Havertz is generational player, but we need to prioritize other positions now. Same with those rumours about Auba. That would make sense if we had title winning squad like United and only needed a final piece like they did with RVP. But we dont have that squad and by the time we will, Auba will be past his prime. It would be good short time signing, but bad long term one. So we should go for younger striker like Dembele or Edouard.
  8. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    I was about to post why we dont target Tagliafico and bam...rumours it could be announced as soon as tomorrow. Fee around 40m.
  9. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Thats the one thing she does well. Quite few transfers were done very cheap (Kante, Ziyech, Cesc) and we sold quite a few for ridiculous money Oscar, Matic, Costa)
  10. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    After Emenalo left she got in charge of the transfers which includes negotiating and presenting a strong plan to rebuild the squad. How was that not her job?
  11. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    She is excellent with finances, but awful as a football director in terms of building a squad for footballing reasons. Thats the difference. And we are football club first, not business for profits. I just wish we had a director like Campos, Marotta, Kenyon or that dude in liverpool forgot his name. Someone with actual knowledge in football, not just economics.
  12. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    If we extend Willian or Pedro, thats just throwing sand in our own eyes. Both have proven they are not good enough to lead our young players. Neither are they reliable as "experienced" players are. We should resign Boga instead.
  13. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    If CHO was actualy convicted, there are only two options; Sancho, Boga or even both. If this club means anything serious in the next few years, trying to land Sancho should be the absolute minimum effort from the board. You just dont miss a chance like that. And yet it seems we already left the chat because United is also interested.
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Reckon its a plot from model to try get some money or fame or whatever from him and he was stupid to bite for it. But if he did rape, he should hang.
  15. Chelsea's Transfer Targets

    Literaly every barca fan dislikes the idea of either Pjanic or De Sciglio coming there. It will be just another terrible business by their board. Juve is willing to sell Pjanic because of his age, wages and fact that he is very hot cold player. Pjanic should be absolute key player under someone like Sarri but after good autmn, he completely lost himself. Its definately not a good deal for barca because they will likely replace a promising Arthur for someone with few years at top in decline. If there was time for barca to buy pjanic was from roma. De Sciglio is crap. Maybe a backup but in barca case, they already have few other better more promising options to go for. Semedo was played in and out from the team, give him a regular place and he will perform great. This deal doesnt help barca progress in any way. Not that I dont like it, its great haha
  16. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Its not just the midfield. Our forwards have been shit in creativity this year. Willian and Pedro are past it, Puli and Odoi had injuries, Tammy cant create. If we had at least two that can create on regular basis, that would help with lack of creativity from midfield and we could easily play any 3 of Kante, Jorgi, Kova, Mount. Id allow Jorginho to leave and bring DM aswell.
  17. Thomas Partey

    Our defense went to shit with Matic departure and we still havent solved that DM spot. Obviosly we dont even play with typical DM but thats one of key reasons for poor defence. Just two quality CBs wont be enough if opponents push through our mid like butter.
  18. Hakim Ziyech

    When Jorgi, Kova, Kante are fit we usualy play them, so the only way Ziyech could play there are the wings. Just because Lamps changed tactics because we had injuries it doesnt mean that is now suddenly our usual formation. Hence you said at times. You need to pick one formation and stick to it and I think it will be 4:3:3 Cesc was great during his Arsenal time. After that he became limited. When he had space and time he had absolutely superb vision and long passing which racked plenty of assists during our title season. And he had prime Matic next to him who covered defensive duties and ran around to accomodate Cesc. But when under pressure he couldnt do anything. So did Tadic and he was nothing special in Southampton before.
  19. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Funniest thing is Juve trying to be big team ready to march for CL while having Danilo and that excuse of a midfield where only Pjanic is good enough.
  20. The Conte Thread

    Inter had Juve by the neck and they could improve in january, but Conte went and bought Ashley Young and Moses. They are now 9 points behind. Conte often either looks like a genious or complete tool. I like him for that brilliant season but I still hate their childish shit with Costa. We had a strong team, ready for further improvement and those two ruined it. Conte being the manager and the more "mature" of the two should deal with it or make it so that team wouldnt stagnate. Offcourse the whole team went down then and there because of his ego.
  21. Hakim Ziyech

    The main question I have is where he will play. He is by far best as CAM with free role, so he can spray passes and shoots. He is certainly not that great to have this free role here like Eden had. And secondly, we dont play with CAM. So are we going to shift him on wing? Which brings another question. Is it going to work on wing given he isnt quick at all? I think he is not going to be a standout player here. For 30m its no brainer, but thats it. I absolutely dont like players like Cesc or Ozil. They make nice statistics but they become mentaly weak turds in and tactical liability against any bigger opponent. KDB or Modric are proper creative midfielders. Yep, Im not too keen on Ziyech before he even played a game here. But dont get me wrong, he has all the time to prove himself in blue shirt. He is now a blue.
  22. Odsonne Edouard

    I would go for someone who isnt just a goalscorer. Drogba, despite his nice scoring stats was never one of those clinical scorers like Nistelrooy, Henry or Rooney. But there was alot more to his overall game and he had character. Many allround strikers tend to rise the level in key games while serial scorers dissapear there alot. That said, there are exceptions.
  23. Jeremie Boga

    With Pedro and Willian leaving, he should definately be brought back. He was realy promising for Conte in the begining, but then he didnt get much playtime.
  24. Dries Mertens

    This season not so much. He is on decline, aging and PL demands plenty of energy. If it was from england to italy maybe. We dont have a winning squad yet, so Mertens cant provide something extra beacause we dont even have the base covered. Would be better to invest in younger forward like Boadu IMO.
  25. General Chelsea Stuff

    Ambition and spending are only two things that matter though. Its realy nice to see us go progressive football. It was definately required. But all these talents we have are only a part. All teams that won something in recent years spent big money on at least few world class players. Regular spenders like Real, Barca, City,...Pool with Dijk and Alisson etc.