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  1. General Transfer Talk

    2 weeks is still plenty of time if you consider 40% of our transfers have been done on deadline day in past years...
  2. Cedric Soares

    Tbf Sandro and Cedric wouldnt be bad at all IMO.
  3. General Transfer Talk

    The rumours are getting funnier and funnier. Tomorrow we can expect something like Chelsea pushing for surprising moves on Kyle Walker and Benjamin Mendy.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Barca: we are close to Dembele and Coutinho Bvb: barca is no closer to Dembele, they are having headaches from real defeat.
  5. The English Football Thread

    Cech Iva-Carvalho-Terry-Cole Essien-Makelele-Lamps Robben-Drogba-Hazard Gudjohnsen/\Hasselbaink, Zola and Gallas were also quality in their best years at cfc.
  6. Grzegorz Krychowiak

    He was below average at psg though. Even if we sign him, what if there will be zero impact from him? Pointless to just buy someone just to buy someone. At least buy decent quality or someone coming off a good season.
  7. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    Well if they dont sell this summer, thats about potential 90m down the drain...
  8. Cedric Soares

    Well if we made signings somewhere in july, it wouldnt matter much, because they would all go through full preaseason and trainings. But right now, if we want new signings that will fit straight in with instant impact, im very certain that things like "did play in PL before" are quite important (and a bunch of othee details). Obviously not everyone that played in PL will guarantee impact, but its alot more possible than someone who never played in PL before. Kante, Rvp are two players I always keep in mind who have played in PL before and made instant improvement in Chelsea and United when they arrived. That has alot to do with quality of the players too, but then you had examples like Robinho who never realy made it in PL. Anyway, right now we are in extremely difficult situation. We need players that will give us instant impact, but I somehow doubt it will happen. Whoever we sign, will probably need "weeks of training to gain fitness and philosophy" etc etc. If we somehow manage to sign someone that will be match fit in two days or so, we will be blessed. Thats why I have no idea why people wanted signings this week, as if they would play straight away vs spurs. I gues the chances for that would be small. For me, as long we get business done, I dont care when. Be it tomorrow or last day of august.
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Andre Gomes has to be hands down worst midfielder in any of top clubs. I pray we dont make a bid for him lol.
  10. Arjen Robben

    Fantastic article. The culture of this club and players we had back then was completely different. I would go back in those times if I had a choice.
  11. Danny Drinkwater

    We are doing this window so wrong IMO. Would be better if we bought foreign midfielder and target someone like Redmond if we need more homegrown players...
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Sigurdsson for 45m is giant amount of money, but I think he is actualy one of the better, underrated players in premier league. Im sure he will be good adition for them.
  13. Fabinho

    As things stand right now Matuidi will go to juve and Psg will buy Fabinho... But we will have Drinkwater
  14. João Cancelo

    Probably because Kondogbia going the other way.
  15. Fabinho

    Seems like he is realy pushing for a move away from Monaco. Im not sure if we can guarantee him starting spot, but he would definately play alot this season and he could even cover RB or RWB position if required. His pal Bakayoko is here, not to mention few brazilians aswell. Kante, Bakayoko, Fabinho and Cesc would be midfield we should target. Or is our pulling power so weak, we have no chance in getting him?
  16. Danny Drinkwater

    Oh come on...I agree money fees are getting more and more ridiculous. But do you know that around turn of century Betis and Lazio paid ridiculous fees for players? Betis broke world record for Denilson, they paid more money for him than Inter for Ronaldo9. And Lazio bought Crespo and Mendieta for around 40m euros each, unbelievable scenes. But look at Lazio and Betis after...they ultimately failed with their attempts to be super clubs. You know funniest thing however, there is more money in football than ever, specialy in PL. Everton can probs afford to pay 100m plus every summer from now on. However we act like we have same or even less money than 10 years ago lol. Its obvious that on long term, we wont be competitive anymore if we insisit with same strategy. I agree we shouldnt be throwing money away just like that, but we will simply have to spend more if we want players that can make difference.
  17. 10. Eden Hazard

    I thought CL 11, EL 11 and uefa best 11 wasnt the same?
  18. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Tbh as long he plays that good thing. I guess we can always buy him back, much better player than he was when he left. Same for RLC and Baker, hopefuly they play week in week out and get in squad next year.
  19. 10. Eden Hazard

    Im just wondering how the fuck did Ibra get ahead of him or Kante in UEFA top 10 of past year?
  20. General Transfer Talk

    Regardless of situation, I expect chelsea to sign at least midfielder and wingback. Be it on last day, there is absolutely no way we wont sign at least two new players. I could bet a house on that. The question is who. And then we will see if it was successful window or not. Problem is, we had whole summer knowing we need two quality wingbacks. And if two quality wingbacks wont be here come 1st september, I think we can safely say we didnt solve the issues we knew for quite a while. In short we needed midfielder, two wingbacks and squad fillers. Next summer quality RW and CB. At least that was what you would expect after watching past season. Christensen should get chance before forking millions for new CB, hence why we should get one next summer if necessary. Pedro on other hand performed well enough to start another season. Unless there was some exceptional RW available for us, but there wasnt one. However midfielder and two wingbacks were absolute must. And striker knowing Costa situation. We did adress striker issue and bought Baka aswell, but sold Matic, leaving us short. Then we needed two wingbacks, because it was clear as day this season, also playing in europe, we will need backup there and probably more quality. It would make perfect sense to get two top wingbacks, but so far nothing. To me, this window will be successful if we get these two quality wingbacks and backup midfielder. Anything else will only prolong our problems till next summer, hence poor management of the situation. On another note, I expect us to remain competitive with manchesters, and big chance the results will say otherwise, so far we have gone behind real quick in just two months. Either buying wise or spending millions, we have to remain near top.
  21. Sergi Roberto

    https://www.barcablaugranes.com/fc-barcelona-transfer-rumors-news/2017/8/15/16151490/barcelona-boss-ernesto-valverde-talks-paulinho-samper-sergi-roberto-ahead-of-el-clasico So Valverde counts on Sergi, but anything could happen till end of august.
  22. Cedric Soares

    Here I cant agree with you. Yes Laca is individualy better player than Giroud, but whenever I saw france play with Lacazette, he just didnt cut it. Giroud was much more efficient france played better aswell. And its not just coach preference. Lacazette simply didnt show enough, despite his quality. Same for Paulinho in brazil or in this case Cedric in portugal. Or Benzema. We might say Morata is better, but Zidane knows better. Morata might be better individual than Benz, but Benz makes Real team tick better, he makes the team as a whole better. They are more reliable, better team players and thats what you eventualy want. Only a team will win trophies. People often look individual qualities in players, but I rate players also on their success with team. Sure sometimes you have shit team and fantastic individual and still there wont be results. Thats why for example I rate Monaco players alot, because there is not just individual quality, but that team actualy achieved great results last season. Or Lille back then with Hazard. Valencia has few good individuals but as a whole, they are absolute crap atm, despite all the investement and talent they brought, they are very underperforming and honestly I dont see a single player there that could improve Chelsea as a team. Cancelo might put better input in attack individualy, but our balance in defence will be still bad, probably even worse than now. How can you say Cancelo is better defender than Cedric? I can guarantee you thats not true. I admit I havent seen them play many times past season, but two seasons ago Cedric was quite reliable defender and Cancelo was below average in defence. Then I checked fans opinions and they all agree Cancelo was even worse in defense last season. Dont get me wrong, I dont see Cedric ideal rwb or rb, but neither is Cancelo. We should aim at better fullbacks, but I dont agree with you that Cedric is soo poor and Cancelo much better as you say. The best portugal rb atm IMO is Ricardo Pereira who also played in france two seasons, which is perfect step before PL. Atm I would try to get him, Ox or Aurier. Anyone else available wont give Chelsea much improvement, except for being squad fillers.
  23. Cedric Soares

    I would expect us being linked with Ricardo Pereira too... We have relatively difficult targets (going by who we have been linked with); Juve doesnt want to sell Sandro, SPurs will never sell Rose to us, Aurier doesnt have visa, Arsenal possibly doesnt want to sell Ox,...if neither comes here, raid Porto for Telles and Pereira and we have two young, potentialy very good wingbacks. And I guess we could get both for reported 70m we offered juve for Sandro. Still hoping we get Sandro tho.
  24. Cedric Soares

    Just curious when did he became third choice option for portugal? He was first last year when they won euros and I hear Cancelo is absolute shit defender (good going forward tho), while Nelsinho and Pereira dont have many caps for portugal either yet.
  25. The Mourinho Thread

    And we sold Matic, even tho Mou is not here anymore. I think those sales were board decisions or players wanted to leave themselves. It also explains why Mata, Lukaku and Matic are now happy playing under Mourinho. If he told them he doesnt need them, they would never play for him...I guess it was their personal choice or board decision because they thought we have good squad and money looked good, so they decided its ok if they get shipped out