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  1. Houssem Aouar

    Not linked with us at all, but I think its worth to create a thread, he will be big player one day and linked with everyone. Played brilliant against troyes tonight, fantastic talent. Ligue 1 has some amazing talent these days, Malcom from Bordeaux is another.
  2. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    What I dislike about him are his leadership skills or lack of leadership skill to be exact. For someone so long in football, experience and being captain at young age at arse, I would expect him to lead the players in difficult games, but he just dissapears in every crucial game. Man lacks that character, otherwise I would forgive him for all the physical atributes, but without physical or character qualities, he is just average in every game apart from a pass or two. And when you have DLP like that, obviously you get dominated left and right in midfield. He is the exact opposite of what DLP should realy be. Alonso and Pirlo were example of class DLP.
  3. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    For the moment he is still finding his very best role in midfield. He is not playmaker ala Cesc or Ozil, but I think he will develop into deep lying playmaker. He has all technical, tactical and physical atributes to become midfield general in the future. For the moment, he is good player for counter attacks. He works realy hard to retrieve the ball, then calmly keeps it in possesion and sprays long pass to attacker. Will be interesting to see his development.
  4. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Average in the beggining, but realy kicked on soon after. Best player for Nufc. Kid is realy all round, he got good eye for pass, he works hard and very neat on the ball.
  5. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Seri is great, but not sure about Torres. To me he was always as someone who could be much better, but never realy impressed when he was supposed to. Another one I look very close is Merino. Nufc just bought him from BvB, but he is some serious serious potential IMO. Very allround, technical, good passer and evenly good in defense. Working under Rafa isnt something to be underestimated either, maybe he found himself next Xabi. Another one with great potential is Weigl. But my two cents, if we gonna play with 3 midfielders (Kante, Baka, playmaker), 3 man defense should be abandoned. 3:5:2 offers so little proper width and no wingers, apart from fullbacks. I realy like 3:4:3 though, but you cant play 3 midfielders there.
  6. 9. Álvaro Morata

    He is definately way too soft and his finishing is realy inconsistent. Scores some beautiful goals, but misses simple ones. He definately has good technique and channels realy well, but will need to bulk up/get more agressive if he wants to dominate this league. But he had few injuries too, he will improve once he gets to play few months in a row.
  7. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Sergej Milinkovic Savic or Kovacic would be my picks. Sms is absolutely fantastic midfielder, Kovacic is too but I think it would be realy expensive and difficult to get him out of Madrid (but I can see him leave if he doesnt get enough playtime)
  8. Chelsea - Watford

    Watford and Silva have been great this season. Tough tough match, but I have feeling we will beat them comfortably. As long Willian isnt starting the game. On another note, why the f*ck this team didnt improve overall for years now? We have Iva and Oscar to ditch, we do that, then Willian starts playing below any level. Merry go round and round and round...You replace two players, next season there are 3 more to be replaced. I understand aging players, but we have problems with players in prime..Same was with midfielders. We had Lamps-Rambo midfield a while ago, Rambo was good, but Lamps was aging. We bought Matic, and Rambo never managed to perform at his best. We buy Kante and Matic never manages to truly stand out again. It should be vice versa. You buy new top player and he helps the team as whole and individuals improve, but not here. Some simply stagnate or stay decent for year, then fall in form big time. Yet several players like Kdb, Salah or Matic are doing very well elsewhere now. Something is certainly not right in our core, that is eventualy reflected on pitch when simple passes, pressing, organisation, keeping the ball are catastrophic. And the team certainly has the ability, at least most of the players. But consistency and motivation + desire to IMPROVE are not there. Not sure why, but it feels sometimes we are just a team with bunch of mercenaries who are good, but dont realy give a shit about the club. Hence we can play brilliant one game, then awful next game. Or in big picture, we have great season and then terrible next one...And its not even about the trophies. I couldnt care less if we dont win PL this year, sure it should be main objective every year, but hell where is the general improvement of this team in past 5 years if you put trophies away? The fuck did this team achieve? Is it younger? Better organised? Has stronger attack/defence/midfield? Did we improve in posession or tactics/pressing? Do we have exciting talents? Is our youth integrating better in first team? Is the play nicer to the eye? Not a single answer there is clear yes. Big ups and big downs, Rinse and repeat.
  9. 10. Eden Hazard

    I agree with you entirely, as much Neymar was brilliant in some games, he was awfuly selfish and held the ball way too long in big number of games last season. But I dont agree on this; When you're getting outscored by Iago Aspas maybe you don't deserve to finish top 3 in ballon d'or. Neymar or whoever else, top 3 or even top 10 should not be based on who scores more. Goals are important, but its not everything. In this case, Neymar is still 10 times better player than Aspas.
  10. 14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    The sooner we ditch Cesc "slower than grandpa" Fabregas, Cahill and Willian aka zero fucks given, the sooner we will play better. But oh we dont have a bench. Nice one, board. That said, I dont see Baka as culprit, yes he was poor, but he has plenty of talent to improve and his play time is justified for the time being, unlike those three mentioned above. Also give Azpi some rest, he has been awful recently.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Balon dOr is a popularity contest. No way he is getting ahead of Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar, they are the most marketed players and Eden simply isnt such personality. For same reason Ramos is getting more praise than lets say Chiellini.
  12. Chelsea 3-3 Roma

    Willian man...everytime he fucks up a simple pass and tv zooms in on his reaction, he is like sorry not sorry I dont realy give a shit. And he had that kind of attitude for months now. He clearly isnt bothered to play, should be sold as soon as possible. That attitude is just awful.
  13. The Conte Thread

    I cant blame Conte for the performances, the players are as guailty as management. BUT Conte has been absolutely poor in picking players. We have many injuries and red cards, so there are not many options to pick sometimes, but even when everyone was fit, he decided to play Cesc. The guy offers absolutely nothing except for long passes. Even his so called leadership and experience are nowhere to be seen when we need to step up. He is perfect as backup and yet this year he comes back as starter. Definately on Conte this one. We dont have other deeplying playmaker, but we have Bakayoko and Kante and we should play 3:4:3 until we buy new playmaker, better this than 3:5:2 with Cesc and having midfield exposed. Then there is Cahill. To extent Luiz aswell. Christensen has been amazing, yet Conte picks proven players who dont perform well. Sure not easy to bench captain, but hell if these guys are given to play even when they play shit for weeks, they wont improve and train harder because they have spot in 11 regardless. Complacency comes in place. And what message it gives to youngsters? And finaly Willian. He has been absolutely awful this season, seriously cant remember player that was so shit for so many games. Sorry Willy, but its time to stop. Dribbles in wrong direction, missplaces passes, predictable crosses and shots...and hell, no drive to improve and work harder either. Yet Conte picks him for nearly every game. These three are simply down on Conte. Time to show some balls and dunno, play Musonda if necessary. As for Bats, no words either, but we simply dont have another striker apart from injured Morata, its understandable he plays now. Bottom line it shows clearly once again how big of a fuckup summer was. We brought 7 new players, sold twice more, but first 11 is no better than last year. Morata and Baka instead of Matic and Costa is a downgrade, but they are young. We have other problems like replacing Cesc, backup striker, new wingbacks, and quality RW. No way next summer we adress all those issues.
  14. 10. Eden Hazard

    Hazard simply isnt as clinical as Messi or CR, but at the very least he would definately score more in spain tho. Suarez is nice example, he scored 10 more goals in single season compared to his best tally in PL. Ronaldo is obvious another example if you compare his PL and Laliga outputs. But again, both Surez and Cr scored 30 in PL, compared to Eden 17, I guess he would be around 20 goals in laliga at least. But Im still not sure why the hell people want Eden to score more. Its not what defines a quality player. CR and Messi completely fucked up the balon dor with all those goals, sure they are fantastic, but they are exception, not rule. Eden is magnificent dribbler, playmaker, good passer and almost never loses the ball. All those are as important as goals in games. Its what makes team tick. Then you have Kantes. Those players do the job so CRs and Messis can even score the goals. Without such players no team would win anything. Yet the focus is only on goals and goalscorers everytime. Heck even Ramos is ranked as one of best defenders because he scores crucial goals lol. Glad its slowly changing with Neuer being recognized, with Kante being rewarded etc I understand media trying to blow the shit out of everything and praise trademark players ala CR to god status, but in forums like this with people who actualy watch football every weekend, why some still focus and talk about Eden needing to score more etc. Football is bigger than just those goals and every fan should know it.
  15. 6. Danny Drinkwater

    Why? Cesc shouldnt be in first 11 in first place, he wasnt last year and I have no idea why is he this season, unless its due to short bench, but we already had last years 3:4:3 11 fit, but still played Cesc. Been saying for 3 years he isnt the right player, all he can do is that one long pass or two per game which is superb on its own, bur otherwise doesnt contribute to the play at all. The playmaking part, he might be the best at it in this squad but that says more about lack of quality playmakers in Chelsea, not about quality of Cesc. Good utility player to bring up in second half but nothing more. Last year Conte made the right decision, this year we went back in 2015 season instead of moving on without Cesc in first 11. About Drinkwater, as of now its just knee jerk reaction to Cesc being bad and they see Danny as saviour. But we should wait till he actualy plays some games. I can see him having few bad games and same people calling for Cesc to replace Danny lol.
  16. 7. N'Golo Kante

    When heroes are injured, new heroes arise.Hopefuly others step up now that Morata and Kante are potentialy sidelined for a while.
  17. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    Well with 3:5:2 we had zero width. That allowed city to throw everything in middle and completely dominate us. Last year, they dominated us too, but here is a difference. With 3:5:2, we strenghtened our defence, but had absolutely nothing in attack. With 3:4:3 we punished them on counter. We benched Moses and Pedro for another defender and Cesc who is too slow for city players. As you say in a way Azpi instead of Moses makes sense, BUT IF we had to revert to such defensive tactics just to cope with their offense, never even thinking about our attack, thats a prety clear statement Conte and co admited we cant defeat them at all. City is amazing team this year, but sooner or later teams will stop them. I guess next year they will be realy unbeatable. However yesterday we didnt even try. From first second we allowed them to say they are the best. And thats not acceptable from PL champions at home. Its too negative. Dont make them better than what they are. Realy good team, but they still have Delph, Stones, Otamendi and Fernandinho who can get exposed. Not mentioning Aguero was not even playing. Real would blast that defence in another dimension, not saying we have quality of real, but with proper character we could defeat them on counter. I rather have lost 2:0 and trying realy hard to win than 1:0 and sit in front of goal whole game.
  18. The Conte Thread

    They were pressing us well and we had problems with that. Obviously we didnt play as negative as against city, but neither was there big desire to win that game. We only put real pressure on them in later stages, but then Luiz got that red card and that was it. It was game at SB and we should have them in full control, but they were as close to winning that game as we did. It wasnt as bad as city, but we could have done much more to win the game, it was realistic to take 3 points. Games like these will decide if we will fight for title. Never mind we had 3 games without win against them. certainly that one wasnt one-off. We struggle more against them than we did before and the whole point is that we should be improving every season. We didnt have problems except for odd game against them for few years now. But now they started to press us more and we seem unable to handle that. We have players very capable of playing offensive and attractive football. Against Atletico, I was inspired that Conte made subs indicating we want to win that game. Away at one of best teams in europe. Thats the kind of phylosophy you want. And it paid off. Only to see it all blow to city. Anyway the season is long. Im curious how we play against spurs, liverpool, city and united.
  19. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    I agree playing Azpi was crucial if we were about to park the bus. In fact our defending was brilliant considering the quality of city. We nearly managed to get a draw. But everything else was crap. Playing Azpi instead of Moses gave clear indication we wont attack, and with Azpi and Alonso on wings, Pep used his own fulbacks Walker and Delph nearly in midfield. Because our fullbacks were so poor in attack and city didnt even need to mark them. Our whole team defended basicaly, except for Eden. For a match at SB, I think thats as ridiculous as it gets. Despite the quality city has, we should go braver in this match. All in all the only reason this kind of football is tolerated is IF we get a good result out of it. If we lose, its bound to have critics left and right. And rightfully so. Games like these vs city when we dont get a result are clear indicator what fans think of such tactics when they are not blinded by the win. I want the team to give it all on the pitch and go for the win every game. At least try your best ffs. We have played counter attack for ages now, but for example under Mou the first time, we actualy played when we needed to. We could go toe to toe with any team in the world and we had that fear factor that we can kill off anyone at SB. If this counter football is what Chelsea wants to continue to play, at least do it with proper way, not letting City rape us at our own stadium.
  20. The Conte Thread

    Absolutely agree. But it comes down to the point I couldnt care less about result at the moment. Its also about the way we play. This is what bothers me. We might have lost to atletico, I would applaud players for that match. On the other hand, city one was big clusterfuck of everything wrong. Even if we won with fluke goal, I simply dont accept being so weak at home. We allowed them to play their way from get go. Hell even shakhtar and liverpool (before Mane's red card) put in more fight and desire to win. I would accept this since it was two days after atletico game, but hey we played same against fcking Arsenal at stamford bridge. Its kindoff embarassing to go into game with such low mentality. There is no excuse to play fluid football against good teams in PL. Only two matches I would accept going all defensive are city and spurs away. Every other game, we should play our own way and try to control the game. Possesion, I couldnt care less if city had 70%. Its what we do with those 30. On saturday, we had no plan, no attack, no movement, no idea, no desire. And it was at HOME when the mentality should be sky high after atletico win. But instead we reverted back to defend all game style. Let city run riot on our stadium. And dont think for second last season was any different, we were outplayed twice by both spurs and city. Yeah we managed to win three times, but as I said, that only pays when you actualy win. If we hadnt, everyone would agree we got completely outplayed. Its not realy about our players. They are more than capable of controling the games, but its something else. The mentality has changed within the squad and its been a while for most of players to automaticaly play this way and hope for the best. Cant remember how many games have been in past three years when (most) players genuinely could give shit in certain games. Aside from results, I hope we will one day actualy PLAY against top teams. Thats why atletico game was so enjojable. Not the result. We actualy coped against top top team, that didnt happen in years now.
  21. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    If we had any desire to win the game Moses would play. Instead we went for full defence, "hope we score a fluke and defend lead" type of tactic. It works sometimes but I hoped we will change that by now and try actualy playing games. Hell we were quality against arsenal in past years, but recently even they easily stop us with high press. We have top players. The day we will believe that we will become top european team. But now everytime someone good comes and we revert to bunker tactics. Its one thing to come with tactical plan of counter attacking and entirely different playing bunker with no attack. Now Im not sure if thats down to players or coach, but subbing AM9 for Willian instead of Bats was ridiculous.
  22. Politics & Stuff

    There is no way Catalonia will remain a part of spain. Not after this violence. Madrid obviously wont agree, and it will turn ugly. . Catalonia has its own parliament and is eligable to launch referendum, which was violently repressed by spanish police. But at this point, catalans dont give shit about referndum, tomorrow they will announce independency. On another note, where will barca play is not even relevant when comes to such discrimination of peoples rights.
  23. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Talking about Mendy, its actualy funny because Bakayoko and Batshuayi are big big friends with him, if we ever tried bidding for Mendy, Im quite positive he would end up here. But instead we went all in for Sandro and ended up with nothing.
  24. Chelsea 0-1 Man City

    You forgot new RW. Willian is awful and Eden needs someone to linkup with. As for today game, it was disaster we benched Moses. His runs can help our attack alot, even if he has no end product. Azpi was defending whole game and Alonso couldnt get past middle of pitch. Thats on Conte for picking such defensive and cowardly lineup at HOME.
  25. 10. Eden Hazard

    Yup there was defense and then Eden and then nothing. Honestly after seeing today game, I expect Eden to leave if this is the way we go against top teams. He had ZERO support. City had not only Silva and DeBruyne, but Jesus, Sane, even Fernandinho and BOTH fullbacks coming up and linking. Eden was only with Morata and after the sub he was alone. I guess thats down to Conte because against Atletico, we were linking much better.