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  1. 22. Willian

    But thats the case in almost every big team in europe. And I dont see them implement such policy. Neither are we any more successful because of it. Smart clubs simply dont buy aging Alexis and get rid of Maloudas at the right time, they dont implement stupid over 30 policy. AND if they get a Malouda or Alexis, thats once every couple years, not worthy enough to implement 30+ policy on every single player. Back then when we didnt have this rule, we signed Ballack and Makelele. And we couldnt get rid of Malouda indeed. But Id rather have another Malouda here if that was the price to have Ballack and Makelele. The real problem with this club is that we are buying average players. If we had quality, I dont think anyone would mind 32 year old Terry, Ballack, Makelele, Cole, Lamps here etc. Dont forget that more and more players still plays at high level in their mid 30s because of much better training and nutrition compared to 2000 or 2005. And that will only go up with these kids being professionaly nurtured since they are 16. You cant have a world class squad anyway if you demand every 30+ player to sign a single year extension or they can fuck off. Where is the club loyalty to players there? You just dont extend to shit players, ala Malouda, thats it. Not implement 30+ rule. And if we were so strict to this rule, why the hell did board extend with Alonso till he is 33? 33 mate. Alonso. He is shite at 28 already. This club is simply clueless. What we needed is to get rid of this excuse of a board, not implement 30+ rule. Any competent board doesnt need such rules because they have knowledge and experience to decide themselves.
  2. Cardiff v Chelsea

    We will win this one and brighton at home IMO. But after that I dont have much faith in our team. West Ham, Burnley and Watford even at SB can easily surprise us, while we also have United, Pool and Leicester away.
  3. 22. Willian

    Only one year for over 30 y.o. players is just another stupid daisy our board invented. Football is changing and many footballers nowdays can easily play at their best even at 30, 31, 32, 33. The line is moving up. Real had Ronaldo, Marcelo, Ramos, Modric all beyond 30. As long they are quality, you extend. Sure we had Malouda situation here, but its on board to give player contract they deserve. And to not give to one that doesnt. The problem isnt giving 30 year olds longer contract, but which 30 year olds. Seems board doesnt have a clue how long the players will remain good, so they invented this policy to prevent signing 30 year olds on more than 1 year, to prevent themselves from fucking up again. Yet for all this talk of 30 year old + policy, they casualy extended Alonso until he is 32 when he already sucks at 28. Alonso of all people. Just another big fuck up by the board. And then when we wont be able to get rid of Alonso, the board will be talking about how important it is to not give 30 year olds long contracts. Fucking idiots.
  4. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Indeed. Or Pepe. Both are more expensive but also way more talented compared to Pulisic. The board still didnt learn. Willing to spend on only decent, but still very expensive players, but they dont want to add 20-30m more to get great quality. Then we splash cash like idiots but end up with bunch of overrated shite. Pulisic is a benchwarmer who cant even make impact in germany. Even if he becomes great player one day, the board took massive risk that in current situation should be avoidable. We needed reliable transfers, not super risky ones. And even then, they most certainly bought him for being american, so they can milk the cash cow some more, not for having big potential.
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    True. The board deemed Sterling and Stones too expensive, but soon after that they splashed 40m on Drinks. Sure prices get up every year, but even in 2025, spending 40m on someone like Drinkwater will be considered bad deal. If we just needed english player, there were others cheaper and better or younger. Nevermind we had Chlobah who wanted to leave but I believe the right paycheck would keep him here. Surely he would be overpaid, but we would have spent much less money on him compared to Drinks fee and wages. And he had more potential compared to Drinkwater too. Salah, Kdb, Drinkwater,... If our board was competent, we could have this Kepa Azpi-Rudiger-Luiz(Zouma)-Filipe Luis Kante-Matic-KDB Salah-Costa-Hazard (playing good old counter football) Name me one club that fucked up transfers this bad.
  6. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Its clear he likes Chelsea. But I wonder if thats enough for him to stay. The club is a mess and we still dont trust youth anymore than we did before. We are factory and money seems to be priority for a while now. Not a good place for developing any kind of talent. In that season when United was quite bad under Van Gaal, he at least played Rashford to ignite his start of career. We still cant do the obvious. Cup games in situation like this arent enough. Its not like we are winning every game with our "experienced" 11 anyway, are we?
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    If we lose Hazard and CHO in same window without chance to buy anyone, someone should seriously fire our incompetent board. One thought Kdb, Salah sales were missed opportunity or bad luck because no one could predict their rise, but its getting clear as day the board was making mistake after mistake that could be avoidable if they had some knowledge. We are on verge of missing CL for second time in row, incoming ban for the second time, poor transfers and yet same board continues to operate without any consequences. Wake the fuck up Roman. Changing a coach wont solve shit. These problems are going on since 2012, Sarri was here for less than a year. Im not saying Sarri shouldnt be sacked, but if the club should be aware that our shit is deeper than just sacking the manager and replacing him.
  8. 10. Eden Hazard

    This is such bs. Liverpool had Salah, Mane and Firmino already at the club. Key here being they were already playing for the club for a while in established first 11. What do we have? Willian, Pedro, Higs stepping up? Haha If we had Lamps and Drogba still here, sure selling Hazard wouldnt worsen us much because of quality elsewhere. But right now we dont have such quality elsewhere. Pool also spent big chunk of Cout money on Van Dijk who turned out to be one in a thousand worthy buy. We cant buy anyone. My hope is CHO develops well. That would fix some of great loss if we sell Hazard. Pulisic has potential, but honestly I dont have much faith in him, he is hyped up American, but cant even get a place in bvb team. But thing is, we sell Hazard, we are midtable team, we wont get better as "team" or whatever. We just dont have players like Pool had after Coutinho departure. Betting on youth might at least set up our future nicely, but even then club is doing everything to push CHO out by not playing him.
  9. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I like Sarri idea of Sarriball, but he is completely unfit in player management. Terrible subs, terrible rotation, terrible preferences (picking out of form players, benching inform or talented players), motivating team, etc... Perhaps he is simply not a good fit for a club with big stars and expectations. Doesnt show enough authority and psychological understsnding. Take Zidane for example, maybe not the best tactic ever, but almost unrivaled in player management. He sees players work hard, they play (Vazquez) and benches underperformers regardless of their status. Isco when in form played, when not, he got benched soon. Simple.
  10. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Its not premature IMO. Obviously CHO isnt great player yet, but he has massive massive potential. And Southgate is giving proper faith in him. Sancho and CHO are two young english players who have shown most this season along with TAA who established himself last season already. Dont know what you lot are on about, all other fans see these young players deserve it with no ifs and buts. Here every second post casts doubts and complaints. CHO is huge talent and in order to develop he needs playtime and trust from coaches. This bs that he isnt ready yet and everything coming too soon is nonsense. If you have the talent, you have to be thrown in the fire from the start to prove if you can handle it. I agree he should never be paid whatever he is/will be at 18, money turns focus away, but the nt call is deserved. Its a reward for good work from Southgate. And its also not that big of a deal, since Southgate throws couple kids in almost every team selection, it would be almost surprising if he didnt include CHO soon.
  11. 9. Gonzalo Higuain

    The way we play I doubt Piatek would be the solution. We needed striker who is very good on the ball for hold up and linkup. Piatek is poacher and quite average on the ball. If we played counter football, that would be another story though.
  12. Thibaut Courtois

    I guess no one ever told Tibo to be careful what you wish for and that karma is a bitch. Every week talking about Madrid, Im sure he is realy happy now haha. I hope Eden understands it better.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    What exactly is Barkley or Kovacic role when they play? Barkley maybe pops a shot every 180min, aside of that what do they do? Circulate the ball back and forth. No offensive incentive. Kovacic is one of best dribblers yet I have seen him maybe 5 times in whole season to dribble past opponent lines. Those two cant create, cant shoot, cant dribble, they aint athletes either to provide dynamic. Then you have Sarri who keeps starting them. In the present we are losing games, so it makes no sense. Future wise, I would understand him playing those two, but Barkley isnt good enough to be our starter ever and Kovacic wont even be here next season. No idea what Sarri is thinking. This doesnt help us right now and players like Barkley, Pedro, Willian, Alonso, Azpi surely wont get any better. Yet Sarri think everyone is second coming of Messi and they just go through rough patch. And even has nerve to call them out. Some players are just not good enough. You cant play them and expect wonders from average players, then blame them for defeat. Thats entirely on Sarri.
  14. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    People say well at least youth will develop with ban incoming, but the way things look, Sarri will keep playing Azpi, Alonso, Barkley,...hell even Drinkwater before he gives any time to James, Ampadu, CHO, RLC,.... Sarri might have this idea of Sarriball that will take time, but he can fuck off if he doesnt play youth. He literaly has the best chance any manager ever had to give them time. We got ban, we have talented youth and bunch of shite senior players. Yet since october when things turned bad, what the fuck did he do? This guy actualy dares to shit on players after defeat, but same dude put Alonso (who fucked up everything in everton game) in starting 11 after one good match vs shite kiev. Prior to that game he had shit game after game. Sarri just igonored that. I mean sure players get the blame for playing bad, but if you put Alonso in starting 11, you fucked up things already. You dont get to complain and blame others. If someone put suv wheels on a formula, driver wont win the race but I dont think anyone will blame the driver.
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    People saying we have reactionary fans, but the way I see it; I know what Sarri wants to do takes time. And I am not pissed with losses tbh. If we end up great couple seasons from now, fine. Ill take the shit season or two. BUT I dont accept being sixth and still playing same shit players week in week out who obviously have no present, nevermind future at top level. I can understand Sarri needs time, but honestly he can fuck off if he inteds to play shit players and we still lose game after game. Either play CHO, RLC, Christensen, Emerson etc to build for future or win games. Alonso is pure garbage, but he still plays him. CHO and RLC are super talented and even take chance when they play, yet they sit. Seriously fuck off because there are no excuses for that. Sorry for bad language but I want to see some fucking sense when watching the games. When CHO and RLC came on, you can at least say we might be losing but those two are getting crucial play time. They have future and if they continue to play, they develop and improve. When you see we are losing 2:0 with players like Alonso, Azpi, Barkley,...there is no bright part. No silver lining. Just shit result, shit players and nothing changes week after week.
  16. Everton - Chelsea

    When we are down our entire team goes into "safe" mode. Endless passing around the box. Other teams comfortably just keep their line and because we never shoot, dribble inside or make splitting pass. Everton 2:0 up, we had 80% possesion after their second goal and what the fuck did we do with it? Where was plan and desire to score goal? We literaly just passed the ball back and forth. Fuck off with that shit. I dont care if its Sarri fault or players fault, but this cant keep going on. But Azpi of all people Im most dissapointed. Once you could actualy throw 11 Azpis and they would fight as hell. Mou said it well. But nowdays he is just bitching all the time instead of leading the team and focus on winning, doesnt do shit in attack (I dont blame him for this though) and looks worthless in defence.
  17. Everton - Chelsea

    Every game we dont score its the same. We start well, make our opponents shit their pants for 20-30 min and the either 1.) We score and control the game (rarely) 2.) We dont score despite xyz chances, then opponents get their shit together (at half time or even sooner) and after that we are complete mess. Cant do shit in attack despite 80 percent possession and any opponent can make our defence and midfield their bitch the moment they show some attacking pressure. I think some of the worst players have comfortably just glided past our entire midfield and defence right through the centre. Our players just bounce away or get destroyed with a little flair trick. That is if they arent already completely out of position. I hate Alonso in starting lineup, but our problems are way way bigger than Alonso. We cant keep any sort of pressure on opponent except for those 20min every game.
  18. Everton - Chelsea

    Alonso is seriously retarded. Im pretty sure he was abducted by Aliens or something. Sarri too. I havent seen such shit player in top club and manager to keep picking him. We looked decent as soon Alonso was dropped. Tonight its again same old shit. I wouldnt try either if I had fucking Alonso in team who will fuck up the entire game anyway.
  19. Everton - Chelsea

    Well done Sarri. Everyone knows Alonso is a fucking moron and he still plays him.
  20. Everton - Chelsea

    But Emerson isnt even on the bench. Did Sarri gave any explanation or he just casualy cut him off after one good Alonso game vs Kiev?
  21. Everton - Chelsea

    Is Emerson injured? If not why the fuck is Alonso playing? Also when Azpi isnt good in defence, he is completely useless.
  22. Everton - Chelsea

    Oh fuck off. Just like I said. We dont kill them when we have total control, they get confident and then score. Everton got only 2 points in the last 26 games against top 6. One of those two points was a draw vs Chelsea. And now they are winning again...
  23. Everton - Chelsea

    If we dont score now that we have chance after chance, we aint winning this game. Cant believe we dont score when our opponents look clueless in defence. After they recover, we cant do anything anymore and we often even concede on counter. So many games this season when we absolutely destroyed opponents defence for about 20min, but we didnt score and then they turn it around with one counter attack.
  24. Chelsea banned for TWO transfer windows

    They are reporting City is close to 2 year ban too. And they could be punished further if found guilty of breaking ffp.
  25. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Board better not fuck up and keep him at all costs. That said, I dont think he actualy wanted to leave in january. Bayern was surely serious, but Odoi giving transfer request was probably just press bs.