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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    He might be in awful form, no one denies it, but people talk of him as if he is the biggest cunt we had in past 10 years. Seriously fuck off with those comments. The media brainwashed people and whatnot. He might leave, he might think of joining atletico and china...but he is still here. And the only thing we fans should do is support our players as long they wear blue shirt. You see one part of his side which is what media says and how poor he plays. And make him instantly the bad apple of team and then make up all kind of shit such as he destroys the squad spirit and doesnt give shit? Then take a look at his celebrations when he was on pitch, and when he played. Much like Bluelion and manpe said, he didnt even have that crap game vs spurs either. He is still a massive presence for defenders which affects the game, but you wont see that on youtube videos and statistics. Once again I agree he is not playing well and deserves lot of criticism, but the way some fans handle the situation is beyond embarassing. It has become personal agenda for many here and its getting infectious to some who didnt and the result is talking shit about Diego on daily basis for no reason at all. Bottom line, if I was in his place and saw the fans turn against him like that, I may eventualy not give a crap either. Do so much for the team, only to see fans talk like he is the biggest cunt ever to wear this shirt, after 3! poor months. Did he not celebrate the goals and victories? Did he talk shit to press? Did he harm the club picture? Nope, he is just in crap form. Against united everyone bar Kante was crap too. Not a doubt if we lost to spurs, the bandwagon Costa is shity cunt squad would be already on every other thread. Wait, some already started with Luiz returning back to his shit after united game. Great attitude, keep it up.
  2. Andrea Belotti

    I would like to believe we have the most chances to sign italian/serie a players because of Conte. It would make most sense to them unless they move only for money. IMO if we and Utd want Belotti he would chose us.
  3. Chelsea v Southampton

    Yeah I agree. Either we will be up for it or we wont. Fitness wont play that big part because if everyone wants title, they will give all they can. If we go in game with same approach like last week, we can have one month off and we wont win. I hope spurs game wasnt one-off and we get a good run now. Based on game, I think we were super efficient based on individal skill, but little team action in attack, so who knows. Just hope we are on fire for soton.
  4. Chelsea - Spurs

    Useless these days yes...but cunt? Now you just talk shite mate
  5. 21. Nemanja Matic

    The bar is still shaking...
  6. Chelsea - Spurs

    I had work so I recorded the game and didnt check the result haha. Just finished watching it...great job lads. Conte certainly surpirised by benching Eden who eventualy won us a game after spuds werent as fresh. And Matic, what a golazo It was a funny game, we played quite poor but still scored and never realy looked in trouble. They were attacking and attacking and yet we took every chance. Classic Chelsea. Now onto the finale!
  7. 10. Eden Hazard

    There is a video of Pogba from last summer when fans asked him if he will stay in Juve. He said yes straight to the camera. Some days later he was on plane to Manchester... What they say matters little to nothing. If we show serious ambition, he will stay. If we keep playing hot and cold, sign only decent players and play bad football, he is off sooner or later. That said, Chelsea didnt sell good performing player since Robben and even he was sold partly because of injuries. If anyone wants Eden, they better fork out 150m+, and we all know RM and Barca struggled to sign 100m Pogba. While I respect Chelsea to consider players opinions and wishes, I hope they explain to Eden and bidders that only a fee of 150m+ will be considered or he stays. I just hope we wont sell him for less because he would express desire to leave and us being gentlemen. That said I hope he stays as long he can play football on highest level.
  8. Chelsea - Spurs

    Years we had fans who stood by our players, nowdays they just complain and complain --- Hopefuly we win the game, everyone will need to be on fire to beat this spuds lot, but honestly as long we win title, I dont realy mind about cup. But double would be nice. Spurs have dominated us twice and only way we win this time is if we tacticaly change our setup for the match, surprise them. Conte will have to do his best in preparations for the game, while players will need to confirm that on the pitch.
  9. Romelu Lukaku

    Technique was never an issue for me with him. You have brilliant technical players, lets say Balotelli who despite all their skill never did it on big stage. To me all that matters is that whatever they can do they can do it on big stage against top opponents. Diego is rather poor techician, but he was just unplayable in some big games (first city game this season how he cought that ball before scoring or psg goal last year). We all know he is no Aguero, but he showed all his quality in these big games. Problem for me with Lukaku is that despite he is ok technician, maybe not great, but in big games he is not even the half of player he is usualy. Ben Arfa who is not a striker tho, he is brilliant dribbler but absolute piss in psg this season. You can have all the talent in world, if you cant use it its useless. Many players with less talent who know how to use what they have are alot more valuable. Because they train harder and eventualy it makes them bigger character because they know how hard they tried. That brings me to second point, Lukaku never looked like serious hard worker to me. He is quite a moody player and plays well when he likes to and if things go south, he doesnt care anymore. Much like Sanchez, but Sanchez still has the work rate. Im not entirely convinced by Lukaku, but his technique is the last problem I have with him. Its great that Drogba vouches for him, and its great that he is a big chelsea fan, but he will have to work alot harder if he joins us to become top striker, which Im not so sure will have happy ending. He is young tho and Drogba came here when he was 26 after one very good season in Marseille.
  10. Thomas Lemar

    No reliable rumours realy, but I think he deserves a topic. Currently he is becoming one of my favourite non chelsea players and at this rate, he will end up as one of top players. He is extremely allround, he can run alot, he tracks back, he can dribble, pass, cross, shot, he even has some goals from freekicks. His technique is incredible, but unlike many he is not jack of all trades, master of none. All of the above, he does absolutely brilliant, and he is only 21 years old. Tbh I realy dont care if United ends up with Griezmann if we can get Lemar. Probably my favourite player in ligue 1 since Eden, and whenever I watch him, he shows that same potential Eden did. Such an intelligent player. Oh, and he played along with Kante back in Caen
  11. 26. John Terry

    One and only, Mr. Chelsea
  12. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Players were terrible indeed, but camp nou and fans...brilliant scenes at the end.
  13. Radja Nainggolan

    Like someone else said, he would be great addition with his long shots when we face teams who play deep. That said, we also have Baker who is quite good too and hopefuly gets a real chance next year. Its now or never.
  14. Kylian Mbappe

    I think he should stay in Monaco for at least another year, but he sure shows unbelievable performances on highest level already. We have seen plenty of overhyped players, but I have a feeling Mbappe could be like Kluivert who also started as teenager and become world star. If we sell Costa, IMO we should target this kid over anyone else.
  15. 19. Diego Costa

    We knew what we were buying from the start. He was always this kind of character. And I dont remember strongly opposing the buy and advising to sell him when he was banging them goals. Yes there were few members who disliked his character and advised to be eventualy sold, but that was a few. Now its the majority. How can you say it has nothing to do with form when its the only thing different than couple months ago. He was always like that, unstable and agressive, but he scored goals. Bar few no one wanted him gone. This thread turned against him in majority twice. First when those rumours about china came when neither realy knows the truth and secondly when his form dropped. Before that when he was scoring in almost every match and performed brilliantly, no one wanted to sell him bar 2 or 3 people. Two years ago, he was just like this. But he was scoring which is the difference. Dont say its got nothing with form. It got everything with form. If he turns up in style, people wont care if he is a dick, like they didnt before. As for Torres comparison again, people sing Costa chants most as he is a cult hero here. Torres got nothing on him compared to that. "Put scoring abilty aside what does he contribute". Realy? Costa is a striker lol. His main thing is to score goals and he scored like 40 in 75 games before this slump of form. Here we go again, lets buy a striker who is good with ball, doesnt matter if he scores or not, as long he wont fuck up the attacks...There is Morata, a nearly perfect striker with ball control, but people will be like "he doesnt score enough". Costa admited he wanted to join Atletico in summer. Yet he performed brilliantly after that. This china thing is the same. Costa goes down every season in second half. Instead of getting a first choice striker to replace Costa, my question here is why we dont have a good enough backup that would be able to replace Diego when is plays so shit.
  16. Romelu Lukaku

    Its the feeling because of past two months. Before february I would pick Costa anyday. Lukaku will first have to play for bigger club and then see if he can lead the team like Costa did. I agree we should be considering selling Costa only because he is unstable, not because of his skill. But who is there available that is better than Costa at his best?
  17. 19. Diego Costa

    I just think people should calm down and look at whole thing from bigger perspective. Form goes up and down. A player who is shit now can be great later, and vice versa. Seen with Eden, seen with many other players. Costa is like I said in awful form, and its terrible to watch him like that. He destroys most of our attacks. But compare him to Torres is a joke, still. Torres was bang average every season. Costa might be shit for two months, but that doesnt change the fact he is big big reason for almost two PL titles in 3 years. I only mentioned burnemouth game because people said he doesnt contribute anything at all. Sure I want him to show more than just winning a free kick. But he has been one of top 5 players this season too. Thats why I think all this talk of him being sold and being disrespected is nonsense. Because he might stay here and come back with a bang again, who knows. He certainly has the quality. He is questionable character, a very unstable player and again I agreed for our club longterm, getting someone more stable would be good. All that said, he might not like life in london and will leave. That means we will need to find a replacement. Now hear this out, people talk of Lukaku and others, saying that when they are at their worst they still contribute more than Costa. A shit Lukaku is better than shit Costa. Then some come up with consistency? Well, Defoe is more consistent than Costa, doesnt mean we should be signing him. But is that realy what we want? That is as idiotic as it gets. We should target a striker that at his best is better than Costa is at his best. Now have a good luck finding that striker that might join us this summer. After all Costa is still a character and leader in a way that we as fans dont see. Sure we can sell Costa. And whoever we sign wont be that crap Costa is right now. But the real question is can he be as good as pre january Costa? My friend Belotti and Lukaku can score 40 goals, that means fuckall compared to fact that Costa was our best player in a Chelsea shirt. Bottom line, I dont disagree Costa should be sold in summer, but he should be shown more respect and everyone with too much Fifa on their hand expecting Lukaku or whoever to be our perfect striker are in for a surprise. Real football is not all black and white.
  18. Romelu Lukaku

    Lukaku is so good he goes in hiding against every better team out of respect, because otherwise it wouldnt be fair. Everyone who wants Costa out, at least target players who are better, in which case Lukaku is simply not.
  19. 19. Diego Costa

    In one of my previous posts I said that if he wants to leave, then so be it. Like you I dont know what is going behind the scenes. Im not saying he is happy here or china offer never came etc. He is that type of player that goes missing in second half. That doesnt mean its ok to play bad tho. He is just as gulity for poor games and deserves the criticism, I never said he doesnt. What goes on my nerves is people without any proof already throwing him to the gallows. And want him sold after two bad months. And if he stays, same people will praise him when he does well again. Thats all. How does he not contribute to the game tho? Against bournemouth he was involved in two goals still. As for pre january form, who would give us more points? Costa wasnt just decent, but world class till january. Only other two strikers Suarez and Lewa were as good. There were people saying constructive critics that he should be sold because long term it could be better for us. But then you have 2 pages per day of rubbish comments talking of Costa like he NEVER played good for us, treating him like garbage. That shit gets on my nerves. Onform he was best possible striker we could have for three years now. Yet people see only negative stuff.
  20. 19. Diego Costa

    Offcourse I read the thread? Every second comment including yours is that he is (in other words) shit and people want him out. You called him worse than Torres and I believe you want him out too, or am I wrong. Thats literaly saying he is shit and thats why you want him out. Please dont say its because his attitude, his ball skills. They were the same always. The only difference is he scored goals and now he is not. Most of people were praising him even tho they knew who he is back in december. There were maybe two or three that wanted him out because we need to look longterm. Now you have a bunch of people who want him out. The difference? He is in poor form. People want Costa out because he has been poor for past few weeks. And they believe he is poor because china messed his head. So that is reasonable excuse for talking shit of him? I can create a story about Azpi that he wants to join friend Cech at Arsenal, completely made up story, but if every media started reporting it, I bet my ass people here would be calling him out. Funny we have a bunch of people who know Costa so well personaly, because surely people dont say that based on what media says these days, right? Just saying last year Eden was poor, there were dozen of pages calling him rat, wanting him out because he was "shit". Because media said so. Same is going with Costa. He always performed worse in second half of season. I remember under Mou title season, we were barely grinding those games mostly because of Eden. Costa wasnt that great either as he was in first half. Like this season. Yet, it took half of season and Costa like two years ago, he brought us so many points this year that we are on verge of another title. You can say it is team work and it is, but you are kidding yourself if you dont admit it was Costa who was by a mile the best player till january. I dont say you are pro good players and anti bad form players, but in this case Torres comparisson was certainly rubbish and you just went "wrong way". Unless like I said if you were joking. Because saying Costa is worse than Torres with a serious face, man thats just retarded. I had similar discussion with Special Juan last year about Hazard and I dont want to continue this discussion, because I have nothing against you, but defending Costa on this thread against 15 members trashing him daily because of china move and bad form, its pointless. People just never learn.
  21. General Transfer Talk

    He is in good form these days, like King for Bournemouth. Otherways, both had poor end product. But lets say we buy Redmond, you know Conte will play him once every full moon. His confidence goes down and there is that. Besides if we buy new RW, we still have Pedro and/or Willian and both are better than Redmond. Sure if you just want him to rack english players and he would be content with being 3rd or 4th choice winger. IMO as much I would appreicate english players, maybe Ox the most, but we are better off going after some foreign, experienced players who can make impact, rather talents who lose all confidence before the d-day comes.
  22. The Conte Thread

    One thing I dont like is that sometimes he is very active, screaming and managing like mad on the side, but then is some games like today, he just stands there, watching us getting overrun and beaten, and do nothing. Like he knew before the match we will lose and wont give a shit.
  23. 19. Diego Costa

    I hope guys with comments like you take this as a bit of a joke. Or you are being that type of person who when someone does well, you lick their ass and when they do bad, you talk all possible shit about him. If Costa isnt happy here, sure sell him. But saying he should be sold because he is crap is arguably one of most idiotic things you can read here. Much like everyone was liking Mou ass when he was here (except towards the end when we had crap results), when chelsea played bunker for ages and people loved it, now suddenly he is at united and the SAME people talk shit about him for same things they praised him when he was a blue. Ridiculous thinking. The bottom line, people on this forum, sorry including some mods love the players and managers when we win things. The moment we dont or when they play bad, you throw absolutely everything at them. Where is respect? Where is sense of adulthood where nothing is as black and white as people make it seem here? Hazard played bad, but he was "marked'. Costa played bad because he is shit? Wait, he is marked with two players every game. Sure he fucks up some actions, but makes up with freekicks etc. He is in shit form, but if teams sold players based on two shit months, lol that would be funny. SAME was said about Eden last year. Yet people never learn. I would expect kids to talk shit in this thread, but not adults. Because everyone who watches football for longer time and in this case is true chelsea fan, will not want Diego out after two shit months. Period. Never mind talk all kind of crap after all the games Diego won us. You guys are sometimes unbelievable. I would love to see comments if Diego stays and goes back to his best next season. Im sure same people who today forget what Diego did for us, will forget they talked shit about him. I would copypaste the damn thread and show it everytime that same person would start licking their ass after all the insults this season. Article by bluelion who definately wasnt joking show everything about the respect we have for the players. Unless he knows personaly that Diego wanted to china, and he is playing intentionaly crap(then all this would be different) but i think he doesnt. Media throws some shit on the wall, sheeps buy it. Unfortunely Costa is playing bad and fans take all the blame on him. Mind you that except for Eden there was no one who did well consistently in past months. Kante had very bad games, Luiz had them, Cahill had them, Pedro had them, never mind Matic. Tibo and Azpi were good enough tho. Critic is all welcome, but sell him because he is crap, compare him to torres and other nonsense shows the quality of fans. Remember that true strenght shows when you are down, not when you are on top. Same goes for football fans. Sorry for long post, but shit like after whole team did fuck all today boiled my blood.
  24. Man United 2-0 Chelsea

    We were awful. Pointless to blame ref or Costa only because whole team was utter shit today. No fight, no composure, nothing. Its easy to talk after game, but Conte messed it up today. Ridiculous lineup and constant changes of it during game, when we needed some stability. It seems that just one player missing makes our team painfuly average. And I wonder what will happen next year then. If we bottle the title, and with games like this we will, meh its just madness. We had quite a few blackouts like today this season, so we need to figure that shit out. Are we a Chelsea 4:0 United team or United 2:0 Chelsea team more. Because the more it looks we are hanging on that 13 game unbeaten run where we overchieved, rather that being our standard. Since january, we were painfuly poor in many games despite win, nevermind we concede goal every game nowdays. The bench is totaly useles because Conte is not playing them. Still the games ahead, we should win if we get our shit together. But we made the job hella lot harder. That said, the current table is alot more realistic than one with 10points advantage, because we arent that great yet. We usualy do it well against smaller sides, but bigger ones, its hard to tell, so the real question is what will Conte do next year in CL because 3 man defence has no place there. Next week spurs, fuck hopefuly we have no injuries.