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  1. Fuck off with that VAR. How was that not a penalty on Mitrovic? And ref doesnt even look the replay. This is one big bullshit. Sometimes the same situation will be checked and sometimes not. How is that more "fair" refereeing? That twat Shaqiri thinks he is tough and top player, all he can do is drag Stoke into relegation. Lucky fuckers.
  2. Daniele Rugani

    The problem was in Chelsea and AVB. We are counter attacking team. Period. We played great football under Mou in his first spell and Ancelotti. Yes there were shit games, but generaly we dominated opponents. Then we suddenly want to play fancy under Avb? Sure it will backfire. We had 10 years of pragmatic football and that created identity within club. Obviously you cant change that in one summer like we tried with Avb. Its like you would want Barca to play like Atletico starting next season. Mate, this fancy football hype is unbelievable. Everyone is bandwagoning the fancy football nowdays. Bring me Drogs and Lamps squad ahead of these Guardiola style cunts anyday of the week. People think we were parking the bus all the time back in the day. Thing is we played great too, destroying teams. But obviously against Barca or similar big team, you will defend. You think we will play ball against Barca or City and win at their own game if we meet under Sarri? Haha. Or maybe win once but lose next one, like Pool did. You just have to know when to stay back and defend. And be great at it. That wins you titles. Thats why Madrid wins it. Can Sarri push back and defend efficiently? What we need is to create a team that can dominate in sense of being in control. Not a team that can keep the possesion and play fancy. Dont know where this obssesion comes from. Why is everyone trying to make revolution here? Whats wrong with pragmatic football? The media keeps banging that tiki taka shit that made people brainwashed. Praising Bonucci, Otamendi, Ramos best defenders in the world, when it was obvious they werent even best in their own team (Pepe, Barzagli, Chielini were) Does Atleti give a shit how they play? They play their own way and with quality players they are up with the best. But we have to change, play fancy blah blah. Yeah, we must get rid of the pussies in the squad. We must become dominant again. People think we will dominate and be best only if we play offensive football. Bullshit. Back in 2003-2010 we went toe to toe with any team in the world. They had superstars, we had determination. Everyone feared us at Bridge. We had powerful squad and when we went in offense, man, we could destroy anyone. Long shots, corners, freekicks, crosses, headers,...we had it all. We could defend 80min, then go to offense for 10 min and they didnt know what hit them. Thats what you call being in control. You dont need Sarri/Guardiola possesion football to be good. Real, Barca, City will always have best attackers suited to such game. We will never beat them in their own yard. But pragmatic approach where they attack and we do them on counter? Possible. Now dont get me wrong, we played great football until 2010. The CL 2012 and after that was more often than not complete park the bus. Last season the players lacked spine and Psg spanked us every season. I didnt like football we played last few years with exception of Conte october2016-january 2017 run. But the football we played before 2010 was great. We didnt always win, but we sure put superb performance in nearly every big game. Not the bs we have to watch past few years with few exceptions. I will suppport Chelsea whatever happens, but IMO we wont win shit if we go full Guardiola/Sarri approach. Even Guardiola himself sucks in CL for years now. We need to play pragmatic or like Real plays. Nice football, but dont let that blind you from how pragmatic they are. Pulling all kinds of tricks. I hope we dont get to play the way City does, a bunch of pussies with no identity that gets spanked by every tactical manager in CL. Their defenders are wankers, know how to pass and walk with the ball, but cant defend. I guess thats modern football nowdays. I admire Atletico to stick with their style, the same style we once had. But we turned into sheep who follow latest trends. If board truly decided to play fancy, then fucking stick with it. Get managers and players that suit it, get competent board and create new identity. But fucking show some guts and determination and bring players that give a shit and have a spine.
  3. Daniele Rugani

    Wait, what do you mean by Rugani is better than Barzagli? Barzagli is 37 years old. He is past his best, been on decline for past two years, but before that he was actualy better CB than Bonucci and Chiellini. Ask any Juve fan, they will tell you no one could tackle and read game better than Barzagli in BBC trio. Rugani seems nothing special to me. Allright CB, but thats it. Once Caldara comes back, Rugani will play even less.
  4. Daniele Rugani

    Why are we interested in Rugani though? He didnt develop that much in italy, we should go after Skriniar instead.
  5. Tbh he always did. Even when Argentina got to final in 2014, Mascherano, defense and Zabaleta were the main reasons for that. With Portugal, its always on Ronaldo. He scored 80+ goals for them. Regardless of who played better for NT, there is zero doubt Ronaldo always loved to play for Portugal, even more than for Madrid. Messi often doesnt give a shit for Argentina, which is odd. He did live in spain for big part of his childhood, maybe the reason is there. Regarding today, Argentina sucked. Thats on Sampaoli. He picked shit players and left Icardi, Paredes and Mamanna at home. Nevermind didnt use Di Maria, Lo Celso or Fazio who is best argentine CB. Guzman Taglifico Fazio Otamendi Rojo Paredes Mascherano Lo Celso Messi Kun Di Maria Meanwhile Sampaoli found way to play Acuna, Silvio, Meza, Perez, Mercado and Pavon as sub
  6. Daniele Rugani

    He wanted the same attacking style with Avb back then. We were extremely solid team prior to that. Sure we didnt win CL yet, but we had a crop of players who were tough and big characters. We had one of most powerful squads, but sure our football wasnt as cool. Then we appointed AVB, decided to bring new philosophy and bought bunch of players like Mata, Marin,...with varioud degrees of success. That was when Chelsea decided to move on from effective powerhouses to fancy technical players. It backfired big time and we ended up with several pragmatic coaches again, but the squad was never ther the same. We ended up as pragmatic team with kind of fancy players-turned workers, and we even won two titles (and CL, but that was still old guard leading the way). But with this "modern team" we failed spectaculary in europe and twi times ended up without CL. Personaly, if we could get another era of 2004-2010, I would take it with both hands.I cant stand players like Morata,...who bitch all the time or gutless Fabregas,...even if it means fancy football. Chelsea had identity, maybe not the most pleasant on the eye, but it had its charm. If I wanted to support fancy football, I would start cheering for Barca back in 2005. Dont get me wrong, I like to watch those tricky plays, but it just not Chelsea way. We played some amazing football during old guard era too. The club right now needs strong, loyal and never give up characters more than fancy football.
  7. Group C - France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

    Joey Barton to complete all star squad
  8. Daniele Rugani

    Indeed. What if we go for players sarri wants and then he is sacked? The club should make a plan of style and identity. Follow that and bring players/coaches that fit the style. Back under Mou, we had pragmatic coach, pragmatic match approach and pragmatic players. We had success because the core wad always the same. Players fitted different managers (more or less). And managers fitted the players. Going from Conte to Sarri is huge step because many players will be useless in Sarri play. If we bring players that suit Sarri and then go back to Conte/Mou type of manager, it will be another 3 years of transition and no improvement. I know what you mean, but we should get players (and coach) that match Chelsea ideology. Not just Sarri wishes. Sure that goes hand to hand usualy, the club appoints manager that has same vision as the club, but like with Conte, Chelsea wasnt united at all. If board has other ideas, dont appoint Sarri at all. If we get Sarri, I hope the board realises we have to target players matching to his style, not because of Sarri, but because of new Chelsea ideology. If we drop Sarri because he flops, and appoint another defensive manager, our next 2-3 years will be more and more misery
  9. Group B - Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

    Anyone knows if Pepe survived that tap?
  10. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    English media before world cup; "Lets not overhype and pressure the english team, we learned from the past etc etc ..." English media after win vs tunisia "Harry Kane - legend of england", "What would happen if england won WC" It has begun...
  11. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    I think Tunisia will win vs Panama.
  12. Group G - Belgium, Tunisia, Panama, England

    IMO having good defensive stability is basis for anything else, especialy for a team like England. Young is dogshit in defence, tonight England looked very shaky quite a few times. When (if) they play any quality drilled side like Germany, Spain, Brazil,...they will have to defend for big portion of the game IMO. You need your defenders to defend well more than attack in such games. Bertand IMO would be more solid choice for such game. And he isnt exactly awful in attack either. Delph was quite decent for city too, maybe he should get the chance over Young. England would suit counter football more right now. But they simply dont have defence capable for such play.
  13. Group C - France, Australia, Peru, Denmark

    Unless France gets a quality coach, this generation could end up like last decade England, but even more talented. Right now they are a bunch of individuals with a coach who picks names instead of building a team. Realy curious to see what Zidane would do, thankfuly team is very young and there is much time. But Marwijk put solid defence plan too, I reckon france will play better against more open teams. Portugal played shit against Hungary and then ended up winning Euros. This French team has to work harder and as a team and maybe they have chance. Against austraila, every challenge was on 50%, time to gear up.
  14. Group B - Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

    Is Azpi realy that unqualified to play possesion based football or is Hierro/Lopetegui just bad manager? Both have prefered other players ahead of Azpi.
  15. Next Manager?

    Maybe but thats down to financial restrictions, not because the club would take new way of ideology. Which is probably even worse.
  16. Next Manager?

    With Sarri, we will play completely different football. Wouldnt be surprised if we end up well behind top 4 by november. But thats a process Im willing to take for benefit of next seasons. However I doubt the board will feel the same. It would be another Avb situation, Mou was huge name still and got more time to repair things. Sarri is regardless of his success, still only a small name. If we wont see quick progress, I dont see it impossible to sack Sarri and appoint some caretaker manager until next summer. Because people have to expect us to be spanked by most of top teams in first months due to nature of Sarri football and no chemistry in the start. You think board as clueless it is will continue to watch that? Marina and Co dont have capacity to understand its progress that will come good for the next 2-3 seasons, they want imeddiate results. The only thing changed is the money we are prepaired to pay for players, the ideology is wastely the same. After all this season with Conte not being the best, we saw rumours all the time. And he won title last year. If Sarri wont deliver, he wont last. The club lost its way and current board has no one with actual football knowledge like Kenyon.
  17. Next Manager?

    With current Chelsea board around, If Sarri has slow start, he will get sack before he can turn it around.
  18. Jean Seri

    My very first choice would be Kovacic, but Seri is still miles ahead of Cesc nowdays. At least our midfield would be more dynamic again.
  19. Nabil Fekir

    What they need IMO is GK and backup winger. If Fekir is to play in middle, they still dont have anyone quality to replace their trio. And when one of those three isnt playing, they are much weaker. If they got hands on another quality winger who would rotate with their main 3, they would be incredibly dangerous because unlike now, they wouldnt need to depend on health and fitness of Salah, Firmino and Mane every single game.
  20. Allison Becker

  21. Thomas Lemar

    No reliable rumours realy, but I think he deserves a topic. Currently he is becoming one of my favourite non chelsea players and at this rate, he will end up as one of top players. He is extremely allround, he can run alot, he tracks back, he can dribble, pass, cross, shot, he even has some goals from freekicks. His technique is incredible, but unlike many he is not jack of all trades, master of none. All of the above, he does absolutely brilliant, and he is only 21 years old. Tbh I realy dont care if United ends up with Griezmann if we can get Lemar. Probably my favourite player in ligue 1 since Eden, and whenever I watch him, he shows that same potential Eden did. Such an intelligent player. Oh, and he played along with Kante back in Caen
  22. Next Manager?

    Thanks mate for taking your very precious time to provide me with this insightful, lovely designed and BS free webpage. I cant explain how much it means to me. You sir are true lifesaver.
  23. Next Manager?

    Well, unlike you, Iggy actualy makes credible responses. Maybe you dont have to listen to me, but should certainly learn a thing or two from him. Good day, sir.
  24. Next Manager?

    Haha well try to keep quality instead of quantity. I like forum, but sometimes it has too much pointless pages. Maybe you missunderstood me, its not "your" fault that I believe rumour or not, based on what you say. I know which rumours to believe regardless. But when crap rumour appears, just dismiss it instead of provoking the forum. Because that causes chainreaction of members who continue to discuss about fake rumour for next five pages. For other members including myself, going through 5 pages of bs to find out if we got new manager is pointless. I have daily mail for that. Maybe I got it wrong and this is sarcastic, bitch & moan thread instead of informative place to find news about Cfc manager situation. Keeping this place clean is what mods should do afterall.
  25. Next Manager?

    Mate yes I know what is true and what smells like BS. I think you misunderstood me. You think I believe the shit source if mods discuss it? Lol. I see the source and dont give a shit about it if it doesnt look legit. Regardless if mods continue to talk about it. BUT some OTHER members start talking and complaining. And it makes the forum unreadable. I check here daily to see manager news and all there is are bunch of pages with people complaining how clueless the club is based on crap rumours that MODS dont eliminate.