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  1. Antoine Griezmann

    I heard it has been lifted, but not from very reliable source, so dont take it for granted. That said, Lacazette and lyon boss pretty much said Lacazette is leaving Lyon for Atletico, so I guess if ban wasnt lifted just yet, there is huge possibility it will be soon. You just know Lacazette will be next big thing in atletico, after Aguero, Falcao, Costa and Griezmann haha I also think its very good thing United and city gonna spend alot this summer. All these years, best players were leaving england and spain totaly dominated europe. I think things will slowly change and eventualy english clubs and football will be back on top. Thats great for Chelsea also, because we will simply have to improve and improve if we want to be competitive against manchesters. Some realy promising seasons ahead for Premier League.
  2. Antoine Griezmann

    Griezmann also said his future will be finalised in next two weeks...
  3. The Conte Thread

    I would never think of him as a cosplay person
  4. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    I think Azpi is not good enough for RWB. He is already limited as RB. His RCB position is absolutely perfect because he is brilliant defender and good on ball (for CB) But for RWB, we need quick, skilled player that will provide attacking threat since we wont have wingers. Nelsinho would be my top priority. Funny how we look at LwB when we need RWB more. Alonso is good enough to play next season, we just need some back up for him. But for Moses, I think we can make improvement. He is good, but we should definately get someone like Nelsinho to create serious competition. Getting world claas CM and two quality wing backs should be our priority. Pedro has been brilliant this season, I think we can survive another one with him. For CB we already have Christensen. That leaves us enough money to get top midfielder and two wingbacks. If we need striker, then Costa money should be enough for that. Im quite sure next season will depend on who we get for that CM spot and if Costa leaves, who will replace him. Hopefuly Conte and board make good decisions.
  5. Romelu Lukaku

    Aguero wasnt PL proven when he came to england. Neither did Suarez or Costa. Its all about skill and mentality. Tbh if we get Lukaku and Alexis, everyone will be jumping off their seats, but watch those two play and they will bang hattrick each against wba and shit their pants against bayern real barca. I hope we pick better options than those two.
  6. Champions League thread

    Entertainment wise, yeah that would be great. But success wise not so. We were always playing on emotions and mentality rather consistent quality. Lets say we play Barca, Napoli and Leipzig in groups, we need to give consistent run againt everyone to get further. This is where I think our club is not yet on that level. If we get lesser teams, we progress one way or other. Once we are in elimination stages, the further we go, the more emotions will be around for us to progress. And we are rather good in such moments. Thats why I can see us win against barca, napoli etc in elimination stages, but not so much in group stages when we dont yet have that drive. Its wrong mentality, but its how we played CL for a while now. Maybe Conte will change it tho.
  7. Chelsea v Arsenal

    I completely agree with you. He is like the Mertesacker of midfielders. So much skill on the ball, so much speed. He must play against Arsenal, so we can see the clash of titans between Matic and Mertesacker.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Terry, Lahm, Alonso, Thiago, Totti. So many legends leaving this season
  9. 23. Michy Batshuayi

    Well these goal to min comparissons are rather pointless. Its great he is finaly getting back on track and scoring, we all knew he has potential back then when he signed. The same hype train went around in august, but soon everything calmed down. So what if he managed to score all these goals in such short time? Cool, we have nice potential striker, but it means nothing at all. Its potential, not definite. Giroud, Ba, Remy had decent ratios too, doesnt mean they can start as Chelsea striker. I will start Bats hype when he does two things; convince Conte that he is capable of playing every game as first choice and secondly, return that faith from Conte in form of at least 20 goals next season and good performances in big games. Thats when hype can start. He is promising, but got a long way to go. Its nice he got some time at the end, he deserved it.
  10. 26. John Terry

    And now his watch has ended Mr Chelsea the greatest captain there ever was, thank you for everything
  11. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    CAMPEONES CAMPEONES wish all you chelsea fans happy celebrations Keep the blue flag flying high
  12. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Its alright mate, nobody is At least if we play realy well in FA cup final, we can give him some minutes there too
  13. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Tbh laliga and ligue 1 has sleeve spnsors for a while (example barca-beko) and I guess if PL gets sleeve sponsors, doesnt mean we will soon be putting them everywhere. Its just following what others are doing. Some leagues even allow sponsor on back where usualy players name is with players name under the number or vice versa. PL was very restriced and clean so far when it comes to sponsors. Sleeve sponsor will only replace PL badge on one side, so it should still look clean more or less. Unless obviously logo is ridiculous like our Carabao. But City one doesnt look that bad tbh. I agree side logos should only be in white or black single colour. Psg, Barcelona have them in white so its allright. But if we throw whole carabao logo with that red bull it will look rather awful.
  14. Sponsors on sleeves

    I heard about this just now. City is first team in PL with new sponsor on sleeves, after FA changed the rules to allow it. Personaly i think its awfull, kits will look much uglier now. But it will bring extra cash... Any idea who we might have? Carabao? https://www.mancity.com/news/club-news/2017/03/17/manchester-city-and-nexen-tire-announce-first-premier-league-shirt-sleeve-partnership/1489758525960
  15. Stamford Bridge

    Wish we dont do that, but its gonna happen most probably.
  16. Radja Nainggolan

    Well then if you have a team of similar aged players, some years later they all have to be replaced nearly the same time which is impossible. Every team needs young hungry and experienced wise players to work. We are in position where all our experienced players left and we didnt make proper replacements back then, thats why we have to sign one or two older players. Be it Nainggolan or whoever else. Besides if someone is realy good, doesnt matter if he is 22 or 30. Sheva was already in decline, while Maka or Ballack played big part here despite their age. Age got nothing to do with why someone like Sheva floped. Torres was at peak years and flopped too. Its all about form of player and Nainggolan in this case isnt going down, but keeps high level of performances. Its allright to build dynasty and all, but we already have Azpi, Tibo, Kante, Eden, Alonso who will form that dynasty here hopefuly. We will probably get younger RWB and striker, thats why midfielder and another CB can be older. That gives you 7 younger and four experienced players (Luiz, Pedro, CM, CB) which is perfect. Soon we will also hopefuly improve our RW with someone near Edens age, so theres that.
  17. Marco Verratti

    It sounds right, obviously. Pogba didnt deserve 90m, neither did Higuain, or Belotti for 50. But market is not ''right'' for years. He has many years left and plays for psg who has money and big ambitions. He is young and already performed well for years now. Going by market prices these days, that pretty much varrants at least 80m. Belotti rumours pops out, 50m. Kessie 40m, Diawara 40m, Bakayoko 40m,....Verratti 50m? And there were those rubbish rumours about 30m bids. Its funny dont you think? PSG will sell him for giant price IF they sell him and whoever will be bidding, it starts at around 60-70m and on. These rumours coming out are plain bs I guess, the press will link us to every player on globe.
  18. The English Football Thread

    Spuds didnt get the memo we are already champions lol
  19. Marco Verratti

    Ridiculous prices thrown around daily, yet every time Chelsea is linked with Verratti they say 30m, 40m, 50m lol. Someone is taking the piss.
  20. Alexis Sanchez

    I know, but this is all Alexis style of play. Its his decision making. He must know better and quicker when to pass and when to dribble. He is far from great link-up player. Very good for a striker standards, but rather average for a top winger. He is soo frustrating at times, making these weird decisions by dribbling infront of his own penalty area or trying to do all alone. Since we were linked with them, I watched more of Arsenal games and he often passes too late or not at all. if he is going to be on our right, his decision making must be on top and his understanding with Eden and striker, but I dont think that would be the case. He likes to be superstar of the team, he complains alot and gets very frustrated if things go south, once that happens, all you can do is sub him. However I respect his work rate. Sometimes I think I see two different players on pitch. One that scores goals and tracks back alot, then the other who frustrates the shit out of supporters with solo dribbles and complains. Then there is his age. I agree we need one or two more experienced leaders, but Alexis is not that. He is not long term solution and neither someone who will be brilliant addition to squad. I can totaly see him at City and do Sterling. Allright player, but nothing realy extra. Maybe Im wrong, and if there is no other option, I guess Alexis would be allright. But big rival fee, his age, his attitude may not be worth the hassle. Maybe just get someone who does not have our rival's label and will make his name in PL as Chelsea player.
  21. James Rodríguez

    No player is great in every game. Griezmann had quite amount of very good games against top sides, while James is not playing in such games because he goes in hidding much like Cesc did against better teams. Like you said his attitude is poor and that gets exposed by better teams. Yeah, Griezmann is not penalty taker and should not take them in first place. Besides Griezmann will always be judged by scored goals, James is being evaluated by whole performance and even if Griezmann gets decent performance, but doesnt score, people will say he was average.
  22. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    That sucks. I would expect considering PL is english, you would have even more games covered in UK.
  23. Alexis Sanchez

    This is why we shouldnt get him. He has these farts every match, sometimes very near arsenal penalty area.
  24. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    It makes sense. If other game is more exciting/important and you still catch celebrations from champions, obviously they will do that. But I would also expect sky or whoever to stream more than just one game on their channels.
  25. Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland

    Just wondering, you guys have no other channels to watch Chelsea games other than Sky/bt sports? I know they are official partners, but I would expect you guys get several channels to watch your favourite team. Even in my country, there are like 5 domestic sport channels showing PL games, there I could pick between 3-5 games every week, and I could see Chelsea every matchday.