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  1. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Probably behind Icardi, Dybala, Martial (I dont like his attitude, but he has talent to make it still). Simeone, Werner would be around same level on my list. Others are far too young and inconsistent to succeed here due to pressure. Immobile and Belotti are not worth the hassle IMO and Selke, Dolberg, Alcacer havent done anything to deserve place at Chelsea either. I do have soft spot for Mina who impressed me two seasons ago when he was only good Valencia player in that shit season. But he probably wont be chelsea starter quality. I do look forward to see what Dembele shows in Lyon, they have done some miracles with young players recently, so it should be interesting. To wrap it, right now I would only test my luck with Dybala, Icardi and Martial, Gomez, Werner wild cards. Realisticaly, Icardi is probably our best option if we fork shitload of cash. But neither actualy screams to me "Get him now". Striker options are so poor these days.
  2. 29. Álvaro Morata

    You know he is quite fast? Has very stocky build, but that doesnt cause him any issues, he plays 90min every week and has good pace. Doesnt stop him from scoring for fun either.
  3. 29. Álvaro Morata

    I wont praise or blame this guy anymore. This season its make it or break it, lets give him the support till end of season, no matter what. But if he doesnt get his shit by the end of it, I expect the club to sell him and get a proper striker, be it someone well known like Icardi or someone completely under the radar like Maxi Gomez, young Celta striker who could well be Diego Costa regen.
  4. PAOK - Chelsea

    Please dont even underestimate Kante like this again. There is not a single player in the world available that could do the job that Kante and Hazard do for us. More so, there isnt a single player in the world that does Kante job better than Kante. A decade since a proper DM was praised this much like Kante is now. Havertz, Brandt and especially Bailey are quality players indeed, I said many times Bailey is must buy for or RW whenever we go in the market for new winger. But damn, not at the expense of Kante The wee baldy man is anomaly that happens once in a decade. We have all these fancy attackers in the spotlight all the time, then comes this hard working lad who goes toe to toe with best players in the world. Football is a team sport and getting good attacking player isnt hard. But getting a proper hard working DM who always puts team mates ahead of his personal glory and is still called in same breath as best players in the world, thats a rare thing that doesnt happen many times. I was in belief that all fans, nevermind Chelsea fans finaly saw how great and important player Kante is. In a world when all we hear is who scores more goals, who makes more assists, more dribbles, when its all about attackers, with defenders and DMs underappreciated as fuck, Kante literaly shone the light to football world that you can be equaljy appreciated even if you are DM with no fancy stats and no fancy football style. That you can be in same league, equally important as those best attackers in the world. That you dont have to live extravagant style and show off, but being humble and respectful to others and still get ton of fans around the world. A DM that won the best player of the year award ahead the likes of Hazard, Aguero, KDB, Coutinho,... You do understand how fucking great you have to be in the game itself to be so appreciated when you have no fancy stats and tricks to back you up? When you have world beaters who score screamers every week, dribble past half the field, decide the matches on its own as competition and you still get fans and other players to vote for you? BUT then you come and throw Kante for fucking Kai Havertz? I may not agree but I would understand if you said Messi or Ronaldo, Drogba in his prime or something like that, but Kai Havertz? Realy? Please never again.
  5. PAOK - Chelsea

    Just a shame Sarri isnt playing any youth. Odoi, Ampadu not even on bench. Rlc not playing either. Very sad.
  6. Tanguy Ndombele

    Midfielder who plays for Lyon (on loan) 21, style reminds on Vieira or spurs Dembele a bit. Very strong, technical and dyanamic player. If we are targeting Bakayoko replacement, we should definately grab Ndombele. I said pretty much the same about Bakayoko (that he would be great buy; but he dissapointed me alot), however I hope Chelsea wont stop pursuing ligue 1 based midfielders just because of Bakayoko being flop (and IMO he could still turn into fantastic mid if he regains confidence). Essien, Kante, Makelele, all top players, originating from ligue 1. Ndombele, unlike Bakayoko has fantastic technique, good engine and plays very dynamic, but obviously he is very inexperienced, so it could end up another Mvila/Imbula with bad management. His character seems to be much better than those two. Wont cost shitload and imagine new playmaker-Kante-Ndombele next season in middle 3.
  7. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Very likely they will progress anyway. But now with defeat in first game, they wont have any easy/laid back matches left. Harder for them to keep up in PL and CL.
  8. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Amazing team yes. Ndombele and Aouar are top top talents. Cornet and Tousart are not that great IMO, but Cornet had superb game, probably best game in ages. Its a real shame though Lyon lost Geubbels and Maolida so soon. Maolida is superb prospect and would probably get alot of play time with Mariano gone. Gouiri is still here though, but picked up serious injury and who knows how will that turn out. Hopefuly Dembele puts in good performance through the season, Lyon needs someone to fill those 20some goals Mariano scored last season. Denayer is also bit of suspect, but better than Morel.
  9. Tanguy Ndombele

    Absolute monster performance vs City.
  10. 18. Olivier Giroud

    Pedro isnt world class obviously, but so far he was amazing. If he keeps up for this season, RW wont be a problem this season. And IMO proper striker is always required, unless you have some 30+goal a season freak individual (Ronaldo, Salah, Messi). Striker still adds that clinical finish, and more importantly is always in right spot. Lw and Rw can be good finishers, but they are not exactly waiting infront of goal to finish off the chances.
  11. Michy Batshuayi

    I heard he was realy bad for Valencia so far? Not even starting games...
  12. 2. Antonio Rudiger

    Rudi the PanzerTank
  13. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth

    Every team knows we have some difficulties against stacked defences and at same time they know they can do us on counter because frankly we are shit in defense quite often. After Arsenal, every team realized their chances lie in packed defence and wait for counters against us. Bournemouth usualy plays nice football, but even they decided to shut themselves down today. Games will be like this for whole season. Its whats expected. Only City will play their game, others will park the bus. The question is can we break down defenses and keep our goal protected. As for Morata, the less said the better. For this system we need a quality finisher, so we can capitalize on all the possession and chances. If we had one, title would be serious, serious possibility.
  14. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    Its nice because its yellow which is classic. It could be simple and clean, but yokohama and hyundai logos look bad, completely ruin the kit for me.
  15. Newcastle 1-2 Chelsea

    Jordan brand and football club. Nice kits or not, thats one big joke.
  16. Chelsea Kits 2018/19

    You know about that adjustment period? When something you are used to is no longer there and something new looks completely out of place, but after a while you get used to it and begin to like it or at least accept it? When we ditched Umbro and Emirates for Adidas and Samsung, at first I didnt like it, but soon the new kits grew on me big big time. However these Nike kits and especialy yokohama logo on shirts still looks absolute trash to me. Only good thing is the CFC logo. I fucking miss the adidas/samsung and umbro/emirates kits. Good ol' times.
  17. 7. N'Golo Kante

    I dont see the huge love for Kante new position. Yes he is very decent in his new role, but as DM, he was pure world class. To me he is a DM that has good ball control and allround play, which is a bonus. But he isnt better in more attacking role than as DM. Dont know why people want to make him something he is not. He is fantastic if he plays DM but has licence to push forward if he decides to. In current role, we miss his protection infront of back 3 and his allround tackling/marking isnt on same level as DM. I just dont see benefit in his more attacking ability for the sake of his great defensive ability. Only reason I see for this is that Jorginho is best suited to deep playmaker role and Sarri decided to play him there. He cant play in more forward position, because then he loses his control of play from deep which is his biggest strenght. Maybe we could play Kante and Jorginho in double pivot, possibly ideal, but ball transition in midfield wouldnt be as clean. In 4.3.3. Jorginho has player next to him on both sides, in double pivot he would only have Kante and if #10 dropped deeper, but that becomes midfield. Still very good player and maybe with time he will properly adopt. but for now, I liked his DM role under Conte more. He should be given more freedom than under Conte, because as typical DM, his quality is a bit wasted, but current position takes too much of his defensive side away, the side he is world class.
  18. 10. Eden Hazard

    He is absolutely world class player that proven himself here season after season. If there is a player worth that pay, its him. Kante comes close second. People dont see yet we will NOT be able to replace Hazard. We couldnt replace Costa, nevermind Eden who is 10times more important in our attacking play.
  19. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    Surprisingly I thought the CB was last thing we needed with all the players around (Luiz, Rudi, Cahill, Christensen, Zouma), but it seems thats the main area where we are still weak. Much to learn I have However I think young CBs we were linked with like Rugain wouldnt solve the issue. Our CB ball distribution is surprisingly good for now, its the defensive side thats problematic.
  20. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    My few cents about the game 1.) Some of most exciting football at SB in long long time. Those quick passes were amazing. Lot of improvement in such a short time, cant wait to see us in two months and next season. 2.) Defence was super shit whole first half. But players will get used to play smarter. At 2:0, next time, we will step on ball and not exploit ourselves at back so much. This second half was already better, but Arsenal realy didnt test us. They could have gone all out and we would probably have trouble again, but thankfuly they stayed back. You also have to know that Arsenal is still one of best drilled attacking sites in PL, I see only City to be more fluid in attack (taking chances in another thing, but in creativity and chance creation Arsenal always did quite well) 3.) No youngsters again. I hope Sarri wont keep this as his standard. CHO wasnt there, RLC neither. No Christensen either so far. I hope, if Alonso, Luiz, Willian keep underperforming, Sarri will have the balls to actualy play some younger players instead of same old player power. 4.) Morata finish was sweet. He was also quite agressive in some duels, finaly. If he can keep this for next 10 games, that will be improvement though, but for now I wont jump to any conclusions.
  21. Chelsea 3-2 Arsenal

    He is pretty much fucked either way haha. Eden or CHO.
  22. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I wouldnt disagree with trying him as striker haha. Actualy has decent movement and finish, often looks goal-thirsty aswell.
  23. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Boohoo. They sign these contracts, its not like they are forced into. If they werent partying all the time and study instead, they would have knowledge to not spend all the fucking money. They have education options unlike some other people. World is not fair, but when someone starts how poor chaps in nfl are, give me a break. In 3 years they earn more cash than normal person does in whole life. If they spend it all, their own fucking problem. Obviously there is no money in world worth for a possible life long injury, but its a risk they took. Go work in mcdonalds or educate yourself and become a lawyer or some shit. No one forced them to play football. People who run the nfl are real dicks, but when you see they were hiding test results of head injuries of average nfl player during their career, you know how much they value players health. Nada. They care about entertainment -> cash. If you are still stupid enough to join such league...
  24. Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea

    Easily one of best if not best midfield in PL, but without good defence and attack, it wont be easy. Hopefuly Alonso, both CBs and Morata step up through the season and we will see some amazing footy.
  25. Alex Telles

    Ghoulam would be probably here (or at city) by now if he didnt injure himself right before start of 2018. His contract was ending aswell.