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  1. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Even before 5th round, why was everyone cutting Napoli off already? There was only 10000 of 60000 people at san paolo, and they call themselves loyal napoli fans? Yes 6 points was a big big task, but they played shakhtar at home (and won), and they play feyenoord next, while shakhtar plays vs city in england. IMO napoli still has very big chance to finish 2nd. Hell even Atletico can still do it if they beat us, Roma are big bottlers and wouldnt surprise me if they dont win against qarabag.
  2. Liverpool v Chelsea

    I realy look forward to this game, it could be very entertaining. I think Morata, Eden, Mane, Salah will put up a good show. Realy cant predict, could go either way, though if I have to I guess Pool will press us heavily and we can do them on counter if things line up well for us in attack. Their defense is awful, we should press their back line because they will certainly break, but I think Conte will, unfortunely, do exactly opposite, sit back, let their defence get comfortable and they will press us out of the game through middle. Hopefuly it works for us on counters.
  3. 9. Álvaro Morata

    If he was able to finish off those chances in front of goal with feet, he would be at around 15-20 goals in all comps by now. He is quite shocking in 1v1 with feet, the fact he still scored so many goals hides that, but has to improve massively. Games for now have been quite simple, since there was always next time to improve, but knockout stages will have two games and Morata will simply get that one chance and he needs to score or we will be in trouble. Though that can be solved eventualy if we bring another poacher and play 2 upfront in future seasons if it doesnt work out with Morata as lone striker. Linkup and headers are amazing though, fantastic when it comes to that.
  4. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    If we sell Tibo, there is Oblak.
  5. 10. Eden Hazard

    Barry kicked Eden, ref did nothing, Eden lying in the ground, WBA players still playing, not giving ball away to pause the game and WBA fans whistle Eden for ''faking'' injury. Couple minutes later his shot ends up with Morata scoring the goal. Man, karma at its finest.
  6. Richarlison

    In an interview recently he said he hangs alot with Luiz and Willian, who helped him accomodate to england life. Pretty sure he have very decent chances if we ever decited to bid for him.
  7. 9. Álvaro Morata

    Mertens too old IMO, we need somone in the age around Eden and Morata to play together for couple years (hopefuly Eden stays). Bale is injured too much and too big risk considering his wages and fee Real would demand. I cant say about Draxler, he is sometimes good sometimes poor, but I dont watch him every week to judge. Sanchez IMO should be another pass. Frustrating player quite often and his tantrums at Arsenal, despite the team playing like shit, he is a professional and acts like a little girl everytime they are losingy a personality I wouldnt have here. We should go all in for either Dybala or Fekir, or maybe Lemar IMO.
  8. The International Football Thread

    Also you can say Sweden eliminated Italy in typical good ol' park the bus italian style. Irony.
  9. The International Football Thread

    Italy sweden was so weird...three clear handballs no penalty, Olsen punching the ball back in play instead of cathching it when he had all the time and space, and Thelin literaly passing the ball towards Buffon instead of taking the shot... On another day you could say it was match fixed to end with no goals... Feel sorry for Italy though, they were shit, but its still italy and they often spark the tournaments. Will be big loss not to see them in world cup. Kudos to Sweden, they fought well.
  10. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    I must say some fans are so weird. Back then when RLC did nothing yet, everyone hyped him in the sky, now that he is actualy having very good season, majority says he aint good enough for us and we need to buy buy buy new midfielders. Hell, so many hypocrites, crying after De Bruyne and others we sold, blaming Mou and board for this, but if given chance now to develop RLC into very good player, most of those same fans would just buy top midfielder and loan RLC out again. Funny world isnt it. If RLC has whole season as good as past couple months, I think he deserves a chance in first team before we buy more midfielders, even if it hinders our success next season, its long term project, we could have english player in first 11 for maybe next 10 years. By no meaning he is good enough already, but he should be given playtime in this team to further develop under Conte instead of splashing big money on top midfielders who will limit his chances.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    Chill, he is just tired of Martinez bullshit and wants to see Zidane as belgium coach together with Henry On serious note, I dont like these comments at all. Why he still didnt sign new contract? And Tibo? What is the board doing...
  12. 27. Andreas Christensen

    You cant provide proof black on white regarding Martial lazyness. But as long you watch the United games, you will see what Im talking about. There is no doubt Martial is extremely talented, I never said he isnt. His ball control is brilliant. But the reason he isnt playing ahead of Rashford is because Rashfors puts in a shift. Rash is prepared to press and track down, run entire game. Martial needs to develop better tactical understanding and workrate to suceed in PL. If he does that, he can be top 3 players in league. This is where he has to improve. But until then, I understand why Mou plays Rashford ahead of Martial as first choice and most of united fans see that aswell. The base in premier league is good tactical understanding and willingness to work hard. Then on top of that comes talent. But every talent from Hazard to Silva to Sanchez knows tactical requirements and the work shift required. Rashford knows it too. Martial as of now doesnt.
  13. Christian Benteke

    I wish we had backup striker that actualy stays at club for more years and proves his worth. Ba, Remy, Batshuayi...rollercoaster to continue with Benteke and in two years someone else... Bats isnt perfect, but if he is willing to be bit part player, we should just keep him. We also have Tammy as target man for future, I dont see one reason why splash cash on Benteke when we need other areas like wingbacks, rw and midfielder to improve.
  14. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Mourinho is far from only manager who does that. You exagerrate now. Its trend to throw stick at Mou on here, I get it people cant accept he decided to join United. That doesnt mean we shouldnt be objective. Hazard learned several very good things under management of Mou, he stepped to next level in 2014/15. Defending is part of the game and even Pedro was very important to that in Pep days at barcelona. He literaly tracked back to defense if needed. Off the ball, every top manager will demand players to run and chase opponent. The difference is the style of play. Pep plays possesion, Mou plays counter attacks. And obviously the difference then is Mou players defend for 60min, while Pep players only for 30min of the game. But either of the two will demand lot of running and tracking. Pochettino is killing his players with training, he demands excellent physical preparation and willingness to run whole game. The difference is Alli, Kane and others accepted that. You are naive if you think Pochetino, Pep, Bielsa, Sari, any other quality manager demands any less running than Mou does. Off the ball, everyone has to run. However some defend longer in game and some less. But for example Martial, every manager would want him to be prepared to track back and run when not in possesion. But he is lazy and he needs to improve if he wants to play.
  15. Mohamed Salah

    We indeed made some big big mistakes letting players go. We bought Tibo, Salah, Kdb, Lukaku at very very young age for small money, not to mention Zouma, plus Christensen and Bertrand came from youth. I guess Baba will follow same path once we sell him. Our team could be like Tibo Azpi-Christensen-Zouma-Bertrand Kante-Bakayoko-KDB Salah-Lukaku-Eden Now according to transfermarkt, this team cost us roughly 160m Todays worth of these players is 463 milion! Our scouting department was amazing. We just had poor board and managers who couldnt get the most of the players.