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  1. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Its either this or he is a coward. He literaly said he wanted to go back to his people, which is the same thing Courtois talked about. And then he says Hazard was great and we are quality, but Juve is on whole new level and too good opportunity to pass. Its funny how you defend him when he literaly shown chelsea the middle finger and left. Sure it makes the perfect sense to go for bigger contract in your country. But you got to finish this job. I wonder if we signed a player last year and he would want to leave after one year because someone would offer better contract and we had ban, so he would think of where he has a better project and decide to leave. Youd probably think of him the worst.
  2. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I cant agree here. Yes when we played well, it was better. For example the final arsenal game or start of the season. It was great. But thats about 10% of games. The rest was dogshit boring side passing with no creativity, no shots, no plan B, same subs and tactics all over. I never ever stopped watching Chelsea games before even if we were losing badly or played boring. But last season there were games where I actualy fell asleep or went doing something else. Why? Because neighbours dog could tell you we aint turning it around or scoring. And we actualy didnt.
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    He coached napoli only and won absolute fuck all, yet he thinks he is bigger than Chels all of a sudden. One ban, some boos and he decides to return to italy for easier challenge. No fucking wonder he cant motivate for shit with that sort of attitude.
  4. Christian Pulisic

    Why did he play in midfield for USA?
  5. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Cant believe how people respect this guy and at same time shit on lets say Courtois. Both are in the same bracket. He just fucked off because he got better offer and fancier players over there. Already stating he is now in much bigger club and shit. All this homesickness is one bs too. He just went for Juve because he will have easier work there with better players. I understand his motives, but the dude is like one of those pricky big ego players that ditch the club the moment something goes wrong. I have never seen a top manager pull that shit. He came here for 3 years, got support from board and then decides to ditch the ship after one season. Was he offended that fans booed him? Well no fucking wonder if he played most boring football I have ever seen. Even Mou at his worst was more entertaining. And dont get me even start with 3rd place because that was the biggest fluke ever. Other teams dropping even more points than us. He does deserve the EL title though, but thats EL. I hope we meet them in CL and Jorginho scores winning goal. That would teach this ungrateful fucker a lesson.
  6. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Also his mom had to take for 8 kids after father died. Nothing but good wishes for all of them.
  7. Next Manager?

    Its not a typical Chelsea season if we find a replacement before selling. So expect a couple managerless weeks before Marina returns from holidays.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    They honestly got 10 times better deal than they would if they got Jorginho last year. Rodri is younger, way more capable physicaly and distributes the ball realy well which will further develop under Pep. Now that we dont have Sarri anymore, Id take Rodri over Jorginho any day of the week, mostly because he offers defensive stability. Hopefuly Jorginho continues his forum from end of the season, but he will never be that imposing midfielder that you need.
  9. Tanguy Ndombele

    Dont go to fucking spuds man
  10. Next Manager?

    I think we should go for Ser Davos. He would make our opponents cry.
  11. The Basketball Thread

    Davis traded to Lakers for Ingram, Ball and Hart plus 3 first round picks. Pelicans win this trade, LA future looks murky. But it also makes sense for LA who has aging Lebron and they have to build a team quickly. Who will be next?
  12. Next Manager?

    Yesterday: Derby wont stay in the way between Frank and Chelsea. Today: Derby wants to offer Frank a new contract to keep him there.
  13. The Basketball Thread

    IMO Luka. Trae had strong 2019, but Luka was strong all season minus that poor short run. I might be biased abit, but I think thats how it will actualy pan out. Nba loves Luka too, so there wont be any voting bias about Trae being american either.
  14. The Basketball Thread

    Haha I dont have a fav team in NBA, but bacl in the day I was cheering for SA when they had Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. Since then I just enjoy watching games, but the quality has gone down IMO. The defending has become a joke and now everyone wants to shoot 50points per game. We do have rising star Doncic in the NBA though, Ill be a fan of whoever he plays for
  15. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Thats not what I wanted to say. We will have hard time next season against west ham and top4 anyway, playing pragmatic style or going out with youth. Playing the likes of Willian and next summer, we are back to square one. If we qualify for CL somehow the board will think current squad is good enough and we are in for another shitstorm without any ambition. Thing is working on youth will give us better foundations for season after the next. The only important thing next season is to continue playing modern football and develop young players. That will be our future. Forget the top 4, forget the CL. We need to focus on style and youth. So that we can build on that next summer, bringing whoever needs to be brought to begin completing us. Thats another reason to stick with same manager who will know what we are missing and what we have instead of wasting another year. Maybe not everyone will be world class, but good enough potential to eventualy build a title winning team with the likes of Odoi, Ruben, Christensen/Zouma, James, Pulisic and wild cards like Mount, Tomori and Tammy. If we can pull it off, I couldnt care less about results next season because this is project is about our next 5 years, not next season.