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  1. Chelsea v Newcastle

    I hate Alonso because he is so slow, but he actualy made his point in recent games and isnt just a bench fodder as he was in the start of season. In the next couple games Emerson has to show why he is undispited starter when fit.
  2. 22. Christian Pulisic

    He needs to get stronger if he wants to play in PL. He should be doing all the possible workout in the gym and train as much as possible. Thats a start. Then he will be more comfortable and will be able to use his talent to focus on playing football in england. But if he is going to be whining or complaining, he can blame only himself.
  3. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Atm he can play Matuidi and Rabiot on the wings and still win 90% of the games in serie a with that juve team. But IMO he is never winning CL with them. Juve has a weak midfield for europe, a poor RB and no proper striker.
  4. 5. Jorginho

    Mostly because previous managers tolerated bench like shite. Alonso and Emerson are both delivering for example. They are somewhat on same respectful level for Lamps. Sarri for example first tolerated Emerson badly and kept playing Alonso despite his bad form and then turned the other way around. Either way, whoever was on the bench was out of the plans. Lamps counts on all players and he actualy does that, not just says it. The easiest example here is Bats tho. Tammy is undisputed starter right now, but Lamps still gives Bats minutes and he delivers. When you have a backup striker who is taking chances and scores, you are doing good job in managing. The only two players that Lamps will keep on playing regardless of form seem to be Jorginho (due to being only player with specific qualities) and Willian (#10, experience, status). The rest of the team will rotate based on whoever is fit and in form. Thats why the bench performs well. There is no more shit like player x plays great game, but he never gets another chance because player y is managers boy.
  5. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    His technique is just brilliant. The way he makes these crosses, passes...and if he works it on shooting, he will be very allround attacker.
  6. 19. Mason Mount

    He is just saying that in case they dont lose him like Sancho. But personaly he will never bring him into starting lineup. He will sooner spend another 200m on midfielders.
  7. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    I reckon football will be more and more plagued with injuries because there will be more and more games. It will eventualy lead to the same thing NBA has which is load management. I mean load management is obviously present with all the rotations already, but then it will be heavily focused on to keep players fresh and prevent injuries.
  8. Ben Chilwell

    He has been pretty poor this season, but he still has all the tools to develop like Robertson did.
  9. 5. Jorginho

    Also Sarri said Jorginho cant play in double pivot, yet Jorginho is even better in this formation.
  10. Nicolas Pepe

    Yeah I only pointed him out because many were sure he wont adapt to pl either. He is a brilliant player though.
  11. 7. N'Golo Kante

    Likely the best team in the world. We could actualy have Salah, Hazard, Kdb and Kante in the same 11. These have gone to become 4 best players in the league for years.
  12. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Willian the creator...you are having a laugh mate
  13. Nicolas Pepe

    Alexis is perfect example of just how much age, club and pressure affect the player. People however forget Pepe has to adapt two things. First is the league and second is the style of football. He played counter attacking football for Lille and now he is playing in a possession based one. He might be one footed, but his speed and dribbling ability along with finishing make him very dangerous. He will adapt. Berardo Silva went through similar process, going from a counter attacking ligue 1 side into possesion based PL one and it took him awhile. He likewise looked like a flop in the beggining too. Pepe, like Ndombele will make it in PL or at the very least in a top club.
  14. 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi

    And who says he wouldnt stay here if we were competing for CL? Or at least leave when he turned 30 or something... Even Drogba, Lamps, Terry flirted with other clubs but eventualy stayed because of the level we were playing at. One thing is love for the club which all above have. Hazard has it too and Im sure he will be a part of the club eventualy again once he retires. Then come football ambitions. Terry and the guard stayed here because PL was at the top then and Chelsea was competing in CL final rounds every year more or less. Why would they leave? Hazard had a much weaker team and if he actualy wants to win balon d or, he is likely to do it playing for "everyones" favourite Real. Obviously he also was a fan of Real and Zidane which makes the whole thing a bit different. CHO just wanted to move in a more stable team with certain playtime etc guaranteed. Now he has everything here and if we stay competitive, he will remain here too. As for the last part, sadly domestic isnt good enough. Im more than happy with those PL titles, but its clear players also want CL realy bad. So if CHO becomes one of worlds best, he aint staying if we dont play in semis or finals of CL.
  15. 22. Christian Pulisic

    Its all about how consistently he can do it. He is definately young and will have to work hard to adjust the league, but he has talent. The question is can he become consistent. Willy has amazing game sometimes but that happens rarely and thats why he just doesnt cut it.