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  1. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    I have edited my post to explain it better, you obviously have agenda against Bakayoko, hoping we will buy someone ''fancier'' and suddenly start playing beautiful football. Sorry, it wont happen. If you think any more creative mid would do better tonight against spanish side along with same approach spain and france picked today, you have very little football knowledge.
  2. Tiemoué Bakayoko

    He is actualy having more than decent game...few good passes and two realy good dribbles through entire right side. First half, their midfield was Rabiot-Kante-Tolisso (by account of many we need more ''creative'' players to control the game, like Tolisso), and they got completely outplayed against spanish midfield. Couldnt even make two passes. Second half with Baka instead of Rabiot, they started playing better. Kante is average tonight too, but was better once Baka came in, because he can roam around more. First half he was sitting back and was completely lost.
  3. Alexis Sanchez

    With him we gonna win PL, CL, superbowl and tour de france.
  4. General Transfer Talk

    Dijk is awesome player, but if it means end of Chelsea career for Zouma, I will be dissapointed with Conte. Zouma is one young player that has all the quality to be a real top player for us and we are about to throw it away. Once he goes out on loan, even if he impresses, he will return with Dijk, Luiz and Azpi, possibly Cahill cemented for upcoming season. Either he will again sit on bench, putting him in same situation as this year, or simply leave. And Conte doesnt like to rotate either, so its not looking good. Zouma will have to have absolutely brilliant season on loan, but that is the problem for us and how we deal with youth. We give them that one chance and if they do it themselves, ok, if not no bother. Make it or brake it. Absolutely no faith and trust in them, just business because we can always still buy foreign star if things dont work well. But hey if there is money for CM, two fullbacks, winger and striker, fine, buy a CB too. If not, then I dont see point of spending all that money on position where we have Zouma and Christensen ready to get a chance when we realy need to strenghten other areas.
  5. Alvaro Morata

    Its known Im not big fan of real madrid bench players or ex players (James, Isco, Ozil etc), but whoever says Morata isnt good enough never saw him. Just because he is striker and doesnt score much doesnt mean he is not top player. He would fit very well next to Costa. He is good with the ball, good passer and great worker. Quick too. Never failed to impress in big games at juve. The price is huge tho and if we sign Morata, maybe that means no Sanchez/Bernardo but as long he is not replacement for Costa, but addition, I would not complain. If we plan on having Morata as Costa direct replacement, then Morata will have to improve massively in finishing. He is not lone striker, but next to someone, he is perfect.
  6. 19. Diego Costa

    Who knows what media actualy knows. Costa said several times he is happy, so why not.
  7. Chelsea Kits 2016/17

    Hope its just some bs. Home one is dreadful, while away is actualy nice. Considering we will now be Nike's global #1 club in Premier league (surely we beat the city numbers), I expect some sort of bold add campaign since its our very first year. Would also expect the kits not to be revealed by some dudes on twitter
  8. 19. Diego Costa

    Funny how everyone expects Lukaku/Morata to replace Costa. Its actualy quite possible that Conte signs another striker, Michy leaves, while we dont sign any RW at all, while Costa stays. The rage on this thread will be epic.
  9. Alvaro Morata

    Should Costa stay, we might as well sign Morata, sell Bats because its clear Conte doesnt rate him enough. Costa and Morata would be brilliant duo IMO that gives us endless options how to set up. Once Costa leaves, buy Lukaku, Belotti or whoever else.
  10. Radja Nainggolan

    Manchester city struggled against spurs midfield. Us having creative midfielder wont change it one bit. Dembele and Wanyama will be all over us. I would give us more chance to dominate them if we had Bakayoko tbh. And against bayern, real, atletico,...sad as it sounds, but we wont dominate them for long time. You know it. Doesnt matter who we have in midfield, we will sit back, press them and counter them. Its how we play, simple as that. We couldnt even dominate United in fa cup at stamford bridge and the reason was not because we dont have good midfield, but because how we set up.
  11. Radja Nainggolan

    3:3:4 is just attacking form of 3:5:2, simply said. If we go with 3 midfielders, it means we would go 3:5:2 surely. That means we would not play with any true winger at all. Eden would move centraly and Pedro would be replaced by creative midfielder. That brings two problems with out current players. Lack of width dribblers because Pedro and Eden are much better attackers than Marcos and Moses. And two, lack of extra goalscorer. Even in current setup, we have some problems upfront, and without Pedro, we lose that runner in empty space to kill them off. Not to mention the double pressing from both winbacks and wingers when we dont have the posession. Now Conte also plays two strikers upfront in his 3:5:2 and while Eden scores goals, he is no natural scorer ala Tevez, Morata etc. If we get two very offensive wingers, width will be solved. But we are still short of goalscorer. If we are to play such system, all 11 players must be very sound in attack meaning anyone can score a goal, and everyone can defend properly. Sadly our attacks are very dependant on attacking trio to make such system work here IMO. I think we need to keep the current 3:4:3 formation, improve weak areas (CM, RW and RWB), but have players on bench for possible back up plan in 3:5:2 if we need more control in midfield.
  12. Claudio Marchisio

    Midfield with Cesc will never be perfect. He has some good games, but then goes in hidding when facing pressing opponent. He cant handle the pressure, if you have such player you dont have much chance against the very best. And if you have to alter the formation every time you play big teams, then its pointless. Cesc is very good for the small teams to break them with passes, but thats about it. And mid level or high level opponent and his weaknesses are exposed. That said, I realy rate his current role. But he should never be a starter.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    We have to replace Begovic with HG keeper. We need to bring back Baker. And we need to promote one or two youngsters, possibly more if Aina, Nate and Ruben all leave on loan. I would keep Cesc as backup for another year. Tbh as shit english players are atm, we should take this on positive note and promote OUR own youth more. The only english player I would consider atm is Oxclade Chamberlain and use him as some kind of utility player, since he is decent on wings and good in middle. We need depth anyway. If we get top RW I can see one of Pedro/Willy leave and that will leave us short. Ox would be nearly perfect for such role.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    I must admit, I didnt realy know him except for a fact he was some guy that replaced Digne in Roma, until a week ago when we were linked. But he is getting lot of positive talk from everywhere now that I checked a bit more. Might aswell as you say be a hidden gem. Since he is already playing as wingback in serie a, Conte interest is probably true. From what I heard he is quite attacking dribbling type of FB and with Semedo on other side, we would be more than creative enough in attack even if we have Kante Bakayoko midfield. Add a good scoring RW and this team gets serious boost. Our first 11 would be good for years. Tibo, Azpi, Kante, Bakayoko, Semedo, Emerson/Marcos, Eden. Only Costa and possibly RW would be older, while Luiz and Cahill have perfect replacements in Christensen and Zouma already in the club. Probably the only black spot of such team would be no english players, but I have accepted the situation. As much I would kill to have more english players, better to have good foreigners than average englishmen. English players werent so poor in ages. Barkley, Ox, Ward Prowse, Bertrand, Keane, Gibson and thats about it who we can buy. They are absolutely nothing special (maybe Ox could do well) and I realy would prefer us giving chance to at least Baker, Aina, Tammy. I hope the club wont fuck up and pay ridiculous amount of cash for Barkley, when we have Baker.
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    Atletico has ban in summee...how will Costa return there??