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  1. 19. Diego Costa

    He was allright today, many times he held the ball and passed to create chance, nevermind the goal. You could see he was very dissapointed we were losing after he was subbed, so much for all the experts here saying "he doesnt give a crap".
  2. Chelsea - Arsenal

    Tbh this thread had very same mentality like players today. Posts left and right how we will destroy them and their shit defence, how they have no chance and how good we are... Then game starts, everyone bar Pedro plays utter shit with no desire and drive and again, everyone starts with disgusting Costa out posts. In a way the losses like these will hopefuly make some fans bit more humble and respectful. Dissapointed we lost today, it will give us some sour taste to season overall, but at least board now sees we need some massive improvements in summer. The players learned nothing after that stinker of last season. Too much partying and then this happens. The quality and value of this team will be seen next year, how we do. I just hope Conte prepares the team to perfection and gets whoever he targets.
  3. Bernardo Silva

    They have Sterling, Sane, De Bruyne and Silva. Nevermind Jesus and Aguero. Not sure why they need Bernardo. Still, we will have to be very good in this summer market. And seems quick too or everyone available will be sold.
  4. Bernardo Silva

    7 days ago Silva said he is happy in Monaco and hopes his team mates will stay too. Either he is full of BS or the rumours are again unreliable.
  5. The English Football Thread

    7 days ago Silva said he is happy in Monaco and hopes his teammates will stay too. Either he is full of bs or the rumours are again unreliable.
  6. Bernardo Silva

    Tbh the ONLY way Pep will be winning trophies is if 1:) oppisition is below expectations or 2.) If he creates absolutely perfect team like his prime barca. His tactics have flaws and as long he doesnt have top top team or opponent isnt good, he wont win it. He had brilliant Bayern team and didnt do anything spectacular. Nevermind it will take a while for his team to gel together and all the talents actualy develop fully. By then he might not be at club anymore. I do fear City abit in 5 years or so, and United too. They will spend like mad to get back. What we need is improve our team and keep key players. Prime, Tibo, Azpi, Kante, Eden, and improvements should keep us a top for a while.
  7. Davinson Sanchez

    I know. Its cool they try to play that style. But we talk about finale here where playing like that is totaly unacceptable. For same reason I dont like Mou tactics against West ham or Watford, scoring one and parking bus. But when we talk about finale, I cant say he picked wrong tactics. You dont play the finals, you win them. Even so, its nice that Ajax got to finals, they have some cool talent over there (not sure about the coach tho), but for all the praise they are getting, it needs to be known they failed to win eredivisie which has been poor for a while now. They have some realy nice talents and squad average is lowest of all, but if this was realy good team, they would have won Eredivisie at least. They need trophies to win and their approach is making that harder, but they will probably lose all their best talents before that. Bottom line, I dont like totalvoetbal philosphpy tho. I mean, its great to watch indeed, but with such tactics you need damn best players in world to win trophies like that. Defenders should be defenders first, goal should be winning, not playing nice. Totalvoetbal is the opposite. It makes things harder for yourself. And no matter how nice you play at the end winning is absolutely all that matters.
  8. Antoine Griezmann

    He used to be kinda fragile, but since last summer, he improved alot. He can run whole games now and tracks back alot.
  9. Kyle Walker

    I honestly think there is zero chance of this move. He will probably leave because Poch got in argument with him, but he will go anywhere but Chelsea. Would be interesting move tho. Theres not many good english players. But here we talk about big big money, I dont think Walker is worth that much. Very good player, but not elite.
  10. Davinson Sanchez

    Very very raw player. I have no idea why Bosz instructed CBs to dribble through the middle in finale! If our defenders did that I would get heart attack. However the difference De Ligt knew when to do it and when to simply pass the ball. And dont forget Sanchez dribbled twice infront of his goal, was lucky he didnt lose the ball. The moment with Rashford, the ball fortunely deflected from Rashford's, if it didnt, Rash would be alone in front of goal. I get Ajax try to play this style, but its finale we are talking about. And Sanchez is in years when he will develop his style. A CB should always be pragmatic first and creative second.
  11. Youri Tielemans

    Officialy to Monaco for 25m.
  12. Bertrand Traoré

    Not a good game at all. As individual yes, but this is finale and finale can be only won as a team. He was ridiculously selfish several times, just like in eredivisie matches. Ask any fan they will all say he is selfish as hell. I dont even care if he made many of those dribbles because they all ended up with nothing at all. You need to know when to pass and he doesnt. Same with Younes, another poor player tonight, much like the rest of his season. Dolberg should be better. Only player realy impressing was De Ligt. Sanchez made some rash mistakes.
  13. Davinson Sanchez

    Indeed. De Ligt realy impressed me the most.
  14. General Transfer Talk

    Well it does. London rivalry plays big part. Then you have United Pool rivalry because of history. Meaning we cant trade with either Arsenal or Spurs. Meanwhile we are Manchesters main competition so they wont sell either. Pool just hates us tho. We have been most sucessfull english team these past few years, so its obvious they dont want to trade with us. We just play in wrong city because Arsenal and Spurs are perfect selling teams who will sell to anyone but us because city rivalry. For us, its pretty much only foreign market because rest of PL league is almost useless for us. They used to have some quality homegrown talents, but nowdays they just buy and buy, fill their squads with overpaid foreign players because they can. There are few 1st 11 players interesting for us like Lukaku, Dijk, Bertrand and when it comes to them, we can arguably get better from other leagues for maybe even less money.
  15. Romelu Lukaku

    Just going by the rumours. Everton wants close to 100m for Lukaku and Arsenal will definately want 50m for Alexis considering we are rivals. Thats 150m. For that money we can basicaly compete for nearly any player we want (obviously if they want to join us). Sure we can do alot worse than Lukaku. But we should target someone who is better than Costa at his best, which Lukaku definately isnt. Obviously those are unlikely, but we should at least try. Griezmann might be off, but I dont agree Isco wont fit us. He is almost as good as Eden on the ball, that would give us another dimension in game. Gnabry btw is having brilliant season, he definately has the potential. He would be the kind of transfer like Azpi was. If we cant get anyone from top like Grizi, Isco etc,...Gnabry would be more than welcome. Not expensive and some serious potential. But obviously we should aim higher right now.