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  1. Chelsea v Man Utd

    Id say we are bit short for this game, but as long Alonso starts, we should be fine.
  2. Malmo - Chelsea

    Sarri says we need to cut out our mistakes Probably this song is on repeat in the dresser.
  3. Malmo - Chelsea

    Tbh thats big thanks to our europa run and cup games so far where we got many wins against small opponents. As for tonights game, I wont complain, we won. But Im not going to get optimistic either, it was only malmo.
  4. Malmo - Chelsea

    Well CHO didnt start but Sarri was right with this lineup because we are playing absolutely brilliant. Not.
  5. Malmo - Chelsea

    He will learn so much sitting on that bench indeed. We are in super shit form and the club still wont play a single talent that might save the season in terms of establishing young player into the first 11. I always said that sometimes a season when we make new "John Terry" would be equaly great for me as winning the title. Making a new player who succeeds in first 11 brings as much joy as club winning title, at least for me. We won shitload of titles past 10, 15 years and not a single successful youth product since Terry. We could save the season by trying this with CHO who clearly has talent, but the club is too shortsighted and will play crap aging players to have bigger shot at results, but in reality they are so bad that we would probably win more if we gave CHO a run of 10 plus games. We might lose some in the start due to his inexperience, but it would repay us after a while. Its not like we are winning with our senior players either, so I dont see a single explanation and yet the club still plays them.
  6. Malmo - Chelsea

    Is Rlc injured again?
  7. Aaron Ramsey

    If they reported gross fee, then it should be around 260k. Because he will be paid by italian club in italy, not uk. 400k might be gross in uk, but this deal has nothing to do with uk, its public misleading and done for publicity.
  8. Aaron Ramsey

    Agresti is very reliable for juve releated stuff and Di Marzio for serie a in general. Both quoted deal is 7mio per year net (12,6m gross in italy) + bonuses. I believe those two more than Ornstein who just unloaded load of crap to make a hot topic. Who would believe Juve would pay Ramsey double what Dybala gets? Even for free deal, that would be ridiculous and completely destroy juves player fee structure. Kaboom.
  9. Christian Pulisic

    Yeah but Dortmund team impressed me many times. Pulisic never to a point I would say wow what a talent. Tonight he had a rare chance to impress and lead the attack, but he failed to deliver. Not that I expected much from him anyway.
  10. Aaron Ramsey

    He is going to be on around 150k-200k pw. The 400k is completely invented by british press.
  11. Christian Pulisic

    Completely invisible the second half. Everytime I watch this guy he fails to impress. And we forked 60m on him
  12. Christian Pulisic

    Due to Reus injury, he will be starting against Spuds. Interesting to see how he does against them.
  13. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    I expected some realy bad defensive performances where we get destroyed and I even said it when we signed Sarri for fans to beware of this situation. It wont be Sarriball instantly,but will take at least two seasons to kick in. Whenever you decide to turn defensive team into high line pressing one, expect some teams could ridicule our defenders. BUT that said, I didnt expect THIS big defeats. 4:0 against someone like bournemouth or biggest loss in our PL history like 6:0 vs City. That was way way over the line and it makes you wonder if this is necessary evil for better tomorrow or plain suicide. 3:0 against some big rivals or something like 2:0 against average teams is fine all things considered, but we were murdered and disgraced by City and Bournemouth. Maybe Bournemouth loss alone could be explainable, but then City loss soon after, dunno its becoming a pattern and not some freak moment (like Pep lost to Everton 4:0 in first season) Also Jorginho gets shut down way to easily and our attack is painfuly slow and uncreative. Its hardly a progress and its hard to be optimistic. Even for first season under Sarri, we could show some more spark in attack. I guess next three games (not counting malmo fixtures) are make it or break it for Sarri. The club lacks patience, however I think we should give him some trust and time, but if we end up on 4-5 heavy defeats in such short time, there is no coach in any club in world surviving this.
  14. Kylian Mbappe

    He is indeed fantastic player, but far less complete than Hazard for example. Mbappe thrives on collective game with his positioning, he needs creative team mates and he needs space. He is quite useless if opposition parks the bus. Hence I dont think he would be anywhere near as successful here. Mbappe right now is in form for Paris and we are big mess, its unfair to compare the two. Mbappe would be out of depth here too if he played for us right now. Hazard can score, assist, create, break defenses and much more. Mbappe is clearly the better finisher and his positioning is way better too. That said Mbappe is young which is even more exciting and he scores alot of goals. Hazard was ripping league 1 too when he was a kid. If you compare the two when both are at their best, both are world class and all Im saying is fans should appreciate us having this kind of player.
  15. Kylian Mbappe

    And this is nice example how people are so naive sometimes. Mbappe is this and that and superstar and world class and oh my boy what a player blah blah blah. Hazard on other hand meh good ok player, has his days but realy inconsistent, not a leader, overrated, was never realy that great,... If only same people watched both week in week out with some sort of objectivity and without "their grass is greener" mind, the conclussion would be that both are absolutely fantastic players, but also both can dissapear in games (like every world class player does sometimes) Its mind boggling how some Chelsea fans dont rate Hazard, but lick the arses of half of players we dont have.