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  1. Norwich - Chelsea

    That makes no sense because I said about their current state. We played against norwich yesterday and as of then, they had IMO 3rd most creative attack and we shut them down in second half. That was the whole point of my post, not how will Everton or whoever else that you mentioned improve in the next months.
  2. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Oh I thought it was just one. But yep you are spot on. Three games are way more than enough to make an objective, comprehensive opinion on player. Also Pukki is best player in the world, not Messi.
  3. 9. Tammy Abraham

    Its the same shit we heard back then with RLC.
  4. The targets for next summer

    Id love some more african blood in our team. They can become very loyal to their team, way more than SAmericans for example who are exact opposite.
  5. Super Frank Thread

    Not great defence, but I realy love how playful we look in attack. We have joint most shots on target (55) next to Liverpool. City has yet to play though.
  6. The targets for next summer

    Jadon Sancho. I dont give a shit how much he costs, given we didnt spend almost nothing this summer and sold Hazard along with few others, we can afford him. He is english and he is the most efficient young player next to Mbappe. He aint south american or dreaming of Real, so he could actualy stay here for his entire career if we become competitive again. I know we need reinforcements in defence and striker position, but if Sancho is moving this summer, he should be absolute priority. Sancho, Odoi, Mount could form our team for ages.
  7. 5. Jorginho

    We are pressing team, so that wouldnt work. Baka would have to press too if we wanted to be sucessful and he would get lost somewhere in row 6. Having Kante back instead of Kovacic will help us big big time because he can defend brilliantly. But the problems are nowhere fixed then.
  8. 19. Mason Mount

    When you have full backing from a manager and you know you wont be dropped after shit game or two, so you can play relaxed; wonderful things can happen.
  9. Norwich - Chelsea

    Norwich caused more danger to Liverpool than Arsenal did. Also United was strong only against us, but struggled vs Wolves and Palace. Spuds are strong indeed with plenty variety upfront, but looked very poor against city. In what world exactly have Wolves and Everton better attack than Norwich though? Richarlison, Siggurdson, Jota and Jimenez have been incredibly poor so far. Maybe you are pointing for the whole season, but I was clear when I said at this moment, not when this or that guy settles in. Or you are just throwing these teams because they have bigger star players than norwich. Everyone else is impressed how fluid canaries look in attack (super shit defence though). If we werent as inefficient, Id count Chelsea next to City, Pool and Norwich, then come spuds, arsenal and the rest of the league that hasnt been impressive at all yet.
  10. Norwich - Chelsea

    They broke through our midfield very easily in the first half. You'd think we play against prime barcelona. They didnt get in clear chances, but they always looked dangerous. Second half, we realy pressed them out of the game. Could be that norwich simply ran out of ideas/bad execution too. But overall I was happy with what I saw in second half. There was little danger for us. And the type of subs we made might be very important for us this season. Score more than opponents and then bring defenders on to keep that lead. Because its likely we wont have many clean sheets and with all young players, we also lack experience to safely bring points home.
  11. Norwich - Chelsea

    He wears #10. He better score hattrick in those minutes.
  12. Norwich - Chelsea

    Norwich attack is probably 3rd best right now after City and Pool and we managed to completely shut them down in second half. Very happy with it. Also cant wait for Odoi to come back and completely shut Willian out of the game. Absolutely disastrous cameos from brazilian.
  13. Norwich - Chelsea

    Took two great shots and not bad holdup. Its his 3rd match, plenty of room to improve. If you arent happy with his product so far, then okay.
  14. Norwich - Chelsea

    Abraham is obviously never going to be good enough
  15. Norwich - Chelsea

    Norwich is playing some brasil football type shit. Expect more goals from them. I just hope we outscore them.