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  1. 3. Marcos Alonso

    I wouldnt disagree with trying him as striker haha. Actualy has decent movement and finish, often looks goal-thirsty aswell.
  2. 17. Mateo Kovacic

    Boohoo. They sign these contracts, its not like they are forced into. If they werent partying all the time and study instead, they would have knowledge to not spend all the fucking money. They have education options unlike some other people. World is not fair, but when someone starts how poor chaps in nfl are, give me a break. In 3 years they earn more cash than normal person does in whole life. If they spend it all, their own fucking problem. Obviously there is no money in world worth for a possible life long injury, but its a risk they took. Go work in mcdonalds or educate yourself and become a lawyer or some shit. No one forced them to play football. People who run the nfl are real dicks, but when you see they were hiding test results of head injuries of average nfl player during their career, you know how much they value players health. Nada. They care about entertainment -> cash. If you are still stupid enough to join such league...
  3. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    Easily one of best if not best midfield in PL, but without good defence and attack, it wont be easy. Hopefuly Alonso, both CBs and Morata step up through the season and we will see some amazing footy.
  4. Alex Telles

    Ghoulam would be probably here (or at city) by now if he didnt injure himself right before start of 2018. His contract was ending aswell.
  5. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    By all accounts he should as soon he adopts the Sarri phylosophy and comes to full fitness. While Jorginho is DLP, Kante b2b, Kovacic will be somewhat creative/dribbling mid, helping push the ball from midfield to attack. In napoli, Sarri had Jorginho, attacking CM Hamsik (Kovacic here) and hardworker Allan (Kante here), pretty similar type of players. Kovacic after all has technique and pass ability to work nice in Sarri system.
  6. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Cant say for others but I stood by Diego all the time. Even now lol. Why? Because he proved he is quality and simply went through rough patch like every striker. I knew he has that ability. Unlike Morata who did very little last year. Even when he was scoring with head, dont forget his finishing with feet was crap 90% of time, but we let it go because he scored with head. And he kept falling down and complained, playing style that most people dont like. Costa was complaining too, but he provoked the opponents, which often helped us. Morata simply complains fo little pushes and gets cards for no point. When/if he has great season like Diego had, trust me I wont shit on Morata either if he goes through a bad patch. I know better players need time to recover. But as of now, Morata was average last season and below average since turn of the year. And he gets game after game, but no improvement. Just pointing out facts, during games I support all our players, but if they play bad week in week out, obviously I will start complaining.
  7. 29. Álvaro Morata

    If they missed every damn sitter like Morata, they wouldnt play either.
  8. General Transfer Talk

    The man is as problematic as they get. No thanks to such characters. Even if they perform good enough, they are eventualy pushed/force move out like Costa or Tibo. Just avoid this. There are Kovacic, Neves and bunch of other options we can pursue instead.
  9. 29. Álvaro Morata

    Who cares if striker can linkup if he cant score a damn goal. I want striker to know how to finish, so that you have someone reliable uptop. If he can also link up, thats only a bonus, not an excuse. Lets not kid ourselves, Morata isnt as bad player as was Torres, but he is bad as a striker. Neither could score. Thats a big problem and we must bench him if he wont get shit together by the end of august.
  10. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    If you saw the video of Real Juve final, you could hear Zidane say "you will suffer" too
  11. Huddersfield - Chelsea

    No player with #9 in the team. This gonna be good season guys
  12. General Transfer Talk

    Tbh out of all players there, I would only pick Mbappe who will never come like you said. Decently strong, pace 9000 and lot of skill. Young but already experienced etc. Other options are all meh to me. Martial, Icardi seemed most possible but I would give a pass on either. Martial is one lazy ass and Icardi simply isnt mobile yes. I saw enough games. He isnt slow, but nowhere near enough dynamic for PL. He is deadly in penalty area, can move there well, but he doesnt have pace or power of prime Didi, Henry, Suarez, Aguero...that is required for PL. There is a reason why no one bought Icardi yet. He is fantastic finisher, but offers little support in attack, and can not link up on wings or outside penalty area. Basicaly he can finish, but everyone nowdays looks for allround strikers and Icardi isnt one. Last but not least, one of biggest dicks in football. Just not worth the hassle. Strikers out there are simply not great. Good but not great. Better than what we have but players like Cavani, Higuain, Lewa,...are nothing compared to Henry, Del Piero, Drogba, Ronaldo from some years ago. Only one realy good was Suarez who actualy performed in PL, La Liga, CL and world cups on regular basis. Absolutely fantastic striker, but also huge dick, however his quality is not questionable. Lewa was also good for about two seasons, but apart from buli, he constantly flopped in CL. Werner just might be something in few years, but he will proly join Bayern. And I hope you dont rate Lukaku lol. He is again one dimensional and Im glad we sold him. Thing is we have shit options and anyone above looks better. But that doesnt mean they are the solution. Why not take a look at lower clubs and try to find another Suarez, Drogba,...instead of poaching overpriced have beens from big clubs.
  13. General Transfer Talk

    I dont like his character tbh, not realy ambitious and determined. Good strikers are often a bit of cunts or big characters, like it or not. Its what separates them from others because their confidence is sky high. Lacazette is too nice and eazy going. Im tired of these "low confidence when you tell them they suck" type of players. Be a fucking man. Sadly there are very very very few strikers out there, too bad we sold Costa.
  14. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    Sure but we lost a player that scored the MOST goals for us and we didnt replace him. Hazard will likely be on around 15 and Willian/Pedro on 10. Even if someone else also contributes 10, that wont be enough because we need someone that can do 20 and we dont have one.
  15. General Transfer Talk

    Fulham bought whole new 11. Only Cairney and Sessegnon will probably play from last season. Huge blast in chemistry and if they go down even after spending 100m, it wont be a surprise at all. They do have decent coach unlike QPR, Swansea, Stoke,... had. They bought 2 good GKs after already having Betinelli. Mawson, Marchand, Chambers and Mensah who are all at least on paper good enough to play for Fulham, not counting any CB that played for them last season. Rico, Anguissa and two CBs were totaly unnecessary.