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  1. Aleksandr Golovin

    Shame Guingamp is so shit this year. They are such a nice team to watch. Played realy entertaining football and managed to end up around 10th place in ligue 1 for a few seasons despite having spend less than 500k a year on transfers.
  2. Nicolas Pepe

    Nothing new here... Lille was ready to sell and they already agreed with Lyon back in summer, but Pepe didnt want to move to further develop himself.
  3. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    IMO he has done all the right steps forward. Last year at Palace, he was great. Enough to warrant him place with England, so far he made some positive impressions in given chances. At Chelsea, he again improved over last few months, his workrate has improved and he finaly looks like he gives a shit when playing, that was one thing I hated about him. Talent was always there and now he is going up with his mentality. We all scream for youth to be given chances, but as soon they get couple games (if that), they get criticised into oblivion. Its a process that might take couple years with some players. Some explode at 18 like Messi, Mbappe, Fabregas,...some are late bloomers. We should give RLC two seasons at chelsea with enough matches and then see what will happen. I always though we dont trust youth enough. For example, Kovacic came here and instantly became starter. Due to good form of RLC and Barkley, spot is open. But who knows if how would RLC play if he was given week in week out matches? Including big games? He might suck in some, but so did Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante or any other midfielder. Thing is his ceiling is high and he has room to improve. I dont get excited and hype players generaly, but I have big hopes for RLC. If he wont have playtime here, he will eventualy play for other big team.
  4. Isco

    Unless Eden leaves, no point in having two players who love to haggle on ball and dribble. One is fine, but not two. Also there is a reason Isco isnt a regular. He looks super player and realy fancy on the ball with those tricks, but does absolute fuck all in 80% of the time he plays.
  5. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Probably lacks in tactical understanding, positioning, offside traps,... Besides he is more useful in middle with his powerful runs. He can be extremely useful carrying ball forward with his strenght, pace and technical qualities. Has good shot too, so its quite unpredictable for defenders. If he develops well, he is going to be some player.
  6. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Again, the board just showed how clueless they are when they extended Alonso contract from 3 to 5 years.
  7. Nicolas Pepe

    IMO he isnt ready for top team. I watch most of lille games and last year he was dragging them above the relegation along Thiago Mendes. This year he continues his development, but along better teammates. Thing is, he isnt very hard working and when he isnt in form, he offers almost nothing in those games. That said Lille is a joy to watch. Him and Bamba are great this season. But they arent ready for top team yet IMO.
  8. Paul Pogba

  9. General Transfer Talk

    I gotta disagree. Its all about promoting youth. What pisses me off is that we buy fucking Drinkwaters instead of trusting our youth players. We have Tomori, James, Mount, CHO, Ampadu plus Barkley and RLC. Add 3rd GK and we are set. But the board will buy some dead average players on inflated english fees instead. Only exceptions would be Ramsey who is free or someone like Sancho, Lookman or Chillwell who look like real deals.
  10. 10. Eden Hazard

    Agree but I would prefer we get someone before Hazard leaves, so the transition will be easier. Having no "star" player will push us at least one place further down. We are not Eden Fc and will continue to play at top level after he leaves, but there is no denying he is by far our best player and brings 1/3rd of points per season easily. If we want to win any title or even finish top 4 anytime soon, he has to stay. He is simply that important even if people dont see it. What makes us serioud title contender is another player like Hazard. Costa was that in some spells, but now we dont have anyone else. Solution to a better team will be to bring more Hazard level players, not selling him to buy 2 promising ones. And in the end we dont need to sell Eden to generate money for another star player either. There is enough cash to spend already and plenty of deadwood to get rid of if we need more money. That said, idealy I would understand Hazard sale, establishing CHO in his role and strenghten other areas too, a process that would take few years like you said, but it would pay off. However the club is a mess at the top and I dont believe they can pull off something like that. They lack knowledge, trust and belief in our youth to do it. At best we would throw all cash at couple players and pray sarri makes them work or fire him if he doesnt. Rinse and repeat.
  11. 10. Eden Hazard

    And what makes you think our board will get proper replacements? Liverpool has 3 TOP attackers. City has even more. We have Eden. Even with him, we should still aim to get two players next to him on similar level. But the board is happy with what we have. If Hazard leaves, at best we will spend shitload of cash on ONE new player. And then pray he turns good. We did the same with Costa who was replaced by Morata. And Matic with Bakayoko. If people think we will suddenly sign two top players to make a better team if Hazard leaves, they are living in fantasy world. We wont be able to attract the likes of Dybala or Griezmann, so we will target someone a level below that. And he is still going to be expensive as shit and the outcome might be either a positve or another Morata scenario. In the later case, we would be screwed. So yeah, for the moment the best for the club is if Hazard stays and Chelsea decides to actualy buy someone on similar level to Hazard, something we should have done years ago.
  12. Brighton 1-2 Chelsea

    I kind of accepted it when he plays on rw because he is clearly better on left. But today was his same old average and he played in his preffered spot. Not cool.
  13. Brighton 1-2 Chelsea

    RLC is much better talent than Barkley. I dont know how people didnt see it. But performances recently finaly show it for everyone to see. Only player that has both phyisical and technical qualities. With some more polishing, he will be good player and hopefuly we dont regress him into squad filler but full first 11 material. Alonso was realy poor, but that challenge in the end was right one or March would be 1v1 with kepa. Also Soton winning vs arse. Hasenhutll already showing his worth.
  14. Brighton 1-2 Chelsea

    Pedro, Willian, Hazard again. Great. Thank god Sarri is going with new approach, Im surprised he didnt do it earlier.
  15. 10. Eden Hazard

    We couldnt even replace Costa who was lesser player than Hazard and only turned up for half a season. Sure there are players in other teams and we could improve the team even if Hazard leaves. Similar to what Liverpool did after Suarez left. Now they might not have a player as good as him, but much better team and manager. Unfortunately our board is wack and if we lose Hazard it will took 5 years before we turn it around.