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  1. 19. Mason Mount

    Yeah true, he was getting bulkier for a while now. Even pre corona, he wasnt skinny like before anymore. But even in this time, its very hard to put on muscle and remain lean like Goretzka. Whenever you want to get bigger, you first bulk up, gain decent amount of kg and quite some of it is fat. You could get realy big, but there would be more and more fat. With shirt on, it would still look ridiculous and people would wonder how is that possible in such short time. But yeah there would be some fat under. Next step is to tone it down to whatever body fat % you want. Thats the "easy" method. If you go straight to just muscle gain, it takes much much longer. And its not easy. You need to maintain cardio to keep fat at low, eat healthy with very strict diet. But the training is hard because you spent alot of energy on cardio, hence the gain is way slower. You lift smaller weights, because its hard to lift bigger ones if you are lean. Thats why those powerlifters often pack some fat. For athletes its certainly easier. Better training monitoring, best possible food intake and given you train your whole life, muscle memory helps you gain much faster than a rookie doing it for the first time. Goretzka got ridiculously bigger and also kept the body fat % at very very very low level. When you do legs, testosterone levels go up. And that also helps you gain muscle. With Goretka, he still has same tiny legs he had 1 year ago. Not to mention he looks 10 years older. There is just one explanation here because in a single year, you cant change THAT much around the face. I went from 65kg to 85kg in 1,5years and indeed you look somewhat different, but not by this much. It also took another year to tone it down and still dont look super lean like I would want to, but once you go into that deficit, you always feel hungry and weak when training, so its difficult. Bottom line. Goretzka was skinny his whole life. If he was big and then lean, its way easier to get back in short time, because muscle memory. Him doing this for the first time, its just impossible without some roids. He cerainly didnt have naturaly muscular body for that like Davies has for example which would maybe explain his transformation in such short time.
  2. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    That about Drinks is false. We had Chalobah who could fill that squad role and many pointed that out. Obviously the player has to be talented or good, otherwise whats the point of buying them? There are always fair priced options we could target. Players like Davies, Robertson,...are always out there but our scouts never seem to find them or the management doesnt have faith (Salah, Kdb). Then you mix one or two from youth and finaly a few world class players. Some will be more and some less affordable.
  3. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    I was never very happy about kepa or morata. The former, I didnt know well enough and he didnt prove himself. But okay if the board thinks he is that good. I wouldnt pay this money on him. Secondly, I didnt rate Morata. Neither Lukaku. It was just picking the lesser evil. Again shouldnt pay. Everyone knew Drinkwater was awful idea. Im certain 90% of this forum could pick a cheaper and better alternative. Maybe some loved it, I didnt. Admitedly, I rated Bakayoko tbh. But thats one player. On other hand, I was super excited about Hazard and Kante when they came. It was clear they will fit perfectly and become world class for Chelsea. I honestly dont have that feeling about any of the transfers we made. Ziyech isnt fast for a winger, Werner has yet to prove his quality against parked buses. Kai is fantastic talent indeed, but IMO didnt impress me like Hazard did in Lille. That said they are all likely to succeed here. I had mixed feelings about Pulisic, but he impressed me so far. As for this summer. Hmm. I would prefer Sancho and cheaper Lb instead of Chilwell and Kai. We shall see if the board made smart choices.
  4. Non-Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Isnt wolves squad ridiculously short on english players?
  5. 29. Kai Havertz

    I lowkey hope it is our record haha. It adds prestige and at least kepa wouldnt be the most expensive one anymore.
  6. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Thats false because I remember well board received much love for signing Kante. Given how many shit signings we made, yes it didnt happen often though. Look no board is perfect. There will be shit signing or two in every club. But take a look at the last 5 years or so and count how many players we bought actualy played realy valuable role and proved to be reliable long term choice, ie a smart move and how many flops or signings with zero planning what to do with them. Kepa was a flop. Morata was a flop. Baka flop. Wont even go with Drinkwater. Emerson didnt fill the expectations. Barkley was a weird signing too. Zappacosta pointless. Jorginho didnt reach expectations. Rudiger didnt reach expectations. Probably forgot a few others. Kante was great. Alonso for me, given the price was ok buy IMO. And then with Pulisic it started to improve again. I mean take a look at that era and check how many pointless signings there are. You cant tell if Baka will flop. But thats one player. We had 10 flops at least. Thats not bad luck, thats terrible board decisions.
  7. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Yup pretty much this. She gets the praise when good players come...when its the bad ones its ohh but she is only a negotiatiator, a financial expert. But Marina isnt the problem per se. The problem is that she is second in command, and as such responsible for not just financials, but scouting, planning etc. And she is only expert in financials. Obviously she doesnt do scouting herself, but she is in charge of high level decisions along with Roman. If Cech has a suggestion in scouting, its definately not his call, but needs approval by a higher member; Marina or Roman (given Roman trusts Marina, its likely her decision). Her negotiation skills are great. As is her financial knowledge. But she is second in command and has much much greater responsibility and power. And she doesnt have football knowledge like many second in command members at other clubs have. And thats the whole point. You cant have someone with such limited expertise in charge of scouting decisions or team building. Or, if you have, then its her damn responsibility ffs. Lastly, everyone is creaming over this window when season didnt even start. Lets wait how these new players settle in, then we talk about how smart our summer was. Usualy its never good to change half of starting 11, but maybe Lamps does wonders.
  8. Marina Granovskaia appreciation thread

    So now we are speaking in english? My bad, I thought we were writing in english... If I gave you a mark for your responses, it would be unfair. But Pete will happily do it; And yes Slovenia is a very nice country, thanks. Now if you want to be a bit more educated about footie from my country since you are so interested; NK Triglav is like Nottingham Forrest. Once they were good, now not so much. Dont recommend to support them, they reached peak ages ago. You would get bored to death. But Olimpija and Maribor are "the" teams now, there is even extra spice of corruption to make it realy entertaining. You know Jan Oblak though, right? Or Luka Doncic to get you even more informed about what else we have in other sports, now it makes me wonder; is basketball in UK even a thing? While this was entertaining, it was a bit too easy and im getting bored. So better to end it now before mods get mad haha. Looking forward to your future arguments though😉 Cheers and much love from Slovenia
  9. Marina Granovskaia appreciation thread

    There were quite a few comments from you, so Im pretty sure you checked up on this forum quite regularly, but ok if you want to play that card. Picking on my language and country from where I am? Haha are you one of those entitled english pricks then? And so you know, there are many people who speak more understanding english than brits, but fair play you speak the language of a country where you were born better compared to a non-native speaker. Mad respect there brother. Hopefuly you dont sound like Harry Kane though, that would be a bummer. Also, you still didnt get the lightbulb thing, did you? 😀
  10. Marina Granovskaia appreciation thread

    1.) You are incredibly fast in forming constructive replies, I see. I mean Kai transfer impressed me, but this is on another level. 2.) In your locker? Who are you trying to impress mate? 😄 3.) Please check 30 watt led lightbulb and maybe you will figure it out eventualy 😂 I dont even need to make a counter reply here, you just shot yourself in the leg. Talk about dimmer lol.
  11. 29. Kai Havertz

    This signing came completely out of the blue. Welcome Kai
  12. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Tbh Nike deal until 2032 for 60m was never great. It was great back then when signed and maybe for a couple years, but with more and more money in football, most big clubs would get better deals by the 2025. What was plenty in 2018 would be norm in 2025, never mind 2032. And then we would have to break the contract, much like we did with adidas. Because contracts worth doubled and adidas didnt have to improve that since we were stupid enough to sign such a long term contract. These super long term contracts were good for united or real, who went into crazy crazy numbers that will be maybe matched in 2030. 60m is a figure easy to be reached by arsenal, city,...teams that have inferior role compared to Chels. Just look at arse. Went from puma (30m per year) to adidas (60m per year). Liverpool went from 40m per year to 70m per year. City went from 12m per year with Nike to 65m with Puma. Still think 60m is anywhere near a good deal in 12 years time? 😂 oh and on top of that we had to pay 300m termination fee. Not to mention, for whatever reason adidas refused to give us 60m per year, but they gave it to arse. Great negotiations indeed. More like a big fuck you by adidas and we went to a company that makes lesser good looking kits. If Pulisic truly becomes superstar, we could have even more leverage, but not now with contract already there. But yeah, thanks to corona, it will halt the price increases, so the difference wont be this massive.
  13. 22. Hakim Ziyech

    Giroud with 29 PL goals. You heard it here first😄
  14. Chelsea Transfer Pub

    Well we also got 30m for Tibo, so the net we paid for Kepa was 40m.
  15. Kai Havertz

    i know everyone expects him and its done deal, BUT what if this doesnt go through for whatever reason? People do change their minds and if he didnt sign anything etc, I wouldnt be 100% he will be here. This thread will burn lol.