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  1. KTBFFH !!!

    1. robdog


      thanks for the add...I hope you are having a Blue Day like me :D

  2. am loving the new status updates and the changes to the site :D

  3. Facebook & Twitter

    i dont really get the whole twitter thing either i'm not on it nor do i have an account but i have to do online web reports for work and get all Tweets that include the name of the company
  4. Nyc Status Feature - KTBFFH !!!!

  5. Facebook & Twitter

    with an invitation like that - how could anyone say no
  6. The Cricket Thread

    HAHAHAHA didnt' really want anyone to win the series LOL but well done guys
  7. Carlo Cudicini

    i think that's a question most people are asking themselves LOL
  8. Carlo Cudicini

    LOL i know what you mean - i think the one that sticks in my head is the save against Van Horse Face a few seasons ago think it's around 1.20 on this vid tho at 1.15 his reaction to the shearer save is there too
  9. The Cricket Thread

    live game Kez hahah
  10. The Cricket Thread

    should come here for a T20 game it's awesome
  11. The Cricket Thread

    sadly that's what most english people think about cricket - and i think the reason is that they put alot of emphasis on the Ashes, and people who dont know the game automatically think that cricket is a boring 5 day game to each their own tho but watching England crumble in the last test was a little funny to me
  12. Discussion Topic

    Well done to KEZ and all the participants and more especially BL for running an excellent competition See you guys next season
  13. Discussion Topic

    ME 2 well done Kez and well done to all who were in teh league this year
  14. Discussion Topic

    OMG !!!!! i'm tottenham ERGH !! but thank you to the golden boot winner who helped me get 5 points
  15. Discussion Topic

    i like calling him salou tho