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  1. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    I don't understand this football club sometimes
  2. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    This is right. I read the list wrong. Everton away is in the league and Bournemouth at home is in the cup Still, all winnable.
  3. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    Was okay I thought. Zappacosta is limited but he's doing the little things like running all game, stretching opposition defenses. Could be better but as rotation to Moses, I'm okay with Zappacosta so far.
  4. West Ham 1-0 Chelsea

    West Ham Huddersfield Soton Bournemouth Brighton Stoke Win 6 out of 6 and we'll be close to the top I reckon. City have United and Tottenham during that stretch. Always hopeful of a slip up
  5. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    I agree with Hazard's statements in the media. Real belief that Chelsea can take on anyone now that the team's early season problems have been solved. Actually looks like it will be hard for any team to break Chelsea down with Kante giving midfielders little or no time, defense having good games and Hazard being in supreme form. The Roma result was a one-off. Burnley was down to the red card and City played really well to win 1-0. If I was a PSG or Barca fan, I'd hope to avoid Chelsea really.
  6. Jan Oblak

  7. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    We can do a job on anyone with everyone fit. First time we have Kante playing in the Champions League. There is also Hazard who looks like he's itching to make his mark in the competition and Morata who has already performed heroics with Juve. Bring em on. Anyone will do in the next round.
  8. The Conte Thread

    Agree with EI P. The club has replaced 3 relatively old players in the starting lineup with younger players who will likely be around to form the core of the team for years to come. Morata for Costa. 9 goals, holding up well in his first season, without backup as well. Would love a target striker to rotate him with. Bakayoko for Matic. Shined in their 1v1 duel in the United game but still finding his feet. I think Matic was a more reliable option here and could have been kept around for another season when Bakayoko settled, especially without having signed a replacement and having to splash the cash on Drinkwater. Christensen replaced Luiz. Rudiger is also rotating with Gary Cahill. Not exactly rock solid but I think the defense of Azpilicueta Christen Rudiger - with the right wing backs and Kante in front of them will be impregnable. Few more players need replacing/competition. Alonso, Moses, Cesc, Pedro and Willian. But this season, in spite of dropping to third in the league, is a step in the right direction. Conte is doing an admirable job of the transition.
  9. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Bakayoko in the midfield for this one? Would rotate the team a little from the league games
  10. Chelsea 1-0 Swansea

    Yawn. Snoozefest. I fell asleep towards the end
  11. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    I hope Courtois stays on. Even at his worst he isn't a spectacularly bad keeper and at his best, he is special.
  12. Chelsea 1-0 Swansea

    Fabregas has to start. I'd even put Fabregas in a midfield two for this alongside N'golo Tammy is ineligible as well. No excuses but win
  13. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    The negativity on here is toxic. Comparing this to Mourinho away performances is a huge exaggeration. Sure, Fabregas could have been introduced earlier. Could even have started the game but it was by no means a team set out to defend
  14. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea

    Disapointing. Two points dropped
  15. Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea