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  1. Ben Chilwell

    or this is just journos putting two and two together. Chilwell has 4 years left on deal and held out for 80 m for Maguire. Chelsea have a transfer ban in January and City also have issues at left back. I am not convinced
  2. 24. Reece James

    Hope this is minor and not a repeat Azpi has been solid in recent weeks but if he is playing every game, it is going to affect the team. Would love some fresh ideas from the right back instead of sticking the predictable cross into the box.
  3. The English Football Thread

    I can see United approaching Pochettino soon
  4. 9. Tammy Abraham

    and it was pure instinct. He controls the ball over the top and he senses the keeper is near and lifts it over him. Even if he missed by an inch or so, can't fault the idea. Not many strikers in the league who would even make a chance out of that situation.
  5. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Alonso has height but he has concentration issues with setpieces
  6. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Ah. Vintage Willian
  7. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Yes. Rudi, new CB and Tomori for rotation will be a beast defense.
  8. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Oh dear. One attack to defend
  9. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    It was Hudson Odoi with the assist for Tammy and William for Mount. Are you blazed Manpe?
  10. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Should be 3!
  11. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Noticed this. Alonso has watched every long ball carefully
  12. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    Brilliant. Mount just blasted that in
  13. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

  14. Southampton 1-4 Chelsea

    I would have loved to see James instead of Azpi in this one. Also, Willian for the 4th game in a row? In spite of the goal at Lille, he had an erratic game.
  15. Lille 1-2 Chelsea

    To be fair very little of the criticism here has been on any youth. Willian, Zouma and Alonso are the ones copping most of the shit today