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Sideshow Luiz

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  1. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by the wes in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    I'm looking forward to AFTV 
  2. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by NikkiCFC in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    Happy for the guys with first trophy. Sarri, Kepa, Jorginho... 
  3. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Special Juan in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    Fucking buzzing lads.
  4. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    Shame Cech's last game has to end in defeat. 
    But, Welcome Home Mr.Sporting Director 
  5. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Magic Lamps in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    Ended a shit season with 3rd place and EL...title machine. Our winning instinct is in our DNA. 
  6. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vybz Kartel in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    I am really happy for Sarri, you could see how genuinely happy he was to win that trophy. 
  7. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by NikkiCFC in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Sacking Conte was stupid but sacking Sarri at the moment even more so. What is wrong with this club? 
  8. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Iggy Doonican in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    I'm off to the pub hope everyone on TC has a good night I will be far to drunk to post later .Carefree wherever  you may be 
  9. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    It is an embarrassment. A few pages back people were questioning his managerial ability based on his smoking habits. Fucking mental. We are one win away from achieving our goal. Top 4 and a trophy. You can blame all you want that United, Spurs, and Arsenal made it easy, but the fact of the matter is we won our games. They didn't. 
     No transfers. Same mediocrity in the side. And no Hazard. And we want to bring Lamps in for this? To tarnish his reputation?
    I know you are going to reply with the same bullshit conjecture that 'Lamps will motivate the players'. 'Lamps will demand success', conveniently failing to see that Lampard's Derby had the same flaws but at the Championship level. You honestly want to risk that?
    Sacking Sarri will prove there will never be a long term vision for this club. There is no patience, and it is directly reflected on today's modern Chelsea fans. 
    Rant Over 
  10. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by bigbluewillie in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Simple mate, it's run as a business and not a football club.
    By know nothing muppet business people
  11. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by xPetrCechx in Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal   
    David Luiz to Chelsea fans that can't travel to Baku: "Just take your drinks, be in the sofa and enjoy it a lot because we're going to try hard for you guys and thank you so much for the support. It doesn't matter where you are, we know your hearts and we'll try our best". 👏 👏
  12. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Tomo in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    I've genuinely never seen Spurs fans shit on the club as often as some of you on here.
    This use to be the best forum on the net now the atmosphere is completely toxic.
  13. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Atholy in Eden Hazard   
    7 years ago this funny little Belgian guy arrived at the bridge. Amazingly talented, one of football best dribblers in the world. Already in his first game he made an impact with his signature spin move followed by an inch perfect assist to Ivanovic, a few minutes later proved himself too quick for Wigan's defence => penalty. Little did we knew then that this little boy, who breaths football joy, would be one of the most composed penalty takers the football world has ever seen! The fact that his last ball touch at the Bridge was a vital spot kick to send us to the EL Final is a great way to end: things have come full circle! 
    Eden's 7 years:
    it's been great to have you at the Bridge. It's been great to witness your magic dribbling, passing and shooting skills the past 7 years. It's a semi miracle that a player of his quality was loyal to the club for so many years! And maybe most importantly: he got 4.761.991 tackles and NEVER ever saw him complaining! 
    A top player, a top personality, a Chelsea Legend! Wish you all the best in your future career and remember where home is: KTBFHH!!!

  14. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Iggy Doonican in The English Football Thread   
    Why are there no scousers called Sir ? because they would never accept a title 
  15. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Superblue_1986 in David Luiz   
    Wow, the reaction on here is mind blowing.
    If we could buy in the summer, I could understand the reaction but we can't replace him at present.
    I'm someone who is a massive advocate of giving young players chances but it must be done in the right way. Christensen was a prime example of that last season - he had a very good, solid season up until the Barca home game and then his form fell apart. The club were lucky to be able to call upon Cahill during this time, not because he is Baresi but because he was a solid, experienced option who could fill in and Christensen could be taken out of the firing line. It's far too risky for say Tomori to just be chucked straight in. I'd have no problem him being in the squad next season and gaining experience but he shouldn't be coming in directly as first choice.
    On top of that, Rudiger may not be fit by the start of the season (and you don't know how well initially he'll come back from the injury, he may need easing in), Christensen is still struggling to fulfil his potential and Zouma may not be deemed suitable for Sarri (or he may want to go to Everton permanently if he's a guaranteed starter there). There are too many question marks across our back line at present to afford to just let Luiz go.
    David Luiz will never be the greatest 'defender' and will always play with an element of risk but he also brings a unique skill set as a ball playing centre back that none of the rest of our players have. Hopefully Jorginho continues to improve and kick on next season like he has in recent games, and Luiz's ball playing becomes less needed in time but until that happens he's still pretty important to the whole way Sarri wants to play.
    Also I don't think it should be underestimated how important he likely is off the pitch. Even the old guard are glowing in their praise of how upbeat and great Luiz is for the dressing room and whether people like to admit it or not, he is one of the few leaders we have still at the club at present. I'd love Reece James to break through next season and RLC to become a mainstay in midfield and potentially one of them could be captain material but that's one day, not now and if Luiz were to leave at present without the ability to bring in new players we would be leaving a dressing room already short of leaders, nearly devoid of any at all.
    A 2 year deal isn't ideal but the club doesn't have a choice if they want to keep him, he has all the negotiating power due to the ban. There isn't anything stopping us next summer buying a new centre back and Luiz may then decide it's time to leave after one year and we either release him early or let him leave for a nominal fee. I cannot see the club suddenly changing their whole structure and offering all sorts of over 30's long term contracts as with the exception of Giroud, who we have an option on anyway, no one else has a contract expiring this year. If their contract expires in 2020 that is quite frankly irrelevant because we can buy again by then and it reverts back to us holding the negotiating power.
  16. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by kellzfresh in 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek   
    Fantastic player. An absolute gem, our own yaya toure.
  17. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Tomo in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Since the start of a 20 team PL, 71 points has been enough for top 4 on 20 occasions out of 23 (we could make 74 points which would have been enough 22/23). It's easy to say we are here because of United and Arsenal bottling it, but i can flip it around and say we were only run close by them because both had a 3 month spell of title winning form.
    Had we got top 4 with 59 points then yes we did get very fortunate and have other teams to thank for allowing it to happen, however we are on a very healthy total relative to a top 4 challenge and it's very unfair to say other teams are the only reason we're here.
  18. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Iggy Doonican in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    Do you have any idea who there manager was before Poch Tim fucking Sherwood an improvement on that is not an achievement. Praising Tottenham is not allowed on this forum mate they could beat Barcelona 5-0 in the Champions League final and I still would say they are shit.
  19. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by kellzfresh in Sarri But Not Sarri Thread   
    I pray we somehow win the Europa League, get that trophyless count off his back. And next season with a proper pre-season, he can properly implement his style of play.
    This slow, sluggish lack of movement and lack of players attacking the box style won't cut it anymore next season. 
  20. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Nicco in The English Football Thread   
    We're in the CL!

  21. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by !Hazard! in Nathan Aké   
    Hiring Mourinho in 2013 is without a doubt the biggest mistake of the Roman era, even bigger than Ancelotti sacking in 2010 just because of the sheer amount of talent the guy got rid of
  22. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by 1905didierblue in The English Football Thread   
    My prediction
    Chelsea vs Burnley - Chelsea win
    United vs Chelsea - chelsea loss
    Chelsea vs Watford - Chelsea win
    Leicester vs Chelsea - Chelsea win
    United vs city - United loss
    United vs Chelsea - United win
    Huddersfield vs United - United win
    United vs Cardiff - United win
    Wolves vs arsenal - arsenal loss
    Leicester vs arsenal - draw
    Arsenal vs Brighton - arsenal win
    Burnley vs arsenal - arsenal win
    Spurs vs Brighton - win
    Spurs vs whu - win
    Bournemouth vs spurs - loss
    Spurs vs everton - win
    Final standings
    3. Spurs 76
    4. Chelsea 75
    5. Arsenal 73
    6. United 73