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  1. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by OhForAGreavsie in West Ham 3-2 Chelsea   
    I'll settle for reducing the deficit to 5. 
  2. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Johnnyeye in Coronaviral   
    Guys, i just want to say, take care of yourselves and your families during this horrible pandemic, stay safe always and God bless you all. Hug 🙏💪👊
  3. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Johnnyeye in The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2   
    Wow Atletico , thank you so much for this, many congrats to them for knocking out those scouse cunts, no VAR to carry the victims, now shove it scouse fans. All that talk about winning a treble, now they can only win the league. Eat humble pie you scouse cunts
  4. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by BlueLyon in The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2   
    Imagine if PL gets cancelled and Pool doesnt win the title 😂😂😂
  5. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by !Hazard! in The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2   
    I hope you all enjoyed that game tonight. It might be the last proper football game we see all season
  6. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Sideshow Luiz in The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2   
    That was enjoyable.  Best match I've seen all season. 
  7. Vesper liked a post in a topic by Sideshow Luiz in The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2   
    That was enjoyable.  Best match I've seen all season. 
  8. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2   
    its my style of footie
    I know most hate it
  9. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Super Frank Thread   
    Mourinho’s back five failed against one that was more natural and cohesive

    When Tottenham were beaten 2-0 by Chelsea just before Christmas, Frank Lampard scored a tactical victory over his former manager. To the surprise of almost everyone, Lampard switched to a back three and, in so doing, exposed Serge Aurier and Jan Vertonghen down the flanks. Chelsea dominated against Tottenham’s 4-2-3-1 formation and ran out comfortable winners.
    Come Saturday, Jose Mourinho was desperate to avoid a repeat. He told The Athletic in Friday’s press conference that Lampard would revert to a 3-4-3 and decided to match it by selecting a back three himself.
    It should be pointed out that Lampard had the benefit of almost a full week to work with his players but, where Chelsea looked as though they had a clear plan and an understanding of the system, Tottenham resembled a side with little concept of how to make it work or much idea of exactly what it was they were supposed to be doing. Mourinho has generally been a reactive manager during his career but, as his side slumped to a disappointing 2-1 defeat to fall four points behind fourth-placed Chelsea, it felt like he had been too preoccupied by what Tottenham’s opposition were doing.
    Having been overrun on the flanks by Chelsea in December, Mourinho doubled down at Stamford Bridge. The back three was most often a back five, with the wing-backs — and that term must be used in the loosest possible sense — Ben Davies and Japhet Tanganga instructed to play extremely conservatively. As early as the fifth minute, Mourinho was out of the dugout telling Tanganga, who is naturally a centre-back, to hold his position.
    But despite Davies and Tanganga’s conservatism, they still couldn’t get a handle on Marcos Alonso and Reece James. Alonso ended the game with a goal, three shots and two key passes to his name, while James contributed two shots and two key passes. Tottenham’s wing-backs, by contrast, mustered zero for all of those metrics, underlining the gulf between the effectiveness of the two teams on the flanks. James also put in seven crosses to Tanganga and Davies’ combined zero.
    The one time Tanganga did venture forward, Chelsea appeared so surprised that they failed to track his run. Had his touch been better, Tanganga would have had a tap-in after knocking the ball beyond Willy Caballero. Davies, though, resisted going forward until the very final stages and looked uncertain all afternoon. He gave the ball away 25 times — more than anyone else on the pitch — and his 54 per cent pass accuracy was the worst beside Caballero.

    Alonso consistently bombed forward down the Chelsea left

    His opposite number Davies barely got forward despite Spurs trailing for 75 minutes
    Having five defenders sitting so deep also created problems for Tottenham in central areas. If the system was designed to protect Spurs out wide then, like a game of whack-a-mole, all it did was mean others issues popped up elsewhere. An extra defender meant one fewer midfielder and the gap between the Spurs centre-backs and midfield of Harry Winks and Tanguy Ndombele was cavernous at times.
    This allowed Ross Barkley and Mason Mount to occupy the half-spaces and create problems for the Spurs defence. Mount broke into the box unchallenged for an early chance saved by Hugo Lloris while, in the closing stages, he drifted into an inside-right position and easily beat Vertonghen before crossing for Tammy Abraham. Again, it was only Lloris’s sharp reflexes that saved Spurs from conceding.
    Tottenham’s inability to get a handle on Mount and Barkley was summarised by Chelsea’s second goal. After collecting Olivier Giroud’s header, Mount beat Vertonghen and played the ball inside for the similarly free Barkley. His pass then found Alonso, charging forward from left wing-back to double Chelsea’s lead. It was the perfect exhibition of how to make a system with wing-backs work from an attacking perspective. Likewise, Spurs showed how not to defend with a back three as their defenders were dragged out of position and their two central midfielders were left chasing shadows.

    Tottenham’s defenders are dragged into the middle as Ndombele and Winks are caught out of position
    Barkley ended up registering four shots to add to his two key passes and one assist, while Mount enjoyed his most influential game since being granted the freedom of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in December. Starting in a similar role for Spurs, Giovani Lo Celso struggled to get into the game and was extremely fortunate to stay on the pitch after a dangerous tackle on Cesar Azpilicueta.
    As with any match at the moment, there are mitigating circumstances for Tottenham. Clearly, it is extremely difficult without the injured Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and Moussa Sissoko.
    But it was still alarming to see them defend so poorly, especially given Mourinho had picked a team designed to frustrate. It was this fixture back in 2004 that prompted Mourinho to say of Jacques Santini’s Spurs: “Tottenham might as well have put the team bus in front of their goal.” But at least Santini was successful that day — grinding out a 0-0 — whereas Tottenham could easily have conceded another one or two goals on Saturday.
    And the ones they did let in were deflating. We’ve been over the second already, but the first came from Giroud running in behind Tottenham’s back five, which is a pretty damning indictment of any defence. Giroud has many qualities but pace is not one of them.
    One had more sympathy for Tottenham’s attacking players. Steven Bergwijn and Lucas Moura showed some clever touches in the first half and Erik Lamela was excellent when he came on in the second but Tottenham are desperately missing Kane and Son’s cutting edge.
    Their absence made Dele Alli being benched until the 78th minute all the stranger, even if he has played a lot of football of late. His reaction to being substituted against RB Leipzig on Wednesday may also have been a factor.
    Dele barely touched the ball after coming on and, for most of the afternoon, Spurs’ forwards were starved of service. The shakiness of their back five’s distribution was a contributing factor here, just as it had been against Leipzig. Davies and Vertonghen were especially guilty of either hoofing the ball hopefully or taking too long and being closed down.
    After the game, Mourinho suggested there was little his side could have done given the circumstances. “I don’t think any club, in the situation we are in now, can do better than we do,” he told beINSports.
    Perhaps, but on Saturday, his opposite number showed how much a team can improve when they adopt a system that their players are comfortable with and are well suited to. Chelsea were hardly in sparkling form themselves, remember, having failed to win any of their last four Premier League games — and were without N’Golo Kante, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Christian Pulisic.
    Mourinho’s Spurs meanwhile reminded us that when teams are selected more out of hope than expectation, things rarely end well. Mourinho acknowledged this afterwards but claimed in mitigation: “We have strange game plans but we need to have them because there’s not another way.”
    Expect more trial and error in the coming weeks as Spurs strive to find a solution to their striker crisis.
  10. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Tomo in 10. Willian   
    It's not fair to critisize anyone who wants to maximize their earnings. His career is in the twilight zone and unless becomes a manager he is unlikely to attract these type of wages again.
  11. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Hull City 1-2 Chelsea   
    FA CUP
    Hull v Chels  HD Streams

  12. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal   
    Sarri was right about them 
  13. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by BluesMadLad in Chelsea's Transfer Targets   
    Am just saying pal, this chelsea team as it stands can win superbly or do what we just witnessed, it's not negativity its fact lol 
  14. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Sir Mikel OBE in Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea   
    I knew they were gonna score when they got that corner. Everybody knew.
  15. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by MoroccanBlue in 5. Jorginho   
  16. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Tomo in 5. Jorginho   
    I never turned against him and found the whole episode bizzare.
  17. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by OhForAGreavsie in 5. Jorginho   
    Kova and Jorgi are the heart of our team quality wise. I'm always disappointed, and a bit concerned, when we start a game without one or both of them.
  18. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by bigbluewillie in Chelsea 3-0 Burnley   
    Never Never Never
    Willian was brilliant, all over the pitch, no one was as near a good
  19. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by killer1257 in Chelsea 3-0 Burnley   
    At least Chelsea did not ruin my Birthday

    Gesendet von meinem SM-G920F mit Tapatalk

  20. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by NikkiCFC in Chelsea 3-0 Burnley   
    Jorginho!!! 6 goals this season already! Would be 7 if Barkley is not an idiot! 
  21. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vesper in The English Football Thread   
    BBC dipper wankfest in full effect

  22. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Chelsea's Transfer Targets   
    FUCK that scouser nob Steve Nichol.
    I wanted to go through the screen and kick him in the jacobs.
    Telling Sancho to not go to Chelsea and to go to Liverpool because he will not play at Chels because of (laughable, especially as Liverpool have the best pair of wingers in the world) MOUNT AND CHO.
    January window is only 2 and half days old and that Bindipper twat has already wrapped up the 'Stupidest, Most Biased Cunt Comment of the Month' Award.
  23. Sideshow Luiz liked a post in a topic by Vesper in Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea   
    welcome back!