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Sideshow Luiz

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  1. Tiemoue Bakayoko

    So, I guess Milan aren't going to be interested in exercising that option to buy, huh?
  2. Reporter shares bad news on future of Chelsea star man

    Keep going Mbappe!!!!! Start taking the free kicks and penalties as well.
  3. Reporter shares bad news on future of Chelsea star man

    Yeah, it's like I said in a previous post somewhere. Madrid haven't shown him any love. Maybe the occasional "Netflix and chill?" text, but it's strictly booty call stuff. They were wooing Ronaldo when they wanted him. Neymar is more marketable which makes the transfer fee more financially sound. I think PSG would easily lose Neymar over Mbappe if they had to lose one. Mbappe is from Paris, and going to be the face of French football for the next 15 years. Maybe I'm talking shit and all of this is me trying to make myself feel more secure about Hazard staying, I don't know.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    I'm still 50/50 on this, whether he stays or goes. I do know that he is irreplaceable. But, we bought him before he was Hazard as we know him now, we'll have to find another. This uncertainty could possibly be the reason that we weren't so keen to let Willian leave this past summer. Everyone knows he's irreplaceable, so you don't drop all of that money on a ready-made replacement, they don't exist. If he leaves, we could move Willian over to the left (where he's better) and buy a couple of younger wingers who have the potential to be our main man in the future. Let's see what happens. I still think Madrid would prefer to have Neymar.
  5. Reporter shares bad news on future of Chelsea star man

    I suppose the catch is: what defines interest from Madrid? Eden has to know what he's worth. If Madrid are offering Coutinho/Dembele type money, then that should show him where they rate him. I'm still convinced that Madrid would rather have Neymar. I don't necessarily think that Madrid don't want Hazard at all, I'm sure they do. But, if they had to make a choice with who they'd rather spend Galactico money on, I think it would be Neymar. I guess it would depend on what kind of offer they make, and what constitutes a serious offer. If they come with 50M, I doubt that Eden would ask for a move, he knows that's insulting money. If they come with 150?
  6. 27. Andreas Christensen

    Yeah. I wanted to keep Chalobah if only for the spirit he showed in that whole thing the last time. He was the first to come over and get involved. I don't know how he keeps getting away with it. I don't normally wish injury upon any players but I wouldn't really shed a tear for Aguero. He's got it coming.
  7. 27. Andreas Christensen

    I want him to stay, but he has to face up to the facts that he's been our 4th best CB so far this season. He's currently a back up to a 31 year old who missed most of last season with a knee injury. We play City in December so Aguero is sure to try to injure him (Luiz) again. He'll get his chances. But, when he gets them, he's going to have to do more than he has so far.
  8. 4. Cesc Fàbregas

    He's the only other one we have that can really play that role. Everyone was quick to write him off in Conte's first season. But he changed his game as well as he could. That caught up to him last year, but a 2 man midfield is just asking for too much from him. Yeah, he doesn't have the legs anymore, but having 70% of the ball certainly helps in that regard. His passing and tactical awareness are still there.
  9. The European Leagues & Competitions Thread V2

    Could see him at Man Utd. It's almost perfect for them.
  10. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

  11. Southampton - Chelsea

  12. Southampton - Chelsea

    No, you're an idiot.
  13. Southampton - Chelsea

    Don't you mean.."underbelly"?
  14. Southampton - Chelsea

    Sparky's thugs. Jesus.
  15. Southampton - Chelsea

    It's all in his head. When he has time, he completely fluffs it. When it's instinctual, he puts them away.
  16. Southampton - Chelsea

    You're such an idiot.
  17. Southampton - Chelsea

  18. Southampton - Chelsea

    Okay....now... Caballero on for Kante.
  19. Southampton - Chelsea

    Sarri's obviously following this thread.
  20. Southampton - Chelsea

    It's all they've got
  21. Southampton - Chelsea

    My faith in him is as shot as most. But, we need him.
  22. Southampton - Chelsea

    Thanks, Sarri.
  23. Southampton - Chelsea

    Would like to see Morata come on with some time on the clock.
  24. Southampton - Chelsea

    Barkley having a great game!!
  25. Chelsea 1-0 Videoton

    How does he not even get that on target? Holy shit. I's gone from sad to laughable, then back to sad, and I think it's coming back to laughable again.