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  1. Next Manager?

    So, not really a gentleman's agreement as such. More like a formal (signed) agreement in lieu of financial compensation.
  2. Next Manager?

  3. Next Manager?

    I'm coming to London this weekend (I haven't updated my profile), is the weather as hot as Pedulla says it is? Trying to figure out what to pack.
  4. Next Manager?

    Not a link to a rumour or anything like that. An article on Stats Bomb about recruiting managers. https://statsbomb.com/2017/09/what-you-really-need-to-know-about-football-manager-recruitment/
  5. Next Manager?

    There's that too.
  6. Next Manager?

    I wondered that too. My guess would be the lack of trophies. The only club more concerned with a manager's trophy count than us is Madrid.
  7. Next Manager?

    Conte. Unless Madrid come calling. We're doing the Napoli 2 manager thing. Also, how cheeky would it be to try to get Madrid to pay a buy out clause for Conte?
  8. Next Manager?

    Can confirm the name and surname If he just said Elseid or Hysaj we'd be really curious as to who he's talking about.
  9. Next Manager?

    Ouch. That is the impression I got from the spielverlagerung.com article.
  10. Leon Bailey

    So he wants to put Morata out wide, like he did with Cavani when Zlatan came in? I suppose this means that we'd be in for another striker, but surely it would be better to sell Morata and get an actual wide player.
  11. Leon Bailey

    No way.
  12. Leon Bailey

    There is also the chance that we will put in a token "matching" bid way too late.
  13. Next Manager?

    In a nutshell: Everyone is so on edge that every piece of twitter this or that is brought up, analyzed, then debated. Cabin fever has taken hold. Lack of news is leading to in-fighting. Conte is still our manager.
  14. Jean Seri

    The club and the manager have to work together. I think that the idea of the manager having the final word in the market is an English media thing. Clubs in England seemed to be the last to go to a director of football model. In fact, if I recall, they used to refer to it as a "Continental set-up". But, just about every club does it now, I think. Managers know that if results don't come, they get the sack. If it were up to them, the clubs would spend ridiculous amounts of money on players that are older, and have no re-sale value. Newcastle fans slated the club for not backing Keegan in his last stint, but his short list was ridiculous. The club needs to look after their long term interests, managers are usually all about "win now". Redknapp at Portsmouth is a prime example of how it goes wrong when a manager has too much power. But, they need to work together or you get the square peg in round hole scenario. This is where a club identity and style has to fit with the manager. It's well and good to have great promising talent, but if they don't get played, they risk being shipped off to somewhere like Wolfsburg for example before they really get a chance. As far as Seri goes. With some players, it doesn't matter who the manager is. A ball playing CM with vision and technique will fit in with just about any midfield.
  15. Next Manager?

    That's how I read it as well. If this is really the case, then everything makes sense. 8M to get your 1st choice in was worth it, 8M to get someone in a month early is not.
  16. Next Manager?

    So, am I reading this right? On July 1st, Sarri will be released if no club comes in and pays the 8M clause (which is not in effect anymore, but a negotiated fee)?
  17. Next Manager?

    To be fair, if we had squeaked in to 4th spot, it may have saved Conte's job. MAY.
  18. Next Manager?

    I'd read that. I didn't find it particularly exciting, personally. Especially that section on how slow PSG were to move the ball from build up to the final 3rd without Verratti.
  19. Next Manager?

    Still think there's a chance that we'll still get Sarri and that these other names are a smokescreen. If ti were Blanc or Enrique, then what's the hold up? We've apparently contacted them before, at least Enrique.
  20. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    I think he's been good. Not GREAT, but one of the top in the league, probably top 10 in the world. However, he's not bigger than the club, he's replaceable. If he doesn't want to be here, fine. Since he's leaving on a free next summer, we should just sell him and get something for him and move on. It's going to be this summer or next anyway.
  21. Next Manager?

    With all of this faffing about, it's clear that there isn't someone that they (board) actually want. They just don't want Conte. Any half recognizable name attached to a warm body will do. I get the impression that the board just need a scapegoat for when they fuck up. We'll be right back here in 2 summers, max. P.S. I've also noticed that whenever anyone refers to the board, we use "them". Instead of "us" or "we". Pretty much sums up the way that the supporters feel about the running of the club these days.
  22. Next Manager?

    If they are going to pinch pennies, the cheapest option is to keep Conte. But, they've gone too far down the road and fucked themselves. Imagine Conte's first press conference? I'd almost like to see him stay just to hear the amount of abuse he hurls at the board. So, it's going to cost the club anyway, just get the one you actually want. This is so ridiculous. Spend 40M on Drinkwater, then sit here and let your number 1 managerial target get away over a few million. FFS.
  23. Jorginho

    We wouldn't spend 60M on him, would rather spend 50M on Shelvey.
  24. 13. Thibaut Courtois

    Sure. But, he's leaving anyway. Either we sell him, or he leaves on a free.
  25. The Board

    Get a technical director or sporting or whatever you want to call it. This club is so fucked right now. Less organized than a Sunday league side.