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  1. The Conte Thread

    What's the point of the extension? The club will probably sack Conte some time in 2018.
  2. Man Utd in FA Cup QF

    Mourinho is one narcissistic, sad old man.
  3. Man Utd in FA Cup QF

    Just in case anyone missed the news/didn't know, there won't be replays in the FA Cup quarter finals from this season onward http://www.thefa.com/news/2016/May/26/quarter-final-sudden-death-replays
  4. Man Utd in FA Cup QF

    On a side note, it's a freaking joke that Arsenal got another easy draw!
  5. Man Utd in FA Cup QF

    Wouldn't it be better to see them get a really tough draw in the last 16 (e.g. against Roma)? Mourinho more likely to field a strong team if they get that than at some Russian/Ukrainian side.
  6. Chelsea v Swansea

    Chelsea vs Swansea PRE/POST-MATCH DISCUSSION, LIVE CHAT AND ANALYSIS 2016/17 Premier League Match 26 25th February, Saturday, 2017 Stamford Bridge 15:00 Kick Off (UK time)
  7. You're being kind...
  8. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Me from now till end of the season...
  9. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Only good if we actually beat Swansea.
  10. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Sorry @11Drogba. No moderator for you.
  11. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    8 points...
  12. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Nothing worse than the Guardian and Sky Sports running articles how we can be stopped on the back of 1 draw (even if we didn't play well).
  13. Burnley 1-1 Chelsea

    Nah. After today, City don't play another league game until the first weekend of March. They were meant to face United after Bournemouth but that's obviously been postponed with the former playing in the League Cup final.
  14. Fernando Torres

    WHAT. A. GOAL.