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  1. 18. Olivier Giroud

    One inconsistent striker for another inconsistent striker? Let's do this!
  2. The English Football Thread

    And we play Fulham in 2 weeks' time...great!
  3. The English Football Thread

    Nothing as hilarious as Mourinho trying to convince everyone how United would have gotten a result had circumstances gone his way. Has been doing that since 2015!
  4. Spurs v Chelsea

    Tottenham vs Chelsea PRE/POST-MATCH DISCUSSION, LIVE CHAT AND ANALYSIS 2018/19 Premier League Matchweek 13 24th November, Saturday, 2018 Wembley Stadium 17:30 Kick Off (UK time)
  5. Chelsea - Everton

    But we're talking ifs and buts here, no? You said you knew Bernard is a shitty player and yet, it didn't stop you from going there...
  6. Chelsea - Everton

    But on the flip side, had Morata not been shitty in front of goal, we would have the match. Had 2-3 good chances but in true Morata fashion, failed to make any thing decisive with them.
  7. Sarri But Not Sarri Thread

    Okay, our squad are not perfect and we all can see the flaws but feel like some here are on a self-fulfilling prophecy mission, who never turn up when we win but do so when we don't win just to basically say "I told you so!".
  8. Chelsea - Everton

    1. ONE win in the last 4 Premier League home games. 2. Anyone who mentions "but we are still unbeaten" after this draw needs to be slapped across the face. 3. I mentioned this before, Sarri's rigidity on player selection-position is incredibly infuriating. Granted Barkley didn't exactly cover himself in glory after coming on but what was the point of Sarri keeping Kante out there when Everton had moved to a back 5 and content for the point? Kante was already on a yellow card and was contributing nothing offensively OR even defensively. Why not bring Barkley for Kante and keep Kovacic on? These almost like-for-like changes are as annoying as what Benitez used to do. 4. Alvaro Offside Morata. 5. Morata was a disgrace at the corner flag in the last minute. Got the ball but instead of trying to make things happen, he was trying to win a free kick which by that point, no one was silly enough to foul him!
  9. General Transfer Talk

    Is that really necessary? We get that you dislike Vesper's posts but no need to take silly pot shots at her, for god sake!
  10. Chelsea - Everton

    Chelsea 0-0 Everton PRE/POST-MATCH DISCUSSION, LIVE CHAT AND ANALYSIS 2018/19 Premier League Match 12 11th November, Sunday, 2018 Stamford Bridge 14:15 Kick Off (UK time)
  11. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    But since we only play Vidi in the last game, here are the permutations in the next game for us to secure top spot: WIN or DRAW and we take top spot. A LOSS will still be enough to win the group provided Vidi do not beat BATE. If we lose and Vidi beat BATE, it will go down to the last game, where Vidi need to beat us by 2 goals or more to win the group.
  12. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    It will be provided Vidi don't get more than 3 points from the last 2 games. They are 6 points behind us and so, they could still get to 12 points. PAOK and BATE can't as they are only on 3.
  13. BATE Borisov 0-1 Chelsea

    A win is a win but goodness me, we got out of jail with that one. Should probably buy that BATE goalpost in the January transfer window! Qualification to the last 32 secured. Need one point from last two games - PAOK (h), Vidi (a) - to secure top spot in group.