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  1. Chelsea v West Brom

    Feeling nervous, Tomo?
  2. Man City - Chelsea

    Warning Fernando, there was hardly any analysis and Chris Sutton was talking BS about the game.
  3. The Conte Thread

    OI! Don't jinx it man. We're playing a couple of defensive-minded teams next.
  4. Man City - Chelsea

    Guardiola's record against Chelsea - D4 L2. We're the only team he's faced more than once and not beaten in his career.
  5. You have to remember, people like to moan and when we win, there's nothing to moan about. You only have to look at Henrique's absence. I can certainly give the one-thread-for-all idea a go for the Sunderland game and see how it goes. Too lazy to change the West Brom one now.
  6. TermX, is that you? Did you hack into Blue-in-me-Veins' account?! In all seriousness, nothing wrong with your suggestion but if anything, I would prefer to just have one thread for all things on the match - pre, live and post.
  7. 19. Diego Costa

    And it's not the just that. He's been showing his mental strength of late too. He's no longer throwing tantrums, picking up fights but instead, he's stepping up in the right way and helping the team to victory - e.g against Spurs and City.
  8. 3. Marcos Alonso

    Alonso isn't great defensively but he's pretty good going forward, something that Ivanovic can't boast about.
  9. Chelsea v West Brom

    Our next 5 games are against the so called lesser teams - West Brom, Sunderland, Palace, Bournemouth and Stoke. It would be so typical of us if we drop stupid points in those games, having won all the tough games since October.
  10. Chelsea v West Brom

    To say they're having a 'really good season' is stretching it. They are on a decent run of late - 3 wins in 4 league games - but overall, it's just an average season.
  11. Chelsea v West Brom

    We did that in 06/07 and twice in 05/06 (one of them was 10 wins in a row).
  12. Man City - Chelsea

    Of all the games I was forced to miss, it had to be this one. Followed the game on Twitter and Guardian's live blog earlier and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw us equalize and then score another two goals. Didn't think we would win this one - would have been happy with a point - because it's at City and our record there has been dreadful over the years. So to win there and did it in the manner we did was just brilliant. Have seen the highlights and all our 3 goals were great - Costa's finish was Drogba-esque (what a ball from Fabregas!) for the way he controlled the long pass (think the Lampard-Drogba combo) and used his strength to score emphatically. Willian's and Hazard's were great counter attacking goals, especially the former. Utterly clinical. The drama at the end was disgraceful and I'm curious to see how much the pundits, journalists etc are going to criticize City - mainly Aguero and Fernandinho - because you can absolutely certain that had Costa done that, there would be a national campaign right now calling for him to be banned for 10 games.
  13. Chelsea v West Brom

    Chelsea vs West Brom PRE-MATCH DISCUSSION AND LIVE CHAT 2016/17 Premier League Match 15 11th December, Sunday, 2016 Stamford Bridge 12:00 Kick Off (UK time)
  14. Man City - Chelsea

    Apologies fellas. Something stupid happened today , hence the lateness. Everything sorted out now.