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  1. Oblak's performance in that shootout has to be one of the worst ever. Went to his right for all the penalties. Real scored all five to his left.
  2. The Mourinho Thread

    But that's the issue, isn't it? He seems to only really excel when that team is an underdog, a team that no one takes seriously etc. But once he starts to win with them and that team becomes the best, he doesn't know what to do anymore. He doesn't change his approach to managing and still continues to use the same 'tricks', even when they don't work anymore.
  3. The Mourinho Thread

    Other managers do too but how many actually go as far as he does? Even the other master in this 'game' - Alex Ferguson - doesn't go overboard with inciting trouble. You don't hear him criticize the referees every week. You don't hear him having a go at managers every week. You don't hear him throw his players under the bus because they don't do their defensive duties. And to remove pressure from his players? I'm not sure if that's even the case considering he was having a go at his own backroom staff, never mind the fact that he was criticizing a different player every week. Even it does help alleviate the pressure, it still draws too much negative attention to the club and I don't think many appreciate when there is a whole media circus surrounding us. He may bring success to whichever club he goes to but he also brings too much unnecessary baggage. After this tenure at Chelsea, Inter and Real, you hear people talk about the controversies and troubles he created as much as his success, if not more, and that's not exactly a good thing.
  4. Juan Mata

    To be fair, percentages stats are misleading and are often used to suit own agenda.
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    If we had not shown him loyalty, we would have sacked him long before December. We kept him that long, even after all his controversies, because of his success with us and that we wanted to make this relationship work. And you can talk all about the need to show him support but the fact of the matter is, while the results were poor on the pitch, Mourinho was constantly inciting trouble and creating controversies every single week. When you're already in a bad period, you don't go and create more problems but that's what he did. I don't think Roman wanted to sack him and I doubt he would have on the basis of the results but his petulant behavior was very likely the main thing that sealed his fate. He is already 53 years old and he is an experienced manager. He doesn't need people to tell him that he shouldn't do what he did but he couldn't see the error of his ways (even after doing it countless of times in the last 10 years!) and didn't want to change. Mourinho was the one who burned that bridge. It's really bizarre that some group of Chelsea fans think we can't survive without Mourinho. It's as though he's the be-all and end-all for us and we don't have him in charge, we are doomed to fail. We have proved that we can win without him and will continue to do so. And so what if he brings United back to the top? Do people actually think they are just going to stuck in a rut for eternity? Even if it's not Mourinho, someone else would bring United back to the top. So I don't get all this outcry that Mourinho will restore greatness to their club.
  6. Juan Mata

  7. The Mourinho Thread

    Of course. That's nothing new. But then again, this is Mourinho we're talking about. He knows his way around words. He says what he's planned before. By saying what he has said, he's starting to burn those bridges, if he hasn't already. Love how people keep on saying the club fucked it up. Of course, it's their fault that Mourinho had that public outburst against Fearn and Caneiro. It's their fault that Mourinho had a public meltdown after almost every game. It's their fault that Mourinho continued to play same the old poor players week in week out while overlooking those with a point to prove. It's their fault that Mourinho couldn't get the best out of a decent team. It's their fault that Mourinho dragged a team down to just within one point off the relegation zone. Sure, keep on blaming the club.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    Chelsea v Man United in first game. Nailed on.
  9. The Mourinho Thread

    The pundits, journalists in England are truly an embarrassment. Whenever Mourinho is out of job, they crave for him to return. They view him as a God, a messiah, some sort of life savior to drag a club out of the limbo. But the minute he gets into a job, they immediately criticize him, say he's not good for the club, toxic to the people around him etc.
  10. The Mourinho Thread

    Beating United now would feel even sweeter than before. And I hope Mourinho fails miserably at United. #ForzaConte
  11. The English Football Thread

    United have truly lost their way since Alex Ferguson and even David Gill left. The club have been shambles on and off the pitch under Ed Woodward.
  12. The Conte Thread

    You bastard.
  13. The Conte Thread

  14. The Mourinho Thread

    Mourinho is a proper twat. Hope he fails miserably at United and gets sacked again.
  15. The English Football Thread

    Where did that come from?!