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  1. The English Football Thread

    You're overrating them way too much. The competitive nature of modern football would stand in the way of such dominance.
  2. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Bless his heart. 💙 He's the only reason that keeps me from going mad.
  3. Chelsea 1-1 Atletico Madrid

    Wasteful as fuck! We bottled it Tottenham style.
  4. 10. Eden Hazard

    Arjen Robben disagrees.
  5. The English Football Thread

    At this point, I feel like I should consider enduring Mourinho's disgusting tactics at Chelsea as a personal life achievement. We should all be proud of ourselves actually.
  6. Qarabag 0-4 Chelsea

    Because he has the stamina of a beast.
  7. Qarabag 0-4 Chelsea

    You know what? A part of me would love to see Kante schooling that Real Madrid midfield. Especially Casemiro.
  8. Mugshots

    Flashback to about 2 months ago when top lad @CHOULO19 had me over in Beirut. 💙
  9. West Brom 0-4 Chelsea

    Hi! Yacob is a cunt. Bye!
  10. The Board

    I think Azpi was an AVB target in January 2012 and we went for him after missing out on Van der Wiel. And now I'm cringing at the thought of having VDW instead of our current vice-captain!
  11. The Board

    We still have Marina, Buck and Cahill.
  12. Roma 3-0 Chelsea

    But last time we ever lost 3-0 it transformed our season. You could say the exact same thing about that Arsenal game.
  13. Chelsea 4-2 Watford

    Alright, know-it-all, you know it all, we get it.
  14. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    Oh well, time to sit in the dark and listen to sad Adele ballads like a sad basic bitch.
  15. Crystal Palace 2-1 Chelsea

    What middle-of-the-road football is this?