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  1. Just now, LAM09 said:
    3 minutes ago, DH1988 said:
    Not a Sarri lover but the guy gets far too much hate.

    He's essentially setting the team up to play for a draw. Take the game to big teams instead.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see the line up with RLC, CHO, Willian and Hazard. First half wasn't bad at all, first goal nobody tracked the runner and second goal is a worldie.

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  2. Jesus, doom and gloom round here. Maybe take a look at the players for both goals instead of just Sarri, first half was much better than expected and I had no issues with the false 9. 

    Second half, need to settle now and need Barkley on in the middle.

  3. When he first came here, as above, sometimes I thought it was Hazard with the ball but nothing ever comes of it, has all the ability but happy to increase pass completion % and ultimately stopping one of our youngsters possibly making a step up.

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  4. Thought it'd have broke in the papers as videos were doing the rounds on Twitter of him absolutely off his trolley and then the same evening reports of an England international doing nitrous and an assault.

    Such a shame for Ross, his problems seem to have followed him down South, nightlife, women etc. Couldnt keep his head down.

  5. I was looking forward to signing Ross way back when we were first linked with him. So much ability and talent to transition from middle of the park to the final third but always struck me as a 'head down' player. He most definitely has had good games with us, average games and very poor games so there ability is there, the attitude was always the question with him in my eyes. When he started this season playing like he did toward October and that little spell beyond I thought he's finally got it down but then I saw a photo of him out and about with Dele Ali at 4-5am in the morning... Now since then, its gone down hill, it may well be coincidence but at the start of the season and a few months after he was lean, looked like he could play 180 minutes and beyond. I was talking to a friend who is a Liverpool supporter and he said that Ross was very well known around the club circuit, drinks, women, you name it... Even got a black eye for thinking he could mess around with someone's woman.

    I hope the above isn't why it has gone down hill for him, he really doesn't need to be getting dragged into that. I really hope he turns it around for us.

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  6. Strange one, I can and cannot understand why he would want to move considering he has more playtime now with the other wingers dwindling. I had high hopes for him after pre-season and I was definitely disappointed that Sarri didn't go with 'on merit' rather than playing names above performances so that is why I can understand him wanting to go. I think everyone can agree that he was the stand out performer in pre-season, opposition aside or not. Munich coming in with whatever it is £31 or £40m, depending on which report you read, initially astounds me but I like to think of it like if we saw CHO at another team, 18 months on his deal, would we pay £31m-£40m for him? Put our directors aside as well.. Would YOU pay £31m-£40m for him? I would.

    In terms of selling talent, we've been burnt here before haven't we? Several times now infact.. Think of our team had we kept the players and not had an eye for quick financial gain at the time, or not included the buy back option at least. I understand the financial aspect and making £20m++ on a player we signed for far less is an accountants dream.. But is it? Total cost of ownership isn't just a transfer fee.

    Anyway, hope he stays, if not, I'll watch Bayern more than I do now.

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  7. Glad we're signing a replacement, if reports are to be believed, I wonder what Barella expects considering Cesc didn't have a ton of playtime, though I guess RLC is out for a month or so.

    Sad to see him go, I absolutely did not expect so much of him when we signed him although at the time we were crying out for someone like him, proved me wrong completely pretty much from the start. Wish him the very best and another reason to watch Monaco.

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  8. Not convinced, think he needs another season in the Premiership, at times when he dribbles I genuinely thought it was Hazard who had the ball and knits things together well but he lacks the extra bit of sharpness for me, I don't know if that comes with being paired with other midfield options.

    If we have the opportunity to sign him for £30-35m in the summer, in today's market, I think it'd be good business. Even though he has much more than Barkley, I put them in the same category right now, decent options, nothing special, does in and around enough but nothing more. 

  9. If we are going to play Hazard in CF and not worry about a 'target man' I'd love to see us go in again for Belotti, he holds the ball up incredibly well, can finish and covers the entire final third.

    Price dependent... 

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  10. I was at the Millwall game with my dad today and Mason played well, not amazing but clearly above the Derby players (Aside from their #10 Lawrence) and onboard with the football that Lampard wants to play.. However, its Derby, quite a few times he was visibly frustrated but one thing to note is that he was very very lightweight.

    George Saville had a really good game, Millwall seems to his level.

  11. 52 minutes ago, manpe said:

    It's a shame how it's all ended, he was a cracking player for us. It's also clear that his stinky performances post-January were more of a psychological issue when he knew he wasn't wanted here anymore. Eva-gate 2.0.

    Spot on. This has an Eva-feel to it, unfortunately. Always something isn't it.

    Thing is, I wanted a manager that took no player power so in Jan when this China thing came up I was glad to see the club back Conte and have his decision as final. Costa's interview comes across as a bit sob story'ish and as usual we never know the actual truth or details we just speculate.

    Just take the money from Atletico, something is better than nothing and having this circus. Costa did a good job for us, went missing a few times but most players do during a season at one time or another.

  12. No that arsed about looking at the Lukaku thread, he's a striker, we knew he'd score goals but I think (?) most of us wanted a better link up striker. After seeing Morata yesterday I can't wait to see a full strength team however that would of included Matic or in the squad at least.

    Watched the game today and he was brilliant.

  13. I wouldn't be happy if i was a Spurs fan at that interview but even if I was, could any Spurs fan really argue with that? That is genuinely one of the most refreshing interviews I've read in a long time from a player.

    Certainly knows what he wants and with that attitude under someone like Conte could only flourish - That said, Spurs won't sell to us and would rather sell to United if anywhere.

    I'd take him in a heart beat for anything around £45m - English, 27 years old and a realistic price tag.

  14. 1 minute ago, Chelsea4 said:

    Pogba has the talent but he was nowhere near as good last season and with players like Matic and Herrara it will get even worse for him. There midfield creativity is at the level of West Brom.


    Pogba yes,Herrara no. The only thing Herrara does is making fouls constantly.

    What. Herrera is their best midfielder.

    Matic will give them what Jose wants, an anchor and safety net for Pogba to go forward and Herrera can continue breaking up play/distributing.

  15. Does make me laugh though that there is one market for us and another for everybody else but we seem to cave in almost every time when its to do with our players. 

    Should have held out for £50m, in this wild transfer market.

  16. Was he world class? On his day, yes (Too far between). Was I completely frustrated with him some games? Yes. Did I want him going to a direct rival considering thats the position they desperately need to cover? Absolutely not, this is a completely mindless move from Chelsea.

    What a midfield United have now.

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  17. 14 hours ago, BlueLyon said:

    I criticised him alot, but I must say he was realy realy good since we went to 3 in the back. 


    Agreed! Good move by Conte making him captain also, him and Luiz have really stepped up their game and like a post slightly above, 3 at the back helps hide some players deficiencies.

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