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Everything posted by DH1988

  1. Branislav Ivanovic

    Chuckled. These journalists, it'll make it all the more sweeter when I travel to Stamford Bridge on the last game of the season to celebrate.
  2. 10. Willian

    First game in that position in a long while and a decent showing . The whole team seemed to slow down and run out of ideas though when Everton dropped deep but the first half was a yard away from clicking for our front four. Decent. Was watching the match round my mum's and said nigh on two minutes before hand 'we never score late goals this season' what a nice smug drive home I'll have listening to talk sport .
  3. Branislav Ivanovic

    Absolute unit but up and down this season for sure. I'd much rather Jose tell it like it is same as Joe Cole, Joe scored but post match Jose said something like "Yeah but needs to do better defensively."
  4. Oscar

    Cesc in the fake 10 we have doesn't press as Jose likes, Oscar presses as much as anyone in the team if not more (or tied with Willian) except he lacks quite a bit although pops up with the odd goal/assist etc. Thats what we sacrifice until we either replace him with someone or a higher caliber who can do both things or competition for places. Willian has pushed on since Cuadrado was announced after all, if not we can send him to PSG £40m
  5. Last Film You Watched

    Enemy - 9/10 Brilliant.
  6. Fernando Torres

    Couldn't care whether he starts hitting 20 goals a season for them, always tried for us, effort was there even if his body wasn't physically up to the peaks he had in Liverpool due to whatever injuries. That goal against Barca will forever have him in my heart #neverforget #nevillemegaorgasm
  7. The English Football Thread

    Blind, left peg, hat off. Shaw, what a shame, Chelsea fan, came through a brilliant atmosphere at Southampton/academy to the shambles at United + being overweight for a footballer.
  8. Mugshots

    Christy Mack.
  9. Loïc Rémy

    I did wonder who that might of been.
  10. European Competition thread

    Would love to go to an away match like this sadly no mates are Chelsea fans Especially as its only across the channel aswell.
  11. Loïc Rémy

    Lordy Remy dancing in a hotel room on daily mail, those silk moves.
  12. Kevin de Bruyne

    Will always view Kevin as a combination of poor attitude and not being given a fair crack due to that, wish he had andres mentality and stuck it out for a season at least rather than up and leave.
  13. Eden Hazard

    He binned his agent due to some stuff with his brothers as far as I remember reading and Jose mentioned because he's doing if himself it's taking longer than usual.
  14. Ryan Bertrand

    I really can't help but think if we wanted Ryan from saints what would the fee be? £10m? No. Seems like a panic sell to me. Shocked.
  15. Ryan Bertrand

    Any idea on the fee? I read somewhere in pre-season that it was £9m if Saints chose to make it perm.
  16. Eden Hazard

    Hahahaha, Costa/Fab earn 300k+ - quality reporting there. Metro: Hazard currently earns £175,000-a-week and has two and half years left on his current contract, but the paper says wants more than the club’s top earners Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas – who both bring home in excess of £300k a week.
  17. André Schürrle

    Luiz was quoted as £50m in every report I've seen, granted it was english newspapers or sites.
  18. André Schürrle

    £9.75m profit reported.
  19. Eden Hazard

    Rumoured a while ago that £200k per week was offered and it was nearing completion but due to himself acting as the agent it was complicating matters. If he is holding out for more than £200k a week then I have no issue with waving goodbye however as Barbara posted a while back if its sporting related then fair play as we've won nothing so far really, other than EL.
  20. Gary Cahill

    Gary has had his issues way before this but terry had issues and has issues too. Let's not write him off just yet although I love the direction Kurt is going especially his professionalism. This may give him the kick up the arse required to stamp out the extra mistakes he's made this season. Competition for places is only a good thing.
  21. Oscar

    Do we even have a number ten in this team? Not as in players the way the midfield interchanges and shifts position can we equally say we have a designated number ten role? Oscar provides balance and work ethic which I've previously commended.
  22. André Schürrle

    Always felt Andre needed to play on the left. Miss his goal threat but he just doesn't fit into the team and tries too hard, greedily, to score when he was given a chance.. Double edged sword really. Applaud his attitude though he stuck it out more than others. Good luck Andre!
  23. Oscar

    Oscar not a n10
  24. Oscar

    Oscar to PSG £40m Koke to Chelsea Summer 2015, please.
  25. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    Time waste or not I felt embarrassed for him.