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Everything posted by DH1988

  1. Branislav Ivanovic

    Looks a bit like Harrison Ford no?
  2. Arturo Vidal

    2nd that, shadow.
  3. David Luiz

    Agree we look like we lacked passion but that isn't solely down to Luiz nor would I trade Zouma for Luiz at this point. Are people really on that bandwagon? We sold Luiz for a reason, I lost count of how many times I sat there watching the game peeping through my fingers as they were planted firmly on my face whenever Luiz tried to dribble out of the box or control it with a striker half a yard from him. Yeah it worked more often than not but we could not COUNT on him anymore, I would of loved to have kept him in midfield if he could become more disciplined as I thought he was brilliant there but Luiz and disciplined don't go together do they? Great player for us, made far too many mistakes, sold for great profit, played a good game against us, will bet anyone that he cocks up in the next round(s) for PSG.
  4. David Luiz

    Respect is gone, same category is Lampard now for me, not because he celebrated but due to the play acting during the games, trying to get players sent off and I find it hard to believe if a Chelsea player elbowed someone like that then there would not be a retrospective ban..
  5. The Mourinho Thread

    Not bothered we went out truth be told, bothered the way we went out, not like Chelsea at all.. Expected alot more from this team backs against the wall.
  6. Eden Hazard

    Hopefully Jose harping on about the fouls sticks because the first leg was ridiculous against Eden.
  7. Cesc Fàbregas

    Completely bang on, 'after we score we need to kill the game' lost count of the times we have 10 minutes of pressure after we score then retreat into our shell. Big night for him.
  8. The Mourinho Thread

    Loved seeing him after we won the cup, those celebrations will stay a long time in the memory, so different.
  9. Thorgan Hazard

    Top lad
  10. Thorgan Hazard

    For fuck sake. Is it a cash out jobbie? I'll lose like a tenner..
  11. Thorgan Hazard

    Someone please tell me that BM are capable of smashing Mainz? Serious question. Won £200 last night on bets and I went potentially full joe cole by putting it all on BM to beat Mainz.
  12. 12. Ruben Loftus-Cheek

    If Nathan did not perform to the standards that Jose thought he would or develop as Jose thought he would then thats down to Nathan, not Jose, and to be honest can anyone say its a travesty that NC has not been called back and slotted into the first team? Not really, hardly pulling up trees, its give and take with loans, loanees, so many factors not saying its DIRECTLY NC's fault or his attitude but.. somethings got to give. RLC bossed City in pre-season years ago, kept his head, made his CL debut, hopefully plays a bit more this season 10 minutes here and there with a view to being in the CM next season. Can't fault that integration really, training with the first team for a year, slowly bed him in. Looking forward to it but not holding a mass amount of hope either. Time will tell.
  13. Eden Hazard

  14. Cesc Fàbregas

    Worked his socks off. Set Costa on his way.
  15. 15. Kurt Zouma

    Anyone else feel oddly enough his passing was really good today? Like.. When he plays CB he doesn't pass like that and always telegraphs his entire body. Essien performance.
  16. Mikel John Obi

    Ouch, thats a loss. Being serious too.
  17. Diego Costa

    Both he and Vertogen will get sent off Sunday.
  18. Cesc Fàbregas

    Worried for the selection this weekend, not sure how he fits in against Spurs
  19. Kevin de Bruyne

    Glad Kevin did well when he left and I wish him all the best but Jose said publicly numerous times he's not happy with Kevin attitude and work rate so.. For him to say that is strange although the bit about the transfer fee is right and wrong to some degree. Other players that cost less have bided their time and done wonders. I'd rather this summer ship Oscar to Psg and use the money for Koke, said it months ago.
  20. Nemanja Matic

  21. Nemanja Matic

    Wembley as they couldn't afford to stay in their Soho HQ
  22. The Mourinho Thread

    Lies, Redknapp wouldn't want anything to do with something that might put a hair out of place or his tie out of center.
  23. Filipe Luís

    He's wearing DBZ tshirts in some of his photos and vids so assume its a anime thing. Feel like hes starting to get with the rough and tumble of the premiership, few challenges I wish he'd go harder into but for the most part he's definitely improving and its his first season. Hope he starts more often though as Dave has had a loss of form since his injury, imo.
  24. Nemanja Matic

    Going round on the radio this morning that the ban won't be lifted, obviously take it with a pinch of salt until we get something official but I wasn't expecting much.
  25. Thorgan Hazard

    Buy back clause, yipee