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  1. Fernando Torres

    Reading the last two pages I'm asking myself whether the majority of you watch our games or just highlights, quite a forward assumption I'll admit but our problems are: 1) Our midfield/Service 2) Confidence If you want me to explain the above in more details then let me know, and before I get a reply about the chances like the 3-2 United one where he should have hit it but tried to pull it back I think its pretty simple to chalk that and the ilk of those chances to confidence.
  2. Fernando Torres

    Confidence is rock bottom, I don't blame him either, when we do not have the players to pick his runs out let alone pass to him, yes Malouda I'm looking at you, he tends to take matters into his own hands coming back to get the ball deep or wide, which in turn sacrifices anyone in the box. Its not secret that he looks much more confident and upbeat when Mata is in CM.