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    Kalou's cross which landed on Riise's head.
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  1. Michael Essien

    He looks good in white.
  2. Chelsea Kits thread

    That would be because you don't wash often.
  3. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Why copy me for?!
  4. Last Film You Watched

    Easy A. It's awful, but Emma Stone is quite hot.
  5. The International Football Thread

    All of our pre-game chat in the media was emphasising that Jordan were vastly different to other West Asian teams and that was what made them such a threat. We can't deal with long balls in the heat when we've spent all our time in Asia chasing after mini-Spain's.
  6. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    Haha, he's not a footballer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muttiah_Muralitharan
  7. The Pub - Discuss Anything

    21/22 for the CL quiz. Didn't get PSV's 1988 triumph. I maintain that the best CL wins ever were by Red Star Belgrade (@Sh0n3x, ) and Steaua Bucharest. They remain by far the smallest clubs to win it, amazing feats.
  8. The Serie A Thread

    Adriano? What a man
  9. The International Football Thread

    Jordan are a quality team, actually. I'd rate them the 5th or 6th best team in the AFC, and playing away in the Middle East in summer is a bitch. We still should have gotten a point, considering we're the third best team in Asia. Mind, the Socceroo's are piss and wind these days. The golden generation is over and we're going to plunge back into a decade of mediocrity wishing we could play American Samoa every week.
  10. Politics & Stuff

    I'm not a terrorist sympathiser. Khyber Pass? Sure, use predator drones there where the only civilian might be a goatherd. Miranshah, a village of 14,000? No. Also I acknowledged (or perhaps didn't, but I never bundled his name alongside Bush with regards to the Bay) that Obama shouldn't be charged over the Bay as he is fixing up the system. What he should be looked at is the use of drones in civilian areas. It's an insane approach, akin to shooting fish in a barrel in the hope that there might be a terrorist hiding down there somewhere.
  11. Politics & Stuff

    No, President Wilson for example was no war criminal. Neither was Roosevelt, and Truman, I'll let him get away with nuking the Japanese as in a perverse way, he saved Japan from ruin by nuking them. Churchill was no war criminal either. There's been a massive shift in the way the US has conducted its wars since the Vietnam War.
  12. The Serie A Thread

    We won the Champions League. As things stand, both Spurs and Inter are in the same tournament, with Spurs still looking the better side.
  13. Politics & Stuff

    What happened at Guantanamo Bay is against international law. You can't torture suspects, you need a load of evidence before you can incarcerate someone. And even then, torture isn't permitted by the Geneva Convention- which the USA was a signatory to. Just because you're America and you fancy yourselves as some sort of holy force, doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you. Therefore Bush must be given the harshest possible sentence from the International Criminal Court. If they do death sentences for war criminals then he deserves it. Guantanamo Bay is a concentration camp, a modern day Auschwitz-Birkenau, and those that support it are no better than the Nazi's that were executed after the Nurnburg Trials. I'm shocked by your opinions on POWs. These guys are just following orders, they/their families be killed if they don't. So you think what the Japanese did in WW2 to Allied soldiers is okay, because the Allies posed a threat to Japan? 3000 civilians is nothing compared to what's happened in Pakistan and Afghanistan. As I said before all these predator drones do is attack entire villages. There may be at the most half a dozen terrorists hiding out in a village (mostly none at all, they prefer caves to urban settlements) and several thousand villagers. The drones take out anything that moves in the village. The elderly. The children. The pregnant, ill and otherwise incapable. And you're forgetting that none of these Pakistani/Afghani civilians had anything to do with any terrorist attack. They didn't request al-Qaeda to start a war they knew would bring them nothing but death. They're just simple peasants that are being killed in their tens of thousands on the whim of some general sitting in Washington, all because there MIGHT be a small time terrorist holed up in a village somewhere. You're not going to find the big names anywhere near urban settlements (look at Osama, he was living in a home that was isolated and surrounded by wilderness). The entire US Army need's a massive purge, starting with its supreme commander, the president. They didn't wage shit against you. al-Qaeda did. al-Qaeda are not the government of Afghanistan/Pakistan. What you're saying is identical to saying that every German during WW2 was a Nazi and still is today. The common people had no idea what happened and they sure as hell didn't support it because they knew that the US Army would be coming and they knew that the US Army was the single worst violator of human rights since the Wehrmacht. Vietnam, Korea, Granada... there's a long history of US Army breaking war protocols and getting away with it. You mention defending America. Defending what, exactly? Its laws and values. What does the USA, the ultimate democracy, value? Human rights. Why did you intervene in Iraq? Not just for the supposed WMD's, but also to save the Iraqi public from a madcap dictator. Human rights. And they're breaking them all the time in this War of Terror. It is not worth defending America if America itself cannot adhere to its own values and laws.